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Cadillac Area

A Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Publication

Business Magazine
March/April 2012 Volume 18-NO. 2

Are you SociaL?

How local businesses are
making the most of social media.
See pages 6 & 7
Mission Statement
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is a visible
business leader that advocates and drives business Visionary Partners:
opportunities. Through business alliances, we are a
catalyst for our membership and provide a persuasive
regional voice benefiting our communities.

Meet the Board

Katy Huckle, Chair
Northwestern Bank
Dean DeKryger, Vice Chair
775-9077 Your action is needed
The DK Design Group 779-4002 In 2012, the Cadillac Area Chamber of our member businesses engaged if we want
Scott Hunter, Treasurer Commerce and our legislative alliance will to advance substantive policy for the benefit
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC. 775-9789
provide additional muscle on strengthen- of northern Michigan. Your voice can make
Mickey Putman, Past Executive Director
Central Professional Services Inc. 775-3458 ing the voice of our member businesses in a difference, but only if you participate.
Eric Baker Lansing through our member education Northern Michigan lawmakers have con-
Wolverine Power Cooperative 775-5700 initiatives. The Northern Michigan Regional sistently communicated they need specific
Dennis Benson Chamber Alliance encompasses the Cadillac, business examples and direct contact from
Dennis H. Benson, PLC 876-9405
Alpena, Benzie County, Charlevoix, Gaylord, our members on wide ranging issues.
Kelly Cater Marquette, Petoskey, and Traverse City Additionally, we need our Alliance mem-
Rec Boat Holdings 775-1351
Chambers. The Alliance was founded on one bers responding to calls of action on business
Jon Catlin
Chemical Bank 775-6151 common guiding principle. The partnership issues impacting northern Michigan to forge
Bill Cinco was established on the premise that many a consistent message. One past example,
The Trend Designers 775-5711 legislative issues impact northern Michigan the Northern Michigan Regional Chamber
David Cox in similar ways. Our eight chambers repre- Alliance loudly advocated for sustainable
Wexford-Missaukee ISD 876-2260
sent approximately 6,500 member investors. funding for tourism (Pure Michigan), as
Mike Hamner
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. 779-6200 In December, the respective chamber profes- a direct benefit to northern Michigan and
Dr. Kyle Hogg sional staff and government relations com- sound legislative policy. Alliance members
Dental Health Professionals 775-9797 mittee members from the Alliance gathered and businesses provided legislative testimo-
Melody Hurley to solidify a 2012 direction. ny in 2011. Similar approaches will remain a
Walmart Supercenter Store 775-8778
The 2012 Northern Michigan Regional strategic priority in 2012.
Brian Jones
Willow Mercantile LLC 468-2682 Chamber Alliance has four guiding princi- Lastly, I would encourage our members
Bill Kring
ples or core areas of focus: to check our Alliance Northern Michigan
9 & 10 News 775-3478 Make it easier for businesses in northern Business Blog, which can be accessed on
Paul Liabenow Michigan to be profitable for legislative updates,
Cadillac Area Public Schools 876-5000 Help strong business sectors remain and Alliance information. If you have leg-
CHAMBER STAFF 775-9776 strong in northern Michigan islative questions or input, please con-
Bill Tencza, President Make sure we have a workforce educated tact Doug DeYoung, Vice President of and prepared for the future need of northern Government Relations and Business
Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services Michigan businesses Advocacy at or Promote investment in our transporta- 231-995-7109.
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant tion and business infrastructure
The Chamber will be an ally to our mem-
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant ber businesses by acting as a legislative advo-
cate. However, most importantly, we need Bill TeNcza, Chamber President
Doug DeYoung, Vice President of Government Relations
and Business Advocacy

Annie Shetler, BTA Coordinator
Belle Oakes Living Center
Printer:Pleasant Graphics Distinctive and Affordable
Publisher:Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Relax and enjoy an independent Bella Rose
Editorial Committee: Chris Huckle, Doreen Lanc,
Rich Langton, Bill Tencza, Bob Nelson, Robert Van Dellen lifestyle, our senior apartments offer Rehabilitation
and Joy VanDrie. spacious living with amenities and and
The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the extras youll really enjoy. Aquatic Center
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber reserves
the right to edit or refuse articles and advertisements submitted Respite Room Available NOW OPEN!
to the Cadillac Area Business Magazine and reserves the right
in its sole discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other mate- 2353 S. LaChance Rd. Lake City 231-779-4671 Esther Nederhood, RN, Owner
rials to be distributed through the publication.

2 March/April 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

On Media Day, Ann Clous operates the camera Leadership Class members share a common Leadership
during a hands-on demonstration at TV 97 & 98. Style as demonstrated during a session on Education Day.

