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Lauren Seitz

Professor Reilly

EDUC 359

20 November 2017

SIOP Reflection Questions

1. Our objectives for the lesson were:


- Define key words that they do not understand while reading through the text of the


- Simplify colonial language into familiar terms while reading through the text of the



The students will examine the fourth and fifth amendments of the Constitution and the

rights they give citizens. They will also decode these amendments and put them in their

own language.

- The student will be able to identify the key concepts the fourth and fifth

amendments fully.

- The students will be able to match an amendment to a situation in which the Bill of

Rights may need to be referenced through a Kahoot.

Overall, I feel like my group and I reached our objectives due to the activities we had

planned and the responses we got from Tara. Tara was able to fill in the graphic

organizers efficiently and then answer the Kahoot questions correctly. Therefore, our

objectives were met.

2. I think Taras vocabulary knowledge was developed further throughout our lesson. This

is because we taught her new material that required her to have an understanding of

specific terminology. Prior to teaching the lesson we introduced the words that we would

go over as they were shown through the PowerPoint. Then, as we got to the word, we

read the definition and used it in the content. Since the vocabulary words we taught

during the lesson were new to Tara, her language development grew. Learning new

words and content helps to build knowledge.

3. When teaching our lesson, there were a few things I felt were too easy or not explained

well enough. I think that came from the lack of my own knowledge on the topic and

information I was teaching. It was a lot different teaching a high school lesson compared

to the usual elementary school lesson I make and teach. If I were to teach this lesson

again, I would definitely study the material more so I would be more familiar with what I

was teaching. I dont think I did a bad job, but I do feel that I could have done better if I

knew the information at a deeper level. Therefore, I feel like the lesson was too easy

since I did not go into depth on the content. However, the information was still new and

Tara was able to follow along and did not seem confused.

4. If I were to teach this lesson again to an ELL student, I would need to simplify the

content. I would do this by explaining the vocabulary words in a simpler manner and by

giving more examples to relate it to them. I would show videos, pictures and give better

examples of each word and how it can be used in a sentence or scenario. I would also

give more background information on the topic being taught so the material isnt too

difficult for the student. When the child lacks background information, it will be difficult
to understand the material that is building upon on. Therefore, it is vital to teach all the

necessary information prior to adding more advanced facts to the material given.