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Fill in the correct relative pronoun

1. Did you see the man ________ stole her bag?

2. The eggs ________ you've bought are bad.
3. Please give me the keys ________ are on the table.
4. Is that the man ________ we saw in the park yesterday?
5. What's the name of the lady ________ babysits for you?
6. Tom is playing with the dog ________ lives next door.
7. Have you eaten all the cakes ________ I made yesterday?
8. How old is the man ________ owns this shop?
9. Have you met the man ________ Jackie is going to marry?
10. Let's all look at the picture ________ is on page seven.
11. Has Peter returned the money ________ he borrowed from you?
12. What colour is the dress ________ you are going to wear tonight?
13. The police have arrested the man ________ murdered his wife.
14. The parcel ________ is on the table is your birthday present.
15. We will ask the man ________ delivers our milk to leave an extra bottle.

B.Join the sentences using a relative pronoun

1. I took our visitors to the British Museum. It had a wonderful exhibition at the time.

2. This is Mr. Jones. His son won a gold medal at the last Olympics.

3. I told the police about the man. He tried to steal my car.

4. Paris is the capital of France. It stands on the River Seine.

5. This is the necklace. My brother bought it for my birthday.

6. I want you to meet Martin. I've been writing to him for years.

7. You are going to a restaurant. It is very famous for its Indian food.

8. Mary is my wife's only sister. I introduced her to you last night.

9. The spider wasnt a poisonous one. It bit your child.

10. World War II broke out in 1939. It lasted six years.

11. The factory belongs to Mr. Connery. Its walls are made of brick.

12. My cousin's flat is in the same building as mine. He bought it last year

13. The White Elephant is an excellent Indian restaurant. It specialises in tandoori cooking.

14. That's the lady. Her jewellery was stolen.

C.Circle the uncountable nouns

D. Fill in the gaps with some or any:

Charles: Alice! Have we got ____________ eggs? Alice: Yes, there are ____________ in the cupboard.
Charles: Have we got ______________ cheese? Alice: Yes, theres ____________ in the fridge. Charles:
Can I use ___________ olive oil? Alice: Yes, of course. Charles: I need ____________ tomatoes. Alice:
We havent got _____________. Charles, would you like ___________ help?

E. Look each of the sentences below and decide whether they are written in British
English (B), American English (A)

1. Its a really busy, noisy road there are trucks going past all the time.
2. She lives on the first floor, so you wont have to go up any stairs. ~
3. Shall I just put this stuff in the trash can?.
4. I went to the shop to buy five tins of peaches and some biscuits. ~
5. Excuse me, could we have the check please?
6. Its about twenty minutes on the subway. ~
7. Id like a new cooker, but we cant really afford it.
8. Their new carpets a weird colour and it doesnt match the drapes at all.
9. Im sure I had a twenty-dollar bill in this pocket, so where is it now?
10. Honey, can you go and put this in the mailbox for me?

D. Put the verbs into the correct tense (present simple OR present continuous):

Harold Black's a famous pianist. He________________(9: give) two or three concerts every week. He
________________(10: travel) a lot and this week he's in New York. He________________(11: stay) at
an expensive hotel. He's at his hotel now. He________________(12: have) his breakfast in the
diningroom. He________________(13: drink) a cup of coffee and he________________(14: read) a
newspaper. Harold's always very busy. He________________(15: play) the piano regularly.
He________________(16: practise) for four hours every day. He________________(17: go) to bed late
and he always ________________(18: get up) early. But he sometimes________________(19: get)
dressed too quickly, and this morning he________________(20: wear) one blue sock and one red one!

Next week, my friends and I _________ (go) camping in the woods. I ____________ (organize) the food,
because I _____________ (like) cooking. Dave ________________ (have) a big car with a trailer, so he
_____________ (plan) the transportation. Sam ______________ (bring) the tent he ___________
(go) camping every year, so he _________ (have) a great tent and lots of other equipment. My wife
_______ (think) we're crazy. She (like) _______________ holidays in comfortable hotels, so she
______________ (take) a trip to Paris instead.

E. Present Simple or Continuous? Choose the correct alternative(s) in the sentences 1-8

1 Today she s spending/spends time with her grandmother.

2 They usually are going/go to the gym on Sundays.

3 We re having/have a barbecue later on. Do you want to come?

4 No, she cant answer the phone, she has/is having a shower.

5 I always have/am having a coffee before I m leaving/leave for work in the morning.

6 They sometimes fly/are flying to Sweden, but usually they are going/go by boat.

7 Where are you? I m sitting/sit outside in the sunshine!

8 He always brings/is bringing a monolingual dictionary to his English class