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Norfolk Park Green Homes

Sales Pack: 3 bed properties

July 2008

Implemented in partnership with Sheffield City The price list is as follows:
Council, the £5.2 million Bright Green Homes Scheme Market Price Discounted
is part of one of the country’s largest green Price
regeneration projects.
3 bed house £170,000 £139,999
Initial service charges will cover building
The scheme is located near the Norfolk Heritage Park
insurance, lighting, management and maintenance
and on the same street as the vibrant Norfolk Park
of common areas, landscape, sustainable urban
Community School. Also already part of the
drainage, as well as claddings to the houses and
community is Guildford Grange, an Extra Care
sinking fund. The initial service charge is expected
Housing Scheme for older people, so the area is a
to be around £900 for 3 bed properties.
place suitable for all ages. Guildford Grange’s Café
and small shops are open to the wider community.
Purchase of your Green Home
Under the terms of our agreement with Sheffield
City Council, you will have to complete and return
Norfolk Park Green Homes are well connected to the
an application form to confirm your eligibility for
Sheffield Supertram route with the nearest stop a
the scheme. For a copy of the application form,
short walk away at Arbourthorne Road. There are
please contact us at 0207 264 4660 or email us at
also regular bus services operating on Park Grange; or contact our estate agent,
Road. In addition, Green Homes
Blundells at 0114 2230750.
residents will become members
of the Sheffield car club, which
Pay as you go Once your eligibility is confirmed, you can then
provides “pay as you go” cars for
exchange contracts and pay a 10% deposit to be
hire from under £5 per hour. Some cars will be
held by our solicitor until your home is ready. The
parked on site. For more details, go to
balance outstanding is to be paid upon All car club members will
completion. To obtain a copy of the contract, your
receive a free Travelmaster pass valid for a week on
solicitor can contact Julia Wilkinson or Maria Clark
public transport in Sheffield, worth £17.80. All
of Wrigleys Solicitors at 0114 267 5588.
members will also receive free Sheffield walking and
Should you require mortgage, you can contact
cycling maps, a high visibility vest, and are entitled
Ecology Building Society at 0845674 5566 for
to a free 2-hour, one-to-one cycle training session.
their affordable green mortgage for the scheme.
2 11
Tenure & Price information Overall, to promote green living, the scheme will
provide for limited car parking spaces to be
The Environment Trust’s low cost ownership model allocated under parking licenses. There will be a
has been designed to provide affordable housing
mix of parking with some houses having parking in
for local people. The Trust offers an interest free
loan of up to 30% of the market prices secured by front, facilitating disabled access. Drop-off points
a second charge (please see table on page 11). for taxis and cars can take place on Park Grange
Road, central car park and Guildford Avenue. Bicycle
All properties are sold on 999 year leases. parking is plentiful with cycle racks provided for
How low cost ownership works: each flat, outside the entrances to the blocks of
1. The purchaser only has to raise the money to
meet the discounted price for the property. Green Spaces
2. The Trust makes up the difference between The scheme has a distinctive character with timber-
the discounted price and the market price by clad and colourful houses. A thoughtfully landscaped
providing the purchaser with an interest free
public green space forms the centerpiece for the
loan for the balance.
3. The Trust secures this interest free loan with development and the dwellings benefit from views
a second charge on the property. westwards over Sheffield. Houses have private
4. Unlike Housing Association shared equity gardens and blocks of flats have front gardens
schemes, no rent is charged. opening onto streets and footpaths. The front
5. Your mortgage company will have a first gardens are separated from the road by planting and
charge over their loan. You will pay interest timber bin stores.
to your building society on the mortgage loan.
6. The purchaser then owns 100% of their Green
7. In return for the interest free loan, the
purchaser is required to follow a nomination
process when selling his/her unit. A separate
guidance note will be provided upon request.

10 3
Floor plans
Sustainability for 3 storey 3 bedroom house (90m2)
in mind
ng built with sustainability in
ult in reduction in consumption
and water, therefore
act of climate change. The
el bill is less than 20% of the 4720 2685
r all properties. Bedroom 2


features of our Norfolk Park decking
s follows:-
lar panels for renewable
de lighting for communal


panels to pre-heat domestic hot

ewable energy, super insulation

Bedroom 1
e art energy efficient fixtures
Bedroom 3
ch as argon-filled double glazed 3630
er-saving taps and energy
ials from recycled and natural

ban drainage. Second Floor

4 Approximate measurement in mm 9
Floor plans for 3 storey 3 bedroom house (90m2) Inside the Green Homes
The homes are 10% larger than standard homes
with high ceilings and generous layouts.
Rooms have glazing between living rooms and
corridors to increase natural light and
4720 spaciousness. Staircases are light and airy.
Bedroom 2
Living/ The living rooms of most flats have corner
Dining windows to provide a dual aspect over the views
1985 outside.
Wide French windows

open floor to ceiling

whilst timber-framed
windows are south-
orientated and have
Kitchen pivot hinges to facilitate
Bedroom 3
1500 Some pictures of our show flat, April 2008

Ground Floor First Floor

8 5
Norfolk Park Green Homes, Sheffield S2
Three Bed house (outlined in red)

Block A
8 to 16

Block B
17 to 22

Block F

lk *
5 to 7

Block G 14 12 4
18 to 24

3 Block C

307 to 311

rd a

u e* 1

Block E

Keys 297

Types of units

* Addresses: 293

Type 1 -1 bed apartments (Block C,D&F) 45m2 Coloured coded to

street names
Type 2- 1 bed apartments (Block G) 45m2

Block D
Guildford Avenue S2 2PJ

Type 3 - 2 bed apartments (Block A & B) 70m2 285 to 291
Guildford Walk S2 2PU
Type 4 - 2 bed apartments (Block E) 70m2

Park Grange Road S2 2PT

Type 5 - 3 bed house 90m2
6 7