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Elementary Education Formal Observation Form

Junior/Senior Intern

Student: Deena Alzaben Observer: Holly Hunter Grade: 1st

Date: 11/7/17 Time: 12:30 Subject: Social Studies

1. Classroom Climate/Culture - Student Behavior

X Intern communicates and maintains standards for appropriate classroom behavior.
X Intern anticipates and acts on potential classroom disruptions.
X Intern maintains positive classroom climate.
X Intern responds to student behaviors appropriately.
Comments: Redirected when needed and did a good job managing student behaviors.

2. Instruction - Instructional Time

X Intern has materials, supplies, and equipment ready at the start of the lesson or activity.
X Intern gets class started quickly.
X Intern uses available time for learning and keeps students on task.
Comments: All materials were prepared ahead of time and lesson was executed as scheduled.

3. Instruction - Instructional Planning and Presentation

X Intern establishes links with prior learning and experiences.
X Intern arranges learning activities to support standards.
X Intern appropriately uses a variety of teaching styles.
Comments: Included whole group lesson, questioning and opportunity to share, and independent activity. Ask Does
anyone know what we are celebrating and why? to gauge prior knowledge and explain as needed.

4. Instruction - Instructional Monitoring

X Intern circulates to check performance and monitor progress.
X Intern varies level of questioning.
X Intern ensures that all students have the opportunity to participate.
Comments: Included a variety of questions. Those who wanted to participate in sharing information could and everyone
was engaged in independent activity.

5. Impact on Student Learning - Facilitating Instruction

X Intern establishes clear outcomes for learning.
X Intern communicates learning outcomes to students.
X Intern adjusts lesson based on student responses/ongoing assessment.
X Intern connects learning outcomes to the NCSCOS.
Comments: Adjustments were not needed during the lesson. Lesson was related to real life and students were able to
make connections to family members or if they met someone who has served in the armed forces.

6. Evaluation/Assessment - Instructional Feedback

X Intern provides feedback on the correctness or incorrectness of in-class work to encourage student growth.
X Intern affirms correct oral responses appropriately and moves on.
X Intern provides sustaining feedback after an incorrect response by probing, repeating the question, giving a clue,
or allowing more time.
Comments: Deena did a nice job questioning during whole group. During independent activity, try to probe more if they
respond I dont know.
Strengths: Areas on which to focus:
- Good questioning - Begin by stating the standard or I can statement
students will know we celebrate many holidays but
- Made sure to listen to all ideas are going to focus on one

- Explain cemetery why is the boy putting the

- It is okay to not know! I like how you were honest flowers there?
and said Im not sure why. You can also go back
and find the answer together
- Provide and model example of a letter/card at the
- You did well explaining why they were writing the carpet
letters it gave a purpose to what they were doing
- If drawing a flag on the card, show a picture of the
flag could discuss why it is an important symbol?
- I appreciate how you let them make it personal
and write to a family member, if applicable
- Possibly show the different branches of service
- Your questioning encouraged students to raise
their hand and share - Provide turn and talk opportunities

- I like how you offered to share for a student if they

were too shy it showed you really listened to
their thoughts

Were the learning outcomes for the students met? X YES NO

Did the interns/student teachers classroom management support the learning outcomes?
Yes, the teacher did a nice job managing the classroom to achieve desired outcome.
Was the Teaching Behavior Focus goal achieved?
Yes, multiple students were called on during whole group. Students were provided the opportunity to ask/answer questions
during the activity and allowed to share ideas.
Student Intern Signature:______________________________________ Date:______________

Mentor Teacher Signature:______Holly Hunter___________________ Date:____11/29/17_____

University Supervisor Signature:___________________________________ Date:______________