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July/August 2010 Volume 16-NO. 4

Bruce Schafer
Katy Huckle
& receive awards
See pages 4 & 6
Mission Statement
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is a visible business
leader that advocates and drives business opportunities. Through
business alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership and
provide a persuasive regional voice benefiting our communities.

Meet the Board
Looking forward to continuing
the Chambers excellence
Mickey Putman, Chair
Cadillac Credit Bureau 775-3458

Katy Huckle, Vice Chair

Northwestern Bank 775-2688
It is my privilege and honor to serve as the 2010/2011 Chamber Executive Director.
Sue Peterson, Treasurer
Avon Rubber & Plastics, Inc. 779-6290 The Chamber has a proud legacy of serving the Cadillac area since 1899. I was
able to see this through the leadership of Jon Catlin our Past Executive Director. I
Jon Catlin, Past Executive Director
Chemical Bank 775-8588 understand the importance of my position and responsibilities of serving as chair
of the board of directors. The Chamber succeeds because of a dedicated board and
Eric Baker
Wolverine Power Cooperative 775-5700 professional staff.
My focus over the next twelve months will be on teamwork, advancing membership
Dennis Benson
Dennis H. Benson, PLC 876-9405 though member focus groups, updating our building to make it a more business-
friendly meeting location and continuing the high standards all of you expect from
Bill Cinco
The Trend Designers 775-5711 your Chamber.
I will assure all of you that during my year as the Executive Director of the Cadillac
Dean DeKryger
The DK Design Group 779-4002 Area Chamber of Commerce, we will do our best to always be part of the solution
and never part of the problem. We will tackle the tough issues head on and be a
Mike Hamner
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. 779-6290 better and stronger community because of it!
During our focus group sessions in May we learned about the programs that our
Dr. Kyle Hogg
Dental Health Professionals 775-9797 membership valued very highly and those that did not have the same value to our
members. We can now focus more of our time and energy on the highly valued
Scott Hunter
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC. 775-9789 programs and events and make them stronger than ever.
Continuing to meet with our membership at our focus groups will help me to better
Melody Hurley
Walmart Supercenter Store 775-8778 understand the wants and needs of our membership! Going forward, I am going to
facilitate more of these groups so we can include as many members as possible. I will
Bill Kring
9 & 10 News 775-3478 be calling on all of you to help make this year better for everyone in our community.
I would like to congratulate Katy Huckle as our newest Spirit of Community
Paul Liabenow
Cadillac Area Public Schools 876-5002 and Bruce Schafer as our Outstanding Citizen for 2010. Both of these two fine
individuals represent exactly what these awards are all about. I would also like to
Joy VanDrie
Toy Town of Cadillac, LLC 775-8697 thank Jim Blackburn and Lorri King for their six years of dedication and service to
the Chamber.
CHAMBER STAFF 775-9776 I also look forward to working with Dr. Kyle Hogg and Melody Hurley as our
Bill Tencza, President newest board members.

Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services Mickey Putman, Executive Director
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant
Doug DeYoung, Director of Government Relations Belle Oakes Living Center Distinctive and Affordable
Printer:Pleasant Graphics
Publisher:Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Relax and enjoy an independent
lifestyle, our senior apartments offer
Editorial Committee: Chris Huckle, Doreen Lanc,
Rich Langton, Bill Tencza, Bob Nelson and Joy VanDrie. spacious living with amenities and
extras youll really enjoy.
The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber reserves
the right to edit or refuse articles and advertisements submit- Monthly Rent starting at $3,000
ted to the Cadillac Area Business Magazine and reserves the
right in its sole discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other 2353 S. LaChance Rd. Lake City 231-779-4671 Esther Nederhood, RN, Owner
materials to be distributed through the publication.

2 July/August 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

The 2009/2010 Cadillac Leadership class.

Leadership torch passed Direction, Success, Leadership...

