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August 2010

All The Way

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After a long period of silence I decided to publish a new issue of 50K MUSIC MAG again. If you'd like to support the MAG, please help me writing it. Because it's a very time-consuming job. It would be very appreciated if I could get some more support from the community. I hope you have fun reading it. And of course, if you like the mag please spread the word. So, who are the artists spotlighted in this issue? First we have our cover story about Gisel de Marco - written by Wolfman, a real true fan. We have articles about Scott Brunger, Matt Springfield, who raises funds on akamusic, The Tender Hooligans, BOA, a member of new 50K MUSIC Squad, The Wha's, Amycanbe, who are #1 for several weeks at Indie TOP 100, and of course Tula, who raises funds on two platforms at the same time. So enjoy reading the MAG and please give me your feedback. Authors and topic suggestions are always welcome as well. Send your hints and suggestions to Besides I'm still looking for correspondents who like to work for the MAG - get/keep in touch with local SellaBand artists, observing the (SAB) music scene and write articles/reviews/reports for the MAG from time to time. You should live in France, Germany, South America, Japan. So get in touch with me and we can talk about a collaboration soon.

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The Tender Hooligans ... 5

Matt Springfield ... 6
The Wha's ... 12

LilleBOA ... 17 ... 8 Mulder

Tula ... 14 Gisel de Marco ... 8

Amycanbe ... 18

Trail ... 18

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Editorial 2 I Write Songs from the Heart not the Head 4 Can't Beat the Buzz of Playing to the Crowd 5 Modern Sound with an 80's Spirit 6 All the Way 8 100 Days of New SellaBand - Five Questions to Michael Bogatzki 11 The Return of The Wha's 12 Introducing: The 50K MUSIC Squad 13 You're My Music, You're My Drug 14 Band with Mingled Feelings 17 A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose 18


I Write Songs from the Heart not the Head
50K MUSIC: Who are you, where do you come from, ...? Please tell us something about Scott Brunger. Scott: My name is Scott Brunger, I come from Maidstone in Kent and I'm 27. I was brought up on a council estate in Maidstone, I never finished school yet went on to get a degree in music at Chichester University in West Sussex. I am proud of my education but I am also aware that it is useless, I wrote songs from the heart and not the head before uni and still do now. I am a father of two beautiful girls but other than that I am just a songwriter and than just one persons ego and I really want to bring country music back to the good songwriters and away from the multi-billion dollar American music industry. 50K MUSIC: You've just started your project on SellaBand. Have you thought about the time after reaching the goal of 20k yet? What are your plans then? Scott: I need investment to be able to take my music to America, I believe that the old tour-bus way is the best, play as many states as possible and build support in the

Introducing yet another promising newcomer – Scott Brunger plays his music from the bottom of his heart … and you can hear it. He raises funds to bring pure and true Country music back to its homeland.
nothing more. I live only to see my music succeed and that one fact about me describes almost everything else I am. 50K MUSIC: How did you discover SellaBand? Scott: I had a burst of energy one morning whilst looking after my youngest daughter and decided to join all of Reverb Nations affiliates. I particularly liked Sellaband as I had not come across that kind of format before. 50K MUSIC: How are you going to convince people to believe (and invest) in you? Scott: I find it hard to portray myself as something special at the best of times but I truly believe that my style of Country music will satisfy true country tastes in the same way most alternative music does. I don't call it "Alternative Country" because I was brought up on 80's country-rockpop pap, that I feel is the Alternative to good country music. I believe people will follow a cause more willingly home land of country music. I don't believe America is the be-all and end-all of music but to dirty up the clean generic crap being passed of as "Country" you need to start over in the same way people like Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan did. 50K MUSIC: And last question: How can we support you to speed up raising your budget? Scott: The goal is to get me on the road, so money is only needed if its needed, I can only see as far as travelling costs, food money etc because I have very little knowledge of how things are done, the most valuable thing is professional support. I need a manager or an agent or just someone who knows what there doing and what I want to do. That is worth more to me than all the money in the world. My heart is with the music, the performance and the recording, the money is for anyone and everyone who gets me there.

