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How do you
Define Success?
Profiling those who made it happen!
02 May & June 2010 Women in business

Women the contributions of

working in our community.

This Women In Business feature was made possible by the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce; in an attempt to provide members with an
opportunity to celebrate the efforts of women in business in the Greater
Cadillac Area. This special publication features 20 local business women,
focusing on their professional achievements, dedication to building
community and overall personal contributions to the organizations they
own or work on behalf of.
Women in business May & June 2010 03

in business
Jeannette Forbes Cadillac Occupational Medicine 4
........................................................... 5
Daniella Bell Coldwell Banker

........................................................... 6
Debby Wiltzer Navari Hair Studio and Spa

........................................................... 7
Jackie Soltman Baker College of Cadillac

........................................................... 8
Roberta Nelson Avon Protection Systems

........................................................... 9
Kimberly Simons AAR Mobility Systems

........................................................ 10
Dr. Mitzie Hewitt Northern Pines Health Center, PC

Sandy Smith Cadillac News

Nan Taylor Michigan Historic Preservation Network

......................................................... 13
Karen Mlcek Wexford Missaukee ISD

Esther Nederhood Belle Oakes Living Center

......................................................... 15
Dianna Haines Citizens Bank

......................................................... 16
Janeen Russell The Sweet Shop

......................................................... 17
Patty Clous Salon 108

......................................................... 18
Kari Comstock Chemical Bank

......................................................... 19
Rose Swaffer Toyota of Cadillac

....................................................... 20
Mary Rosser Mercy Hospital Cadillac

Robin Mosher CareLinc of Cadillac

........................................................ 22
Teresa Langworthy Farm Bureau Insurance

........................................................ 23
Stacey Feister Pine Grove Athletic Club
Women in business

Jeannette Forbes
04 May & June 2010

CadillaC OCCupatiOnal MediCine

Family Nurse Practitioner/Office Manager
A single mother of three girls, Jeannette Forbes has her hands full
as she lives in Manistee and makes the trek to Cadillac to work
every day. She has been part of the Cadillac community for just
nine months and has loved every minute of it. So much, in fact,
that after her youngest daughter graduates this May, she plans
to find a place on the lake and move here!
That will be a big change for Jeannette, the woman who
has single-handedly renovated her Victorian home and who
enjoys long walks on the beaches of Lake Michigan, with her
German shepherd Kaden, collecting beach glass and stones
with holes which are said to bring good luck.
Ten months ago, she was working in the Traverse
City Trauma Center and met Dr. Lesoski. When a
job opportunity in Cadillac came along, she jumped
at it! The idea of working with a growing practice
that offered a sense of family and the luxury of
spending quality time with her patients to ensure
they receive the best possible care was everything
she could ask for!
She looks forward to connecting to the
Cadillac community through volunteerism
and getting to know all the wonderful people
that make this town so welcoming.
It is never too late to be
what you might have been.
George Eliot

Give Your Business A CleAn Bill of HeAltH

Helping your business prevent work injuries is our Pre-employment
first priority. Were a full service health clinic offer- physicals and screenings
ing services in work injury treatment and follow-up FAA physicals
care, work injury prevention, and education. Breath alcohol testing
Introducing Our New Providers DOT physicals
Urine drug screenings
Assistance with OSHA/
MIOSHA compliance

Darryl Lesoski, MD Jeannette Forbes, FNP

7985 Mackinaw Trail, Suite B1 | Cadillac, MI 49601 | (231) 779.5224 |

Women in business

Daniella Bell
May & June 2010 05

Coldwell Banker
assistant Manager/realtor
Assistant Manager of Coldwell Banker Schmidt Daniella
Bell says that the past few years have helped their organization
to evolve and improve. Already the only realtor office
open seven days a week, in an effort to serve current and
perspective clients even more effectively, the office has
extended their hours Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Theyve also recently implemented a property
management program. Short-term, vacation-style
properties to enhance tourism and longer term residential
opportunities are needed for young professional families
and business people relocating to the area.
Noticing the trend of new people moving into the
area, she takes time to reflect on the uniqueness of
our community and the things that continue to
draw people here. Peaceful mornings on the
river watching the sun rise and summers spent
on the boat with her family are just two of
her favorites.
Daniella is constantly improving her
ability to balance work and family.
When her six-year-old daughter,
Michayla, asks mommy to go on a
bike ride, Daniella consciously makes
herself forget the list of things on her to
do list and takes that ride. The dishes
will be waiting in the sink when she gets
home; these moments with her daughter
are precious.

