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SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 Volume 18-NO. 5

A question of
the constitution
The Alliance weighs in
See pages 5 - 7
Mission Statement Visionary Partners:
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is a visible
business leader that advocates and drives business
opportunities. Through business alliances, we are a
catalyst for our membership and provide a persuasive
regional voice benefiting our communities.

Alliance is working to keep you

Meet the Board
Mike Hamner, Executive Director
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. 779-6200
informed leading up
Kelly Cater, Vice-Chair
Rec Boat Holdings 775-1351 to the November 6 election
Katy Huckle, Past Executive Director
Northwestern Bank 775-9077 On November 6, we have the privilege to sent approximately 6,500 member inves-
Scott Hunter, Treasurer vote in the general election. Last month tors. Our cover story points to the impor-
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC. 775-9789 only 28% of the registered voters in Wexford tance of the Northern Michigan Regional
Jon Catlin County participated in the primary election. Chamber Alliance being engaged and posi-
Chemical Bank 775-6151
In Missaukee County, the percentage was tioning in regard to specific statewide bal-
David Cox
Wexford-Missaukee ISD 876-2260 better, but less than 35% participated. With lot proposals. Over the next two months,
Eric Baker that said, probably increasing the August the Alliance will provide member educa-
Wolverine Power Cooperative 775-5700 turnout numbers was local or county ballot tion options as part of the lead up to the
Dennis Benson issues, and driving specific interest only. It November 6 election. Beyond November,
Dennis H. Benson, PLC 876-9405 is important to emphasize that was a per- we will carefully watch and communicate
Bill Cinco centage of registered voters and does not with our membership in regard to the lame
The Trend Designers 775-5711
take into account general apathy for those duck session too.
Bill Kring
9 & 10 News 775-3478 who are not part of the process in any It is critical that our members become
Dr. Kyle Hogg capacity. That is unacceptable, but voting knowledgeable of the candidate races, as
Dental Health Professionals 775-9797 has personal responsibility, too. Merely, vot- well as the statewide ballot proposals. I
Melody Hurley ing is not enough. The November election would encourage our members to access
Walmart Supercenter Store 775-8778
is critical on several fronts for our mem- our Alliance Northern Michigan Business
Brian Jones
Willow Mercantile LLC 468-2682 bers and for reasons beyond the scope of Blog, which can be found on www.cadillac.
Kelly Smith the national election focus. Voter education org. We will be enhancing the blog in the
Baker College of Cadillac 876-3100 has to include more than 30-second sound short-term in an effort to improve commu-
Mike Stebbins bites and campaign ad driven decisions. nication to our membership. Independent
Mercy Hospital Cadillac 876-7200
Our pledge is to assist our members, when of the current election cycle, if you have leg-
CHAMBER STAFF 775-9776 applicable, to make informed decisions islative questions or input, please feel free
Bill Tencza, President throughout the entire Alliance geography. to contact Doug DeYoung, Vice-President The Northern Michigan Regional of Government Relations and Advocacy at
Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services Chamber Alliance is comprised of the or 231-995-7109.
Cadillac, Alpena, Benzie County, Charlevoix,
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant Gaylord, Marquette, Petoskey, and Traverse
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant City Chambers. Our eight chambers repre-
Doug DeYoung, Vice President of Government Relations
and Business Advocacy

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rials to be distributed through the publication.
2353 S. LaChance Rd. Lake City 231-779-4671 Esther Nederhood, RN, Owner