Be a building block of the
to recent graduates 20th Leadership Class!
By Kimberly Cool, Steve Towner,
Brad Hall and Julie Rushing

For the recent graduates of the Cadillac activities truly have kept us all very busy.
Leadership Class of 2009-2010, the past The class has found enormous support
nine months have been extremely infor- within the Cadillac and surrounding
mative, tremendously challenging and areas even during the tough economic
incredibly rewarding. Our community times. We are very proud and thankful to
service project this year, CAPS Quest our community, local individuals and the
initiative an umbrella program many businesses that have supported us Cadillac Leadership is accepting
involving various anti-bullying, conflict throughout this nine-month program.
resolution, and social interaction/accep- For many, Cadillac Leadership has
applications for the 2010-2011 class.
tance programs to be put into practice taught us what it takes to make any proj-
throughout Cadillac Area Public Schools
and the community has inspired all of
ect or group endeavor a success team-
work. The collaboration within our class
Mission Statement
us. and externally has been a lesson that all
To provide an engaging atmosphere for
The class held many fund raising activi- of us can build off. The relationships, the the development of emerging leaders with
ties: The Cadillac Leadership Alumni rapport and the bonds we have formed opportunities for identifying and
Banquet set the stage in January. We then over the past few months speak for them- investing their skills and passions to
held a Silent Auction in March during selves and will last for years to come.
benefit the Cadillac community while
the Cadillac Variety Show. In April there As we move forward and we begin to
was a Celebrity Basketball Game that see the outcome of our efforts, it becomes
creating lasting relationships.
many enjoyed. In May, we had a Celebrity clearer to us that the Cadillac Leadership
Server night at Culvers and another in Class of 2009-2010 is, too, accurately Please contact Deb Gillies
June, as well as a bake sale. During the described as the Best Class! We are unit- at the Chamber for more information
year we sold raffle tickets for a chance ed in our efforts truly to better our com- 231.775.9776 or
to win a beautiful three-piece leather liv- munities and youth within.
ing room set from Oak Heirlooms. These

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - July/August 2010 3

Outstanding Citizen
Outstanding Advocate
By Mardi Suhs
Reading through Bruce Schafers resume is daunting. He can fly
a Lear Jet, for example, and his military career was brilliant. Hes a
retired colonel who logged a three-year tour of duty as an air crash
rescue commander. He spent nine years in the Michigan National
Guard Helicopter Battalion.
As the vice president of Rexair, Schafer has a reputation in the man-
ufacturing world for creating a world-class operation that competes
in the global market.
And now hes known here as the 2010 Outstanding Citizen of the
Year, an award he received at this years Annual Awards Dinner.
Nominator and friend Keith Merchant, President of B&P
Manufacturing, outlined Schafers many manufacturing accomplish-
ments in the introduction. But in the end, it was his friends selfless
and generous spirit that inspired Merchant to nominate him.
I have a lot of respect for all the things that Bruce has done over
the years, Merchant stated. What makes a good Outstanding Citizen
recipient is that they are the kind of person who doesnt expect the
award. And thats Bruce. Everyone in manufacturing circles knows
about his accomplishments. He received the Michigan Manufacturer
of the Year Award in 2006 and is highly regarded. But outside of those
circles, he is below the radar.
Behind the scenes Schafer volunteers in many organizations to offer
input and resources to improve the lives of our citizens. He volun-
teers at his church to help the needy, consults with local educators to
improve school curriculums, and offers his resources and expertise to
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce initiatives.
He has amazing insight into the skill sets that our students
need, stated CAPS Superintendent Paul Liabenow. He believes in Bruce Schafer receives the Outstanding Citizen Award.
our Wexford-Missaukee ISD Career Tech program and his insight
has been helpful for me in framing our curriculum. trial park, he stated, referring to the economic decline. I think its
Schafer understands the impact that manufacturing has on the important that all of the names that were here five years ago are still
community and how important it is to have good paying jobs for here today. Were a little beat up and a little worn. We are coming up
our people, stated former Cadillac resident Todd Bennington, VP of from the ashes. We are all here doing our work and trying to make this
Operations for BorgWarner in South Carolina. He truly understands community as prosperous as we can.
that we have to give back to our community. If anyone has done that,
its Bruce.
We are extremely fortunate to have Bruce in Cadillac because he
believes in community, affirmed Bill Tencza, President of the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce. He understands the importance of
Rexair being a positive contributor to the region beyond offering
employment. He leads by example in business and volunteerism. His
example has advanced the greater Cadillac area more than anyone
would realize because of his unassuming conviction, integrity and
human decency.
Diane Schafer, his wife of 41 years, called herself the woman that
just tries to keep up with the man, adding that he wants to make the
community a better place. He wants to give young people a chance for
a bright future. I think that is his motivation.
When called to the podium, Schafer accepted his award with genu-
ine surprise followed by encouragement.
Over the past year or two there have been a lot of issues in the indus-

