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What are the decision domains in doing strategic planning?

The following decision points categorize the understanding and shared choices to be elaborated and
opted during the strategic planning. It anticipates the kind of information to be gathered and
evaluated in order to compose the knowledge to be communicated in the strategic plan.


Identity Decision on the purpose that must be embodied in the actions of the
organization. It is expressed in the chosen mission statements, values, and

Capability Decision on what can be done, capability to exploit, capacity to

optimize, and capital to utilize.
Differentiation Decision on what make the organization different in comparison to similar
business and what unique value to realize with the targeted customers.

S.W.O.T. Situation Decision on the organizational strength, weakness, opportunities and threats
to be mitigated and exploited to realize the defined purpose.
P.E.S.T. Environments Decision on the political, economic, social and technology environments to
exploit for development, or to consider as risks for mitigation.
Gaps Decision on the critical performance deficiencies and change directives to move
the organization towards it defined identity and differentiating value.

Change Goals and Decisions on critical targets and performance outcomes to be realized by the
Objectives organization within the plan's prescribed time continuum.
Action Decision on the aligned programs and project options to insure the
effective, efficient, and timely delivery of the goals and objectives within
the targeted future.

Requirements Decision on the investment items, and the sourcing strategy to support the
availability and sustainability of goods and services.
Funds and Decision on fund sources and sustaining the costs behind the
Sustainability requirements.
Schedule Decision on the tasks, activities, and time line in building the
requirements of the strategic action.
Governance Decision on how the strategic plan will be implemented, and the organization
to insure control and monitoring of the successful delivery of the plan.