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Place Value

Grade Level: 2 Subject: Math Prepared By: Cortney Neal

Overview & Purpose Education Standards Addressed

(2) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process
standards to understand how to represent and compare whole numbers, the
Students will understand place value by identifying and demonstrating what each relative position and magnitude of whole numbers, and relationships within the
numeral of a three-digit number stands for. numeration system related to place value.
(A) use concrete and pictorial models to compose and decompose numbers up
to 1,200 in more than one way as a sum of so many thousands, hundreds, tens,
and ones

Lesson Details
Objectives Students will provide a number when given base ten Materials Needed
(Specify skills/information that will blocks. Bingo cards
be learned.)
Students will use base ten blocks to demonstrate a Markers
number. Notecards
Base ten blocks
Information Anchor chart- Explain one blocks to ten blocks
(Give and/or demonstrate necessary Explain ten blocks to 100 block
Place Value- Tells the value of a digit in a number.

Verification Ask students to demonstrate a three-digit number using Other Resources

(Steps to check for student base ten blocks. Monitor by two checks. (e.g. Web, books, etc.)
Ask students to participate in Bingo by coloring in the
correct three-digit number when given the pictorial form
of the number.
Activity Students will demonstrate a three-digit number using
(Describe the independent activity to base ten blocks, monitor by two checks.
reinforce this lesson)

Summary The students will understand place value by actively Additional Notes
participating in a guided lesson. Demonstrate
understanding by earning two checks and expanding
their knowledge by actively participating.