Property Management Services

Along with professional real estate brokerage services we
also offer help with managing your income properties as an
affiliate of Schmidt Rogers Management Company.
25 years of property management experience.

SCHMIDT REALTORS Your local contact:

Daniella Bell (231) 876-0730
2721 Sunnyside Dr.
Women in business

Debby Wiltzer
06 May & June 2010

Navari Hair Studio aNd Spa

Debby, a cutting edge stylist for the past 28 years and a savvy business
woman for 19 years, makes it very clear that her No. 1 priority is
reserved for her family - specifically her 10 year old son Seagar and
her husband Chuck.
Debby prides herself on having what she considers a warm
and joyful salon with a family feeling. Her top business priority
is to make sure that when someone walks through the door at
Navari, they feel welcome. Making sure that she and her staff are
kept up to date on the latest new looks, providing continuing
education, and ensuring that every client walks out the door
feeling great and looking fabulous is important to Debby. A
visit to Navari includes everything from a massage, to a new
style, to a spa manicure or a make-up touch-up. We are in
the pamper business and I love it!
As words of wisdom for anyone looking to start their own
business, Have confidence in yourself and your abilities,
have a positive attitude and most importantly, be a team
player. It takes a team to make a success!
Today, she owns Navari, co-owns Corner Scoop
and leases commercial/residential properties with her
husband. Busy doesnt begin to explain Debbys lifestyle.
She is committed to the Career Technical Center Advisory
Board of Cosmetology, works closely with the Cadillac
Institute of Cosmetology, and tries to keep up with her
busy family!
Once you think you know
it all, you quit growing.

catering to your UNIQUE style

haircuts & styles perms
hair color spa pedicures
spa manicures up-dos
make-up massage waxing

9052 E. 13th St., Cadillac 231-775-4840

Women in business

Jackie Soltman
May & June 2010 07

Baker College of CadillaC

director of Career Services
Having grown up in Gallipolis, Ohio, no one would have
been surprised if Jackie had gone into the family business
owning her own chain of Bob Evans restaurants. Instead,
Jackie struggled through college, got married, and followed
her husband to Northern Michigan when he was offered a
job in Harrietta.
Jackie went to work for the Wexford Missaukee CTC
before joining the Baker College team as an instructor.
While searching for the perfect job Jackie learned that
fit and timing are so important, and you dont always get
everything the first time around.
The stars aligned for Jackie when she was presented with the
opportunity to become the Director of Career Services at
Baker College. A faithful member of the team, and with
the Baker College culture ingrained in her, Soltman
celebrates with nearly 3,000 graduates!
Jackie has been an instrumental player in forming
Love, INC and Project Christmas, both of which
are human service organizations fully committed to
serving those in need in our community. For 12
years, she also served as the governor-appointed
member of the board for the Department of
Human Services Wexford & Missaukee Counties
(by both Engler and by Granholm). YOUR
life filled CAREER.
with love must have FOR
some thorns; but a life empty of
love will have no roses.



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313-3463 (888)(888)
9600 E. 13th St. 9600 E.9600
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Cadillac, MI 49601one focus is helping you prepare for Cadillac,
MI 49601MI 49601
Our number
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Call us today to get started.

An Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Institution.
An Equal Opportunity
An EqualAffirmative
Action Institution.
Women in business

Roberta Nelson
08 May & June 2010

Avon Protection SyStemS

Senior Staff Accountant
Roberta truly understands the meaning of a tight-knit
community. Somewhere between Tustin and Luther is a small
town called Bristol, where everyone knows each other by
name. The young take care of the old and family values rule.
Its a magical place where children respect their elders. As a
mother, Roberta appreciates the impact their community has
had on her daughters.
That old school way of life has taught Roberta to be a
fantastic leader. She is a wonderful listener and has become
very intuitive, which enhances her relationships with her
Roberta has worked for Avon Protection Systems
for the past 2-1/2 years as senior staff accountant
and is proud to be part this successful team. She
believes that an important step in success is having
a mentor. She is thankful to have such a person in
her life and is grateful for her mentors leadership
and hopes to touch the lives of those she works
with in the same fashion.
Roberta believes that attitude is everything. She
always has a smile on her face and recognizes that
her attitude directly impacts those around her.
Her effort to keep a great attitude all day, every
day makes for a cheerful work environment.