Can't Beat the Buzz of Playing to the Crowd

5 50K MUSIC: It's about one year since Tender Hooligans disappeared from my radar I must admit. What happened since then? T.H.: Well until before summer we were mainly writing and taking a break from all the constant giging we were doing. We went into the studio in March and got 3 tracks down which we're really pleased with. Now we're giging hard again, played the Moor Musci Festival last weekend which was awesome and playing some great events such as Leeds Festival Fringe, Little Heroes live event and supporting Exit Calm in September which we're really excited about. 50K MUSIC: You started to fund an album on SellaBand in 2009. What are your plans now regarding the album? T.H.: We really just let that go by the way side and decided that wasn't the best way to go. It was more of an experiment really to see how far we could get with it. 50K MUSIC: What other plans can you unveil to us? T.H.: Well we'll garry on giging hard for the next few months and then we plan on going to London to record a few more tracks and hopefully play a couple of gigs down there. Take the Tender Hooligans to the south and also hoping to get signed to a small label of some sort to elavate us to that next level. 50K MUSIC: You play a lot of gigs at the moment. How important is it for you to play live? T.H.: Yeah it's what it's all about really, you can't beat the buzz of playing to a crowd who's enjoying your music, it makes it feel all the more worth while.

This band hailing from Yorkshire (UK) is definitely on the top of my playlist since I discovered them on SellaBand. The Tender Hooligans describe their SellaBand efforts as an experiment. But they are absolutely worth to keep an eye on. I asked them about their further plans - here are the answers


Modern Sound with an 80's Spirit

Matt Springfield wants to bring the spirit of the 80's into the 21st century. And he is very successful doing this. He has already funded his single "Things I've Said" on akamusic. And ... he is one of the members of Dream Team.
50K MUSIC: For all those who don't know you yet, please tell us something about you. Where do you come from, what are your roots? Matt: I'm a french singer/songwriter. I'm influenced by bands and artists such as Depeche Mode, U2, Coldplay, Keane, The Killers, Robbie Williams and many more... I started in music by playing the violin! 50K MUSIC: You have already raised a budget of 15.000 € to produce your single “Things I've said”. What were your experiences during the funding process and later the production of the single? Matt: It was a great experience. During the funding process there was a lot of exchanges with the 372 believers. They gave me advices and we also had a lot of fun!! The recording session was also a fantastic experience! It's been recorded at Modern World Studios in the UK with acclaimed producer Greg Haver (Manics, Melanie C.) and mastered in NYC by Ryan Smith (Beyoncé, Nada Surf, Erasure...). I worked with cool and great people : Andy Taylor, Beth Gibson and Clint Murphy. I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot! 50K MUSIC: When will the single come out? Matt: The single will be released in september. It will contain 2 tracks. On one hand, there’s "Things I've Said" that creates a relaxing cyber-atmosphere, which puts you in a half-sleep state, and on the other, there’s "Haunted" which makes you want to get off your chair and shake your booty. The idea behind my work has always been to uplift the listeners to a state of emotional well-being!

7 50K MUSIC: Are you satisfied with the fundraising for your album “Erase All Data” so far? Matt: Absolutely! I started the fundraising for the album about one month ago and we already reached 34% with 124 people investing in this project. I think it's great known that the single isn't out yet. I hope that the release and the promotion of the single will also help the fundraising of the album! 50K MUSIC: What are your plans for album production and promoting the album once it's released? Matt: I've already written about 10 tracks for the album. I'm very pleased about the sound of the single and I hope to work with the same team for the album! Greg Haver did an awesome job on the single! The album will be distributed in France by Universal. I also really enjoy the promotion process : going to radios, getting interviewed... Music is great as it could bring people together! 50K MUSIC: On your akamusic profile you state that you want to bring the 80s into the present. Do you think this could work? Matt: 80's music is a big influence for me! Depeche Mode, U2 and The Police were the first bands I listened to. I also enjoy bands and artists such as Coldplay, Keane, The Killers, Muse. I think they're all a bit 80's influenced! I found the sound I've been searching for in the studio. Greg Haver really understood what I've been looking for : the songs have an 80's and "poppy" structure, at the same time, they are clearly and gently sprinkled with catchy rock instrumentations and dreamy electronic sounds. A modern sound with an 80's spirit! I hope it will work!! 50K MUSIC: You are hailing from Alsace but your songs are in English. Are there any reasons why you don't sing in French?

