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John D. Fernandez
HOME PHONE: (520) 546-7964 | CELL PHONE: (305)-458-1482
7948 South Nautilus Drive, Tucson, AZ 85756

To continually refine my skills to serve others with great love, and to give away my time, talents,
and commitment for the benefit of this goal.

To provide high-quality care for patients and their families using evidence-based practice in an
environment which offers personal growth in leadership, teamwork, and acute care skills.

Role: Float Pool VALOR/SNT
Aug. 2017-present
3601 S 6th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85723
Performed various patient care tasks within scope of practice of SAVAHCS
Nursing Assistants
Cared for veteran population on various units within hospital

University of Arizona, Class of Dec. 2017
Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Minor in Psychology
Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI Modules)
Fall 2017
Nursing VALOR Program
Summer 2017; assigned to 3E Medical-Surgical Unit
Interprofessional Education & Practice (IPEP): Interprofessional Team Behavior Event
Spring 2017
Clinical Experience
- Step Down Unit (SDU) 5 week Preceptorship
- Hospice Unit
- 1West
Carondelet St. Josephs Hospital
- Post-Anesthesia Care Unit/Pre-Op
- Telemetry Unit
- Intensive Care Unit
Tucson Medical Center (TMC)
- Mother/Baby Unit
- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
- Labor & Delivery Unit
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John D. Fernandez
HOME PHONE: (520) 546-7964 | CELL PHONE: (305)-458-1482
7948 South Nautilus Drive, Tucson, AZ 85756
Clinical Experience (continued)
Tucson Medical Center (TMC) (continued)
- Pediatrics Unit
- Pediatric Emergency Department
- Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
- Square & Compass Clinic
Northwest Medical Center (NWMC)
- Adult Medical-Surgical Unit
- Wound Care Clinic
- Peri-Operative Unit
Arizona State Veteran Home
- Long-term Care

Catholic Retreat Leader for 8th Graders
Role: Retreat Leader
Apr. 2017 & Dec. 2016
29 W. 22nd St.
Tucson, AZ 85713
Lead small group discussions for 8th graders
Demonstrated quick adaptation to changing plans
Reinforced ethical and moral principles among students
Facilitated critical thinking about the Catholic faith
Encouraged deep self-evaluation among students
Connected with students as a leader
Managed group activities and games

Anatomy & Physiology (PSIO202) Preceptor/Independent Study

Role: Preceptor/Student Teacher Assistant
Jan. 2016- May 2016
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
Assisted students with understanding organ systems in Physiology lab
Held office hours each week for students
- Helped students learn difficult material
- Assisted students with studying for tests
Lead short class activities to help students review content
Proctored and graded practical exams
Assisted lab TA with setting up testing rooms
Set up experiments and dissection materials
Helped students identify cells and tissues under microscope
Answered questions about content in class
Collaborated with head TA and professor in experimenting with a new preceptor
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John D. Fernandez
HOME PHONE: (520) 546-7964 | CELL PHONE: (305)-458-1482
7948 South Nautilus Drive, Tucson, AZ 85756
Nursing Chemistry (CHEM101A-101B) Preceptor
Role: Preceptor/Student Teacher Assistant
Aug. 2014- May 2015
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 857521
Assisted students in class with understanding problems and concepts
Created review power points and lead review sessions for tests
Held office hours each week for students
- Helped students study for exams
- Assisted with homework and projects
- Facilitated learning difficult concepts
Provided time outside of office hours and class to individually help students
Created practice worksheets
Collaborated with professor in creating a curriculum

Womens Self-Defense Instructor

Role: Co-instructor - Jujitsu 1st degree black belt
Feb. 2015
901 North Tyndall Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85721
Part of three-member instruction team for an all-womens self-defense class
Collaborated with instructors to teach participants proper forms for specific self-
defense techniques
Provided instruction necessary to build up participants self-confidence
Taught awareness of real-life dangers where self-defense is necessary
Taught basic self-defense techniques
Demonstrated different ways to get out of various dangerous situations
Instructed participants on the importance of self-defense and willpower when
under attack

Pima Prevention Partnership: B-Unique Mentor

Role: Teacher Assistant & Mentor for incoming high school freshmen
Jun. 2013
Desert View High School
4101 E. Valencia Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85706
One on one educational attention with incoming high school freshmen
Facilitated learning concepts of mathematics and English
Collaborated with fellow mentors for in-class presentation on sex ed.
Social and emotional support for incoming freshmen
Provided advice and expertise on study habits, importance of education, and
what to expect from high school experience

Martial Arts Summer Camp Instructor

Role: Assistant instructor (2012), Co-instructor - Jujitsu 1st degree black belt (2013-2014)
May 2012, May 2013, & May 2014
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John D. Fernandez
HOME PHONE: (520) 546-7964 | CELL PHONE: (305)-458-1482
7948 South Nautilus Drive, Tucson, AZ 85756
Martial Arts Summer Camp Instructor (continued)
401 S. Prudence Road
Tucson, AZ 85741
Provided safe, fun environment for students learning martial arts
Taught jujitsu class for students ages 6-8 yo.
Assisted with instructing teen jujitsu classes
Took part in black belt instructor seminars and teaching seminars
Assisted with teaching Karate and Kajukenbo Karate classes

Desert View High School (DVHS) Writing Center Mentor

Role: Writing Tutor and Resource
Aug. 2012- May 2013
4101 E. Valencia Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85706
Facilitated learning and promoted growth in writing skills of high school students
Provided supportive, professional environment where students can come for
Assisted with essays, reports, English assignments, and general writing

Assistant Martial Arts Instructor for Lil Dragons

Role: Co-instructor & Relief Instructor
Aug. 2010- Oct. 2012
250 N. Pantano Road, Suite 100
Tucson, AZ 85710
Taught children ages 4-8 yo. basic skills needed for advanced forms of martial
Facilitated growth of communication skills, motor skills, and problem solving skills
in an age appropriate manner
Reviewed importance of safety and taught safety skills
Stressed importance of good citizenship and communication skills
Provided students with lessons on positive life skills

Maritza Gallardo
SAVAHCS, SDU RN | (520) 904-0655
William (Billy) Honer:
SAVAHCS, 3E RN & VALOR preceptor | (520) 490-6002
Sharon Hitchcock:
University of Arizona Clinical Instructor | (520) 404-9748
Carla McPherson
University of Arizona Clinical Instructor | (520) 870-2320