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May/June 2010 Volume 16-No. 3

School districts try to get a

clear picture of budget
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in business
Mission Statement
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is a visible business
leader that advocates and drives business opportunities. Through
business alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership and
provide a persuasive regional voice benefiting our communities.

Meet the Board
You can make a difference in school budget crisis

Jon Catlin, Executive Director
Chemical Bank 775-0387 ur cover story is dedicated to the funding crisis enveloping public education and
outlines the constraints our regional school districts are facing today and certainly
Mickey Putman, Vice Chair
Central Professional Services, Inc. 775-3458 going forward into the fall. In an effort to be topical and informational with our
publication, our Cadillac Area Business Magazine Committee strategized that this was an
Sue Peterson, Treasurer
Avon Rubber and Plastics, Inc 779-6200 important storyline to share with our membership. A secondary reason for our cover story
and attached to my own perspective is the knowledge that business (our membership) does
Eric Baker
Wolverine Power Cooperative 775-5700 not always fully understand the school funding formula and budget cycle. Conversely, often
the rank and file educator does not have an extensive understanding of what business faces
Dennis H. Benson, PLC
Attorney 876-9405 day-to-day or more importantly the correlation of job retention and growth implications to
the schools. The Chamber has unique relationships with both sides of the equation.
Jim Blackburn
Blick Dillon Insurance 775-3416 It is clear that independent of challenging economic times, the funding mechanism for
education is in need of structural change. Our legislative alliance sees as imperative the
Bill Cinco
The Trend Designers 775-5711 need for stable and equitable funding sources for our schools. Easier said than done but
as addressed in our cover story, the reality is that manufacturing can no longer sustain
Dean DeKryger
The DK Design Group 779-4002 the larger tax burden to fund our schools. An additional priority is that our communities
need access to a quality workforce. Our Northwest Michigan Chamber Regional Alliance
Mike Hamner
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. 779-6200 strongly believes in continued education in the areas of trade, technical and technology
sectors, which must be available to our students. We also advocate for regional
Katy Huckle
Northwestern Bank 775-2688 collaboration among school entities as part of any strategy. We will not be able to retain
business or recruit business without meeting the employment needs of business first via an
Lorri King
Cadillac Title, LLC 779-8000 exceptional workforce.
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce embraces the substantive collaboration that
Bill Kring
9&10 News 775-9813 exists between the public and private schools and colleges who value the Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce. We need to be a visible ally in an effort to maintain and advance
Paul Liabenow
Cadillac Area Public Schools 876-5000 an economy that will employ our students of today. It is mutually beneficial for schools
and businesses. However, bringing it full circle, we also need to continue to proclaim the
Joy VanDrie
Toy Town of Cadillac, LLC 920-5189 importance of supporting local businesses, which directly and indirectly support our
schools. We must consciously think about the impact of purchases, especially outside of our
CHAMBER STAFF 775-9776 region. Ask area school districts with declining enrollments if that matters. It does matter
to the Chamber. Please continue to join us in sending out the message that conducting
Bill Tencza, President business regionally provides benefits to each of us, including schools.

Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant Bill TeNcza, Chamber President
Printer: Pleasant Graphics
Publisher: Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Belle Oakes Living Center
Editorial Committee: Chris Huckle, Doreen Lanc,
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2 May/June 2010 - CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe

Business leaders map out plan to
turn Michigan around
By Doug Deyoung

The Northwest Michigan Regional Chamber

Alliance Executives and members from each
4) Making Investments
That Create A great Job environment:
Michigan needs an urban strategy a critical need for
of the five chambers attended a meeting retaining and attracting talent and improving Michigans image.
with Business Leaders for Michigan CEO Adopt new funding formulas to ensure that Michigan has ade-
Doug Rothwell in Traverse City. Business quate revenues to support a Top Ten transportation infrastruc-
Leaders for Michigan has created a five-point ture.
Michigan Turnaround Plan. How the five-

point plan was determined was discussed, including adding detail on Accelerating Job growth
why these changes needed to happen for Michigan to succeed. The Through Innovation & entrepreneurship:
five-point plan breaks down into these bullets and some of the sup- Support collaborative regional growth strategies by prioritiz-
porting points: ing incentives and grants to those areas. Accelerate growth by
supporting innovation and entrepreneurship across all sectors.