Leadership class project

fundraising is in full swing
By Annie Shetler, Alan Belville, Michelle DeView, Shannon Welihan and Scott Leesch

Following the announcement that the 2012 Cadillac Leadership class has joined forces with the After 26 Project,
class members have begun a full-scale effort to raise funds and plan upcoming events for their chosen project of help-
ing to construct an outdoor dining experience.
After 26 is a local non-profit dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities for developmentally
disabled and cognitively impaired adults 26 years of age or older. In Michigan, after 26 years of age, special needs
individuals can no longer attend public schools. For these individuals and their families, what to do next is a real
challenge. After 26 officials are currently working to refurbish the historic AMVETS building located at the inter-
section of Cass and Lake Streets in downtown Cadillac. This years class is raising money and volunteering labor to
construct the finished patio space on the west side of the building next to the railroad tracks. The outdoor space will
offer a unique and aesthetic addition to the After 26 Cafs dining experience.
On Friday, April 13, plans are underway for the third annual fundraiser and dinner, appropriately coined Party on
the Patio at Fox Hill Event Center. The event will showcase the After 26 Project and the mission in which the class
whole-heartedly supports. Participants will have the opportunity to meet After 26 directors, community members
who will benefit from this new employment opportunity, as well as participate in patio games and raffle drawings
while enjoying delicious libations and a true-to-form patio party. Who would want to miss that? Tickets will be avail-
able in early March; additional details can be found at
The class is accepting donations for the project. For more information or to make a monetary donation, contact
Scott Leesch of Chemical Bank at 231.775.8588. Items to be donated are being collected at New Image Hair Salon
downtown Cadillac.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2012 3

The Leadership Learning Series presenters, Kelly Smith, Tim Martin and Nancy Foster.

Perspectives within communication

The January Leadership Learning Series was a fast-paced and high tion of the child is different from the parent. The idea that knowledge
energy program presented by Baker College administration, Kelly and experience has a great impact on this perception was discussed
Smith, Nancy Foster, and Tim Martin. and how you might change your communication based on percep-
The three-part program began with President Kelly Smith giving tions of the participant.
an overview of leadership. Through a series of video clips and group Dean of Business, Tim Martin, confronted the subject of confron-
brainstorming, the group was asked the characteristics of the type tations discussions with subordinates about behavior or perfor-
of leader that we would follow into the fire. After viewing a collage mance deficiencies. Everyone understood that these conversations
of clips from Remember the Titans, the group identified all of the are a necessary element of Caring Enough to Lead, required for
leadership qualities they saw. A discussion ensued about the role we individual and organizational growth. However, everyone dread-
all play in leadership. Quotes and information from two books were ed the confrontation. Martin explained that much of this dread is
used. founded in our fear of not being in control of the situation. He then
These were Caring Enough to Lead by Leonard Pellicer and The 360 presented a framework for planning confrontation discussions that
Degree Leader by John Maxwell. Participants discussed six impor- enables the manager to anticipate most of the potential pushbacks
tant aspects of being a caring leader. These characteristics include by the subordinate and prepare a response. Planning and prepara-
being honest, leading by example, sharing leadership decision mak- tion provide a measure of control that make these discussions not
ing, being courageous, having high expectations for self and others, only more comfortable, but also more productive.
and walking the talk. The session ended with participants working in groups to create
Chief Academic Officer, Nancy Foster, led the group in an analy- solutions on leadership scenarios they may encounter. They were
sis of the communication process and the many ways communica- asked to use the information they received from all three sessions
tion can go awry. The premise of the segment was that communica- when thinking about the best way to approach the issues they were
tion is a very complicated process and individual perceptions only presented.
make it more complex. The analogy of a teenager who comes home Comments from the evaluations acknowledged the simplicity that
from school and whose world is ruined because they did not make was used to present complex topics and possible solutions. Other
the school team really doesnt believe it when the parent states, You remarks included valuing attendee participation and interaction.
wont even remember this in a couple of years, because the percep- One participant stated Lets do it again.