Matt: I've always been really found of english pop music that's why I wanted to work with english people and that's why I sing in English. I wanted that my music has an "english sound"!! 50K MUSIC: Your producers on akamusic get 40% of the benefits and a CD. Are there any more incentives for people who invest in your music? Matt: Yes, they get 40% of the benefits and a signed CD before its release! They could be involved in the production if they want to. We share a lot on akamusic. Believers can give advices, choose the tracks they prefer with polls for instance... 50K MUSIC: Do we have a chance to see you on stage this summer? Matt: No, I have no musicians for now. But I'm looking for musicians to go on stage and promote my songs! After achieving a first dream recording my songs with a great producer, I dream to play gigs and share my passion playing live! 50K MUSIC: How can we support you raising your budget? Matt: You can help me spreading my name around the world and sharing my music with your friends and family! 50K MUSIC: And last question: Please tell us one thing about you and your music everybody should know. Matt: I make music with passion and my only dream is to share it with the world!


Wolfman shares his thoughts about Gisel de Marco’s journey towards her debut album “All The Way”
(WM) Throughout my life, I’ve always surrounded myself with music. I was a big fan of ‘70s and ‘80s Rock music, groups like Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Heart, and many others. But as time passed by, I found myself listening to slower tempo music like the Eagles and Elton John. My musical taste continued to expand into new age, jazz, reggae, and pop music; but like so many others, I listened to the mainstream artists. That all changed on April 22, 2008, when I first heard “Roma” on Sellaband. In that instant, Gisel de Marco was stamped in my music memory forever. I couldn’t understand the lyrics, but that didn’t matter to me. Gisel’s passion and incredibly beautiful and angelic voice captured my attention like no artist before her…I became an instant fan. It didn’t take me long to join Sellaband and purchase my first 10 parts in Gisel; after which, I received my first comment from her. There was so much appreciation in her message and she was so excited knowing that she was the first artist I invested in, that it touched me deeply…learning that my small investment in her music project meant so much to this independent artist from Argentina. It was that first message that started me down the road of discovery and support for Independent Music and the artists I support, also known as “The Pack”. I owe so much to Gisel… Over the next couple of days, I received some songs from her and we exchanged many messages. As I was listening to her music, one thought kept going through my mind…”how is it possible, that this artist is not being played on the airwaves?” It didn’t make sense! That is when I set out on my mission to help this incredibly gifted and deserving artist in any way I could. At the time, I was working as a Network/Windows Engineer for a global company and I understood operating systems and networks, but really didn’t know anything about web design. Like Gisel, I don’t let obstacles get in my way and I took a big leap of faith in my ability to learn new technologies quickly when I asked her if she would be interested in an English website.