1) Changing the Way We Manage our Finances:

For the past three fiscal years, Michigan has over-projected reve-
nues, in part due to the lack of sufficient input from a broad spec-
You can view the full plan at
In the meeting we also heard that since the year 2000, one in every
trum of economic advisors, resulting in chronic budget crises. two jobs lost in America was from Michigan. Only 25% of those jobs
were in the auto industry. Doug Rothwell went on to say that his

2) Right-sizing & enacting Structural Budget Reforms:

Michigan is a relatively smaller economy today than it was in
group believes that more than 90% of the fixes for our state can come
from legislation and strong leadership in our government bodies. The
past decades and cannot support the same level of state spend- Business Leaders for Michigan group says it will continue to work
ing it once did. with the current legislators but will be involved in providing residents
across the state candidate information for the upcoming November

3) getting Michigan Competitive To Attract and Retain Jobs:

Make Michigans business tax system competitive. Michigan
ranks between 27th and 35th worst in overall business tax bur-
elections. The Regional Chamber Alliance will continue to offer addi-
tional educational opportunities for members throughout this elec-
tion year. If you have any legislative questions or comments, contact
den. Businesses pay on average 3 to 4% more of their profits in me at or 231-995-7109.
taxes than the average of the ten best business tax and many
peer states.

Calendar of Events

Two dental school residents May

12 Rise Up! Cadillac
Hosted by: Cadillac Area
receive scholarships from 26 17th Annual Briefca
se Open Golf Outing
lf Courses
Eldorado & McGuires Go
Cadillac Area Community June
Lecture Luncheon
Foundation 4
Michigans Legislative

9 Rise Up! Cadillac

Hosted by: Rexair LLC
Dr. Ryan Brandt of Lake City and Dr. Samuel Blanchard of Cadillac
each have been awarded $2,500 from the Cadillac Area Community 16 Annual Awards Di
Foundation to help them continue their education at the U-M School Road Map for Su ess
of Dentistry. Fox Hill Event Center
The two received the financial assistance as a part of the Ardis/
Lueder Northern Lower Michigan Endowed Scholarship Fund.

CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe - MaY/June 2010 3

The real value of power
is giving it away
Dr. robert Van Dellen Lesson Three: Leaders are about creating a strong sense of fit, so
As a continuation of the Leadership that people within the organization feel that they are valued and
Learning Series I held the workshop, How that they matter. People who do not fit need to be mentored and
to Get Where We Need to Go When We Dont trained, and if they cannot fit, removed.
Know Where We Are Going! Lesson Four: Leaders need to engage others in fully understanding
The session focused on new challenges and the problem so that root causes and not symptoms are addressed
demands required today for effective leader- and resolved.
ship and the reasons why we see such a preva- Lesson Five: Crises call for effective leadership at all levels within an
lence of failed leadership globally, nationally, organization, not just at the top, for most crises require a collective
in our state, and even locally. Quoting from response.
Lee Iacoccas book, Where Have All The Leaders Gone? (2007), I Lesson Six: Leaders need to be mindful of unintended consequences
asked: Am I the only guy in this country whos fed up with whats what reactions come from your actions?
happening? Lesson Seven: Leaders need to capture the synergy that comes
Using some provocative statements from Iacoccas book, we start- from the tension within organizations between continuous qual-
ed with a discussion around the questions: Are we living in a time of ity improvement, which is usually incremental change, and radi-
unprecedented chaos, confusion, uncertainty and anxiety, and if so, cal transformation or innovation, which often requires major over-
whats driving this? Related to these questions, the group discussed haul.
whether the current confusion is causing failed leadership or is failed Lesson Eight: Leaders cannot choke or panic. We choke when we
leadership causing the chaos? think too much; we panic when we think too little.