2 September/October 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Lessons
are two important lessons to learn
By Robert Van Dellen ing both the annual and strategic plans requires buy-in, participation,
Van Dellen Consulting and involvement from those depended upon to implement the plan.
Retired from full-time employment, I occasionally think back on my
professional careers over the past 40 plus years. I have been both very
challenged and incredibly blessed to have held a number of rewarding
leadership positions in both the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas.
For example, I was president of an oil and gas company and consult-
ing firm, and I served as the executive director of the Cadillac Area HATE SURPRISES AND WANT TO BE INFORMED
Community Foundation. For Baker College of Cadillac, I was a dean, I learned this lesson more than once sometimes the hard way. I
chief academic officer, vice president of academics, and campus presi- have worked for and sat on a number of boards (both for-profit and
dent, retiring in January of 2011. I also have taught a number of col- nonprofit). Board members desire and expect to be kept informed.
lege courses on management, leadership, and strategic planning at They do not want to hear about it on the street.
both the undergraduate and graduate level. If you are accountable to a board of directors or trustees, the tempta-
I am pleased to be kicking off this new column for the Cadillac Area tion is to wait to inform the board in your monthly or quarterly report.
Business Magazine. Reflecting back, there are a number of important The question to ask yourself is: If I am a board member and this event
leadership lessons I have learned. However, limited space allows me to happened, would I want to be informed about it right away? If your
present briefly only two. answer is yes, act promptly. Inform the board, no matter how dif-
ficult it might be.
Just as board members hate surprises, so do employees. I real-
LESSON ONE: ize that employees may not always have a right to know everything.
Some information may not be in their best interest and the proper
THE PLANNING PROCESS IS MUCH MORE time for informing them may be a factor. However, most of what goes
IMPORTANT THAN THE FINAL PLAN on within an organization is already known by the employees well
You know the old saying, Failing to plan, you plan to fail. While before you, the leader, realize it, and all too often what they know or
there is a lot of wisdom in that clich, there is also an important sense, think they know is half correct, mingled with gossip or distorted facts.
as Tom Peters points out, that plans are dead on arrival. Peters right- Sometimes what they know is actually detrimental to the organiza-
ly argues that we are living in a time of accelerated change where the tion.
rate of change is happening at break-neck speed. Thus, just when you Gossip and rumors are erosive, divisive cancers. In contrast, knowl-
finish the annual business plan or the longer-range strategic goals, the edge and information are powerful resources for a healthy, productive
ground shifts, and you are left with the need for a new blueprint for organization.
the future. If you want your employees and board members to trust you and the
Nevertheless, the lesson learned from my experiences in both the organization, keeping them informed is a vitally important leadership
annual and strategic planning process is: Planning is vitally important mandate. As president of Baker College, I worked very hard at build-
for an organization. One of my favorite Dutch sayings is: In the con- ing trust by communicating regularly with the staff, sharing major
cert of life, there is no program! While that may be true, we hunger board decisions, enrollment data, budget realities, and other matters
for direction. that impacted the staff. I remain passionate about the importance of
One of the purposes of effective leadership is to facilitate the creation open and frequent communication. Competent leadership involves
of a program, indeed, a plan, for the direction of the organization. building a community within the organization based on openness,
This planning process should be inclusive rather than exclusive. It trust, and respect. Without these, you need a lot of cops.
should not be a top-down manifesto from the boss on high, but rather I welcome a chance to discuss other leadership lessons learned in
a method for giving voice and validity to the very people within the future columns. In the meantime, I look forward to the continuation
organization expected to make the plan happen. Besides, it is too big a of this column with tips from other Chamber members, and I thank
challenge to take on alone. If leadership is about creating a peak-per- the Chamber for its on-going efforts to be relevant, to communicate to
forming and high-functioning organization, which I think it is, design- its member base, and to serve the business needs of our community.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 3

New Members

Cadillac Java
& Ice Cream
Beth Wallin
725 North Mitchell Street
Cadillac, MI 49601

HomeTown Welcome
Mike Holt
107 South Nottawa Street
Sturgis, MI 49091

Cadillac Leadership Merrill Lynch

Bob Nelson

Pride Scholarship
333 Grandview Parkway
Traverse City, MI 49684
By Heather Martinson
The Cadillac Leadership Class of 2010-2011 whole-heartedly believes that the Cadillac
Leadership Program is a very beneficial tool for the members of our community. The class Verizon Wireless
wanted to Pay It Forward by providing a scholarship to an individual from a non-profit orga- Matt Goulete
nization to attend this years Leadership Program. We would like to congratulate the Cadillac 3970 US Hwy 131 S.
Leadership Pride scholarship recipient, Deb Maxey from Wexford Habitat for Humanity. Cadillac, MI 49601