9 At that time, she had a website, but it was written in the Spanish language, which limited her exposure to Englishspeaking fans. Well, Gisel was thrilled at my offer, so with my back against the wall, I bought some web design software, a lot of books, and set out to create her first English-speaking site. Over the course of the next two months, Gisel and I worked together on our first version of her site and our goal was to get it up before her gig in Salzburg, Austria on July 4, 2008. We met our goal and received many nice comments about her new site. With her website up and running, I turned my attention to helping create interest for her project through reviews and many, many comments. My desire to help Gisel was the driving force in how I wrote my messages…I took my time and proof read everything, multiple times. I wanted the best for her, because having worked with her on the website, I learned about her as a person and the struggles she endured, as well as her many accomplishments. A great friendship was born! Having grown up in Argentina, Gisel didn’t have what people in other countries have, so she developed an appreciation for things that so many others take for granted. She always loved music, but never realized how much or how it would change her life, until her friends convinced her to sing at a Karaoke bar on night. She sang, “Hero”, by Mariah Carey. In an instant, the crowd went completely silent and Gisel made a connection with them she had never experienced before and it became the defining moment in her life, because it was then, that she found her first and greatest love…singing for people. Since that time, she has been singing, writing, and performing in many towns and cities in Argentina, as well as the United States and Europe. Getting back to her journey on Sellaband, Gisel experienced something she never thought would ever happen. On August 25, 2008, she became the 25th Sellaband Recording Artist! 356 people, from around the world, believed in, and invested in her dream of recording an album. As I watched her celebration video and how much this meant to her, I got choked up and couldn’t hold back my tears of joy for her. She’s special in so many ways and when you hear her album, you’ll understand what I saw in this incredibly gifted Argentinian artist. So what can we expect to hear on her debut album? For starters, 20 musicians from the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra performing on nine of the 12 tracks! I told her from the very beginning that with her world-class voice, she deserves an orchestra, so what did she do? Not only did she get one…she got an orchestra that specializes in pop music!! The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra is comprised of musicians with years of experience, who create a compact and powerful sound, perfect for Pop music. This girl is simply amazing! Gisel arranged a nice mix of ballads, pop, up tempo, and dance songs. It was important [to her] to give her believers the best representation of who she is as a singer and songwriter. She also included 2 bonus videos on the Limited Edition CDs: “I Wish I Could Fly” and a very unique behind the scenes video from her photo shoot, with “I’ll Never See You Again” as the background music. As if this weren’t enough…you will see Gisel in a way never seen before. Benjamin Furland, her photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, used his magic to capture Gisel in absolutely stunning and incredibly beautiful imagery. I’ve always told her she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen; and after you see her photos…you’ll understand why. Gisel sings about love and when you read her lyrics, you get a sense of what to expect; but when you hear her sing…she will leave you wanting to hear more! The passion she injects into every song is incredibly powerful; and then, when you hear her riffs…her “soft” wispy voice…the super high notes she hits…and the power with which she delivers her message…you know this is an artist that will soon be recognized around the world…and it starts with her debut album. Gisel de Marco has a breathtaking voice and when you hear her debut album, “All The Way”, I think you’ll agree. I have eagerly been waiting to hear “Roma”, the song I believe to be the first of many masterpieces she will bring us. When I first heard “Roma”, Gisel's message was so clear to me. Some of the best songs have a special meaning to the artist and if they are able to transfer those emotions to the listener, without overdoing it...they have truly created something special. Gisel accomplished that with “Roma”; but what is even more amazing to me, is the

10 fact she was able to do that in her native language of Spanish, which I do not understand. She masterfully accentuated every single word perfectly and empowered the melody beautifully...I felt her pain, her love, and her strength. There is certain innocence and longing, but the passion she injects conveys an overwhelming sense of sentiment and sadness. I found myself crying for her...caring in ways I never experienced. Her heart-felt delivery touched my deepest emotions and the compassion I felt was indescribable. Gisel has a 4-octave range and she is a brilliant, extremely talented and gifted singer/songwriter who will evoke intense emotions in the listener…you will feel her passion in every song she sings! On Sunday, August 1, 2010, 301 people from around the world joined Gisel in a 4-hour listening session of “All The Way”. The reactions were unanimous. “All The Way” is the best album by any Sellaband artist yet…in fact, many agree, it could be the best album of 2010 by any artist! For me, this is all the proof I need when I say that her music transcends international borders. The road to the release was just under 2 years; but well worth the wait. Gisel is a perfectionist and she knew what she wanted. She states, “I've spent a lot of time writing new songs, choosing the right producer, orchestra, and photographer, which will be very noticeable as soon as my album is out. The idea is not doing an album fast, but doing the best album possible..." I asked her how she liked the final result and she said, “I tried to make a commercial album…but without sacrificing quality, and I'm very proud of it! I'm so happy!!!!!! I have to say that I absolutely loooooove my album!!” I couldn’t agree more, because an album of this quality takes time and patience for all involved; but there were also delays she could not control. All in all, the end result is a world-class production with a BIG sound worthy of this incredible artist who is destined for the big stage. "All The Way" was produced, recorded and mixed by Marcus Bishop of Quantum Leap Studios in Dover, UK (; Chris Wong, guitarist, co-producer, and arranger; Mastered by Paul Grundman of Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, CA ( Through her music and friendship, Gisel taught me many things...hope, love, forgiveness, humility, laughter, and all things beautiful. I have shared in her joy, her sorrows, and her pain. Gisel is the most remarkable person I've never met; but known. My hope is for others to find that same joy, and they can...through her music. The price of her Limited Edition CD is minuscule compared to the satisfaction the listener will experience ...for she has a gift to share. The gift of love and hope, knowing deep inside that everything will be matter how bleak the journey seems. I sincerely hope you join me and lift this Argentinian princess up on your shoulders, by purchasing her Limited Edition CD through her website,, and believer’s stores on Sellaband, and by sharing this article with your friends. Sellaband provides the platform to unite believers and artists, but once the artists reach their budget, it becomes the artist’s and believer’s job to spread the music. Now the real work begins…getting Gisel’s album heard by as many people as possible. Thankfully, with the Internet, that job is not as difficult as it would have been before the Internet was invented; but the challenge is difficult none the less. If you enjoyed “All The Way” as much as I, please share your thoughts with your friends and acquaintances using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media. Together, we can prove to the Sellaband community that it is possible to turn a fan-funded CD into something bigger. You see...we are the lucky ones. Not only are we a part of the most incredible album of 2010, we also have the opportunity to help Gisel achieve her dream and perhaps, give hope to the rest of the Sellaband community that it is possible to turn our investments into something good. On behalf of Gisel, I would like to extend a sincere and heart-felt thank you to everyone who supported her. The journey has been a long one, with many ups and downs; but in the end, it was all worth it. “All The Way” exceeded even my expectations and for that, I am pleasantly surprised; but so very proud of my dear friend. Gisel de Marco is truly the best I have ever heard! Wolfman


