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E-Unit Name: Kristen Morris

Unit Overview
Read Aloud Social Studies #1 Social Studies #2 Writing
Objective Given an image, Students will create flags Students will build houses Given the information that students
students will determine representing their tribes in to better understand the have researched on their Native
what they see in the order to better understand needs and lifestyles of American Tribes, students will write
image regardless of the ideals most important to their native American journals from a realistic perspective
what their classmates their tribes. tribes. within their tribe.
Given a story, students
will identify the
perspectives and
explore the importance
of empathizing with
others perspectives in
order to understand

Standards IAS: 5.RL.3.2, 5.RL.2.1 IAS: 5.1.3 IAS: 5.1.3 IAS: 5.W.3.3
Materials Optical Illusion images Brown paper Paper Notes from previous Native American
Thank You, Mr. Falker Feathers Straws studies
Paper Pipe cleaners Toothpicks Journal
Pencils Fabric
Management 1. Time: 30 minutes 5. Materials: I. Materials: VI. Time: 30 minutes
2. Space: Students will be a. Brown paper Paper VII. Space: Students will be
sitting in their desks b. Feathers Straws either sitting in their tribes
and then spread all c. Pipe cleaners Toothpicks or at their desks
over the room d. Fabric II. Time: 30 minutes VIII. Behavior: When students
3. Behavior: When e. buttons III. Space: Students will
students get too loud, I 6. Time: 30 minutes get too loud, I will call their
be sitting in
will call their attention 7. Space: Students will be their native attention by counting down
by counting down from sitting in their native American from 5
5. American groups for groups for this
4. Technology: this lesson lesson
a. Television 8. Behavior: When IV. Behavior: When
b. Laptop students get too loud, I students get too
will call their attention loud, I will call
by counting down from their attention
5. by counting
9. Technology: down from 5.
a. Television V. Technology:
b. Laptop Television

Anticipatory Set I will show students I will talk with the I will show students a I will begin by reading passages to the
images that can be seen students about different PowerPoint of housing students that are from different
multiple ways. They will flags that they have seen all over the world. We perspectives. They will guess who is
write down what they see as well as the countries or will discuss the
and compare with their ideas that they represent. differences in different
peers. housing and why
houses are built
Purpose Today we are going to read Today we will be looking at Today we are going to Today we are going to use our
a story about a girl who, in the importance of flags and analyze the housing of our knowledge of our Native American tribes
an entire class of students what they represent from a native American tribes as in order to write from their perspective
saw the world very culture and creating flags of well as create our own while setting up the plot, characters, and
differently than the rest of our own to represent our housing in order to better setting of our writing.
her peers. We are going to Native American groups. understand our tribes.
figure out exactly what her
perspective is and explore
how this could impact our
everyday lives.
Lesson I will read the story to the Students will get into Students are already Students will use the information
Presentation class and have a their tribes and discuss organized into tribe they have learned in their tribes in
discussion with the the things that are most groups. They have been order to write daily journals from
students about different important to their tribes. working in these the perspective of someone within
perspectives. Based on these ideas, groups for several that tribe.
Students will then pair up students will create flags weeks. They will work
with one another and to represent their tribe. in their groups to
compare and contrast construct the houses
their perspectives with that their tribes built
one another. out of paper and other
Closure or Students will share some Students will share their Students will share Students will be given the
Conclusion details that they learned flags with the class as their houses as well as opportunity to share their writing
about their classmates. well as why their flag 2 or 3 reasons as to with the class if they would like to.
looks like it does. why their houses are
built this specific way.
Formative The Venn Diagrams that The tribes flags along The tribes house along Each students journal
Assessment they create as well as with their ideas that with 2 or 3 reasons
what they share about support their flag
their classmates.
Adaptations Remediation: Students Remediation: Partners for Remediation: Partners for Remediation: For students who struggle
who have a hard time students who struggle to students who struggle to to pay attention and remain on task,
focusing will be paired stay on task stay on task they will be paired with students who
Enrichment: Students Enrichment: Students succeed at staying on task. Groups will
with peers who will keep
chosen as leaders or chiefs chosen as leaders or keep them accountable to do their fair
them on task.
who need extra chiefs who need extra share.
Enrichment: Students responsibility responsibility Enrichment: Students who are in need of
who need enrichment will Exceptional Needs: Students Exceptional Needs: enrichment will be asked to be the chiefs
be selected as leaders in with exceptional needs will Students with exceptional of their group. The chief is in charge of
their groups be paired with students needs will be paired with managing the group.
Exceptional Needs: whom they work well with. students whom they work ELL N/A
E-Unit Name: Kristen Morris
Students with exceptional well with. Exceptional Needs: Students with
needs will be paired with exceptional needs will be given the
students whom they opportunity to do their writing on a
laptop to take away distraction of the
work well with as well as
paper and pencil.
given breaks when
(as needed)