4 March/April 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

5 495 6 995

$ , Only
$ , YOUR
2004 Mercury 2005 Toyota Matrix 2008 Kia Rio
Making it easier Monterey
5 Speed,

5 Speed

$6,995 $7,495 7 49

to do business, again $ ,
90K Equiped
Just Only Just

2001 Frd Ranger 4x4 2002 Subaru Outback 2004 Chevy

Supercab V6 Stk#T10085B
Blazer 4x4
By Doug DeYoung XLT RegulatoryTrade
reform legislation will be introduced and
Wellthe Governor

7 995 7 995 6 99
has made the recommendations from the OfficeLowof Miles
$ , $ , $ ,
Vice President Government Relations
and Business Advocacy Reform a top issue. Why? We have laws and rules on the books that
A year ago the talk in Lansing was how Only do not apply Just
to todays business climate. The focus hasOnlybeen on mak-
do we make it easier to do business in ing the timelines understandable and quicker for businesses to fol-
Michigan? One year later the Michigan

2004 Toyota Camry low and get things done. The legislation expected to2002 Chevy 1500
be introduced

Shop Inside Our Cab 4x4clear

Well Equiped

Business Tax has been removed, the state

will focus on making the language of state guidelines and laws

ort Of
budget was balanced by June. As a result to both businesses and those that enforce the rules. Stk#TP12
e C o m f

of all of the 2011 activities, we now have an

In T h
Being involved in this process helps our lawmakers make deci-

8 995 Owned
9 49
$ ,

increase in revenue to help pay down the


state debt and look for areas to re-invest inJust $ ,

the budget. Heated Pre- !
sions that support making it easier to do business in Michigan.
Getting others involved and educated helps members Just
and commu-


What will be the focus in the coming months? The legislators will nities understand that they can make a difference. Your Northern

once again look to balance the budget by June, work on personal Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance will continue to communicate
property tax rates and look at ways to improve
Toyota Prius 1999 Ford F350 SR
regulatory rules. with you times when you can take action and to lend your voice and
The plan, have all this done once again by June. Your Northern the impact legislation may have on your business andSupercab
Local Trade,
Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance will be
Great MPG following the legisla- If you SELECTION
have any legislative questions or comments Long
please contact
9 495 10,9
tion introduced, we will be making phone calls to legislators to let me at
Of 4x4 SUV or (231) 995-7109.

region to grow. Only

$ ,
them know we continue to support bills that allow businesses in our Toyota - GM
s - Chevy
C - Ford

2004 Chevy 1500 Z71 2007 Toyota Camry LE 2005 Buick Rende
Ext Cab 4x4 Stk#TP08
CXL 3rd Seat,
Stk#AT16711 Well Equiped, Loaded,
V8 75K Miles

Just 11,995
$ Only 11,995
$ Just
$ 11,9
Ford - Toyota - Dodg cury 2009 Toyota Sienna LE 2004 Toyota 4Run
Jeep - Lexus - Kia - ntiac...
Stk#TP15 Stk#AT16418

Lincoln - Chevrolet -
7 Passenger, Clean,
Save Big Very Low
If we dont have!it
12,995 12,9

we can find it Only

$ Just
2008 Mercury OF MilanCOMMERCE
2008 Ford F150 Su
4x4 Only 38K
Leather, 4x4
Stk#FP17A Miles Loaded

14 ,995 14,995 27,9

Must Present this ad Prior to Purchase.
$ Just
$ Loaded
Visit us 24/7 at
N. M


N. Mitchell St., Cadillac OPEN:

ell S

Chestnut St.

Mon.& Thurs. 9am-8pm

Located 800-748-0143
Between Fox Toyota & Fox Ford-Lincoln
Tues., Wed., Fri. 9am-6pm

