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Power electronics and advanced electrical drives lab

Objectives, Strength and weakness of the existing lab

Power electronics lab is presently used to train UG (B.Tech) and PG (M.Tech) students. The outcomes of
this lab are:
Making the students to use basic features of laboratory equipment like power supplies and
Making the students to design triggering circuits of SCR.
Introducing power electronics components from which the characteristics of SCR, TRIAC, IGBT
and MOSFET are obtained.
Making the students to analyze various converters.

Power electronics lab is presently used to train UG (B.Tech) and PG (M.Tech) students on power
electronics part.

Strength: The existing laboratory focusses completely only on power semi-conductor devices,
their switching characteristics, power electronics converters as feeding to various categories of
load, wherein loads are modelled in terms of electrical parameters.
Weakness of lab:
Study of power electronics should be taken up along with the study of electrical drives.
Fundamentals of electric drives is an indispensable subject to the UG students of electrical
engineering. This component of how to use and control DC and Ac motors is lacking with the lab
which is the serious weakness of the lab