Reasons for failed leadership The critical question

Perhaps there are some systemic, structural reasons for failed leader- The workshop ended by exploring the big paradigm shift, for leader-
ship at various levels of our society. Perhaps we are witnessing, all too ship always begins with YOU and not THEM. Thus, as leaders we are
often, a paralysis of leadership because leaders are doing what we accountable for our actions and thoughts, and we have the freedom
expect them to do; that is, it is a reflection of who we are and what we to make choices, which impact the organization. The critical question
want. Nevertheless, this does not mean that things should not change. then is: What can I do to improve the situation? Related to this ques-
We should and can do better. We can and should fix the problems. tion is: How can I do this so that others also work with me to improve
Critical to this is the need for effective leaders at all levels of society the situation? Leadership is about working collectively to achieve
and throughout our organizations. We all must take responsibility for peak performance. This cannot be done alone. The reality is that we
being effective leaders. This was discussed at both the political, busi- really cannot change other people, especially if they do not want to
ness and non-profit levels in our society. change. We can threaten, fire, cajole, encourage, mentor and punish,
The participants of the workshop spent considerable time reach- but we need to create an environment within an organization where
ing a consensus of what effective leadership is and what important people see the benefits for them and for the organization to change, to
characteristics are required. Two unusual definitions of leadership improve, to work collaboratively. If you do not have this environment,
seem to fit our times. One is from Peter Senges book, The Dance of you need a lot of laws, policies, rules and cops.
Change: Leadership is the capacity of a human community to shape
its future and specifically to sustain the significant process of change Finding the root of empowerment
required to do so. The other is from Stephen Coveys book, The 8th In the final analysis, leadership more than anything else is an atti-
Habit: Simply put at its most elemental and practical level tude. Its about how we think about who we are and what important
leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so roles we play in an organization and society. Given this attitude, lead-
clearly that they come to see it in themselves. Following a discus- ership then is about helping others reach their goals.
sion of the ramifications, implications and applications of these two Imagine the power that is waiting to be realized in an organization
definitions, the group came up with some key characteristics of an when people recognize that at any given moment, they are both fol-
effective leader, which included: Trust, Civility, Community Builders, lowers and leaders, capable of bringing the organization to higher lev-
Change Agents, Authentic, Common Sense, Curious, Communicator, els of performance. This is true in society as well. Rather than being
Courage, Passion, Visionary, Character, and Capable. problem-solvers, which is the old paradigm, leaders today must create
a process whereby we solve problems together. We own the problem,
Eight lessons for leadership and we must take necessary actions to solve it.
There are eight important lessons for effective leadership. Leadership then is not about the Lone Ranger or the Boss. Rather
Lesson One: Leaders do not command attention, they solicit it. its about each person recognizing that she/he is empowered to make
Lesson Two: Leaders need to understand the psychological needs of the significant changes that are required. At the root of empowerment
those in the organization so that the organization can become fully is the true value of power, which is to give it away.
functional. This means allowing the members to achieve higher lev-
els of their respective potentials. Van Dellen is the President of Baker College.

4 MaY/June 2010 - CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe

Cadillac High School student works on designing a bottle in Photoshop/graphic design class. Most school districts in the state are struggling with funding and looking at offering fewer
electives, as well as many cuts to other programs and extracurricular activities.

By Rick chaRmoli
Broken budget The reductions made in March included said. Over the course of the last several years
School districts already have suffered big staffing cuts to paraprofessionals, admin- we have faced declining revenues in school
budget cuts since the recession started and it istrative assistants, non-tenured teachers, aid in the form of budget reductions and mid-
looks like things are going to get worse before tenured teachers and social workers. It also year proration.
they get better. included cutting all freshmen sports. As a result of that shrinking funding,
The results in many hard-hit districts The root of all the problems schools face are Liabenow said it has become nearly impos-
include teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, related mostly to funding or more important- sible for districts to plan ahead and budget
smaller paychecks and fewer electives and ly, how schools are funded. with any accuracy. He also said the fact that
extracurricular activities just to name a few. CAPS Superintendent Paul Liabenow said districts have to have their budgets ready
because of the structural deficit created after every year by June 30 when the state doesnt
the adoption of Proposal A, school districts have their budget completed until later in the
Hitting Home like CAPS are left with a tax structure that is fall makes it difficult to budget with any real
With a deficit of $1.8 million, some tough based more on taxing manufacturing and less certainty.
decisions have already been made but more on taxing the service industries. Liabenow A great challenge results in us being
are needed at Cadillac Area Public Schools. continued to say that over time the state and required to submit our annual budget before
During a special meeting on March 22, nation have shifted to become more of a ser- June 30 and then being provided our actual
the CAPS Board of Education made its first vice economy and less of a manufacturing revenue, sometimes as late as October or
round of cuts for the upcoming fiscal years economy, which has led to lower tax revenue November the same year, he said. In many
budget. Those cuts included staffing reduc- collected from income and sales taxes. cases budgets have been spent anticipating
tion and totaled approximately $1.3 million. There needs to be a change in the Michigan certain revenues, leaving the district short in
The district still has to cut roughly $500,000 tax structure in order to provide a stable tax the third and fourth quarter.
as of the first full week of April. structure for Michigan school funding, he

CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe - MaY/June 2010 5

Different deadlines
thwart budgeting process be an option.
Regional Picture That being said, he also said lawmakers dont want
Wexford-Missaukee ISD Superintendent Scott to take on the responsibility of drawing boundaries so
Crosby said the biggest challenge for his member dis- it will most likely be consolidation of services.
tricts, which includes Cadillac Area Public Schools, They want to have them share on a regional basis.
Lake City Area Schools, Manton Consolidated Schools, I do think we will continue to share more technol-
Marion Public Schools, McBain Rural Agricultural ogy, business, instructional and some administrative
Schools, Mesick Consolidated Schools and Pine River services in the future, Crosby said. I think the state
Area Schools, is the uncertainty of the budget. needs to add incentives to that in a sense.
Like Liabenow, Crosby said districts are asked to
approve multimillion dollar budgets based on revenue What It Means
projections. Many times those projections are not
accurate. For Private Schools
You have to amend budgets as you go through Northern Michigan Christian Superintendent Rick
the year. As the school year goes, we have looked at Klooster said his district has not had its funding cut
amendments that include reductions, Crosby said. If one penny from the state.
it werent for the (stimulus) money it would have been The private Christian school doesnt receive its fund-
worse. Until they change the structure of funding, we ing from the state. NMC receives its funding mostly
are going to continue with the difficult funding. from tuition (80 percent) and the rest (20 percent)
With things looking to continue down the same path from donations and fund-raising. While the district is
for at least another year before there is a rebound, free from the funding burdens that face public schools,
Crosby said things will remain tough in the world of Klooster said there are still some serious challenges.
education. He also said eventually consolidation may

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6 MaY/June 2010 - CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe

Best-guess budgeting
Obviously, when the economy is in recession nonprofits have a not just quick fixes, Liabenow said there is going to have to be real
harder time raising money. There are nonprofits that have cut back reforms made to generate more revenues.
and some have closed, he said. When 19 percent of the people in Both the legislature and our communities are demanding that in
Wexford and Missaukee counties are unemployed that will impact order for any revenues or additional revenues to be considered, it
us. It is hard enough to pay tuition when you are employed let alone would require reforms in the state retirement plan and benefit plans,
when you are not employed. he said. Until there are those types of changes there will be more of
As a result of the down economy, Klooster said NMC has experienced the same problems.
a decline in enrollment and as a result has seen its budget decline, too. Liabenow said he is optimistic for the long-term funding picture but
That decline has meant impacting staffing and programming at the said he doesnt believe any real movement toward reform will take
school whether that meant reducing teaching and support staff, cut- place until after Novembers elections, which means more financial
ting hours or downsizing administration. challenges and deficit spending until October or November.
Luckily for NMC, Klooster said the district has loyal supporters that I believe most public employees are willing to participate in cost
have continued to provide for NMC. sharing of benefits and their retirement system but simply dont want
We probably faced these challenges a little sooner than the public to carry the entire burden to balance the states faulting budget, he
schools because we are more closely tied to the economy and not the said.
government, he said. We were impacted right away when the begin- Crosby echoed those sentiments.
ning of the recession hit, and we have restructured and downsized He said it is not a surprise that there is need for reforms. He said
already. We were ahead of the game, and I think the decisions and districts recognized that there needs to be a co-pay for benefits and
work the board has done in the past couple years has put us on stable changes in the retirement system. While districts know that, in his
footing for the future. opinion, there is an absence of change in Lansing.
I think it will be a long, slow process to get funding for schools.
What The Future Holds The thing I worry about is it really means if we get to some level of
With another $500,000 in cuts staring CAPS in the face before the low funding it will affect kids, Crosby said. We cant and should not
new fiscal year starts on July 1, Liabenow said he knows that more allow that to happen to a generation of kids. We cant let the legisla-
tough choices are going to have to be made. ture off the hook for this. It is a problem, and our legislature needs to
That being said, if there is going to be any real sustained change and step up to the line.