100 Days of New SellaBand Five Questions to Michael Bogatzki
In February this year Michael Bogatzki took over the job as the new SellaBand CEO. Since the New SellaBand has started he had to solve a number of problems. After his first 100 days it was time to ask him a few questions. 50K MUSIC: A little bit more than 100 days ago you took over the job of SellaBand CEO. Do you regret this step with hindsight? Michael: Not at all! It has been and still is a great challenge and I´m happy that we´ve managed the takeover and the first 100 days together with a vast majority of the Believers and Artists. 50K MUSIC: What was the hardest challenge for you after the new start? Michael: I would say that all the regulatory and legal issues have been most challenging, since this is something you can not completely influence. On the one hand you have to follow certain rules and requirements and on the other hand you are looking for a creative an positive way to realize a workable solution. Beside of this it wasn’t always easy to find the right priority because there are so many demands and interests we have to take care of. 50K MUSIC: Are there any issues you wanted to tackle but haven't solved yet? Michael: Yes, I would love to be faster with the progress of the front-end and usability. Everything else is in a good situation. Things could happen faster – as always, but right now I would say “we are on schedule!” 50K MUSIC: A lot of (active) believers and a few artists have left SellaBand after the bankruptcy. How do you plan to bring the community back to SellaBand? Michael: We have to offer new features – we need more marketing power, and support the artist as an consultancy, provide proper distribution partners, promotion activities... We will have some nice new features, TV shows and are expanding into foreign markets. This will give a lot of attraction for our former believers. We will setup satellites around the Sellaband Planet. Those satellites will create a 360 degree full service for Artist and should be very attractive for all our “old” believers. 50K MUSIC: What are your plans for the next months regarding the website, promotion and SellaBand in general? Michael: As said we are working on the TV appearance, we will have some more competitions like Rocken am Brocken or the Intro co-operation. There will be some nice changes to the website, functionality and appearance in general within the next 6 month, but of course we don´t want to spoil anything right now. Thanks Michael for the interview.


The Return of The Wha's
It made me a little bit sad when I heard the news lately that The Nancy Wha have split up. You can imagine how happy I was when I noticed that they will continue to play their music as The Wha's...

I asked Henrik, singer and guitarist of the band, for a short statement what their plans are now, what happens with the announced Nancy Wha EP: "Yes, we will continue as The Wha´s and we are all very happy about it. What happened to The Nancy Wha was that the drummer and the second guitarist, who hadn´t really been in the band for a long time, quit the band because they wanted to play another kind of music. Well, we were surprised first but then we noticed that it was really a good thing and we felt reliefed cause now we could play the music we wanted to. We found a brilliant

new drummer and decided to change the name to The Wha´s. It felt like a natural thing to do. Then we found a great guy who plays organs and we all felt that the band was completed. The EP won´t be released in it´s current form, but the songs are likely to be released as The Wha´s and sound the way they were supposed to. We now concentrate on new songs, but we´ll keep our old ones as well."