Do unto others as you would

have them do unto you.
Women in business

Kimberly Simons
May & June 2010 09

AAR Mobility SySteMS

Human Resource Specialist
Kimberly was quite literally born and raised in the heart
of Cadillac, in the old Mitchell House. Her folks were
proprietors of Yearnds funeral home until her fathers
passing in 1979. After losing her childhood best friend the
following summer, she chose to audition for Interlochen
Arts Academy, where she graduated with a jazz piano major
and voice minor.
These days, Kimberly is putting her MBA to good use as
an HR Specialist for AAR Mobility Systems. She is proud
of the company she works for, The products that we build
support the men and women serving our country keeping us
safe (at home).
Extremely passionate about our armed forces, she
volunteers as the North Area Chair for Employer
Support of the Guard & Reserve (ESGR), an
organization that seeks to promote a culture in
which all American employers support and value
the military service of their employees.

How far you go in life depends on

your being tender with the young,
compassionate with the aged, sympathetic
with the striving, and tolerant of the weak
and the strong. Because someday in life
you will have been all of these.
~ George Washington Carver

Mobility Systems

Speed. Mobility. Flexibility.

The Triple Flag of Success.
Women in business

Dr. Mitzie Hewitt

10 May & June 2010

NortherN PiNes health CeNter, PC

With Degrees from both U of M and MSU hanging on her
wall, this local physician admits she sports the Maize and Blue
when push comes to shove.
Pushing and shoving was the situation the members of
her staff faced eight years ago when they were providing
services to rural residents in a four room, doublewide trailer.
Recognizing the overwhelming need for medical services in
the Buckley/Mesick rural area, Mitzie Hewitt knew that she
could make the greatest impact by opening her own practice.
What she didnt know? Pretty much anything about running
a business! A teacher by trade, her husband stepped away
from the classroom and up to the challenge.
After assessing the needs of the community, the
plan was clear. They needed to build a medical
facility that would welcome nearly every form
of insurance, treat patients from four-days-
old to 104-years-old, provide services from
echocardiograms and urgent care to routine
laboratory testing and hand select the crme de
la crme support team members. The result
was even better than expected. Located on
the big curve as you cruise into Buckley,
Northern Pines Health Center has the
fantastic advantage of working as a team
with neighboring businesses Dynamic
Physical Therapy and the Buckley Family
Pharmacy to provide rural residents with
unprecedented health care services.

Northern Pines Health Center, PC

Mitzie J. Hewitt, DO
Kevin A. Brokaw, PA-C
Carrie L. Minto, PA-C

11293 N. M37 Suite A Buckley, MI 49620

Phone 231-269-4185 Fax 231-269-4461 Prescription Line: 231-269-4458
Women in business

Sandy Smith
May & June 2010 11

CadillaC News
Business leader
Sandy Smith is the newest member of the Cadillac News
Leadership Team. She joined the team as the Business
Department Leader in June 2009 and has been non-stop
ever since. Being in the banking world for 39 years, Sandy
brings a wealth of knowledge to the Cadillac News and
accepted the challenge with open arms.
When asked about her passions, Sandy will tell you
that her need for speed has been with her for as long
as she can remember. She and her husband David
are very passionate about Drag Racing and although
she is a petite little thing she proved she could keep
up with the Big Dogs in her role as crew chief.
Retired from racing now, she and David still enjoy
watching a good race and spending time at the
Sandy has lived in Tustin since 1988 and
enjoys gardening, motorcycle riding, ATVs
and the great outdoors. Benny is her long time
K-9 companion a golden retriever that is just
as much part of her family as her husband.
Well, maybe even a little more!!
Sandys advise for a happy fulfilling life -
Five simple rules for happiness
1. Free your heart from hatred
2. Free your mind from worries
3. Live simply
4. Give more
5. Expect less

Have we enhanced your life lately?