Peterson re-appointed to State Bar Upper

Welcome Back!
Michigan Legal Institute Advisory Committee
Fibertec Cleaning
State Bar of Michigan President-elect Bruce Courtade has announced the re-appointment & Restoration
of Cadillac attorney David Peterson as a member of the State Bars Upper Michigan Legal Troy Holt
Institute Advisory Committee. The committee provides the State Bar with assistance in 3518 Driftwood Drive
developing an annual legal education seminar especially targeted to the practice needs of the Cadillac, MI 49601
northern Michigan attorneys. Peterson is one of sixteen northern Michigan attorneys and 231-775-4889
judges appointed to the committee.

Cadillac Plant
Excavating 231.779.7500

Incorporated Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.

K-Series Thermal Shutter

Site Prep Road Building
Water & Sewer Mains
231-775-1773 Cool Logic Viscous

4 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

A question of the constitution
The Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance looks at seven
possible ballot questions voters may decide during general election

busy general election day could get more crowded if sev-
eral questions make it on the November 6 ballot.
There are seven potential ballot initiatives that could
change the states constitution. All of them have a chance
of impacting Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Of the seven ballot questions, the Northern Michigan Regional
Chamber Alliance opposes five: the Renewable Energy Initiative,
Collective Bargaining Initiative, Home Healthcare Initiative,
Emergency Manager Initiative and the Bridge Initiative.
Doug DeYoung, Vice President of Government Relations and
Business Development for the Traverse City Area Chamber of
Commerce and Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance
reviewed the five the Alliance would oppose:
The Renewable Energy Amendment would mandate public utilities
to obtain 25 percent of their electricity from clean renewable energy
sources by 2025. Current law requires that public utilities obtain only
10 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2015.
The proposal is sought by the Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs group.
DeYoung: The alliance does not support this proposal for sever-
al reasons: The 25x25 initiative was started by an interest group in
California, and is not a Michigan grass-roots initiative, said Doug
DeYoung. The people who signed the petition did so at the urging of
professional firms that pay their signature gatherers per signature, not
based on a passionate army of gatherers.
The 74,000 jobs supporters say that will be created is based on
a captive renewable energy sector requiring utilities to use only
Michigan-produced renewable energy, even though it is more expen-
sive than readily-available external sources by multiples of up to 4 or
5 times. Given that, how could a cost containment of 1 percent be
possible? The old adage, If it sounds too good to be true... certainly
applies. We have urged for a rational, realistic approach to a goal or
even legislation that gets Michigan to a 25 percent or higher use of
renewables, hopefully before the neat-sounding 2025.
See Ballot questions on page 6

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 5

Several proposed ballot
questions should be answered no
We believe Lets change how we produce and use energy, but dont healthcare workers, and allows limited collective bargaining rights.
change the Constitution. Most feel this proposal would limit workers ability to choose whether
The Collective Bargaining Amendment would guarantee the right they want to join a union, they would automatically be in a union and
to collective bargaining for all employees, either in the public or pri- then they would have funds redirected to unions. We do not believe
vate sectors. a single employment type should be singled out in the Constitution.
DeYoung: Protect Our Jobs is leading the effort to constitutionally These workers could under existing laws join a union if they decided
enshrine the right to collectively bargain and make other, far-reach- to organize, this proposal would automatically organize them.
ing pro-union changes. This initiative emerged as a response to the Emergency Manager Referendum would expand powers for emer-
threatened Right to Work law, as well as other laws enacted by the gency managers (EMs) and ability of Governor to appoint EMs. A
legislature that are viewed as limiting collective bargaining rights. If yes vote is needed to keep intact.
the initiative to protect a right to collective bargaining in the States DeYoung: Michigan Emergency Manager Referendum, also known
constitution succeeded, it would have far-reaching effects, effectively as Public Act 4 of 2011, Local Government and School District Fiscal
pre-empting many of the laws passed by previous legislative sessions. Accountability Act, focuses on emergency managers (EMs), who are
We would argue that this constitutional revision would gut close to appointed by the governor to take over local municipalities and school
170 current laws and may also limit the legislatures authority in the districts in financial distress. We support this initiative ultimately
future. It would limit workers ability to choose whether they want the tax payers of the state are held responsible for local communities
to financially support being in a union and as well as what a union going bankrupt or needing state aid to remain whole. Most of the sup-
choses to fund. port to remove this legislation is from unions because under PA4 the
Home Health Care Amendment Would put give home health care Emergency Manager has the ability to open up and renegotiate con-
providers limited collective bargaining rights. tracts when a community is faced with financial issues. This is the
DeYoung: Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care has proposed major difference in PA4 versus the previous Emergency Manager Law
a constitutional amendment that establishes a governing council put in place under the Blanchard Administration.
called the Michigan Quality Home Council, requires training of home See Two proposals on page 7