Sat. 9am-4pm Lake Cadillac

Price Plus Tax Title & Li

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2012 5

Photos for Illustration Pur
How local businesses are getting more social
Chances are you have heard of being liked, Facebook is to take advantage of advertising tionally, to interact with them.
tweeted or LinkedIn with customers. Dont opportunities, Meyer said. Its a great way It has become a positive aspect of our mar-
worry if youre not aware of the terms, they to get the word out quickly and at virtually no keting efforts because we have a very involved
are socially acceptable. expense. The single best attribute of advertis- customer base who offer feedback and sug-
Social media is providing new, and ever ing through social media, like Facebook, is gestions as Willow continues to evolve, Jones
changing, ways to keep businesses in contact that the information flows to our guests/fans added.
with their customers, even non-profit custom- versus our guests/fans having to come to our The state tourism arm is already using social
ers. website for the information. media to benefit the Cadillac area, through the
Wexford Habitat for Humanity joined face- The social part is also a big draw to Caberfae Cadillac Area Visitors Bureaus partnership
book late last spring as an added way to com- fans, Meyer said. with Pure Michigan. This winter, while most
municate with our customers, volunteers and In our business, our fans love pictures, of the state was wishing for snow and ice,
the community and to attract new customers updates on snow conditions, upcoming Pure Michigan was tweeting out that Cadillac
and volunteers, said Deb Maxy of Wexford events, special deals or anything that is news- had ice for ice fishing and snow for skiing
Habitat for Humanity. We post special worthy, he said. We do post a different and snowmobiling. Information on Cadillac
events, such as groundbreakings and house Facebook Friday special every Friday, which events was being posted on Facebook.
dedications, along with pictures of the events. our fans look forward to and take advantage Social media is giving other media an oppor-
Any special sales that the ReStore is having of. tunity to expand.
are posted on facebook as well. Using social media is a good way for smaller Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in con-
With more and more people turning to and upstart businesses to get name and brand tact with our loyal listeners, said Rich Spicer
social media; the extra exposure gained has recognition, as well as build a rapport with of WATT, Mix 96 radio. In radio, we have the
helped us further make known our mission customers. spoken word, but Facebook allows us to stay
of providing decent, affordable housing for At the most fundamental level, businesses in contact with our listeners via the written
people in need in our community, she added. have to meet their customers where they are, word in real time. I use Facebook to alert our
For Caberfae Peaks, social media is a way to and they are increasingly on Facebook and fans to upcoming giveaways, live broadcasts,
get its message to fans without them hav- other social media sites, said Brian Jones of sporting events our stations are carrying,
ing to go out and seek it, said Pete Meyer at Willow Mercantile LLC. The platform pres- upcoming interviews with people in the com-
Caberfae. ents a unique opportunity to not only keep munity, or anything else that people might be
The main reason we put our business on your name in front of customers, but addi- interested in.

Free Respite Care Service at

Green Acres of Cadillac provides the very best in

assisted living. Ask about our Free Respite Care
Service available in the Carl T. & Elsie Johnson Suite.
If you plan to build an addition, remodel the kitchen, repaint the Our Mission: The desire of Retirement Living is to honor God
living room, make your home more energy efficient or if you have by providing the elderly with a lifestyle that values
other home improvement needs, Chemical Bank can help finance their identity, their independence and their dignity.
your spring projects. Visit or a location
near you to learn more. Reside Reflect Relax
Call Melissa Snyder, RN, Administrator for details.
235 Pearl Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 ~ PH (231) 775-5300

6 March/April 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Making the most of social media
Because of Facebook, I air very few inter- other, and how traditional media like radio social aspect of communicating regularly
views live anymore. I usually record them and stations stay in touch with our listeners. with your customer base and providing them
play them back later in the show, allowing me What many people need to realize is that with a fun and informative platform for con-
to post exactly when the interview will air. social media is an evolving media. necting on a personal level with your busi-
This also allows the person I chatted with to We put Dynamic on Facebook because of ness.
alert all their Facebook friends, too. the increase in use of social media and we Accuracy matters. When posting updates,
wanted to be available on this medium as be sure to spell correctly it says a lot about
well, said Gus Meyjes, Dynamic Physical your business, and you.
Therapy Physical Therapist, Executive Vice Dont overdo it! Dont inundate your fol-
President, Co-Owner. We are still develop- lowers with too many updates too often or
ing that aspect of our marketing, but expect ones that have nothing to do with anything.
to be able to reach a larger audience that way Your followers might unlike your page so
within this year. We are planning to be more they can de-clutter their own walls.
consistent in editing content for FB. It is an Its another way to build or even strength-
easy way to be in contact with people, with- en your brand. Its important that customers
out demanding a lot of their time and its good and page followers know that they are deal-
consistent top of mind marketing. ing with the same business when navigating
Annie Shetler, MI-SBTDC Small Business between your page, website, or other social
Consultant and Business Training Alliance media venues.
Also, a recent example of the power of social Coordinator, offered the following tips for Dont forget to link your fan page to your
media occurred when we posted a photo using social media: website, and vice versa. Make it easy for your
provided by the Cadillac Police Department Your businesss Facebook fan page is an customers to find or connect with you regard-
which resulted in one of our Facebook fans essential piece to the daunting art of market- less of what theyre looking at.
recognizing the photo, and that led police to ing a small business in todays fast paced and Your businesss fan page should complement
the suspect within a short time of our post, competitive market. The following are a few your website, but not be used as a replacement
Spicer added. So many people spend so things to keep in mind when creating your for your website. Your website serves its own
much time on Facebook, that I believe it has own page: purposes, so be sure to have a clear understand-
re-defined how we communicate with each Business fan pages are used for that more ing of the importance of each.

Have a specific need?

Our candidates have specific training.
Health Engineering/ Education &
Business Computers
Technology Human Service

When you have a position to fill, you want someone whos qualified and ready to
hit the ground running. Baker Colleges HireQualified can help. Our candidates
are highly trained in very specific areas by instructors who are working professionals.
They know whats needed in their industries and teach practical experience over
theory. The service is freethe result is just the person you are looking for.
To learn more about how we can help you find the best candidate for your needs,
or to schedule a meeting at your place of business, visit

Follow us:
Free recruiting services from Americas leading career college.


Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2012 7

Rise Up! Cadillac

Hosted by:
Cadillac Area YMCA

Sponsored by:
Andy Holtgreive,
Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Michigan

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Calendar
19th Annu al Briefcase
Open Golf Outi ng
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 9 Lecture Luncheon Noon - 1:15PM
Presented By:
McGuires Resort (host course) Honorable William M. Fagerman, Chief Circuit Judge
and Eldorado Baker College of Cadillac Student Center

Team registration & Hole sponsorships 14 Rise Up! Cadillac 7AM

are available at: Hosted By: Wexford/Missaukee Career Technical Center
Sponsored By: Blick Dillon Insurance & Firstbank Cadillac

Did yo u kn ow? April

sin ess Listin g:
Cadil lac Pu re Mi chi ga n Bu 13 Lecture Luncheon Noon - 1:15PM
rists, ple ase go to
if yo ur bu sin ess att racts tou Social Marketing, the new way to brand,
ure that yo ur bu sin ess is market, network, and build your business
ww w.m ich iga n.o rg an d ens
nD rie, Exe cu tive Director, Presented By: Chris Wendel, Regional Director
listed, if not, contact Joy Va
u at 231-775-0657 or MI-Small Business & Technology Development Center
Cadil lac Area Vis ito rs Bu rea
om to get con nected to Baker College of Cadillac Student Center
jva ndrie@c adilla cm ich iga n.c
n pa rtn ers hip.
the up com ing Pu re Mi chi ga 26 Leadership Learning Series Noon - 3PM
Baker College of Cadillac Student Center

in business
t u
n e
in the
issue! Women May

Rise Up! Cadillac 7AM
Hosted By: Cadillac-Wexford Public Library
Sponsored By: Citizens Bank
This publication focuses on the professional & Express Yourself Promotional Products
achievements of women in the greater Cadillac
area; their dedication to community and overall 11 Wellness Luncheon Noon - 1:15PM
personal contributions to the organizations they "Healthy Bottom Line through Healthy Blue Living"
own or work on behalf of. Presented By: Dean Ferris, CEO Grotenhuis
Baker College of Cadillac Student Center
Contact Pat Sorger for more information
at 231-779-4123 or
23 Briefcase Open Golf Outing
Reserve space by Wed., March 21, 2012 to recognize
9:30AM Eldorado
the women in your organization. We respectfully request
prepayment of $225 with your reservation. 10AM McGuires Resort (Host Course)

8 March/April 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Rise Up! Cadillac

in business
a program of the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce
Luncheons held at Lakeside Charlies Noon-1:15pm

February 10, 2012

Experience Life
at a Higher Level
Bonnie Liabenow, author Excellence
Hosted by:
with Simple Elegance, teacher and Vice
Baker College of Cadillac
President of Core Communication
presented Experience Life at a Higher Level.
Bonnie spoke on building the foundation for your life,
responsibilities, priorities, passion, goals andwhat success
looks like to you. Assess your plan, are you way off, are you
where you need to be? Be willing to discuss your goals or
write them down, that will make them official.
Find a cheerleader in your life, we all need to be
applauded for what we are doing, and encouraged for what
we need to accomplish.

Deadline for the May/June 2012 Sponsored by:

Cadillac Area Business Magazine is

Chemical Bank

April 4, 2012. Share your

business/organization news!

Tips on keeping yourself in a good mood!

Moods are contagious: people can catch happiness from
happy people around them.
Exercise can improve your mood: exercise can help create
new neurons in the brain, boost blood flow to the brain, and
increase levels of key mood-regulating chemicals in the
brain, such as dopamine and serotonin.
What you eat matters: people who consume a lot of olive Sponsored by:
oil are less likely to be depressed. Salmon and walnuts Servpro of Manistee, Ludington, Cadillac
are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and some studies
have suggested that these essential fatty acids could have
mood-boosting properties. Lean Meats like pork, lean
beef, skinless chicken, and turkey are healthy sources of
protein, including the amino Save the D ate:
acid tyrosine. Tyrosine Leadership Learning
Series Noon - 3PM
boosts levels of dopamine Baker College of Ca
dillac Student Cent
and norepinephrine, brain April 26, 2012 Ju er
chemicals that can help you ne 21, 2012
feel more alert and focused.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2012 9

