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Mr. Mathew Anthony
Academic Head, MLI

Students of iNurture
1. Activities
2. Achievement
3. Opportunity
4. Support
5. Challenge & Problems
6. Career Development
7. Solution
8. Action
9. Out-come
10. Conclusion

1. Activities: As we all know that our course BBA (BM &C) is related with so many
educational activities that will ensure us about real life industry learning. Now we have
done our Agra Visit- at Dawar, which gave us the real exposure of Research &
development, designing and production. Apart this Agra visit, we have done many
internal activities like- Group Discussions on current topics, Case study analysis,
Presentations etc.

This is not last, we are continuously doing our activities be it be internal or external under
the guidance of our faculty. They guide us to do right thing at right time and to get more n
more from these activities.

Now on November 25, we are going to IIM Ahmadabad to participate in an event and to
attend workshops which are really helpful in our professional development. We know that
these activities will help us to grow and learn about the business world. We are doing our
all the external activities with help of our mentors- our respected teachers. And with these
external activities, our internal activities are going on under the guidance of our respected

2. Achievement: By the external and internal activities, we have got so many things which
improve our morale to do more activities.

Our achievements are:

a. Certification of appreciation
b. Certification of achievement
c. Certificate of participation
d. Skill development
e. Motivation
f. Real industry exposure
g. Interaction with industry peoples
h. Real life experiences.
i. More learning.

These achievements are very valuable for us, and we want to improve our skills. Our faculties
guide and help us so much to do activities and to earn these achievements.
3. Opportunities: This course is like ocean of opportunities, and opportunities are the best
way to earn achievements and to do professional development. There are so many
opportunities in the form of external and internal activities which lead to the improvement
of students. And our faculties guide us in seeking for the opportunity and to get the
benefits from them.

Those opportunities are:

a. Competitions
b. Educational events & fests
c. Conferences
d. Industrial visits
e. Online Webinars
f. Online Quizzes
g. Case study analysis
h. Presentations.

These opportunities are very valuable for us, and we want to achieve more n more from these
opportunities. It is because of our respected faculties who help us to get these opportunities.

4. Support: In this course we have got very supportive faculty, they always support us to do
activities, to get opportunities, and to get more and more from them, which lead to make
our future good in corporate.

We believe that we have the comparatively good faculties who help us to grow up and
make the way to achieve the goal when TMUs faculties came into consideration. Their
guidance, support and help value so much for us, because we get motivation from them.

They give us more opportunities to grow and develop. They organize industrial visit,
corporate interactions and many more activities so that students can grow up easily and
learn more n more.

5. Challenges & Problems: Now a days, we all students are facing many challenges and
problems, which are hampering our activities.

These problems are:

a. Sales Teams interference- The first n foremost problem is Sales Teams interfere
in our activities. During admission they told us many things but in real they didnt
provide us those things. Every time they try to use our name to pull students. That
interfere is hampering our activities like anything. Unnecessary interference is like
they dont want that we do our activities easily and achieve something.
b. Religious reason- Some external factors are making religious issues, which is
hampering our unity and activities. (We will discuss this when we meet you)
c. Improper communication- This is also a main problem that students are not
properly communicated initially, so for that they are forced to pay fine & after
repeated request and complain projectors are not being installed. Now this
semester is going to be over soon. We dont think this practice is a useful one. The
first semester students told AO to look after the class address system (CAS), by
which announcements have not being heard to the students. But still this is not yet
solved. Because of this improper communication, student gave fine on their fees,
and there are so many other problems because of this reason which are not good
for students and even some of them have not yet got their uniform.
d. Projectors are not installed till now even we are still saying to administration. Our
studies are being hampered because of this reason. Projectors are there in other
classes, but in our classes it is not there. By this, class hygiene is not being

Here we want to mention that we dont want any type of problem which can hamper our
activities and career.

6. Career Development: Here, we want to add problems related to our career development.

We took admission in this course for career development but we are facing some
unpredictable problems which are really horrible for our activities.

Those problems are:

a. Lack of participation- There are some students who dont want to participate in
the activities, it might be happen because of low motivation or other
circumstances from where they belong.
b. The second problem here we want to mention that is, as we know that the
admission criteria of iNurture is very competitive and process based last time but
this time why that process didnt follow by sales team. This may bring a dilution
to brand iNurture.
c. Why these people have admitted those students who cant handle this course?
d. We think that its not good for the image of iNurture because if those students will
not score well in examination it will hamper the image of iNurture. And it will
also hamper our activities.

7. Solution: We need proper solution so that our studied can be done properly and we can
move further in our career. Here, we are suggesting some solutions:
a. It is necessary the sales department should cooperate with faculties, and they
should not interfere in academics. They should listen our problems properly and
provide a correct solution for them through coordinating with faculties. They
should not manipulate others and provide proper information.
b. There should not be any religious talks among students and others external factors
should not make any issues on religion. It should be strictly followed.
c. Everything should be properly communicated to the students, so that transparency
and reliability can come into existence.
d. All the equipments should be properly installed so that class hygiene can be
e. From the next time admission process should be strictly followed so that capable
students will take admission in the course and image of iNurture will be
f. Sales team should promise those things that they can do. The things or promise
they cant complete, they should not promise such things.
g. Any promise they do, they should complete in proper time. They should not leave
it on future.

8. Action: Every student took admission in iNurture for his/her career development but if
the problems will not be solved the action that can be taken.
a. Because of those problems, mentioned above, some students are thinking to leave
the course and they are saying that they will definitely leave the course if
problems will not be solved.
b. Were afraid that if problems will go on, the faculty will not take interest in
teaching because these problems are also hampering their activities.

9. Outcome: If problems will be there then outcome will not be good.

a. It will hamper the image of iNurture.
b. Student participation will be less in activities and studies.
c. Faculties will not take interest in teaching by which students will feel de-
d. And it will also affect the future of iNurture at TMU, Moradabad.
e. Overall, these problems will hamper everything.

10. Conclusion: Now, the conclusion will be:

a. The development of students will not be done properly.
b. Unity of iNurture family will be lost because of these type problems.
c. Students motivation will go down and they will not take interest in any activity.
d. Communication gap will be broad that is not good for anyone.
e. Unpredictable action will be taken by the students that can hamper their career.

-Prepared by
iNurture Students
(BBA 1st, 2nd year &
MBA 1st Year students)