Were all about

helping you
improve your
Lakeside Title, LLC is located in the heart of business.
downtown Cadillac, specializing in title insurance,
Real Estate closings and title searches.
We have proudly served the Cadillac area for over
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Osceola and Lake County, with other counties upon

102 S. Mitchell Street, Suite B Cadillac, MI 49601

phone 231.775.1148 fax: 231.775.0838

CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe - MaY/June 2010 7

y i n v i t e yo u
We c o rdi e. . .
t e n d t h
Lecture Luncheon
to at
2010 CadillaC area
Chamber oF Commer
Friday, June 4, 2010 ner
annual awards din
R o ad Map fo r S u c c e s
Legislative Update
Presented By
wednesday, June 16
Fox hill event Center
Darwin Booher
102nd District Representative

ormal attire
$30 per guest, semi-F
Noon 1:15 p.m.
at Baker College of Cadillac
Student Center $15 per person

Cadillac Area Chamber

of Commerce
v e you
Ha 17th Annual
your Briefcase Open
Tickets are available i s te red
r e g Golf Outing
at the Cadillac Area a m yet?
te Wednesday, May 26

Chamber of Commerce
McGuires Resort &
Eldorado Golf Course
CadillaC leadership Class

2009-2010 Fundraising raFF We are now registering teams,


and hole sponsorships

no: 000

Proceeds to Benefit CAPS QUEST

CadillaC le

rshs:ip$10 Cl.00
2009-2010 ass For additional details and
no: 000000



raLea isthe
in registration form go to

Grand Prize: Latitudes Coll g


r ra, FFle
Proceeds to BeSofa

Love Seat, and Gliding Recliner by CAPS QUEST



no: 000000

Retail Value of $5399.00


Furn TiCkeTs: $10 Chamber Programs


nd provided by Oak Heirlooms of Cadi
Prize: Latitu llac .0 0

Briefcase Open Golf Outing



des Collectio

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Seat n Le at

Wean he

, dne
d Gsda y, ReJun e er
16, r
0 Sofa,
by 201
liding clin


Raffle License #Ro5270 Fl exsteel.


Va not be pres

lu ent

Furnitu e of $5 399.00 to win

re provided by

Oak Heirloom
s of Cadillac

Drawing on W
ednesday, Ju


Raffle License #Ro527

0 Need not
ne 16, 2010
be present to

8 MaY/June 2010 - CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe

Ribbon Cuttings
Rise Up! Cadillac

Chemical Bank moves to their new

hosted by:
location at 302 S. Mitchell St.
Baker College of Cadillac

Brick award
Mike Paulin,
Chamber Ambassador
presents Jon Catlin,
Community President
of Chemical Bank
with the Ambassador
Brick Award during a
Sponsored by: Ribbon Cutting/Grand
Julie Dyer, Express Yourself Opening Ceremony.
Promotional Products

MaRCh Rise Up! Cadillac

hosted by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by:

Wexford Missaukee Firstbank-Cadillac Cadillac Tire Company
Career Technical Center
CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe - MaY/June 2010 9
Leadership project catches Gov. Granholms attention
a great sense of the wonderful services our
community has to offer, and the agencies were
excited to share their experiences with others.
On March 24th, the Leadership class went
behind the scenes to assist at the 33rd Annual
Governors Breakfast. The class duties included
ensuring everyone had a ticket, assisting peo-
ple to their seats and stocking the food tables.
In addition, several class members assisted
with setup the previous day. The class even had
the chance to meet and have a group photo
taken with Governor Jennifer Granholm. The
Governor was greatly interested in our class
project and was delighted that we were pursu-
The 2009-2010 Cadillac Leadership class at the Governors Breakfast ing a worthwhile and much-needed endeavor.
The Leadership class is conducting several
By Scott Duncan, KriStin ElliS, auction. fund-raisers for CAPS QUEST, a district-wide
ranDy Hill anD rHonDa lung On March 17th, the class participated in the program aimed at addressing issues such as
Health and Human Services day, where we bullying, conflict resolution and social accep-
The Cadillac Leadership class had a busy learned about health care in our community, tance skills. We are currently selling raffle tick-
and exciting month of March. On March 6, the the future of health care and tips on personal ets for a leather furniture group and planning
Leadership class held a silent auction during wellness from a variety of speakers. In addi- a bingo event for sometime in May. For more
the Cadillac Variety show. This fund-raiser was tion, members of the class had the opportunity information on, or to purchase a raffle ticket
a great, success raising more than $1,200 for to visit one of four community service agencies: or donate to the project, contact Dan Alto at
our community service project, CAPS QUEST Lakeview Lutheran Manor, Mercy Hospital, Chemical Bank (231) 775-0336 or any mem-
initiative. The class would like to thank all Club Cadillac and the Cadillac Community ber of the 2009-2010 Leadership class. Please
those who supported and donated items for the Health Clinic. These fieldtrips gave the class make checks payable to Cadillac Leadership.