The Cadillac News provides information that enhances the lives of the people,
businesses and communities we serve. We are the areas #1 source of local news
and advertising information and we are YOUR trusted, local and connected
community resource. From hard news to feature stories to recipes and the latest
coupons, find it in only one place...The Cadillac News.


Trusted. Local. Connected.

130 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac
Women in business

Nan Taylor
12 May & June 2010

Michigan historic Preservation network

greater Michigan Field representative
Its never too late to go back to
school or pursue a new career.
It wasnt until Nan was in her mid 40s that she discovered a field
that fed her soul. Both she and her husband made sacrifices,
today she says with confidence, It was totally worth it.
After working in the advertising and retail housing business
for most of her adult life, Nan was ready for a change. While
on vacation in southeastern US, she discovered the Savannah
College of Art and Design one of the first schools in the
country to offer a Historic Preservation program. With her
love of history and knowledge of the building trades, she
knew this was where she was meant to be. The next year
was spent preparing for this major life transition, and the two
following years she spent in Savannah engaged in their
Master of Fine Arts program.
Nans whirlwind return to the area included an
internship with the City of Cadillac writing grants and
design guidelines for the historic district in addition
to instrumental involvement in the restoration and
preservation of the Wexford County Historical
Museum. Nans professional life became more than a
career when she began restoring her own historical
home. Truly a labor of love, she looks forward to
more projects of that nature.
Nan is currently the Greater Michigan Field
Representative for Michigan Historic Preservation
Network, the Michigan statewide historic
preservation nonprofit, and the National Trust for
Historic Preservation.

The Product Is Real Estate

...The Priority Is Service
Call Tom Taylor Today!
Let him put his nearly 30 years of
experience to work for YOU! THOMAS R. TAYLOR
Associate Broker

Residential Commercial Investment

2721 Sunnyside Drive, Cadillac West

Direct Line: 231-876-0739
Cell: 231-920-1326 SCHMIDT REALTORS
Fax: 231-775-1798
An Independently Owned and Operated Member of
Website: Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation
Women in business

Karen Mlcek
May & June 2010 13

Wexford Missaukee isd

director of General education services

Live each day to its fullest

Karen is an education leader by design and passion. Growing up, her mother
was a 4-H Regional Leader, so as a young girl Karen was exposed to and active-
ly participated in mentoring and teaching children. She knew early on that
working with children was what she was meant to do. Shes been a class-
room teacher, a principal, and held various roles with the Wexford-
Missaukee Intermediate School District, for the past 35 years. She
is currently the Director of General Education for the WMISD and
will retire this year from full-time work and transition into support-
ing special projects locally and statewide. She is encouraged with
the innovation and resilience of our students and schools in meeting
the increasing mandated standards and expectations, and is looking
forward to continuing to assist in their success.
She admits that she has found it challenging to balance family,
work and time for healthy habits. Karen is envious of the cur-
rent generation of young working parents they seem to have
that balancing act figured out. She is looking forward to hav-
ing a flexible schedule and spending more time with her
family and especially Maxon her new grandson.
Her work has taken her Statewide, but Karen
always returns to Cadillac thankful to call it home.
We are small enough to know everyone, but big
enough to get things done. We are willing to col-
laborate across districts, and every organization
is dedicated to our young people. We should be
very proud of having such a strong commitment
to a healthy, balanced lifestyle here. She doesnt
think that we say that loud enough.

Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District

Career General Special

Tech Education Education

9907 E. 13th Street Cadillac 231.876.2260

Women in business

Esther Nederhood
14 May & June 2010

Belle Oakes living Center

registered nurse & Owner

Esther grew up on a farm helping her folks care for the

animals. A self proclaimed natural born caregiver, she has
spent the past 34 years as a nurse.
I built Belle Oakes so that elderly people could have a
beautiful place to enjoy the best years of their life. I treat
every tenant as though they were my own family members.
I wanted to be able to personally manage their care; they
deserve nothing but the best.
Esther feels that she is an effective businesswoman because
she is organized. She plans her days out the night before.
As a nurse, she learned how to prioritize well and then
delegate. She also is an expert in conflict resolution
the terms: a happy conclusion must be met within five
minutes, and then they move on.
She looks forward to growing her business and is
constantly looking for ways to improve. She sees an
immediate need across the state for rehabilitation
centers geared toward the geriatric community.
She hopes to build one at Belle Oakes soon
that will feature an aqua therapy pool and may
develop additional facilities throughout Michigan.