4 July/August 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

CadillacChamberAdOutlines.indd 1 6/10/2010 2:53:08 PM
T h a n k Yo u !

Lake e Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Mitchell woueld li
a dkillatoc thank the
ak A C
A nLn u al w ar d s D in n er Sponsors!

o a d M a p f o r S u c c e s s
R ank-Cadillac Firstb
ec ti on Sy st em s, Inc.
Avon Pr ot
di lla c M er cy Hospital Cadillac
Baker College of Ca Northwestern Bank
ld of M I
Blue Cross Blue Shie Piranha Hose Produc
ts, Inc.
Cadillac Ne w s Rexair LLC
Ce nt er
Cadillac Tire Wol ve ri ne Power Cooperativ
Chemical Bank
Citizens Bank Dinner Committee:
ec ia l th an k yo u to our 2010 Annual Awar Weaver,
Ca tli n, Ka ty Hu ck le , Joy VanDrie, Donna
Jon remy Winkle
Kari Wineland and Je

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a Sspecific CO.
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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - July/August 2010 5

By Mardi Suhs
Sharing Her Gift
When Katy Huckle accepted her Spirit of
Community Award at the Annual Awards
Dinner, her acceptance words shed light on
what motivates her volunteerism.
After hugging her friend and nominator
Jackie Soltman, she addressed the crowd of
I truly believe that we all have gifts and we
are supposed to share them, she said. I hope
I am doing a good job of sharing my gifts.
The standing ovation and cheers from
friends and colleagues provided that answer.
When Katy Huckle arrived in 1995 with
her husband Chris, the publisher of the
Cadillac News, heads turned. Straight from
Manhattan, she had a sophisticated sense of
style and stately beauty that got people talk-
ing. But soon the discussion centered on her
generous spirit.
The wonderful thing about Katy, explained
her friend Sally Goggin, is that when you
meet her, you are struck by her beautiful pres-
ence. And what you find out when you get
to know her is that she is as beautiful on the
inside as she is on the outside.
Within a year of arriving, Katy founded the Katy Huckle (Right) receives a hug from Jackie Soltman after receiving the Spirit of Community Award.
Celebrate Women! fundraising luncheon for
OASIS/FRC to help victims of domestic vio- Katy fits these criteria to a tee, Soltman nity projects, her family is always a priority.
lence, sexual assault and homelessness. The continued. She has done it all. She speaks The one thing that Katy has is an expecta-
event combines a luncheon and style show with enthusiasm and passion so people come tion of excellence, Chris continued. She
with raffle prizes, all the while honoring the together. Thats why I nominated Katy. She demands it of herself and she does not settle
most accomplished women in the community. can make a difference in the quality of life for for anything less, and it carries over into busi-
The message of the event is clear to inspire people. ness and into our home. She bakes for our
women to achieve and give back. Katy understands the historical impor- kids constantly. She often can be heard down
The success of her signature event was just a tance of the Chamber, and she is very directed in the kitchen at 11 p.m., baking for her fam-
preview of what she had to offer. and committed to advancing the Chamber ily, friends, team members at the bank and
Katy is a leader who has a passion for through volunteer service, knowing that our her clients.
improving our community, stated Soltman. success will translate into opportunity for oth- Katy is a true believer in a healthy commu-
She is not afraid to take on the big chal- ers, offered Chamber President Bill Tencza. nity, Chris added. Her drive for serving the
lenges. She served as the co-chair of the 1996 In her banking career Katy serves as the Vice community comes directly from that. I am
United Way Campaign. She hasnt slowed President/Market Leader for Northwestern very blessed to be married to such a wonder-
down since. Bank. ful servant to the community.
Katy has offered her time and energy to Katy spends an enormous amount of time Katy has a brilliant combination of talent,
an endless list of community projects and counseling customers at the bank, her hus- intelligence and compassion, which is for-
organizations. band Chris shared. When people are unable warded selflessly for the benefit of others,
Candidates for the Spirit of Community to get a mortgage, she coaches them on how Tencza concluded. She is the embodiment of
Award are chosen based on their commit- to re-establish their credit. These people are the Spirit of Community Award.
ment to improve the quality of life for others not always happy to hear what she has to say Katy and Chris Huckle have been married
through their devotion of time and energy. but they almost always thank her for it later, 15 years and have two children: Tommy, 11
They must also demonstrate leadership in ini- often years later. and Susie, who just turned 8.
tiating volunteer projects. As she juggles career pressure with commu-