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10 MaY/June 2010 - CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe

Barbara Tatarchuk honored as
Habitats Volunteer of the Year
Over 450 supporters of Habitat for Humanity of Michigan (HFHM)
put down their hammers March 23 and donned business attire to salute
Habitat Michigans 2010 award recipients at their annual banquet. Gov.
Jennifer Granholm and Jonathon Reckford, Habitat for Humanity
International CEO, attended as speakers. At the event, Barbara Tatarchuk
was named Habitats 2010 Volunteer of the Year for Wexford County.
On April 2nd in the presence fellow board members, committee mem-
bers and staff, state Representative Darwin Booher presented Barbara
Tatarchuk with a special tribute plaque from the state of Michigan.
The plaque cites Tatarchuks many attributes in volunteerism from cre-
ating the newsletters and driving fund-raising to new levels to being an
inspiration to others.

Cadillac Urology Practice receives accreditation The two co-chairs for the
Wexford HFH Annual Festival
of Trees fundraising event
By demonstrating compliance with The Joint has a role to play in making sure we provide the celebrated Barb Tatarchuks
Commissions national standards for health care, best care possible, said Dr. Reznicek of Cadillac Volunteer of the Year Award.
quality and safety, Cadillac Urology Practice has Urology Practice. The educational experience The Tatarchuk (right) said she
earned that organizations Gold Seal of Approval Joint Commissions evaluation team provided on- nominated her co-chair Linda
for its office-based surgery program. site was invaluable to all of us. Mutch (left) for the award.
Each staff member at Cadillac Urology Practice

Our Team Saves Time and Money in your Human Resources Department Every Day.



Specializing in Group Health Plans

Large & Small,
Including Michigan Counties DEBRA

932 N. Mitchell, Cadillac (888) 775-1293 24/7 emergency claims service

CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe - MaY/June 2010 11

Thank you! We would like to thank the following chamber
businesses for their financial support and for

The foundation of the

sponsoring area students to attend the
33rd Annual Governors Breakfast
held on Wednesday, March 24, 2010
9 & 10 News/FOX 32 Consumers Energy
Governors Breakfast AAR Mobility Systems DTE Energy
is centered on a Avon Automotive FIAMM Technologies LLC
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. Firstbank-Cadillac
business and education B & P Manufacturing Four Winns
collaboration, which Baker College of Cadillac Mercy Hospital Cadillac
includes Chamber Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Michigan Rubber Products, Inc.
BorgWarner Thermal Systems Northwestern Bank
member businesses Cadillac Casting, Inc. Orrin A. Sprague Agency
supporting the program Cadillac News Piranha Hose Products, Inc.
through sponsorships Cadillac Title LLC Rexair LLC
Chemical Bank Wolverine Power Cooperative
that allow up to 500 Citizens Bank
area students from the PLANNING COMMITTEE
Wexford-Missaukee Ken Gorlewski .............................................. Cadillac Area Public Schools
Intermediate School Paul Liabenow .............................................. Cadillac Area Public Schools
Scott Crosby ....................Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District
District to attend annually. Dave Cox ............................. Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is the proud organizer of this annual program since 1976.

Lecture Luncheon Leadership

February 19, 2010 Learning Series
Healthcare Reform - The March 18, 2010
Impact on The Cadillac Area
Presented By John Macleod
Leading in a
President/Ceo, Mercy Hospital Cadillac Time of Chaos:
How to Get
Where We Need
John MacLeods years in
healthcare have given him To Go When
extensive expertise.
reviewed and explained
He We Dont Know
the major points of Where We Are
the Healthcare Reform
Legislation, and explained
the Legislations impact on
Cadillac area businesses and Dr. Bob Van Dellen of
individuals. Baker College of Cadillac
Recap of the presentation is on page 4

12 MaY/June 2010 - CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe

Mercy Sleep Disorders Drabik honored
Center in Cadillac with FACOS designation
Receives Program
Dr. Brian Drabik of Cadillac Urology Practice is now a Fellow of the
American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (FACOS). He formally
received his new title during ceremonial festivities at the Annual Clinical

Assembly of Osteopathic Specialists in Chicago.