Looking to a bright future
By Rick Charmoli
Slow and steady wins the race and one northern Michigan business
advocate believes that same mantra will help Michigan rebound from
the down economy.
Doug DeYoung, Vice President of Government Relations and
Business Advocacy for the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce, was
the speaker for the February Chamber Lecture Luncheon at Baker
College. His main focus was the recently released proposed state bud-
get for the fiscal year 2013 that begins Oct. 1. During his presentation,
topics ranged from the removal of the Michigan Business Tax, and
Pure Michigan funding to transportation/infrastructure investment
and regulatory reform.
While the focus of DeYoungs presentation changed the underlying
factor was that the state was starting to head in a positive direction
after years of financial turmoil and that could mean growth in busi-
ness opportunities across the state and in northern Michigan.
This is a step in the right direction. We are investing back in
Michigan instead of trying to find another $1 billion to cut, he said
after his presentation. We have had devastating cuts in the state and
they have had an impact.
While it appears that things are starting to head in the right direc-
tion, DeYoung said the state is not out of the woods yet as there are
municipalities and governments that need more help. Doug DeYoung, Vice President of Government Relations and Business
We have turned the ship but there are people who are still facing Advocacy for the Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance.
challenges, he said.

Warm up with our great loan rates! You can get yourself something special like a car, truck or RV
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Consumer 2.99%
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(Left to Right) Deb Christie, AVP, Mortgage Lender

It pays to bank local. Make the move.

Pete Stalker, Community Bank President
Deb Ballard, Branch Manager, Loan Officer

Cadillac Downtown Cadillac North

231 775-9000 231 779-8954

10 March/April 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Baker College receives GreenStone recognized
Community Foundation grant nationally as one of the
Baker College of Cadillac has received a $5,000 grant from the best places to work
Cadillac Area Community Foundation, Helen and Harvey Pell Fund
for Education. The grant was awarded to help fund a feasibility study, GreenStone Farm Credit Services has been recognized
which will be conducted in 2012, to determine the viability of estab- nationally as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to
lishing the Agricultural and Alternative Energy Technology Center of Work For by the National Association for Business Resources
Michigan. If deemed viable, the Technology Center will be located in (NABR). This honor comes after GreenStone was recently
Missaukee County on 71 acres of land recently purchased by Baker recognized as one of Metro Detroits 101 Best and Brightest
College of Cadillac. The site of a former golf course, the land is adja- Companies to Work For by the Michigan Business and
cent to Bakers Center for Transportation and Technology. Professional Association. GreenStone Farm Credit Services has
a Cadillac office at 7597 Mackinaw Trail.

Blick Dillon Insurance welcomes Chemical Bank receives

Joan Boss to their team financial literacy award
Joan Boss, Certified Insurance Counselor, joined Blick Dillon Insurance Chemical Bank received its third consecutive
Agency January 1st as a licensed agent. Boss will focus on providing all Financial Literacy Award, presented by the Michigan
aspects of insurance for various types of business, social and civic clubs and Bankers Association (MBA).
special events in the Wexford County region. Boss brings 28 years of insur- The bank has several programs and volunteers,
ance experience to Blick Dillon Insurance Agency. as well as working with other banks, to help build
financial literacy in the community.

A Healthy Work
Starts Here
We understand that a successful business
begins with healthy employees. As a full
service occupational health clinic, our
team specializes in workplace concerns.

Work injury treatment & follow up care

Pre-employment physicals and screenings
DOT physicals
Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)
Substance abuse screenings