Introducing: The 50K MUSIC Squad
A few months ago I had the idea to start something new on 50K MUSIC - the 50K MUSIC Squad. There are already the Dream Team and Wolfman's Pack for supporting and promoting artists in- and outside of SAB. I've thought about starting another team of artists who get my special support and superior promotion on 50K MUSIC. 50K MUSIC Squad combines a wide range of music styles. It represents my favourite music and therefore it's a very subjective choice I have to admit. And this is what I have in mind supporting the Squad members: - focussing on Squad members when investing on SAB, aka music, STP,... - special promo activities on 50K MUSIC, Facebook, ... - own profile for Squad members on 50K MUSIC, ... more to come. These are the members of 50K MUSIC Squad so far:


Listen to:
Alex Highton BOA

Civilized Tears

w.t ww
Fleur Jack

ntc a le

t .n l as


You're My Music, You're My Drug
Everyone who is familiar with the artists of Dream Team and Wolfman's Pack will sure know her already. Tula raises funds for two projects at the moment on AKA music and SellaBand with the strong support of her truest fans.


Read exclusive 50K MUSIC interview about where she comes from and where she wants to go: 50K MUSIC: For all those who don't know you yet (if there is anyone at all) please tell us something about you. Where do you come from, what are your roots? Tula: I am a 28 years old self trained pianist (started at the age of 5), I compose, write and and sing. I was born in 1982 in Tel Aviv , Israel. My dad is a former trombonist, son of a Lithuanian Symphonies and Opera Writer, stopped playing 40 years ago, since in his eyes music was only for the soul and when he stopped playing professionally he stopped playing. My Parents didn't accept my music and till now they still think I am just dreaming and will come to my senses eventually. For a long time I tried to be someone else , I got a Molecular Biochemistry Degree to please my parents. I worked in labs like the "mad scientist" in day time, waiting for it to be night so I can make my music, take the mask off and be me. I worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry , trying to combine my ultimate passion and a way of means. Then a year ago, I met the love of my life, my dutch fiancée, in the Netherlands, and one month after he came to live with me in Israel. We went through a lot of struggles to be together, but we believed and still do. We currently live in Antwerp, Belgium. I left Everything behind for my love and for music. I couldn't have done it any other way. 50K MUSIC: How would you describe your music and your style? Tula: I make Gothic Symphonic Metal music. This is a genre that combines Heavy Guitars and drums parts from the metal music with the beauty of Gothic dark notes of my piano and Symphonic orchestrations. I was influenced by artists like : Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot. Anouk is one of my favourite artists and a lot of people compare me with her, which is a huge compliment. 50K MUSIC: You are member of Dream Team. How has this influenced you? How do you think this will help to get

more believers and fans? Tula: Joining the Dream Team really changed my life. I met Sommersby (Phil) on SAB and he invited me to join the team. The team is a very warm, supportive group of independent talented artists from all across the globe. It was very exciting to meet people who are artists like me and are pursuing their dream in a very unique way. Supporting and helping anyway they can, truly amazing. I recently met Phil, Inge M, Cecile More, and Lindy at Inge's House in the Netherlands. I can say that was a great experience. We shared thoughts about music, listened to music, and enjoyed a great company, while Phil made us laugh all through the evening. I think that the Dream Team is an amazing platform, it gives exposure due to Phil's Great support and devotion: We have our own Facebook Group Page and it's already starting to draw a lot of attention from believers and fans. We have a newsletter which is updated every week with news and events. I feel there is a Team of people behind me, pushing me towards my dream coming true. It's the best feeling in the world. I am also part of "The Pack", which is a group of independent artists from all around the world. I want to personally thank WolfMan, the founder of the pack, for his support of us artists. He made an amazing website for the pack: with a newsletter, a blog and social networking exposure. He is a true Believer, gives endless support, and an amazingly supporting soul. I can say that I feel like he gave me the family who believes in my music, the one I never had. I think that joining these two fabulous groups of artists has donated a lot to the exposure of my music. With the help of the Dream Team and The pack I won Indie top 10 Radio Noise Corporation Belgium competition which landed me a 3 months hearing in the playlist of the radio. Another great thing is meeting artists and making connections via Facebook communication agencies that helped me with promoting my fan page on Facebook, the live stream TV shows of other artists as Aly Cook has helped a lot with exposing my "Hey You" Video.