6 July/August 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Past Recipients
Past Spirit of Community Awards:
1997 - Dr. Glenn Verbrugge Bruce Schafers Service Record
1998 - William Rzepka Bruce Schafer is the Vice President for Rexair Inc, a company that manu-
1999 - Regan ONeill factures and sells the Rainbow Cleaning Systems in the U.S. and 78 countries
2000 - John Bishop worldwide. In 2006 he received the John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer
2001 - Sue Westhauser of the Year Award for his persistence, creative problem-solving and a commit-
2002 - Carol Potter ment to the manufacturing industry. Schafer serves on the board of directors
2003 - Jackie Soltman of several organizations, including the American Society of Employers and the
2004 - Mary Blackmer Wexford-Missaukee ISD Career Technical Center. He is active in the Cadillac
2005 - Judy Coffey Area Manufacturers Association and the Cadillac Area Industrial Group and was
2006 - Sue Peterson instrumental in bringing an apprenticeship program to the area through Ferris
2007 - Pat Goggin State Uiversity. He supports community projects by providing free labor through
2008 - Mickey Putman employee volunteer programs established at Rexair. He supports the Chamber
2009 - Matt Gibson Leadership Program, encourages coaching and mentoring programs and works
Past Outstanding Citizens: closely with CAPS to promote changes in curriculum to better prepare students
1980 - Carl T. Johnson for the workforce. He works with state representatives to promote manufactur-
1982 - Patricia Anderson ing interests.
1984 - Keith McKellop Schafer began his career as a military officer and pilot and served 11 years on
1985 - Jim Comp active military duty, including a three-year tour of duty in Germany as an air
1986 - Bill Winn crash rescue commander. He served nine years as the Michigan National Guard
1987 - Jim McGuire Helicopter Battalion Commander, has a Lear jet rating and is a retired Colonel.
1988 - Carl T. Johnson He was a partner in a flight training school while holding numerous upper man-
1989 - Craig Weidner agement positions in manufacturing.
1990 - Dr. Charles Dumanois
1991 - Larry Davy
1992 - Gerard Winkle and Della Garneau
1993 - John Horrigan
1994 - Jim Anderson and Kathy Balzuweit Katy Huckles Service Record
1995 - Cindy Gorman and Esta Emmons Katy Huckle is the Vice President/Market Leader for Northwestern Bank.
1996 - Doug Brown She graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BA in Broadcast
1997 - Ron Andrews Journalism. Her community service includes: United Way Campaign Chairman,
1998 - Jack Benson United Way Board Member; OASIS/FRC Board Member, Cadillac Area Chamber
1999 - Keith Merchant and Tom Huckle of Commerce Board Member, Rotary Club, Downtown Cadillac Association
2000 - Maynard Thompson Board Member, Mercy Hospital Foundation Board Member and Cadillac Area
2001 - Steve Anderson Leadership Graduate. She is active in Youth Ministry at the United Methodist
2002 - Pete Stalker Church, is a Hospice Community Advisory Committee Board Member and found-
2003 - Dennis Benson er of the OASIS Celebrate Women! Luncheon and Style Show Fundraiser. She
2004 - John MacLeod chairs the ticket sales and food committee for the Habitat for Humanity Festival
2005 - Todd Bennington of Trees.
2006 - Darlene Merritt Huckle was the recipient of the Outstanding Young Michigander Award from
2007 - Chris Huckle the Michigan Jaycees, numerous banking awards as a top performer, and she is
2008 - Ronald Blanchard the first and only recipient of the Wexford County United Way Leadership Award.
2009 - Paul Liabenow

