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16-01-10 Boomwhackers? What do you do with them?

16-01-10 Boomwhackers? What do you do with them?

Sun, Jan 10, 2016 at 1:15 PM


Themes & Variations

16-01-10 Boomwhacker??? What do you do with them?

LINK TO New Online Resources! Contact

Musicplayonline will be free for the rest of
this year and very affordable when we go to a Canadian Office
#2-4664 Riverside Drive
subscription model. Try it now! If you have Red Deer, Alberta T4N 6Y5
any trouble registering, be sure to let me know
so we can get signed up. Link US Office
PO Box 309
to site:
Danville, WA, 99121

Artie and Denise - Shakin' it Up in Chicago Phone/Fax

July 6-8, 2016 1-888-562-4647
Join Artie Almeida, Denise Gagne, Thom Borden (real people answer our
and Dan Fee for a 2 day elementary music
conference that will give you a wealth of ideas Email:
and inspiration for teaching elementary music
classes. Close to Chicago airport - affordable Website:
Teach Music Reading with Boomwhackers
AB Kodaly Singposium
I remember the first time I saw Boomwhackers - Feb. 6th, 2016 Calgary
8:45-3:45 PM

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16-01-10 Boomwhackers? What do you do with them?

it was at an MENC conference in Phoenix almost St. Stephen's Anglican

Church Presenters include
20 years ago. They looked like fun - and they
Ardelle Ries, Jody Stark,
are! But what do you do with them? Sylvia Zavzavadjian,
Kim Eyre, Marni Strome and
Teach Music Reading with Anita Perlau.

Boomwhackers is a new resource,

that includes Rhythm Challenges to Denise Gagne does many
review rhythms, an introduction to workshop sessions each
year! Some of her sessions
staff and alpha-notes (note names include
right on the note head, colored
Boomwhacker notation, and notation Sensational Singing
Games for K-6
with no hints to have your students reading Classrooms
music quickly and competently! Best of all, Children everywhere love
singing games. Teach
projectable PDF files are included. We've
rhythm and melody reading
formatted the projectables to fit the screen - using your students favorite
like all of our Digital Resources, the music is games! Teach social skills,
multicultural material, and
large and easy to read. The PDF is
more through games! In
interactive:the audio is embedded in the file so this session, youll
you just click on the play button. participate, play games and
have fun learning about
Begin with
the Rhythm Dances and Singing
Games your students will
Challenge love! Children everywhere
to review love singing games. Teach
or rhythm and melody reading
sequentially using your
reinforce students favorite games!
rhythm Teach social skills,
multicultural material, and
more through games! In
First this session, youll
rhythms participate, play and see how
teaching the game can
enhance your curriculum.
then the students read them. Fun tracks Get Creative with
accompany this! Recorders are an
inexpensive melodic
Introduce instrument. Composing for
recorder and creating
the staff to
accompaniments for
the compositions can be a key
students part of your recorder
and how to instruction. In this session,
Denise will give you
name templates to use for
notes. composing, share student

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16-01-10 Boomwhackers? What do you do with them?

compositions, and facilitate

music composition using
recorders and Orff

Dollar Store Diva - Hands

on learning engages, inspires
and motivates children as
well as providing assessment
opportunities for teachers. In
The song this session, Denise will
is given share her favorite toys for
the first teaching music, and
mini-lessons using the toys.
time with Come and be playful with
alpha- puppets, rhythm bags, flash
notes: the cards, hand staff, floor staff,
melody bags, pointing
pages, cookie sheets,
name is skipping ropes, chopsticks,
printed on paper plates, bugs, and
the note. more. Digital resources and
APPs as teacher visuals in
conjunction with student
manipulatives will also be
shared. Music literacy is fun!

Favorite Storybooks in the

The second Music Classroom:
time the Music can be used to
song is enhance and accompany
given with
stories. Youll have a lot of
colored fun dramatizing the stories
notes. and creating
All accompaniments for
childrens classics.
can be

What a great way to introduce note reading before Easy Music Theory
you begin teaching recorders! Easy Music
Theory is a
music theory
Try it out! We've posted free samples book for
Canadian site USA site beginning
You can download the collection or order the band, choral,
print copy. With each shipped order, we're general
music classes or for teachers
given a set of note squares - this helps cover who teach private lessons. A
the shipping cost! class set of 25 is only $100 -
$4 each. You can't photocopy

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16-01-10 Boomwhackers? What do you do with them?