2013 CTS


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South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac

(231) 775-1222 1-800-828-9852 CHEMICALBANKMI.COM

6 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Two proposals
to watch
International Bridge Initiative would require voters to approve any
new bridge or tunnel from the state to Canada.
DeYoung: The Public Should Decide, driven by the owner of the
Ambassador Bridge. We do not support this proposal. One individual
business should not have the the ability to have constitutional protec-
tion from competition. The new international bridge crossing will be
a public/private investment and the owner of the Ambassador Bridge
certainly can bid on the project. Currently no state dollars are going to lower taxes. Opponents say that a supermajority requirement limits
be used for this new bridge. The owner of the Ambassador Bridget is the Legislatures ability to carry out its duty to be fiscally stable.
circumventing the responsibilities of legislators so any future invest- The casino amendment would authorize casino gaming at seven
ment in infrastructure with our largest trade partner would have to go casinos, including one planned for Clam Lake Township.
to a vote of the people. DeYoung: Citizens for More Michigan Jobs ballot proposal would
allow the establishment of eight new casinos at locations in Birch
No decision yet Run Township, Clinton Township, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Pontiac,
Romulus, DeWitt Township, and Clam Lake Township. Currently,
There are two ballot questions the Alliance is watching, the Taxation Michigan has three commercial and 22 tribal casinos. Under a 2004
Amendment and the Casino Gaming Amendment. constitutional amendment, most types of gambling expansion have
The Taxation amendment would require increase in state taxes to to be approved by state and local votes. Proponents of the initiatives
be approved by a 2/3 majority in Legislature or statewide vote. argue that the construction and operation of the proposed casinos
DeYoung: Currently 13 other states have a supermajority require- would create thousands of jobs and boost tax revenues. Opponents
ment to raise taxes. In these states, tax rates tend to be lower than argue that Michigan does not need any more casinos.
those without a supermajority requirement some of those states have As of August 25, these ballot proposals were under review and may
budget issues. According to proponents say that a 2/3 vote means not appear on the ballot in November.


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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 7

Legislative informat
Northern Michigan
ion as well as August Lecture Luncheon
Regional Chamber
Alliance updates ca
n be found at: un
der Legislative Key Facts about
Advocacy, click on No
rthern Michigan Bl Insurance and Legal
Liability: Protecting
your Directors &
Officers (Volunteers)
in Not-for-Profit
Save the D ate:
Leadership Learning Presented by: Tami Pohl, NSI a division of
Series Noon - 3PM
Baker College of Ca West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
dillac Student Cent
October 4, 2012 Ja er
nuary 24, 2013 Not-for-profit board members who continue to believe
April 25, 2013 Ju they are invulnerable today may be in for an unpleasant
ne 13, 2013
surprise. Not-for-profit organizations do not have deep
pockets to cover legal fees for allegations. Having the right
insurance protection helps attract qualified individuals to
help guide your organization and give your directors and
officers peace of mind. This Lecture Luncheon provided
information about the following topics:
Deadline for the November/December Can your organization afford to defend wrongful
2012 Cadillac Area Business Magazine allegations
How much coverage your organization needs
is October 3, 2012. Share your How the proper D&O coverage attracts good volunteers
business/organization news! Explained how as a volunteer, do you know if your
protected with D&O

September/October Healthy Tip:

Fresh meals: Love Mason Jars!

