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 Defined and Achievable Goals

 Sales target : I have successfully achieved the targets of Q1 by 101% and July – 100%
 Distribution: Handling 4 distributors and done 147activation.
 Rating :Awarded the B.C.S rating of 2.05
 New Launch: Successfully launch Vedica in the assigned territory.

 Progress during the year in terms of identified targets

 Appointed 3 distributors in areas where salesman was not able to reach. Significant increased
the distribution cum sales.
 Increased the reach to all the restaurants and shops near Hospitals locality which has huge
potential like KEM/Wadia/Tata etc hence justified the volumes.
 Key accounts like Café Madras has also started and giving healthy business.

 Skills development & Areas for development

 Managed the issues regarding the distribution and margin with retailers.
 Participated in promotional activities like Mumbai Marathon & IPL.
 Handled society promotions activity for 20 Ltrs in Parel locality.
 Increased the business by range selling & managing the performance of salesman.

 Contribute to the company’s wealth creation

 Achieved the NR value target of ----------- and contributed to the growth of the company.

 Promote an environment of self-management

 Have proper control on the sales man activity.

 To grow the sales and awareness put up 25 display boards.
 With the help of data analysis of buyer –non buyer increase activation number.
 Managing the streamlined and smooth flow of business.
Previously handling byculla & reay road.
now taking care of byculla, matunga, parel routes & 4 distributors.

participated in promotional activities like mumbai marathan,music concert at dadar, IPL also did society promotions
for 20 litres at parel.

also coordinated in Vedica launch in routes & image outlets.

Increased sales volume via range selling in routes.

Hav made Buyer as well as Non Buyer list of all the areas under me.

Appointed 3 fat dealer to service those congusted areas where company salesman could not service properly.
Most of the routes are now aligned & streamlined.
Ambedker Hospital in byculla converted to bisleri shop, now it takes all sku's xcept 20 litres.

Activations till date 147.

101 % achvment in 1st quarter, 100% in july.

B.S.C Score for 1st quarter = 2.05.
Cafe madras where our chairman also visits sometimes is also activated now. it started taking 1 litre.
All outlets & restaurants near KEM , Wadia & TATA Hospital at Parel keeps Bisleri.

25 Dealer Boards installed which increased the visibility of the product.

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