People say my expectations are

too high. I dont see anything
negative in that comment.

Retirement Living for Seniors

Our mission is to promote and
maintain the privacy, dignity,
comfort, safety, and highest level of
independence of each tenant.

2353 S. LaChance Road Lake City, MI 49651

Esther Nederhood, R.N., Owner
Women in business

Dianna Haines
May & June 2010 15

Citizens Bank
Mortgage Loan Originator
Dianna caught the banking bug when she attended the Career
Tech Center and studied bookkeeping. That opportunity paved
the way to a co-op position at a local bank, where she continued
to work her way up through the ranks after high school. Driven
to do everything to the best of her abilities, she graduated Summa
Cum Laude from Baker College and went on to become one of
the youngest Vice Presidents of Northwestern Bank.
Dianna recently joined a team of friends at Citizens Bank as a
Mortgage Loan Originator, something she has specialized in for
nearly 30 years. She looks forward to a long-term relationship
with Citizens.
Dianna enhances her professional and personal life by giving
back to the community that has given her so much. She is the
Secretary for the Cadillac Rotary Club, an Advisory Board
member for the Career Technical Center Business Class
and Advisory Board member for Baker Colleges Career
Services and also serves as treasurer for the Northwest
Michigan Homebuilders Association.
Just over a month ago, Dianna became a grandmother.
She knows parenting these days is not an easy task (was
it ever?) and hopes that this next generation of parents
doesnt get wrapped up in their own careers and forget
that they have the timeless job of teaching their children
important life lessons.

Anyone can take away anything around you, but

your motivation is your spirit. No one can ever
take that away! Sekola Phakoe-Lesotho

103 N. Mitchell St.

Cadillac, MI 49601
Women in business

Janeen Russell
16 May & June 2010

The SweeT Shop

She comes from good genes sweet ones, in fact.
The gal from the sweetest family in town has big plans
for her little Sweet Shop.
Janeen is a hair stylist by trade, but when her dad
was ready to sell the store, she decided to follow in his
footsteps. One might consider that to be an enormous
undertaking. Fortunately for Janeen, her dad promised
to work alongside of her to teach her the reins, and that
made her decision exceptionally easy!
Although the recipes are the same and they use
only the finest ingredients, Janeen is working hard
to continually improve and incorporate 21st century
advancements into this timeless business. For
example, they now sell and ship their products
worldwide via the Internet and hope to expand
their retail business into new markets.
A staple in Cadillacs downtown, Janeen
is a former Downtown Cadillac Association
President and has worked tirelessly to increase
the local traffic to our merchants on Main Street.
She understands the importance of getting
involved in her community and volunteers
regularly at the Shepherds Table as well as the
Transition House.

I am convinced that life is 10%

what happens to me and 90%
of how I react to it

We have that sweet treat you

have been looking for.
Hand dipped chocolates, homemade
fudge and assorted flavored popcorns
are just a sample of what you will
find every time you walk in.

The Sweet Shop

Your local custom, handmade chocolate store since 1962
111 S. Mitchell, Downtown Cadillac (231) 775-2201 or (888) 775-8880
Women in business

Patty Clous
May & June 2010 17

Salon 108

It starts with a good hair day.

