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Initial test
1. Fill in the gaps using the following words:(Completeaz propoziiile folosind
cuvintele date) 10p
cooks, Italian, computer, spaghetti, mother, Friday, bank, people, food, dishes
My dad works in a bank. He works there from Monday to 1) _________ . He
helps 2) ________________________. He counts money, he uses the 3) __________ .
His job is important. He is an important man at the 4) ______________.
Dad also works at home. On weekends he 5) ______________________ dinner.
Usually he cooks 6) ________________ food. On Saturdays he makes 7)
_____________. On Sundays he makes pizza. Sometimes he fries chicken or fixes
Chinese 8) ___________________ My 9) _________________________ watches and
helps. I wash the 10) ________________________.

2.Match the questions with the right answers.(F corespondena) 10p

1. Who are you? a. She is my friend. 1. _____
2. Who are they? b. They are my parents. 2. _____
3. Whats this? c. I am Peter. 3. _____
4. What are these? d. Its an ice cream. 4. _____
5. Who is she? e. They are games. 5. _____

3. Fill in the gaps with at, on or in. (Completeaz propoziiile cu at, on, in) 10p
1. Pat wakes up ___ seven oclock ___ the morning.
2. ____ Saturday morning, he plays football.
3. She goes to bed ___ twelve oclock.
4. We go on holiday ____ August.
4.Write the Present Continuous of the verbs in brackets: 10p

a) My sister (watch) is watching TV.

b) Your father (drive)_____________________the car.
c) A girl (write)_________________________ the homework.
d) They (listen)__________________________to a new CD.
e) We(talk)____________________about school.
f) The two children (play) ______________________ together.
5.Choose the correct form of the verb: (Alege verbul corect) 10p
a) She always ( washes/ is washing) her hands.
b) At the moment I (follow/ am following) an enemy agent.
c) Kruger (wears/ is wearing) jeans every day.
d) McCann (sends/ is sending) a message now
6.Put the words in brackets in the plural form:(Pune la plural cuvintele din
parantez) 10p
a) Their (family) are very good friends.
b) These (man).. are very important.
c) We are afraid of (mouse).
d) Don`t play with those (match)!
e) In autumn the (leaf) ..have many beautiful colours.
7. Translate the following: (Tradu propoziiile) 10p
I.a.My sister has a yellow schoolbag.
b.Our classroom is very clean.
II. a.Dana are un creion albastru pe banca.
b.Fratele meu are ochi albastri.
c.Deschide usa!
8 . Answer the questions: (Rspunde la ntrebri) 10p
1. What is your name?

2. How old are you?

3. Where do you live?

4. What are you wearing today?

5. What is your favourite season? C

9. Choose the best answer (Alege rspunsul corect )10p

1. Five are playing in the schoolyard. 6. In summer we wear . and shorts.
a) childs, b)children, c)childrens a)gloves, b)jackets, c) T-shirts
2. . name is Susan. She is a teacher. 7. . is a red pencil. Its here.
a) Her, b) His, c) Your a) This, b) That, c) These
3. The dogs . running in the park. 8. What is the correct spelling for 16 ?
a)is, b)are, c) am a)sixty, b)sixteen, c)sixtyn
4. We . a new car. It is a Ferrari. 9. In . its very cold.
a)have, b)has, c)haves a)summer, b)winter, c)spring
5. My cat Lulu is sleeping . my bed. 10. Tim brings us letters. Hes a . .
a)next, b)on, c)between a)baker, b)mechanic, c)postman