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Facts about China

Country Flag: h p://
Hello! You have picked up this
pamphlet to know more about China .
Fast Fun Facts
Chinese Name: h ps://
Ocial known as the Peoples About China
Republic of china File:China_hanzi.png

Third Largest Country by area at Chinese Folk Village: h ps://

9,706,961 sq km
Capital City is Beijing
Chinese Town: h ps://
Most populated City is Shanghai
In 203, China was the third earthlinks/
country to ocial send someone
to the space

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Cultural Facts
One of the major traditions that is
celebrated in China is the Spring When the Qing Dynasty abandoned China
Festival otherwise known as Lunar it was in chaos. China was left with no
New Year. The most important days leaders to rule over the people. Shortly after
are Spring Festival Eve and the first the warlordism period dominated and lasted
three days. The Chinese government from 1916 to 1927. This period was one of
the toughest periods for China. Around the
requires people to have seven days off
Settlement: Why and for the Chinese Lunar New Year*
same time the ideals of communism began
to spread, the system appealed to
Who? the majority of the people, especially the
Languages Most Spoken
Mandarin dialects: 71.%5 lower class. Around 1916 many people
Who occupied China first? started to join revolutionary political groups.
East Africans le Africa 100,000 years ago Wu (8.5% They were desperate to change their
to China. country. People began accepting men like
Yue (also called Cantonese) 5%
Why sele in China? Mao Zedong and the
Xiang 4.8 percent% communist Philosophies of Karl Marx
China has an abundance of natural
("Communism in china," 2010).
resources and the land is good for
Min 4.1 percent%
Lead Iron Coal
Hakka 3.7 %
Tin Silver Zinc
Gan 2.4%
Copper Gold Etc.
farming. Ethnic:

Types of Natural Resources

The largest group is the Han Chinese
(making 90% of the population), other
Dove tree B Bamboo groups include the Tibetans, the
Gutta-Percha Sago Palm Mongols, the Manchus, the Naxi, and
the Hezhen.