Why mason jars, you might ask? Despite the obvious cuteness
factor, these jars will keep your greens fresher than fresh, they
wont stain, theyre BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe,
perfectly sized for salads for one, wont leak, travel well, and are
There really are only two rules to the mason jar salad: Start with the dressing or
sauce, and end with the lettuce and herbs. However you want to layer the rest
of the ingredientstry different meats, beans, lettuces, cheeses, vinaigrettes,
or saucesis up to you (though I usually layer by weight so heavier items, like
tomatoes, are on the bottom).
The best part is you can make five salads at a time, and theyll stay fresh for the whole weekjust grab and go on
your way out the door! When lunchtime rolls around, youll be sitting pretty with your delicious salad ready to be
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Mason jars are perfect for making and storing homemade servings of fruit and yogurt fresh fruit topped with
yogurt or, fruit and yogurt parfaits topped with granola, pasta, greens, chick peas, etc.
Remember to Layer! Think Healthy! Think Fresh! Enjoy!

8 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Rise Up! Cadillac Ribbon Cutting

Hosted by: Ribbon Cutting Celebration for the Kingdom Kidz

Wexford County Historical Museum Learning Center located at 1420 West 13th Street

Chamber Calendar

12 Rise Up! Cadillac 7AM
Hosted By: Mercy Hospital Cadillac

14 Lecture Luncheon Noon - 1:15PM

Sponsored by: Lansing: After the Primary Election
Cyndi Borgerson, Presented By: Doug DeYoung
Custer Workplace Interiors Baker College of Cadillac Student Center

4 Leadership Learning Series

11 20th Greater Cadillac Area Business Expo


7 Rise Up! Cadillac 7AM
Hosted By: VanDrie Home Furnishings

9 Lecture Luncheon - Noon - 1:15PM

Sponsored by: The State of Healthcare
Trent VanDusseldrop, Presented By: Mary Neff
Glens Family Market Baker College of Cadillac Student Center

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 9

The best way to handle a disaster is to
plan for one
Disasters arent something that occur very
often, but when they do, youd better be pre-
That was the message given to local business
owners, non-profit organizations and govern-
ment leaders as part of a lecture luncheon at
Baker College.
Our mission is to prepare and alert the peo-
ple, and to protect the property and environ-
ment of Wexford County, said Sarah Benson,
Wexford County Emergency Management
Benson said there are many reasons why Cadillac Police Captain
its important to plan for emergencies, most Matt Wohlfeill speaks about
notably to ensure the safety of employees bomb threats and other
and customers, but also to understand what disaster situations at the
to expect from emergency responders, to pro- Cadillac Area Chamber
tect the integrity of the building, reduce the of Commerce Lecture
impact on operations and to expedite the Luncheon at Baker College.
recovery process.

WE BEliEvE in
over 140 years thats how long weve been
helping michigan businesses start up, ramp up and
build up. As the largest bank headquartered in the state, we
know this market, we know the potential, and we know Michigan
is coming back stronger than ever before. So if you want expertise
that comes from experience, and a relationship thats more, well,
Michigan, call us. because were here for you. literally.

C h e C k i n g & S av i n g S L o a n S & L i n e S o f C r e d i t M e r C h a n t S e r v i C e S
t r e a S u r y M a n a g e M e n t S p e C i a Lt y f i n a n C i n g W e a Lt h M a n a g e M e n t