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - July/August 2010 7

May June

Rise Up! Cadillac Rise Up! Cadillac

Hosted by: Hosted by:

Cadillac Area YMCA Rexair LLC

Sponsored by: Sponsored by:

Integrity Business Solution, LLC New Image Hair Salon, Inc.

Calendar of Events
16 Health Care Reform (P
PACA) and Solving Your
Toughest Health Care Ch
allenges Presented by:
Ryan Liabenaow, SVP, Sa
les & Client Services of
EHIM Employee Health
Insurance Management
11 Rise Up! Cadillac Sponsored by:
Hosted by: Wexford Coun Jeff Hawke, former Director of Public safety,
ty Historical Museum
26 Leadership Learning Serie and the Summer Bike Patrol
Creating a Best in the Wo
rld Customer Experi-
ence Presented by: Bill Qu 18th Annual Greater
iseng, General Manager
The Inn at Bay Harbor -
A Renaissance Golf Reso
rt Business Cadillac Area Business Expo
Thursday, October 14, 2010
14 Greater Cadillac Area Bu Wexford County Civic Center
siness Expo
Wexford County Civic Ce Please contact the chamber for
nter registration information 231-775-9776
Opportunities Await
8 July/August 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce 2009
Ribbon Cuttings

Cadillac After Hours Clinic moved to its new Wexford Adolescent Wellness Center
location at 440 Cobbs Street located at Cadillac Junior High School

Wexford County Habitat for Humanity Restore NF Countryside Resale LLC Grand Opening
moves to its new location at 7545 East 34 Road at 805 North Mitchell Street

Friends of the Cadillac Housing Commission, Willow Mercantiles Grand Opening

District Health Department No. 10 and the MSU at 916 South Mitchell Street
Master Gardeners celebrate the newly established
Cornerstone Community Garden.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - July/August 2010 9

Now is the time
to get your voice heard
Take part in grassroots advocacy in the states most important election in years
By Doug DeYoung Decisions made by current and future legislators will impact you in
Director of Government Relations some way and waiting and hoping for something to be done with-
out your voice is not a strategy. Advocacy means you also get the mes-
I know that I have written before on the sage out to others on why they should get involved.
importance of grassroots advocacy, but as You probably already use grassroots advocacy in your community
we head into what is being described as the when you talk with family, friends, neighbors and other associates
most important statewide election process in about issues and what might work to solve them. Growing an advoca-
over a decade, it is time to revisit the subject. cy voice in your community brings others into the cause and educates
Participation by members in grassroots advo- the community on the importance of current issues.
cacy activities needs to be kept at the top of Because of the large number of candidates choosing to run in the pri-
the list in order for the chamber and its mem- mary election, the Chamber and the Regional Alliance will be offering
bers to achieve results. educational opportunities to learn about each candidate and where
During this election and legislative cycle, the Cadillac Area Chamber they stand on business-related issues facing our region and state.
along with the Northwest Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance will Being involved in this years election process helps you make decisions
continue to work on behalf of its members through educational oppor- on how to vote. Getting others involved and educated helps members
tunities and legislative calls to action. That is where you come in. Each and communities understand that they can make a difference.
of you occasionally will be called into service to create a strong and If you have any legislative questions or comments, please contact me
effective voice on local, regional and statewide issues. at or call (231) 995-7109.