Patty Clous, owner of Salon 108 in downtown Cadillac,
says that she can face whatever challenges the day may
bring so long as shes having a good hair day.
She and her husband (a butcher) joke that in their
household they only know how to cut things:
meat, wood and hair. Patty never dreamt that she
would have her own salon, and when asked how
she enjoyed running her own business shed say,
You can do whatever you want to do, as long as
you do it all. These days, she is singing the praise
of recently added stylist Bonnie Cochran, who is a
breath of fresh air.
A breast cancer survivor of 15 years, Pattys
grateful for every day spent with family and has
a true pay-it-forward mentality. She learned
the importance of helping those in need during
her experience with the Cadillac Leadership
Class and continues to find ways to impact the
lives of young people. Working the Kiwanis
food booth at football games, volunteering
at St. Ann school and laundering donated
clothing for Care Net keeps her involved
in pet community projects.
When shes not working or
volunteering, she enjoys fishing
or knitting with her husband and
grandsons aboard The Fish Patty.
Women in business

Kari Comstock
18 May & June 2010

ChemiCal Bank
Mortgage Loan Officer
Three kids born in three decades her strategy for success:
Kari doesnt know what each day will hold, but she learns
about whats going on in the lives of her children at breakfast
every morning. This ensures that her family starts their day
out right.
Anyone thats met Kari knows her morning ritual works
incredibly well. Her enthusiasm for making the most of
each day is contagious.
A Chemical Bank Mortgage Loan Originator, Kari believes
we rely on business professionals to not just tell us what we
want to hear but rather provide us with accurate, defined
information that will aid us in accomplishing our goals.
She feels fortunate to be in a position that allows her to
focus on her clients success. The family at Chemical
Bank works diligently and passionately to create an
exceptional experience for their customers that is
enjoyable, valuable and memorable.
Kari is an open book when it comes to what
is most important to her. Parenting is the
most rewarding thing you will ever do. It is
important to take the time to enjoy it. We
all have the best intentions by working so
hard to provide for our families but what
your children really want is just your time.

The road to success is

always under construction

Kari Comstock
Mortgage Banker
302 S. Mitchell St.
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 775-0378

Women in business

Rose Swaffer
May & June 2010 19

ToyoTa of CadillaC
Co- owner
Rose Swaffer is goal oriented, confident and hard-working
all because of life lessons taught by her mom and dad.
Her folks met at the restaurant where her mother worked
in Seoul, Korea during the Korean War. Facing a language
barrier, her father brought along his friend on dates to translate.
Six months later, they were married. Rose learned from her
parents that when you want something badly enough you
must do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.
Her parents also made sure she had a great work ethic.
During her college years, Rose spent summers working
alongside her mother on the line at Steel Case, 12-hour
days, five days a week. After graduation, she went to
work in the accounting department at a dealership
in Reed City where she met her husband Kris. Big
fans of the Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge auto franchise, 10
years ago the couple decided to invest in their own
business and purchased the Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge
dealership in Clare.
Seeking to expand their business offerings into
the Cadillac area, Swaffers opened the Toyota
of Cadillac in 2004. Although this past year has
brought unique challenges, Roses confidence in
the brands they represent continues, and she feels
that they are navigating these uncharted waters
as effectively as possible. Toyota is an important
company in the United States as more than half
their vehicles are made here. She is looking
forward to the companys bright future.

In Your
779-1784 1-888-SWAFFER
1490 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac (Just north of the fairgrounds on US 131)
Women in business

Mary Rosser
20 May & June 2010

Mercy Hospital cadillac

customer relations coordinator
Being middle aged, you recognize the need to ensure a balance
between work and home. You see how quickly time passes,
and you simply dont sweat details like you did when you were
After working for Network Reporting for 19 years, Mary Rosser
was up for a new challenge. Interested in the health field, the Customer
Relations position at Mercy Hospital aligned well with Marys
background and professional goals. With recent Top 100 Hospitals
distinction, Mercy Hospital is committed to continually improving
the patient experience and strives to provide the community
with an exceptional health care facility. The present is a
historical time in the field of health care, and she looks
forward to the challenges the future will hold.
Mary enjoys the natural beauty Cadillac offers,
and appreciates the communitys dedication to the
sustaining the success of the manufacturing and
business communities.
Leisure time finds Mary and her husband Dale
enjoying all things outdoors. Traveling takes them
to warm climates in the winter, and to Maine to
visit their son Matt where they hike and enjoy the
beauty of the Northeast and the Atlantic coast.