Mercy Sleep Disorders Center in Cadillac recently received

program accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep
OASIS receives grant
Medicine (AASM). Cadillac Area OASIS/Family Resource Center recently received a grant
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine congratulates Mercy of $4,000 from the Cadillac Area Womens Giving Circle. The awarded
Sleep Disorders Center on fulfilling the high standards required money will provide access to the new YMCA for women and children
for receiving accreditation as a sleep disorders center, said Dr. who are experiencing major disruptions in their lives due to domestic
Clete Kushida, AASM president. The center is a significant violence, sexual assault or homelessness. The board and staff of OASIS/
resource to the local medical community and will provide aca- FCR are very grateful to have been honored with this funding and
demic and scientific value in addition to the highest quality care extend their gratitude to each individual of the Cadillac Area Womens
for patients suffering from sleep disorders. Giving Circle and the Cadillac Area Community Foundation.

Chamber Business Directory

Banking Construction Dental
Trusted commercial and cash management capabilities, President
strengths in SBA lending and mortgage solutions, and
Citizens Bankers that care about
you and your business. DRACHTDesign
Build Contracting
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.
103 N. Mitchell Street
Commercial Industrial Institutional Agriculture Churches
Offices Rubber Roofs Concrete Flatwork Complete Turnkey Projects
Your Cosmetic & Implant Dental Team
Cadillac, MI 49601 23350 100th Ave. Marion, MI 49665 office: (231) 825-0035 Michael E. Lueder, DDS Loren J. DeHaan, DDS
email: fax: (231) 825-0038 John D. McKellop, DDS Timothy J. Reaume, DDS
CITIZENSBANKING.COM cell: (231) 357-8718 Bruno A. Giglio, DDS Kyle D. Hogg, DDS Nadine Kobty-Hogg, DDS

Eye Care Insurance Office Supplies

Office Supplies Office Furniture Ad Specialties

David L. Rockwell, M.D. Michigans Largest Independent Office Products Dealer
121 N. Mitchell St., Suite G
Richard M. Brenz, M.D. Next Day Free Delivery
Cadillac, Michigan 49601
Local Single Source Supplier
502 Cobb Street, 231.775.0750 office
Cadillac, MI 49601

Office Supplies Real Estate Theater

Name Brand Office Machines New & Used
Buying, Selling or Investing
You can rely on my 25 years
Cadillac Foot liters
of Real Estate Experience! Announcing Our 2010-2011 Season:
Call Jerry today, 231-876-0717.
Angel Street - October; Nuncrackers - Nov/Dec; Feelin Good (Jr. Players) - Feb;
Moon Over Buffalo - April; Cemetery Club - June
Complete Service Dept. - 150 Works Ave., Cadillac, MI 49601
Gary Cameron, Owner-Manager For more information visit our website at
Ph. (231) 775-9708 SCHMIDT REALTORS

Fax: (231) 775-8030 www.cadillacfoot

Office Supplies Furniture 2721 Sunnyside Dr., Cadillac Jerry Faloon

CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe - MaY/June 2010 13

Heydenberk Achieves
Membership in Million
Dollar Round Table
Client service, ethics and professionalism have enabled Richard
Heydenberk to achieve membership in the Million Dollar Round GROWTH.
Table The Premier Association of Financial Professionals.
Heydenberk is a 19-year MDRT member.

Waddell & Reed, Ivy

Funds Hold Top Two
Were harvesting the potential we see in this state. With new mortgages
for first-time home buyers, loans to help businesses expand, and a full line of
deposit products and investment services, Chemical Bank has been helping
foster growth across Michigan. To learn more about the bank thats lending

Spots in Barrons
a hand in your area, visit one of our 129 locations or call 1-800-867-9757.


