The Burj al Arab Island                          Number of piles: 230 Length of piles: 45m Diameter of piles 1.

5m Depth of lowest basement under sea is 7m below sea level. Heights Height of atrium: 182m Height of helipad from sea: 212M Height of top of accommodation from island: 190m Height of top of mast from island :321m Dimensions Distance of shore to the outer point of island: 450m Size of island: 150m per side Sea depth: 7.5m Length of biggest truss: 85m Weight of biggest truss: 165t Cantilever of sky view restaurant: 27m & 1.7m deep Size of sky view restaurant: 1000 sq m Weight of helicopter that can land on the pad: 7.5 tonnes Maximum sway at top of accommodation: 300mm Total volume of concrete on the island: 33,000 sq m Total volume of concrete in the superstructure: 36,000 sq m Total tonnage of steel: 9200 tonnes Gross area of building: 120,000 sq m 28 double height floors (7m floor to floor height) Height of atrium: 180.5m with volume of: 285,000m3 Length of mast: 60m Fabric area: 8700 sq m x 2 Thickness: 1mm with 50cm air gap


It looks like a sail / boat. which is unusual as most tall building are founded on rock.FAQ questions & answers on the design of Burj Al Arab hotel by Tom Wright. fun and sophistication all things associated with yachting.. The screen is the largest of it's type and covers an area of one and a half football pitch and is hung from the top of the building by over a kilometre of 52mm cable. Why did you make the hotel look like a giant sail? Dubai is becoming a world resort location so the building had to say holiday. We found that they were all totally unique in shape and they all have a simple easily recognisable form. Sidney has it's Opera House and New York has the Statue of Liberty so Dubai would also have a building that people would associate with the place. As there is only sand to hold the building up the columns rely on friction. Why is the hotel out to sea? It helps its uniqueness. The building is supported on 250 1. If one man was to build the building himself it would take about 8. Design Director What was the brief for the hotel? The client asked us to design a building that would become a symbol for Dubai. Does the hotel stand on rock? The building is built on sand. This mixed with Dubai's nautical heritage it seemed an appropriate shape. The diagonal trusses on the side of the building are as long as a football pitch and weigh as much as 20 double-decker busses.000 years to finish . If it was on shore it would block the sun on the beach in the middle of the day. Are there any unusual materials used in the building? The screen that encloses the third side of the atrium is made of 1mm thick glass fibre fabric with a Teflon coat to stop the dirt sticking. Other amazing facts.5M diameter columns that go 45 meters under the sea. We decided that the test to determine if a building is symbolic is if you can draw it in 5 seconds and every one recognises it. They were built 15 KM from the site and brought by road to Dubai on huge 80 wheel lorries which had to be specially imported from South Africa. The highest truss took a day to lift into place.. What makes a building symbolic? We looked at the other buildings in the world that are symbols to see what they had in common.

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