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Corporate Business Banking

Dormant Account(s) Activation Form

Date: ___ / ___/ _________ Branch Name: ___________________________

I/we hereby request the bank to activate the following dormant account(s):
All Accounts Under CID:
Company Name:
Only the Following Account Nos: Title

Contact/ Mobile Number:

Email (optional):

Customer Source of Information about the Dormant Account:

Bank Notification Letter/Email
Bank SMS to Activate the Account
Phone Call from the Bank

Authorised Signatory(ies):
Name Signature

Bank Use Only:

I certify that the above named person(s) placed his/her/their signature(s) in my presence

RM/RO: _____________________________________________________________________________
(name/stamp) (signature) (date)
Check List:
Valid copy of Trade License (attested as true copy of original) is attached if applicable
Chamber of Commerce Membership Copy (attested as true copy of original) is attached
Customer request is updated on Itqan. SR Number: ____________________
Customer signature(s) is available in FCR and verified

CPD Maker: ___________________________________________________________________________

(name) (signature) (date)
CPD Checker: _________________________________________________________________________
(name) (signature) (date)

FRM-BBG-000-1.5 V.1.1 version date: 4 December 2013