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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is an English boy of 18 years, who lives in the city of York during century
XVII. He is the youngest son of a merchant of German origin, who wants his son to study
laws and lead a quiet and modest life, against the wishes of Robinson Crusoe himself,
who wants to be a sailor.

Crusoe obeys at first the wishes of his father, but finally falls into the temptation and
embarks with a friend in a ship that goes to London. However, a storm almost killed them,
dissuading their friend from embarking again.

Robinson Crusoe, however, is determined to be a merchant seafarer and joins another

expedition to Guinea, which turns out to be a success. With the money made, he plans
a second trip, but is not as fortunate as the previous one and they undergo an attack by
pirates of Turkish pirates, that take prisoner to him and they sell him like slave in the African
city of Salee.

During a fishing expedition, Robinson Crusoe and another boy, Xury, also slave escape
and are picked up by a Portuguese captain, who buys the young man as a slave, and
takes Robinson to Brazil, where he establishes himself as a prosperous merchant and
owner of A plantation.

Excited by the advantages of the slave trade, Crusoe embarks on a slave expedition to
western Africa, but the ship is shipwrecked on the coast of Trinidad. Crusoe arrives at the
coast of an island, and soon realizes that he is the unique survivor.

Seek shelter and food and return to the remains of the ship and save, among other things,
food, weapons and gunpowder. A shelter is built that will fill with rudimentary furniture
and erects a cross where he inscribes the date of his arrival, September 1, 1659. From
then on he will make a mark on the wood for each day that passes so as not to lose the
notion of time. He also begins a diary, where he notes his daily efforts, how he tries to
make candles, his luck when he discovers a grain of wheat germinating, how he starts to
build a warehouse ...

In June of 1660 falls ill, and with the fever has hallucinations in which an angel visits to him,
warning to him that he must repent of his sins. Shortly afterwards he experiences a
religious revelation and decides that God was punishing him for his previous sins. After
recovering, Crusoe investigates the terrain and finds a pleasant valley where grapes
grow, which makes him feel more optimistic about his stay on the island. Start training a
parrot to speak, and take a goat as a pet. Learn how to weave baskets, and make bread
and pottery. Soon after, he cuts an enormous oak tree and builds a canoe with which
he sails around the island. But a current makes him sink and is glad to have survived once
more, after which he spends several years in peace on the island. Stop writing a journal
because you run out of ink.

In the sixth year of stay on the island, his surprise is enormous when he discovers several
footprints of man in the sand. Very frightened by the discovery, Robinson Crusoe fears
that the footprint belongs to cannibals, and he decides to prepare to defend himself
against them. His suspicions are confirmed when he finds in the beach human remains
of what seems to have been a cannibal feast.

One day thirty cannibals appear on the beach, with two prisoners, ready to kill and eat
them. When they kill one of them, the other manages to escape in the direction of
Robinson Crusoe, who decides to help him. He smites one of his pursuers and kills the
other. Despite the numerical superiority of the cannibals, Crusoe makes them flee with his
weapon, and takes as a servant the man who has saved, who shows total submission in
gratitude for his salvation from death. Robinson Crusoe calls him Friday, the day he was

Robinson Crusoe teaches Friday to speak English and some elementary concepts about
Christianity. Friday on the other hand explains that the cannibals are divided in several
nations, and that only eat their enemies. He also explains that the cannibals that were
found retain a good number of Spaniards, so they decide to build a boat to go and
rescue them from the land of cannibals.

But before they have time to leave, twenty cannibals appear in the paya with three
prisoners, one of them in European clothes. Friday and Crusoe kill most cannibals, and
free the prisoners, one of whom is a Spaniard named Don Pedro, and the other turns out
to be the father of Friday, who is very happy to see him and have saved him. They
celebrate the release with a dinner and then Crusoe decides to send the father of Friday
and Don Pedro to investigate the lands of alrerededor to look for the rest of prisoners.
Eight days after they leave, an English boat appears. Friday and Crusoe watch
suspiciously as eleven men carry 3 prisoners to the beach. Nine of the men are about to
explore the island, and Friday and Crusoe take advantage to free the prisoners, one of
whom turns out to be the captain of the ship that has suffered a mutiny at the hand of
Will Atkins, one of the sailors. Taking advantage of their knowledge of the island, Robinson
Crusoe and Friday ambush the mutineers and defeat them, leaving them the option to
choose between returning to England and being hanged or staying on the island. They
accept the last option.

Finally, on December 19, 1686, Crusoe gets on the boat that will take him back to
England. He had been on the island twenty-eight years, two months and nineteen days.

In the epilogue Robinson Crusoe discovers that his parents had died, but that he had a
sister and his nephews. Then he returns to Lisbon to see the Portuguese captain who
informs him that his plantations in Brazil are very prosperous and that he has become rich
with them. After some trips, he marries and has three children. Years later, after the death
of his wife, in 1694 decides to travel back to his island. There it discovers that the Spaniards
have governed it well and that it has become a prosperous colony, to which they call
"Island Robinson".