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Hazard (9)

Site Driveway
Hazard Controls:
- Housekeeping for driveways: (free from risky obstructions e.g. sharp
and waste concert)
- Traffic signs: e.g. speed limit, stop/caution.
- Periodic inspection and maintenance system (kept records).
- Vehicle registration, and the driving license, and vehicle insurance.
- Traffic management plan (access and egress routes) and traffic control
Outline procedures.
- Hazards - Safety Training: for banksman, driver/operator, and site workers,
- Hazard Controls - Safety Barricading: e.g. walkway, driveway, working zone, dangerous
- Inspection (unsafe conditions/acts) areas (excavation, lifting area, electrical zones ),
- Emergency telephone/ police.
Driving Hazards: - Banksman (traffic control and load) and security guard (gate control).
- Traffic accidents (death, serious injuries, - Appropriate PPE: high visibility clothing, safety footwear.
for pedestrians or vehicles) - Park vehicle in designated parking areas.
- Damage to vehicle.
- Driving of company vehicles or personal vehicles is only allowed.
- Collisions with other vehicles and plant
- First Aid kits and fire extinguishers must be available.
- Falling into trenching or excavation - Seatbelts for driver and passenger.
- Excessive noise levels - All vehicle loads are secure without overload.
- Overturning - Tie red ag markers to overhanging items for 1m or more is essen al.
- Fire - Fumes
- Slippery
- Falling (persons/ objects)

Parking Hazards: Banksman

- Close walkway/ roadways
- Trips

By: Engr. Murtadha AlRuwaie Last Update Date: January 5, 2014