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Task and Audience Analysis

Use this worksheet every time you begin a new writing task, whether its a simple e-mail or a 20-page
proposal. After a time, youll begin to write for these goals intuitively, and you may not need this worksheet

Task Analysis (a.k.a. Goals Analysis)

Main Task Goal:
Report the employees behavior and better his work ethic while not costing him his job.
Secondary Task Goals (check all that apply):
Reinforce my image with my supervisor/other superiors

Contribute to my long-term professional goals

o What are those goals? Be a productive company that provides employees to better
themselves in the workplace and be a successful business.

Promotes the goals and priorities of my organization

o What are those priorities? Have hard-working and passionate employees to maintain a
good reputation for the company.

Audience Analysis
Primary Audience: Secondary Audiences:

Main stakeholders: Management and Audience 1: The retail store.

employees Audience 2: Customers.
Audience 3: The corporation.
Whats in it for this audience? Pros: Build the store Whats in it for these audiences? Pros: more
by bringing in customers if the employees are positive shopping experience and better work
more pleasant. Better work environment. Cons: environment.
Could be time consuming with training and costly.
Age/generation: Gen X and Gen Y Age/generation: Gen X and Gen Y
Economic status: Middle class Economic status: Working class
Cultural/ethnic/religious background: All ethnic Cultural/ethnic/religious background(s): All ethnic
backgrounds and religions. backgrounds and religions.
Gender: Male and Female
Educational level: Bachelors Degree or higher Educational level: High School, associates or
bachelors degree.
Where from/where living: Local (close to the store). Where from/where living: All over the US or local.
Role/status in organization: Leadership Role/status in organization: Feedback
Political views: Various views. Political views: Various views.
Values/things they care about/things theyre Values/things they care about/things theyre
interested in: Customers, employees, and the interested in: The company.
companys success.
Problems/Challenges: Extra training responsibility. Problems/Challenges: Customer dissatisfaction.
Leadership style: Authoritative. Leadership style: Various styles.
Decision-making style: Collaborative, group Decision-making style: No decision making
thinking. needed.
Openness to new ideas: Very open-minded. Openness to new ideas: Very open-minded.
Questions about Primary Audiences Personality Quirks
Confrontation style: Constructive criticism
Sensitivity level: Sensitive to customer and employee needs.
Emotional personality: Varies, but mostly even-tempered.
Sense of humor: Appropriate for the workplace.
Prejudices: Sometimes tend to favor one or two employees over the others.
Questions about Primary Audiences Communication Style/Preferences
Preferred communication method: Verbal (face-to-face), email, and over the phone.
Preferred style of explanations: Detailed explanations.
Best time of day to approach: Morning and afternoon.
Hot buttons: Having to explain something more than once, poor work morale.
Questions about Primary Audiences Relationship to Subject
What does he/she know about subject: Very knowledgeable on how to efficiently and effectively deal
with difficult customers or employees.
How does he/she feel about subject: They are passionate on maintaining the companys success and
What is his/her attitude toward innovation/progress: Open to progress and new ideas.
Does he/she prefer to originate ideas: Sometimes prefers to come up with new ideas by herself but
appreciates input from those around her.