Give Your Business

A Clean Bill of Health
Helping your business prevent work Pre-employment physicals
injuries is our first priority. Were a full and screenings
service health clinic offering services in
FAA physicals
work injury treatment and follow-up care,
work injury prevention, and education. Breath alcohol testing
DOT physicals
Introducing Our New Providers
Urine drug screenings
Assistance with OSHA/
MIOSHA compliance

Darryl Lesoski, MD Jeannette Forbes, FNP

7985 Mackinaw Trail, Suite B1 | Cadillac, MI 49601 | (231) 779.5224 |

10 July/August 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Frederick T. Mannion Scholarships Awarded To CAPS students
The Cadillac Area Community Foundation Elizabeth Badovinac will receive a scholar- based on an outstanding high school grade
Board of Trustees announced that Jillian ship in the amount of $1,000. She has been point average, a demonstration of excellent
Augustat and Elizabeth Badovinac have accepted to attend classes at Hope College character and participation in non-academic
been selected as the 2010 recipients of the Dr. and the University of Michigan. activities.
Frederick T. Mannion Scholarship Award. The Dr. Frederick T. Mannion Scholarship In order to qualify for application for this
Jillian Augustat will receive a scholarship Fund was established by the family of Dr. scholarship, students must rank academi-
in the amount of $2,000 to defray the costs Mannion after his untimely death. cally in the Top 20 students of their gradu-
of her education this fall at the University The scholarship is awarded annually to ating class.
of Michigan. graduating seniors from Cadillac High School

Cadillac Physical Therapist

Attends APTA 2010 Federal
Advocacy Forumin Washington
Cadillac physical therapist, Gus Meyjes, PT, attended the American
PhysicalTherapy Association (APTA) 2010 Federal Advocacy Forum
in Washington, DC, on April 25th to asklegislators for their support
on several bills affecting Medicare and other issues.

Gus Meyjes (left) with other physical therapists and

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (second from right).

Our Team Saves Time and Money in your Human Resources Department Every Day.


Specializing in Group Health Plans

Large & Small,
Including Michigan Counties DEBRA

932 N. Mitchell, Cadillac (888) 775-1293 24/7 emergency claims service

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - July/August 2010 11

Thank you!
Thank you to all of our Sponsors, Golfers, & Volunteers for a Successful

17th Annual Briefcase Open Golf Outing

2010 Golf Outing & Lunch Sponsor Tidy Disposal
Cadillac Area Industrial Group Hole in One
Godfrey Chevrolet Buick
Hole Sponsors
Alro Steel & Industrial Supply Mulligan Tickets
Audiological Services of Cadillac Lakeside Title, LLC
Avon Protection Systems
Baker College of Cadillac Buy-a-Foot
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI Chemical Bank
BorgWarner Emissions/ Thermal Systems
Cadillac Castings Putting Green Sponsor
Cadillac ENT (Ears Nose Throat) Swaffers Toyota
Cadillac News
Cadillac Orthopedic Sponsors of Gift Certificates & Prizes
Cadillac Title, LLC AAR Mobility Systems
Chemical Bank Avon Automotive
The DK Design Group Carroll Retirement Plans & Investments
Firstbank-Cadillac Citizens Bank
Highpoint Auto & Truck Center Custer Workplace Interiors
Mercy Hospital Cadillac McGuires Resort
Northwestern Bank Piranha Hose
Law Office of David R. Peterson, P.C. Premier Realty
Phil Potvin for 102nd House of Representatives PoSH Tanning Spa and Hair
Servpro of Manistee, Ludington, & Cadillac The Trend Designers
Special thanks to the Eldorado & McGuires Golf Course Staff!
*Proceeds benefits Chamber Programming, Services and Legislative advocacy.

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12 July/August 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Sue Westhauser Memorial
Scholarship Awarded
The Cadillac Area Community Foundation announced
that the 2010 recipient of the Sue Westhauser Memorial
Scholarship is Abigail DeWitt, a 2010 Cadillac High School
graduate. This $1,000 scholarship will assist DeWitt in
her studies in the areas of English, integrated sciences,
and health at the secondary education level.