16 50K MUSIC: You're raising money even for two projects at the moment – for a single on AKA music and for an album on SellaBand. This means a lot of work for you I think. What are your plans in detail? Tula: On AKA I am raising funds for a single album (15k). I mostly turn to the French audience, since AKA is more French and concentrate on exposure on French Stores and online sites. In the end of the fund raising I will release an Psychosomatic EP which is almost completely recorded to the French media. I started on SAB, and I would like to say that recording a full length album is my ultimate goal. I am raising 50K on SAB to not only fund the my album "My Music My Drug" , but to also work on the "Psychosomatic" show. I give a physical CD to every Believer and a very generous incentive plan for my believers. I have a couple merchandise surprises up my sleeve for my believers, I think they deserve it all. I also give 50% of my revenues to believers, since the album is their like it's my own. My Detailes Plan is to raise 50,000$ which will be used to: Record my album "My Music, My Drug" with producer and music legend , Oliver Philipps (Everon). He is the German producer in charge of the new upcoming metal star "DELAIN" and "SERENITY". He worked with musicians form "Within Temptation". Like him, I am loyal, he was the one who made my demos, who believed me when I didn't have a dime, and he made My Music My Drug for me. We would start working as soon as we reach the Funding Target. The amount will also cover costs for the Psychosomatic show, that will run through Europe, focusing on the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany. This new concept of a show, never seen before, combining my Molecular Biochemistry abilities (yeah I am a scientist) with making music. At the end of the Psychosomatic show my believers will receive a special recipe from my Music Laboratory, a new surprise each time (New Singles, T shirts, Backstage passages and more to go). Some of you may also Play with me on my Secret Formula Piano. I am donating 10% of my rights revenues and income to charity for animals, since I am a hard believer of giving. I also have 2 dogs I adopted from a shelter, and they mean the world to me, you should see how much love an animal can give, it's incredible. My plan is to invest in each of you, cause you are precious to me for believing in me. 50K MUSIC: You have raised 1,200 € on AKA music and 1,690 $ on SellaBand so far. Wouldn't it be more effective to concentrate on one project? Tula: I think the two platforms are approaching different exposures, one more to the French Audience (AKA) and the other is a more global platform (SAB). I also have different targets, one is for an existing EP to make a more appropriate exposure and the other, which is my mane goal is to record a full length album. I think having both platforms only promotes my music, my fans and believers can join both my projects, and that brings a different crowed to every platform. It's not about effectiveness, for me, it's about getting the music to the listener's ear, that's why I am also using Reverbnation, Facebook, Myspace and other platforms. 50K MUSIC: How can we support you raising your budgets? Tula: You can always help with exposure to Believers and Fans, become a believer yourself is always great and supportive. I think the idea of the 50K music squad is very cool and I would love to be part of it. I think the key to supporting an artist is exposing his music to the crowed, so thank you for doing that for me . 50K MUSIC: It's still a long way to go on both platforms, but have you already thought about your plans for promoting your single/album? Tula: Sure, my Gemini personality always makes me vision ahead, so here are my plans: The remaining fund after recording the album would be to - hire a professional promoter specializing in the METAL/ROCK field to advertise and promote the album and the Psychosomatic show via social networking (Facebook fan group currently 650 people, Myspace 90,000 hits), book interviews on TV and written music magazines. He would also use to daily update my official website with special surprises (backstage passages to believers and purchasers of the album, through a special internet code) -The promoter will also contact Festivals organizers such as Park pop, Pink pop and other big musical Events and shows to get the psychosomatic show in. - Contact a Publishing company to start spreading the news about my music to get the album in stores across Holland, Belgium, Germany and France. - Produce promotional merchandise (Tula logo shirts, which I already made the design for) and pay for design work, as well as covering manufacturing of specially packaged limited edition copies of the album and a run of standard packaged copies of the album to distribute to my believers first and to the market later as special limited edition items. - I have already started working with my producer Oliver Philipps (Delain, Serenity, Imperia, Ancient Rites, Everon), which puts me on the map immediately in the eyes of the media regarding interviews about the album. - I want to have a special appearance artist on my album, (his identity is still a secret), the artist will donate his musical talent to help me promote my music. I think this is just the beginning. I have a lot more ideas ... stay tuned... 50K MUSIC: And at last: one thing you always wanted to tell your believers, fans and investors. Tula: Oh, I am so glad you asked that, since they are the reason for all this. I want you to know that inside that rough angry Metal Singer, lies a little girl, who only needs a hug. You give it to me each day, and I just want to say Thank you , from the bottom of my heart. This one is dedicated to you: You're my music , You're my drug. You're my saviour , you're my hug You are everything I'm not, and all I really am You're the power of my thoughts, you make pleasure out of pain. (Tula, My Music My Drug)