7985 Mackinaw Trail, Suite B1 | Cadillac, MI 49601 | (231) 876-6180 |

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2012 11

Business EXPRESS Classes: January Lecture
what are they anyway? Luncheon
There has been a lot of buzz surrounding these new Business EXPRESS Classes
available at Baker College of Cadillac. So, what exactly are they? Business express
classes were designed with the entrepreneur in mind. These classes are great for While changes to Michigan Tax Law since
either an already existing business owner or the aspiring entrepreneur still mull- Governor Rick Snyder took office have gar
ing their business idea over in his head, says Annie Shetler, BTA Coordinator and nered a lot of attention in the business sector, the
MI-SBTDC Consultant. In partnership with the BTA, Baker College has created Michigan Economic Development Corporation
a curriculum of business-specific classes that should appeal to the busy business quietly has implemented a lot of changes, too.
owner both financially and time-wise. They are more cost effective, with the most The MEDC is a public-private partnership serving
expensive one costing only $180, as opposed to a 10-week, for-credit class and only as the states marketing arm and lead agency for
meet one to three times on average. Classes are instructed by experienced profes- business, talent and jobs, tourism, film and digi
sionals and busy business owners as well who also understand the ins and out of tal incentives, arts and cultural grants and overall
running a small business and the difficulty in finding training opportunities for economic growth.
themselves or staff. The Winter/Spring 2012 line-up of classes includes: The changes at the MEDC were the topic of a
Budgeting and Financial Planning (held on March 7) Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Lecture
Presentations with Prezi (held on March 12) Luncheon at Baker College. MEDC Manager of
Introduction to QuickBooks (Version 2010) (begins April 10) Michigan Retention and Growth Tino Breithaupt
Excel for Business (Version 2010) (held on April 24) said the vision of the MEDC is to grow and attract
Facebook for Business (held on May 8) business, keep Michigan talent graduating from
Full class descriptions, costs, and registration information can be found online state colleges and revitalize urban centers in
at; or contact Mary Jo Binkley at Baker College metropolitan areas as well as in rural areas. The
at 231.876.3128 to register by phone. Information about other BTA programs and overall outcome of reaching those goals will be
training opportunities that include business counseling, market research, business Michigan leading the nation in multiple areas
start-up workshops, and peer networking can also be found on the BTA website (list- including employment.
ed above) or by contacting Meg Havenga at 888.774.7988 or meghavenga@nwm. Our mission is to market Michigan and provide the tools and the environment to drive job cre-
ation and investment, Breithaupt said.
Breithaupt said the MEDC is more regionalized
Springfield Commercial Roofing and flexible. There are 10 regions each with busi-
ness development managers. The Cadillac area, in
receives support under MEDC program Region 2, includes Emmett, Charlevoix, Antrim,
Leelanau, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska,
Springfield Commercial Roofing is one of 54 small and midsize companies from Manistee, Wexford and Missaukee counties.
around Michigan that have been selected to receive business development support He also mentioned Economic gardening, an
through the Pure Michigan Business Connect Economic Gardening Pilot Program entrepreneurial approach to economic develop-
being offered by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. ment that seeks to grow the local economy from
We are very pleased to be selected to take part in the Economic Gardening Pilot within. He said the MEDC is focused on helping
Program and look forward to getting support that will help us identify and pur- businesses already here grow and expand opera-
sue opportunities for growth, said Terry Umlor, President/CEO of Springfield tions.
Commercial Roofing. We have a great commitment to our community and to We are committed to helping businesses
Michigan, and see this opportunity as a benefit not only to our company, but to around the state grow and expand, he said.
Michigans economy as well.

Michigans Insurance Company

Cadillac Plant Helping Your Business Right Here 231.779.7500 In The Greater Cadillac Area.
Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.

K-Series Thermal Shutter Teresa Langworthy

Multi-Line Agent
Life, Home, Auto, Farm, Business, Retirement
Cool Logic Viscous 117 W. Cass St., Suite 1122 Office (231) 775-1122 Fax (231) 775-1133
Cell (231) 920-3634
Cadillac, MI 49601

12 March/April 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Quality is Never expeNsive!
Quality Tires for Passenger Welcome New Member
& Commercial Vehicles & Trailers
Brakes Shocks Struts Alignments
Complete Suspension System Service Rummel Orthodontics
Andrew Rummel
300 Lake Street
Cadillac, MI 49601
Ask about a
South U.S.-131 Cadillac 231-775-7382
Credit Card OPEN: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-5:30 pm, Sat. 8 am-1 pm


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Affordable Rates, professional Results.

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2012 SRX

IN CADILLAC >>> Drs. Iseri and Haan earn

recertification by the American
Board of Surgery
Cadillac Surgical Care announces that Dr. Timothy Iseri and Dr.
Mark Haan have both passed their board recertification exam with
>>> the American Board of Surgery (ABS).
Dr. Iseri joined Cadillac Surgical Care as a general surgeon in 2006.
He is also on the medical staff of Cadillac Mercy Hospital. He received
his medical degree from Oregon Health & Science University and
completed his residency at Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals in Saginaw.
Dr. Haan joined Cadillac Surgical Care as a general surgeon in 2001.
He is also on the medical staff of Cadillac Mercy Hospital where cur-
South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac
rently he is Chief of Surgery. He received his medical degree from
Wayne State University and completed his residency at William
(231) 775-1222 1-800-828-9852
Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2012 13

Data track 2011
Wexford County Jan. 11 Feb. 11 Mar. 11 April 11 May 11 June 11 July 11 Aug. 11 Sept. 11 Oct. 11 Nov. 11 Dec. 11
Labor Force 13,558 13,596 13,549 13,325 13,797 13,810 13,560 13,220 12,832 12,750 12,750 12,938
Employment 11,495 11,604 11,609 11,571 12,023 12,042 11,734 11,521 11,276 11,343 11,358 11,322
Unemployment 2,063 1,992 1,940 1,754 1,774 1,768 1,826 1,699 1,556 1,407 1,392 1,616
Rate 15.2% 14.7% 14.3% 13.2% 12.9% 12.8% 13.5% 12.9% 12.1% 11% 10.9% 12.5%