Foundation Awards
Garcia Scholarship
As announced at the Cadillac High School Senior
Spring Choir Concert on May 19, 2010, the Cadillac
Area Community Foundation has awarded the 2010
Kelly Ann Garcia Memorial Scholarships for the

Budget talk at lecture luncheon Performing Arts to Cadillac High School student
Christina Rann. This scholarship, a $745 award,
will help Rann pursue her educational goals at Alma
By Rick Charmoli College this fall where she will be focusing her studies
State Representative Darwin Booher gave a whirlwind update June on English and music.
4 of what was going on in Lansing and what issues will be faced dur-
ing his last seven months on the job. Booher presented as part of the
Chamber Lecture Luncheon Series at Baker College.
Booher reflected on the past 5 1/2 years on the job as well as the rev-
Cadillac Plant
enue-estimating conference, the statewide smoking ban, Michigan 231.779.7500
Business Tax, and, of course, budgets.
Booher wanted to stress that while there are 28 total budgets in the Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.
state, there are three main ones that people hear about. They include
the General Fund, the School Aid Fund and the Rainy Day Fund.
He also said when making decisions on any of the budgets, three K-Series Thermal Shutter
caucuses play a role. They include the obvious Republican and
Democrat caucuses but also one that Booher called the Detroit
Caucus. Booher said it is not as simple as telling people this is what
you get. You have to have relationships with the other members of
the House or nothing gets done.
Cool Logic Viscous
Budgets are taking up a large percentage of his time, and Booher
said the hope is with the large amount of turnover, including 90
potential new members of the House, things can get figured out and
the ground work can be laid for the new legislators. The Product Is Real Estate
During that presentation, Booher also talked about the School Aid
Fund. On May 21, the state Revenue Estimating Conference deter- ...The Priority Is Service
mined that there should be an additional $291 million more in the
School Aid Fund than there originally was projected to be. It also was
Call Tom Taylor Today!
discovered that the General Fund was short approximately $243.5 Let him put his nearly 30 years of
million for the current fiscal year experience to work for YOU! THOMAS R. TAYLOR
Associate Broker

Booher said if the projections hold true, the School Aid Fund will Residential Commercial Investment
have the $291 million more when the new budget year starts on
October 1. However, he also said there has been talk of spending
2721 Sunnyside Drive, Cadillac West
the surplus before it is certain that it is there to balance the General Direct Line: 231-876-0739
Cell: 231-920-1326 SCHMIDT REALTORS
Fund. Fax: 231-775-1798 EXPECT THE BEST
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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - July/August 2010 13

Forest View Elementary Honors Pledge to the Governor
As a pledge to Governor Granholm
as part of the 33rd Annual Chamber
Governors Breakfast, Forest View
Elementary third-grade students recently
raised $200 through a bottle-and-can drive
and donated the proceeds to Wexford
County Habitat for Humanity.
A ceremony and check presentation was
held at Forest View Elementary. The dona-
tion was made in the name of Governor
Jennifer M. Granholm and Family, who
collectively volunteer at various Habitat
for Humanity initiatives throughout
Michigan. Video and pictures of the cere-
mony with the students was posted on the
Granholm Family Facebook page. From left, Habitat for Humanity board member Barb Tatarchuk, former Forest View principal Bob Kellogg, and
CAPS Superintendent Paul Liabenow.

Chamber Business Directory

Construction Theater Banking
President Cadillac Foot liters Trusted commercial and cash management capabilities,
Announcing Our 2010-2011 Season: strengths in SBA lending and mortgage solutions, and
Build Contracting
CO. Angel Street - October; Nuncrackers - Nov/Dec;
Citizens Bankers that care about
you and your business.
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.
Feelin Good (Jr. Players) - Feb;
Moon Over Buffalo - April; Cemetery Club - June
Commercial Industrial Institutional Agriculture Churches
Offices Rubber Roofs Concrete Flatwork Complete Turnkey Projects For more information visit our website at 103 N. Mitchell Street
Cadillac, MI 49601
23350 100th Ave. Marion, MI 49665
office: (231) 825-0035
fax: (231) 825-0038
www.cadillacfoot cell: (231) 357-8718 CITIZENSBANKING.COM

Real Estate Office Supplies Dental

Buying, Selling or Investing
You can rely on my 25 years
of Real Estate Experience!
Call Jerry today, 231-876-0717. Office Supplies Office Furniture Ad Specialties
Michigans Largest Independent Office Products Dealer
Next Day Free Delivery
Local Single Source Supplier Your Cosmetic & Implant Dental Team
Michael E. Lueder, DDS Loren J. DeHaan, DDS
John D. McKellop, DDS Timothy J. Reaume, DDS
2721 Sunnyside Dr., Cadillac Jerry Faloon Bruno A. Giglio, DDS Kyle D. Hogg, DDS Nadine Kobty-Hogg, DDS

Womens Health Office Supplies Eye Care

Name Brand Office Machines New & Used

David L. Rockwell, M.D.