The quality of a persons life is in

direct proportion to their commitment
to excellence, regardless of their chosen
field of endeavor. Vince Lombardi

Mercy Miracles,
one at a time. A member of Trinity Health

Women in business

Robin Mosher
May & June 2010 21

CarelinC of CadillaC
Certified Mastectomy Fitter
Zip lines in the jungles of Jamaica, snorkeling in the Caribbe-
an with sting rays and being shamed into riding a roller coaster
by her 68-year-old mother are things that Robin wouldnt have
been caught dead doing 10 years ago. But four years ago, Rob-
in Mosher was diagnosed with breast cancer, and suddenly she
wasnt afraid of anything.
She attributes her success in beating cancer (3.5 years cancer-
free) a great deal to her work family at Carelinc, which she says
is not a retail business; it is a personal contact business. Her
experience has given her the ability to understand what her pa-
tients are going through in a way only a survivor can. During
her fight, she discovered that even with exceptionally support-
ive friends, family and doctors, sometimes you really need your
girlfriends. Thats why she started Breast Friends, a support
group for women who are fighting cancer themselves.
When women get together, great things happen
this past year Robin and five of her Breast Friends
initiated a Breast Cancer Support Walk! They raised
more than five times their goal for the Love, I.N.C.
Breast Cancer Fund serving Wexford, Missaukee
and Osceola counties. These funds are used to
help pay for things that are not covered by in-
surance and are not provided by other social
services agencies. Watch for this years event
the first Saturday of October.
Robin serves on the Cancer Advisory
Board, and attends Baker College.

Be kinder than necessary. Everyone is

fighting some kind of battle -unknown

Our selection and expertise will help you achieve

a look thats comfortable for you.
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Women in business

Teresa Langworthy
22 May & June 2010

Farm Bureau Insurance

multi-Line agent

Teresa grew up on a dairy farm on the Wexford/Osceola

county line.
In her early 20s, she set out to live her country
music dreams. Tustins own Nashville Star bumped
elbows with some (now) famous folks and sang in
competitions alongside Tim McGraw and Tracey
Lawrence. Singing backup, she even had the
opportunity to grace the Grand Ole Opry stage. Her
glimpse into the glitz and glamour of superstardom
was overshadowed by the darker side of the business
and left her longing for the sense of normalcy she had
known in the life shed left behind.
Having earned her degree from the hard knocks
academy, Teresa returned to northern Michigan with
sights set on the real estate market and later grew into the
banking industry. Recently, she broadened her horizons
and joined one of Michigans top insurance companies
- Farm Bureau Insurance - as a mulit-line agent. She
calls upon her extensive professional experiences to
help her clients make educated decisions.
An independent businesswoman and mother,
she has instilled in her son that he must...

Aim for the sky. Go after your dreams with

passion and persistence. Let absolutely NO
ONE stand in your way, especially you!

Teresa Langworthy
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Women in business

Stacey Feister
May & June 2010 23

Pine Grove Athletic club

Wellness consultant
Carolyn Richards, owner of Pine Grove Athletic Club,
believes in recognizing women in business who are making
changes in the community and impacting groups and/or
individuals with a positive influence. These people not
only are a success in their own profession and personal
life but also are a positive impact on others, and those
rewards of positive change are what make them love
their jobs. Stacey Feister is one such woman.
Stacey has always been a very athletic individual and
has been involved in sports in and out of school since she
was a child. Stacey has been a member of Pine Grove since
1992 and began working at PGAC in its aerobics program
in 2001. Nine years later, Stacey has earned hundreds of
hours of certifications and continuing education in group
fitness, stability, bosu, ballast, glide, yoga fit I and II,
spinning, aqua, kickboxing and the list goes on. She is
also a certified personal trainer and wellness consultant,
which also encompasses clinical nutrition and diet and
weight management, from the Blue Heron Academy of
Healing Arts.
Stacey says the best part of her job is continuing
to see people Ive trained with at the club and watching
their continued success. They are so grateful for their
new lives. She is most proud of her work with a young
wheelchair-bound man, who, after four years working
with Stacey, is now able to walk in the pool.
A wife and mother of four children, Stacey feels that
it is most important to begin teaching children to eat
healthy at a young age and introduce your children to
physical fitness.

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Specialty Classes: Spinning, Kettlebell, Taekwon Do, Ballet, Hip Hop, Swimming Lessons
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