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Piaget's Periods of Concept Development

Asma Alsaleh
Definition of Constructivism:

Students build their understanding by thinking about

their own experiences and by relating the new
knowledge with what they already know.
1-Sensorimotor Stage:
This stage from (Birth to 2 years).

children experience the world and trying to make sense of

the world through their senses and motor skills. Children
use their abilities such as(looking, sucking, grasping, and
listening) to know more about the environment.
2-Pre operational Stage:
This stage from (2 to 7 years).

In second stage children learn to use symbols of language to

explain what they mean and get what they want. Children can
mentally represent events and objects and engage in symbolic
3-Concrete operational Stage:
This stage from (7 to 11 years).

In third stage is the beginning of logical or operational thought,

The child is now mature enough to use logical thought or operations to
absorb things easily.
Children gain the abilities of conservation
(number, area, volume).
4-Formal operational Stage:
This stage from( 11 to adulthood ).

In the final stage people develop the ability to think about abstract concepts
and know more about the details by use skills such as ( logical thought and
systematic planning) that will help them to solve problems and obtain