CN_MI-Comm-8x5.indd 1 8/6/12 1:18 PM

10 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

According to the Insurance Information Institute, up to 40 per-
cent of businesses affected by a natural or man-made disasters never
reopen. Having an emergency plan in place will significantly lower
the risk.
One of the key things to keep in mind when it comes to disaster
plans include identifying storm shelter areas, evacuation routes and
meeting places, Benson said. Youll also want to maintain an emer-
gency contact information database for staff, educate staff on proper
procedures and practice, practice, practice.
Businesses in the Cadillac area are susceptible to a variety of differ-
ent types of natural disasters including fires, floods, tornadoes and
blizzards. Also man-made disasters such as cyber attacks, utilities
disruption, suspicious packages, disgruntled persons and explosive From left: Dan Blaszak, Baker College; Carolyn Flore, Missaukee County Clerk; Deb
devices are also threats. Rohn, Marketing Representative for Servpro; Sarah Benson, Wexford County Emergency
Bomb threat procedures have changed in recent years, said Management Coordinator, and Matt Wohlfeill, Cadillac Police Captain.
Cadillac Police Department Captain Matt Wohlfeill. Before, we used
to just evacuate the building and that was it. In todays world, theyre being prepared for all types of disaster. They include program man-
is a lot more you need to think about, like why are we getting this agement, planning, implementation, training and exercise and pro-
bomb threat, do we have a disgruntled employee, and are they trying gram improvement.
to get people outside so theres an active shooter situation? Being prepared is not a finite process. Its a constant cycle of
Wohlfeill added that when dealing with a disgruntled person, its improvement, Benson said. If you dont have a good place in your
important to remain calm, speak with a firm but respectful tone of building to respond to a disaster, maybe your neighbor down the road
voice, maintain eye contact and to have other employees in the area does. You want to have a written agreement that says you can evacu-
that can help if the situation turns violent. ate your people to that location. You dont want to be doing it when
The lecture luncheon also included presentations by Baker College there is a disaster happening, but ahead of time.
Campus Safety Director Dan Blaszak, who talked about the colleges Benson added that its important to share the responsibility of emer-
emergency plans, Missaukee County Clerk Carolyn Flore and Deb gency planning.
Rohn, Marketing Representative for Servpro, a fire and water cleanup Its easy to lose momentum on something that isnt central to what
service. you do, like disaster planning, she said. It might not make you
The National Fire Protection Administration outlines five steps to money, but you cannot afford to not plan for an emergency.

Free Respite Care Service at

Green Acres of Cadillac provides the very best in

assisted living. Ask about our Free Respite Care
Service available in the Carl T. & Elsie Johnson Suite.
Our Mission: The desire of Retirement Living is to honor God
by providing the elderly with a lifestyle that values
their identity, their independence and their dignity.

Reside Reflect Relax

Call Melissa Snyder, RN, Administrator for details.
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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 11

5 495 6 995

$ , Only
$ , YOUR
2004 Mercury
Joann Spry named
2005 Toyota Matrix 2008 Kia Rio
Baird, Cotter andMonterey
Bishop, P.C. XRX Cadillac Area
5 Speed

Minivan Stk#C10188A

congratulates Hervey and Mulder 5 Speed,

Public Schools

6 995 7 495 7 49
Congratulations to Corinna K. Hervey, CPA, $ who ,recently earned her
$ , new superindent
$ ,
Certified Fraud Examiner certificate. Corinna is a CPA and has been with
Baird, Cotter and Bishop seven years. Joann (Jo) Spry has
2001 Frd Ranger 4x4
Congratulations to Trent A. Mulder, CPA, who recently passed his Certified
2002 Subaru Outback
been hired as the new
2004 Chevy
Public Accounting exam and is now a licensed
CPA in the State of Michigan.
Superintendent of Cadillac Blazer 4x4
XLT Trade Area Public Schools. She
Well Equiped,

7 995 7 995 6 99
Stk#T11029B started the new post on Low Miles
$ ,Cadillac
Mercy Hospital receives
$ ,
August 6.
Just Spry has a Bachelor Only
$ ,
of Arts in Education
Area Womens Giving Circle
2004 Toyota grant
f r o m G r a n d Va l l e y 2002 Chevy 1500 E
Shop Inside Our Cab 4x4
Well Equiped State University and a Master of Education W

in Educational Leadership, Curriculum

ort Of
Mercy Hospital Cadillac will be able to provide a new program called Giving Stk#TP12 and

In The Comf Owned


Hope thanks to a grant awarded by The Cadillac Area Womens Giving Circle of Instruction and Secondary and Adult Education.