COMPOSING WITH BOOMWHACKERS a set of theory worksheets for

$4! The teacher's guide
You can teach melodies, chords, or rhythms with includes multiple choice tests
Boomwhackers. When you use the pentatonic set that correlate to the sections
(CDE GA C') you can use the Boomwhackers as a of the student books - your
assessment is done for you!
rhythm instrument, and improvise and compose
rhythms with them.
There are many ways that you can have students Easy Guitar Songs -
improvise. Play a steady beat on a hand drum and Teacher's Guide and Student
ask all the students to improvise rhythms.
Change meters. Play the beat in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4,
and 6/8 meters. Try some improvisation in 5/4
and 7/4. Encourage the students to play the
Boomwhackers in a variety of ways - on hands,
feet, shoes, desks, the floor, or elbows. They
should use common sense when playing
Boomwhackers on their body. I draw the line at
playing the Boomwhackers on another student.
(They are only allowed to play on their own
body.) In the beginning, have everyone play at
the same time. Then have students sit down and
ask only those whose color is shown, to play.
This is detailed in the collection, Composing
with Boomwhackers. In that collection several
songs are given with places in the song to have
students improvise. This is one of them:
The Easy Guitar Teacher's
Guide and Student Book
is a great song collection to
teach young beginners to
sing and strum on the guitar.
The teacher's Guide includes
introduction to guitar, music,
lyrics, chords and chord
charts. It includes 25 folk
songs with perf/acc CD,
Digital Resources. Kids want
to play pop songs - so we've
included links to 25 very
easy pop songs on YouTube
that your students can play
Composing with Boomwhackers with. Order a classroom kit
for $100 that includes a
includes note squares to help
teacher's guide and 25
students begin composing rhythms. student books. The student
I've used these for many years - books/CD are only $5 ~ you
they are easy rhythm manipulatives couldn't copy the book/CD
for that!
to make (unlike lego rhythms which

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16-01-10 Boomwhackers? What do you do with them?

take hours and hours!) The book EASY UKULELE SONGS

includes the note squares to copy and cut out.
Make up sets of notes for various grade levels.
I use ta, ti-ti and rest for K-2, and add more
note values as students improve reading and
writing abilities.

If I had
Easy Ukulele Songs
half Teachers Guide (C) is an
notes, excellent song collection to
they are teach young beginners to
sing and strum on the
two ukulele. The collection
squares in includes 32 folk songs with a
length. A performance/accompaniment
CD, projectables, chord
whole note
charts, reproducible student
is 4 squares long. Once students have created lyrics pages, and links to
the rhythm using squares, they transfer to a easy pop songs to play along
beat chart, then to a staff. The templates for with. The first 15 songs use
just one chord. The next 15
beat charts in 4/4 and 3/4 are included in the songs are very easy two
resource. chord songs, and there are
two songs that use three
Two, three and four part ensembles are included chords. #EUKETG $25/$30

for students to play, then students write their Student books are
own. Some melody reading and playing is inexpensive and will help
included in the resource - three note melodies, your students to practice
more and practice more
then pentatonic melodies to play and to create.
The final activity in the resource is to have
students create their own song. Coming Soon - Easy
Ukulele Songs in D
Recorder Tips:
I like to start beginning recorder in January of We've created SIX great
4th grade. The students have better fine muscle apps for iPad or Google
co-ordination by 4th grade, and they progress as
devices. If you have a
quickly in 2-3 classes as they would have in
class set of iPads,
5-6 lessons (or more) in 3rd grade. My 5th
volume purchasing is
grade students played recorder in 4th, and in
available for these apps.
5th I like to start them on ensembles. I use
the Recorder Resource Kit 1 for 4th, and the
Recorder Resource Kit 2 for 5th. The Recorder
Kit 2 has 24 songs for 2 part soprano with
Vocal Warm-ups
optional alto. The Recorder Resource Kits are
for Singers or
available as apps:
Recorder Links Canada Recorder Links USA
This app is based on

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16-01-10 Boomwhackers? What do you do with them?

the warmups book,

Recorder App ITunes "Strictly Warmups" by
Recorder App Google Kerry Heisler. The
warm-ups in this
collection are organized
into five sets. Each set
Learn and Play Recorder 2 App (iTunes) includes a physical
Google Play- Learn Recorder 2 warm-up, breath
awareness, then five
minutes of a variety of
mid-range warm-ups.
SINGLE SONG KITS - piano/vocal score, vocal reproducible, NEW!! Lower Price!
perf/acc MP3s, projectables Any of our songs are available as a $2.99 US
single song kit - request by email if you don't see the song you Vocal Warmups - ITunes
want! Link to Song Kits USA Link to Single Song Kits Canada

The Musicplay K-6 Rain Rain

Curriculum is Story - is a
sequential, affordable sound story book that
and aligns with state uses the Rain Rain Go
and provincial Away song, and a poem
curriculum from for students to
Texas to Ontario! accompany. This app
The Complete Digital includes ear training
Package includes activities and
- teacher's
instrument exploration.
Rain Rain Story app
(iTunes) Rain Rain -
- Digital Resource
- Listening Resource
Kits 1-5
- Smart Rhythms 1-2
Note Name
- Recorder 1-2 Digital
- Movement Songs,
Match Game -
Shake it Up, Composing with Boomwhackers. 10 levels of
Memory to match notes
To learn more about this curriculum view our webcast: with their letter names. Great for recorder
students, piano
Grants are available to help fund a purchase: lessons, beginning band.
Note Name Match
Game (iTunes)
Sample lessons and teacher guides can be found at:
Note Name Memory

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16-01-10 Boomwhackers? What do you do with them?

Themes & Variations #2-4664 Riverside Drive Red Deer, AB T4N6Y5

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