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Friday 9.00-10.

30 Interviewed Staff of Faculty People who related to this activity :

November 10, of Nursing Naresuan Dr. Somsak Thojampa
2017 University Kittisak Kumpeera
Place : Staf Room

On this day we had opportunity to interviewed staff of Faculty of

Nursing. Friday is English day on The Faculty of Nursing, we had
chanced to help staff improved their English. Each of us interview
one to three people.
We ask them focus on idendity and job description. Some people we
intervied in position of HRD policy, Information Technology policy,
Laboratorium, Head of Accounting and Financial, Purchasing
Material Education, Budget Management Policy, Academic
Education, and Academic Service Society

10.30 a.m.- Lunch

13.00 noon
13.00 Educational Visis at People who related to this activity :
Community Hospital: Wang Dr. Somsak Thojampa
Thong Hospital Kittisak Kumpeera
Place : Wang Thong Hospital, Ban Nam Dan, Moo 3, Wang Thong
We arrived at 13.30 p.m. and we received warm welcome from the
vice director of Wangthong Hospital. The vice director presented
about the health condition in Wang Thong district, and also the
vision, mission, programs, structure and the facilities of the hospital.
Wang Thong district has 19 subdistricts and total 119,103 people.
The hospital has employed 220 staff. There were 19 sub-district
health promotion hospitals.
There are three department in this hospital:
1. In Patient Department (the ward consist of: inpatient ward for
male (30 beds) and inpatient ward for female (30 rooms), each
ward have two VIP room.
2. Out Patient Department: only open in the morning, has more
than 220 cases/day, the cases mostly about hypertension, DM,
asthma, and COPD
3. Diabetes and Hypertension Clinic: >100 cases/day
4. Emergency Room: >100 cases/day
5. Negative Room
6. Surgery Room
Wang Thong hospital have one Community Health Center. The
hospital Community Health Center had Thai complementary and
alternative medication. Thai medicine provides Thai massage and
Thai herbs medicine.
The hospital Community Health Center got many awards related to
their innovation. They promote health through stickers and dances.
They also make educational school for elderly like at the Phai
Chumpon Municilulity.
They have hardworker nurse, the comparison between nurse and
population is 1:2.500. Nurses have roles and duties to make home
visits to the sick people so that health development can be monitored

The benefit of this activity:

1. Knowing about district health system in Wang Thong District
2. Increasing our knowledge about the health care departments in
Wang Thong Hospital
3. Increasing our knowledge about programs and services in each
department at Wang Thong Hospital
4. Increasing our knowledge about programs and services in
Community Health Center of The Wang Thong Hospital