8 995 9 49
$ ,

$ , Heated Pre- !
the Cadillac Area Community Foundation. This grant will help fund resources,
She is a graduate of Greenville Public Schools
alternative therapies and a support group for women experiencing perinatal where her grown children also attended. Her
Just Just

mood disorders during and after pregnancy.

K background in Administration spans 11 years.
Untreated perinatal mood disorder can be dangerous if left untreated. Spry is committed to civic endeavors and hopes
According to many data sources, it can result in anToyota
in suicide risk, an 1999 Ford F350 SRW
to continue her membership in Rotary.
increase in eating disorders, decreased prenatal care, an increased risk of being GREAT Supercab
Spry relocated to Cadillac in early August.
Local Trade,
a victim of violence and increased use of addictive substances.
Great MPG SELECTION Long activi-
She enjoys the outdoors and adventure
Box her two
9 495 10,9
This grant will allow all pregnant women access to services in the Cadillac ties.
Of 4x4 SUV In her free time Jo enjoys walking
$ ,
area and will increase the number of women receiving adequate perinatal care.
Toyota - GM
s - Chehorseback
C - Ford
downhill skiing.
v y riding,
Stk#At5747 golf and


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Tues., Wed., Fri. 9am-6pm

Sat. 9am-4pm Lake Cadillac

Price Plus Tax Title & Lice

12 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Photos for Illustration Purp
20th Annual
Greater Cadillac Area

Business 20th Annual Greater

Cadillac Area Business Expo
E PWhere Super Heroes Unite!
Where Super
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Heroes Unite!
of Michigan
Thursday, October 11, 2012
EXPO SPONSORS: Wexford County Civic Center
Chemical Bank 11:00AM to 4:00PM
9&10 News/Fox 32 Free Admission for Chamber Members
Fox Motors of Cadillac
Mix 96 For registration information and a complete
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Chamber Business Directory

Construction Office Supplies Promotional Products
Edward Dracht

Build Contracting
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.
Office Supplies Office Furniture Ad Specialties
Commercial Industrial Institutional Agriculture Churches Michigans Largest Independent Office Products Dealer
Offices Rubber Roofs Concrete Flatwork Complete Turnkey Projects Next Day Free Delivery
23350 100th Ave. Marion, MI 49665 office: (231) 825-0035 Local Single Source Supplier
email: fax: (231) 825-0038 cell: (231) 357-8718 Phone: (231) 577-7110 Fax (231) 577-7114

Real Estate Eye Care

Buying, Selling or Investing The Latest Looks
Cadillac You can rely on my 25 years of in Sunglasses!
Chamber Real Estate Experience!

Member Call Jerry today, 231-876-0717
Open 7 Days a Week, 18 Agents to Serve You. Richard M. Brenz, M.D. 502 Cobbs Street, Cadillac
Living & working in your community SCHMIDT REALTORS
Open 5 Days/Week
(231) 775-1737 2721 Sunnyside Dr., Cadillac Jerry Faloon Locally Owned

Womens Health Roofing Dental

Home of the Springfield SmartRoof

Your Cosmetic & Implant Dental Team
WILLIAM M. LONG, D.O. 6509 M-37, Kingsley, MI 49649
Phone: 231-263-5300 / 888-469-0059 Michael E. Lueder, DDS Loren J. DeHaan, DDS
7800 US-131 S., SUITE C, CADILLAC, MI 49601 Phone 231.779.1167 Fax: 231-263-5723 John D. McKellop, DDS Timothy J. Reaume, DDS
Fax 231.779.1175
Matthew Plotnikiewicz, DDS Kyle D. Hogg, DDS Nadine Kobty-Hogg, DDS