5-Year Ranking of Best


Mutual Fund Families The Very Best In Retirement Living

For the second year in a row, Waddell & Reed Advisors Funds and
Ivy Funds are at the top of the Best Mutual Fund Families over
the last five years in an annual ranking published by Barrons.
Out of 54 fund families, Waddell & Reed Advisors Funds ranked
first and Ivy Funds second in terms of performance over the five-
year period ending Dec. 31, 2009.
According to this years article, Taking a longer view, Waddell &
Reed and its sister Ivy Investment Management, earned top hon-
ors for the five years ended in 2009.

Adriana Pinheiro, PA-C, We focus on personalized living spaces within a

community atmosphere.

joins Cadillac Urology staff Assisted/respite care ~ Life-enriching activities

Long-term care insurance accepted

Adriana Pinheiro recently joined the staff at Cadillac Urology as a

Physician Assistant. She received her Associate of Science degree and Reside Reflect Relax
Certificate, Physician Assistant Program from Kettering College of 235 PearlStreet,Cadillac,M I 4 9 6 01 w w w .rlm g m
Medical Arts in Ohio. Before coming to Cadillac Urology, she worked F ora tour,callL isa H opk ins (231) 775 -5 300
as a Physician Assistant in urology in both Florida and Ohio.

14 MaY/June 2010 - CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe

New Members
WilloW albright caMp canDiDate 102nD tiDy Disposal llc
Mercantile llc S. Michael District Dayna robiDoux
Brian Jones 3156 190th Avenue linDa hoWarD 9870 Crooked Lake Road
916 South Mitchell Street Reed City, MI 49677 1332 9 Mile Lake City, MI 49651
Cadillac, MI 49601 231-832-9094 Remus, MI 49340 231-779-0906
231-468-2682 989-560-8305

Data track 2009-2010

Wexford County Jan. 10 Feb. 10 Mar. 09 April 09 May 09 June 09 July 09 Aug. 09 Sept. 09 Oct. 09 Nov. 09 Dec. 09
Labor Force 13,993 14,046 14,535 14,109 14,301 14,843 14.931 14,465 14,078 13,969 14,160 14,008
Employment 11,266 11,268 11,787 11,716 11,843 11,955 13,056 11,836 11,496 11,434 11,538 11,302
Unemployment 2,727 2,778 2,748 2,393 2,458 2,888 3,074 2,626 2,582 2,535 2,622 2,706
Rate 19.5% 19.8% 18.9% 17.0% 17.2% 19.5% 20.6% 18.2% 18.3% 18.1% 18.5% 19.3%

Missaukee County Jan. 10 Feb. 10 Mar. 09 April 09 May 09 June 09 July 09 Aug. 09 Sept. 09 Oct. 09 Nov. 09 Dec. 09
Labor Force 6,305 6,294 6,428 6,258 6,270 6,470 6,350 6,224 6,050 6,002 6,120 6,199
Employment 5,074 5,075 5,280 5,248 5,304 5,354 5,305 5,298 5,144 5,122 5,168 5,062
Unemployment 1,231 1,219 1,148 1,010 966 1,116 1,045 926 906 880 952 1,137
Rate 19.5% 19.4% 17.9% 16.1% 15.4% 17.2% 16.5% 14.9% 15.0% 14.7% 15.6% 18.3%
For more information go online to

Give Your Business

A Clean Bill of Health
Helping your business prevent work Pre-employment physicals
injuries is our first priority. Were a full and screenings
service health clinic offering services in
FAA physicals
work injury treatment and follow-up care,
work injury prevention, and education. Breath alcohol testing
DOT physicals
Introducing Our New Providers
Urine drug screenings
Assistance with OSHA/
MIOSHA compliance

Darryl Lesoski, MD Jeannette Forbes, FNP

7985 Mackinaw Trail, Suite B1 | Cadillac, MI 49601 | (231) 779.5224 |

CadillaC area Chamber of CommerCe - MaY/June 2010 15

Cadillac Area PRSRT STD
Chamber of Commerce US POSTAGE
222 N. Lake PAID
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874 TRAVERSE CITY

Improve wellness.
Reduce costs.
To learn more about these products and services,
contact the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
support to members who actively pursue healthier lifestyles. at 231-775-9776 or visit

Were dedicated to helping members make the lifestyle choices and changes
necessary to improve overall wellness.

and all stages of life. Members have access to our innovative decision-