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Task 2: The news media have become too much influence in people lives today and this is

a negative development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this day and age, more and more contemporary attention has been placed on the opinion
that the rapid development of news media has a negative influence on people lives. I Commented [i1]: Hoc adverse cng c nha em

wholeheartedly disagree with this point of view and this perspective has my support for below. Commented [i2]: Sn ds

Totally disagree
There are many positive effects of media. Firstly, the undeniable usefulness of the media is that Commented [i3]: View for many reasons below

it play a vital role in providing information about events around the world. In fact, a proliferation of Commented [i4]: Vit ngn gn li

people have access to news via the mode of media such as Internet, television or magazine and News media nha, coi chng lc sai task response nha,
thus they can broaden their knowledge with news channel and other television programs. A good thy media trng trng vy l thy d sai ri
Commented [i5]: Via news media such as
case in this point is that with the easy access of the Internet, delivering us information on events
happening around us and on other countries with a enormous number of pictures and news. Commented [i6]: Cu g k c verb chnh ?????
Commented [i7]: Ni chung l on ny vit qu lng cng,
vit li
Secondly, with the diversity of media resources as well as variety of news which lead to the fact
that people have broader options, and this will enhance their critical thinking about attracting Commented [i8]: Thy sai grammar k, c k li xem

issues on the world by making their opinions. The well-known social media network such as Commented [i9]: Cu ny ch khng hiu em n,

Facebook is an excellent case in point, which enables people to share status, photos or comments l nh news media people can express their own ideas /
about arbitrary issues on the Internet. thoughts on specific issues h
Commented [i10]: A good case in this point is Facebook,
the most well-known social networking site/platform, which
Finally, other positive aspects such as the news media facilitate the spread of culture between
Commented [i11]: Thn thng 1 bi vn vit 2 body thi
other countries are worth mentioning. As a matter of fact, in modern society more and more em, on ny d ri, thng 2 main ideas ri cho example
vi l gii vo
cultural uniqueness are become prevalent because people are inclined to access this culture
Commented [i12]: Hix vit sai grammar tm lum t dung
through film, sports, fascinating programs in the media. This will lead to the strengthen cultural a such as vo chi cho sai grammar
bonds between distant communities. Commented [i13]: B
Commented [i14]: Strengthen

In conclusion, based on above-mentioned justifications, I firmly believe that the news media bring
a larger number of positive than negative./. Commented [i15]: Danh t uu

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Nov 28-2017