Missaukee County Jan. 11 Feb. 11 Mar. 11 April 11 May 11 June 11 July 11 Aug. 11 Sept. 11 Oct. 11 Nov. 11 Dec. 11
Labor Force 6,051 6,067 6,109 5,936 6,040 6,152 6,013 5,881 5,708 5,649 5,642 5,738
Employment 5,140 5,189 5,190 5,174 5,376 5,385 5,246 5,152 5,042 5,072 5,078 5,062
Unemployment 911 878 919 762 664 767 767 729 666 577 564 676
Rate 15.1% 14.5% 15% 12.8% 11.0% 12.5% 12.8% 12.4% 11.7% 10.2% 10% 12.5%
For more information go online to

Chamber Business Directory

Promotional Products Dental Construction
Edward Dracht

Build Contracting
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.
Your Cosmetic & Implant Dental Team Commercial Industrial Institutional Agriculture Churches
Offices Rubber Roofs Concrete Flatwork Complete Turnkey Projects
Michael E. Lueder, DDS Loren J. DeHaan, DDS 23350 100th Ave. Marion, MI 49665 office: (231) 825-0035
John D. McKellop, DDS Timothy J. Reaume, DDS email: fax: (231) 825-0038
Matthew Plotnikiewicz, DDS Kyle D. Hogg, DDS Nadine Kobty-Hogg, DDS cell: (231) 357-8718

Roofing Womens Health Eye Care

The Latest Looks
in Sunglasses!

Richard M. Brenz, M.D.

Home of the Springfield SmartRoof
502 Cobbs Street, Cadillac
6509 M-37, Kingsley, MI 49649
Phone: 231-263-5300 / 888-469-0059
WILLIAM M. LONG, D.O. 231-775-1248
Fax: 231-263-5723 7800 US-131 S., SUITE C, CADILLAC, MI 49601 Phone 231.779.1167 Fax 231.779.1175 Open 5 Days/Week Locally Owned

Office Supplies Real Estate

Buying, Selling or Investing

You can rely on my 25 years
of Real Estate Experience!
Call Jerry today, 231-876-0717.
Office Supplies Office Furniture Ad Specialties SCHMIDT REALTORS
Michigans Largest Independent Office Products Dealer Open 7 Days a Week, 18 Agents to Serve You.
Next Day Free Delivery
Local Single Source Supplier SCHMIDT REALTORS
Living & working in your community
Phone: (231) 577-7110 Fax (231) 577-7114 2721 Sunnyside Dr., Cadillac Jerry Faloon
(231) 775-1737

14 March/April 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Member Benefits

save money!
that will help you

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce and AccidentFund Insurance Company of America have part-
nered together to offer a workers compensation Group Program exclusively for chamber members.
Designed specifically for small- to mid-sized businesses, all active chamber members are eligible for this
program, subject to underwriting guidelines. Since 1995, Accident Fund has paid more than $35 million
in dividends to Group Program participants.
Group Program benefits include:
A 5% up-front discount on workers compensation insurance rates
An opportunity for long-term dividends, based on the profitability of the group
Access to Accident Funds WorkSafe Toolbox
No minimum premium to quality
Dividends are based on experience of the groups combined loss performance and written premium
For participating agents visit our web site:

Baker College offers a tuition discount of 20% for chamber members. Baker has a Chamber Member
Tuition Reduction Program form that must be completed by the student and employer. The form is
available in the business office. If you have any questions, please contact the Baker College of Cadillac
business office at 231-876-3101.

By offering quality affordable health coverage, youll be able to attract and retain top talent. With a
plan from the Blues, you can provide your employees with total body coverage. Whether its medical,
dental, vision or pharmacy benefits youre looking for, weve got you covered.
Blue Cross Blue Shield Group Health Insurance plans are available to Cadillac Area Chamber of Com-
merce members. For additional information and participating agencies, please contact Doreen at the
chamber, 231-775-9776 or

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - March/April 2012 15

CadillacArea PRSRTSTD
Chamber of Commerce US POSTAGE
222 N. Lake St. PAID
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874 TRAVERSE CITY

gr w
a healthy work force.
Sustainable health care solutions
for your small business

For more information on

how to live Simply Blue,
visit or
call your contracted agent.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations and
independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.