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 13

Krantz joins Baker
Mercy Hospital Cadillac Laboratory
College of Cadillac
Receives Accreditation from the
Board of Regents
College of American Pathologists
Baker College of Cadillac
officials have announced the Mercy Hospital Cadillacs Laboratory has been awarded accreditation by
appointment of Lee Krantz to the Accreditation Committee of the College of American Pathologists (CAP),
the Cadillac campus board of based on the results of a recent onsite inspection.
regents. He is currently vice The laboratorys director, Russell H. Hjelmstad, MD, PhD, was advised of
president and general man- the national recognition. Mercy Hospital Cadillac Laboratory is one of more
ager at AAR Mobility Systems than 7,000 CAP-accredited laboratories worldwide.
in Cadillac, a publicly traded Mercy Hospital Cadillac is fortunate to have experienced, dedicated labora-
aerospace/defense corporation tory staff who are committed to upholding the standards set by the College of
headquartered in Wood Dale, American Pathologists, said Dr. Hjelmstad. We could not have reached this level
Ill. Krantz has been affiliated with AAR since 1999. of accreditation without their experience, knowledge and dedication. This accred-
itation reflects the commitment we have to the well being of our community.

Kettunen Center
welcomes Chris Gentry
Coldwell Banker Schmidt
as new director
Realtors welcomes Rich Hesweyer
Christopher M. Gentry is the new director for the
Kettunen Center. Gentry brings 25 years of non-profit Rich Hesweyer recently joined Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors
organizational leadership and management experi- Cadillac office as an associate broker for residential and commercial
ence serving local YMCAs in a variety of roles. He properties. Rich and his wife live near McBain, love the country and
holds a bachelors degree in Park and Recreation staying involved in the community.
Administration from Michigan State University.

Have a specific need?

Our candidates have specific training.
Health Engineering/ Education &
Business Computers
Technology Human Service

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hit the ground running. Baker Colleges HireQualified can help. Our candidates
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14 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Belle Oaks
Living Center
receives special tribute
State Representative Bruce Rendon presents to
Esther Nederhood, owner and Marianne Meekhof,
administrator of Belle Oaks Living Center, the
2012 National Bronze Award and 2012 Michigan
Quality Standard Seal for Levels of Best Practice-
Level Three Seal at a special tribute ceremony.

Data track 2011-2012

Wexford County Jan. 12 Feb. 12 Mar. 12 April 12 May 12 June 12 July 12 Aug. 11 Sept. 11 Oct. 11 Nov. 11 Dec. 11
Labor Force 13,224 13,101 13,256 13,123 13,585 13,844 13,831 13,220 12,832 12,750 12,750 12,938
Employment 11,478 11,523 11,666 11,696 12,128 12,278 12,114 11,521 11,276 11,343 11,358 11,322
Unemployment 1,746 1,578 1,590 1,427 1,457 1,566 1,717 1,699 1,556 1,407 1,392 1,616
Rate 13.2% 12.0% 12.0% 10.9% 10.7% 11.3% 12.4% 12.9% 12.1% 11% 10.9% 12.5%

Missaukee County Jan. 12 Feb. 12 Mar. 12 April 12 May 12 June 12 July 12 Aug. 11 Sept. 11 Oct. 11 Nov. 11 Dec. 11
Labor Force 5,682 5,738 5,800 5,635 5,777 5,920 5,892 5,881 5,708 5,649 5,642 5,738
Employment 4,950 4,970 5,032 5,044 5,296 5,231 5,225 5,152 5,042 5,072 5,078 5,062
Unemployment 732 768 768 591 624 546 667 729 666 577 564 676
Rate 12.9% 13.4% 13.2% 10.5% 10.5% 9.5% 11.3% 12.4% 11.7% 10.2% 10% 12.5%
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checking account that suits your needs and your life. Were a community bank that believes
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Deb Fuller, AVP, Mortgage Lender
Pete Stalker, Community Bank President
Deb Ballard, Branch Manager, Loan Officer
It pays to bank local. Make the move.
Cadillac Downtown Cadillac North
231 775-9000 231 779-8954

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 15

CadillacArea PRSRTSTD
Chamber of Commerce US POSTAGE
222 N. Lake St. PAID
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874 TRAVERSE CITY