Complete Service Dept. - 150 Works Ave., Cadillac, MI 49601 Richard M. Brenz, M.D.
WILLIAM M. LONG, D.O. Gary Cameron, Owner-Manager
Ph. (231) 775-9708 502 Cobbs Street,
7800 US-131 S., SUITE C, CADILLAC, MI 49601 Phone 231.779.1167
Fax 231.779.1175 Fax: (231) 775-8030 Cadillac, MI 49601
Office Supplies Furniture 231-775-1248

14 July/August 2010 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

New Members
Crandall Precision Michigan Shores NF Countryside Welcome Back!
Inc. Cooperative Resale LLC
Lloyd Crandall Shirley McDaniel Norma Feutz Sportsmans Port LLC
460 5th Street 641 Michigan Avenue 805 North Mitchell Street Marylou Barrons
Cadillac, MI 49601 Frankfort, MI 49635 Cadillac, MI 49601 10487 West M-55 Hwy
231-775-7101 231-352-7217 231-775-1910 Wellston, MI 49689 231-862-3571

Data track 2009-2010

Wexford County Jan. 10 Feb. 10 Mar. 10 April 10 May 09 June 09 July 09 Aug. 09 Sept. 09 Oct. 09 Nov. 09 Dec. 09
Labor Force 13,993 14,037 13,904 13,768 14,301 14,843 14.931 14,465 14,078 13,969 14,160 14,008
Employment 11,266 11,262 11,787 11,333 11,219 11,955 13,056 11,836 11,496 11,434 11,538 11,302
Unemployment 2,727 2,775 2,685 2,435 2,458 2,888 3,074 2,626 2,582 2,535 2,622 2,706
Rate 19.5% 19.8% 19.3% 17.7% 17.2% 19.5% 20.6% 18.2% 18.3% 18.1% 18.5% 19.3%

Missaukee County Jan. 10 Feb. 10 Mar. 10 April 10 May 09 June 09 July 09 Aug. 09 Sept. 09 Oct. 09 Nov. 09 Dec. 09
Labor Force 6,305 6,286 6,313 6,098 6,270 6,470 6,350 6,224 6,050 6,002 6,120 6,199
Employment 5,074 5,072 5,053 5,103 5,304 5,354 5,305 5,298 5,144 5,122 5,168 5,062
Unemployment 1,231 1,214 1,260 995 966 1,116 1,045 926 906 880 952 1,137
Rate 19.5% 19.3% 20% 16.3% 15.4% 17.2% 16.5% 14.9% 15.0% 14.7% 15.6% 18.3%
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Lakeside Title, LLC would like to welcome Elizabeth Wetherell
MADE IN MICHIGAN. to their closing team. She will provide the same great service
you came to expect when she served you in her former position
as Production Supervisor and Title Insurance Commitment
Specialist at Lakeside Title. She has over 14 years experience in
the Real Estate Industry.
Lakeside Title, LLC is located in the heart of downtown Cadillac,
Investing in our state one street at a time. As a safe and sound specializing in title insurance and Real Estate closings, currently
financial institution, were promoting growth in Michigan cities with providing searches in Wexford, Missaukee, Osceola and Lake
small business and commercial loans, personal lines of credit, and a full
County, with other counties upon request.
line of deposit products and investment services to help this great state.
To learn more, visit one of our 129 locations or call 1-800-867-9757.

102 S. Mitchell Street, Suite B Cadillac, MI 49601
phone 231.775.1148 fax: 231.775.0838
Cadillac Downtown Cadillac North
775-6151 775-8588

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - July/August 2010 15

CadillacArea PRSRTSTD
Chamber of Commerce US POSTAGE
222 N. Lake PAID
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874 TRAVERSE CITY

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