Band with Mingled Feelings

Thats how Göteborgs Posten (GP) titled about Swedish pop band BOA. BOA were one of the 16 finalists of GP Scen who played on Gothenburg's Järntorget on August 14. A few days before they got great feature in GP's entertainment section. Their music was described there as "lighthearted melodies accompanying with dark lyrics". Orsi and Olof represented the band when they met with the GP people. Attila and Botond were in Transsylvania at this time. Drummer William jobbed in Eskilstuna over the summer. But they all went back to Gothenburg to play their song "Push" at the GP Scen final. "It's going to be smashing. Spontaneous and magnificent", Orsi stated in the GP interview. "Push" has also got airplay on Mix Megapol, a well-known Swedish radio station. But it was not their radio debut, as GP noticed. TalentCast was the first radio station to play there song. "Probably it gave us not so much attention. But it was cool to listen to our sound coming out of the radio", said Orsi. Sadly they did not win the competition, but the media attention they got, will surely give them a big Push. After the GP Scen show I talked to Botond and got a short comment on BOA's gig: "The GP Scen Final was a good experience, it was great

being back on stage after a long summer holiday, although the performance took a few minutes really. Every band played the song they were in the contest with, so when I felt that the pre-nerves settled and we were up and in the music we had to stop, but I think all the other bands felt the same way."


A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose
If you regularly keep an eye on the activities of Friend Vote Indie TOP 100 you surely have noticed this band from Ravenna (Italy). They are number one for two weeks now with their song "Rose is a Rose". Please welcome Amycanbe on 50K MUSIC. I talked to Mattia Mercuriali (bass/guitar) to find out who they are:


50K MUSIC: For all those who don't know Amycanbe yet, please tell us something about the band. Where do you come from, what are your roots? Mattia: We come from Italy ... on the northeast coast of the Adriatic Sea. We are 5 guys playing too many instruments!!! ... ;-) ... and, well .. our roots are so wide different ... everyone has his own taste ... so, about mine, I can tell I'm currently listening to a lot of Italian library music from the 60's, Beach Boys, Primal Scream ... and so many others. 50K MUSIC: What is the basic message of your songs? Mattia: Considering every song has some "picture" in it ... they talk about a specific moment ... about a meeting most of the times ... so each one has its particular message or "flavour". 50K MUSIC: Congrats on being number one on Friend Vote Indie Charts. Do you think this will help to spread the word about your music? Mattia: We DO hope this will help ... let's make some other spamming please!!!!!!!!! 50K MUSIC: You toured Italy and the UK so far. Did you notice any difference between the audiences in these countries? Mattia: Yes, substantial differencies ... first of all ... in UK people usually listen to you ... that's not obvious when you play in Italy ... we miss some "listening-culture" ... it's a fact of manners I suppose ... 50K MUSIC: Will we see you on stages in the rest of Europe soon? Mattia: We are definitely trying to! Crisis is EVERYWHERE.

50K MUSIC: You're currently working on a new album. Please tell us how you come along with the project and what we can expect from this album. Mattia: If you have been listening to our first 2 issues ... you will be pleasantly surprised by this one ... it is far more dense ... full. 50K MUSIC: What are your plans for album promotion? Mattia: Mainly making people and press spreading the word, planning shows, making people comining to see us and stuff like that ... we cannot afford great budgets and almost nobody can I guess! ... so ... nowadays for a band like us all is mainly based on playing live, and using the web at the best of its potential, a good communication of course with a smart and social PR ... not by default I mean .... 50K MUSIC: What other plans do you have for the next few months? Mattia: A gig in Tokyo ... and ... mmm ... a new van ... the peace in the world ... :-) ah ... ouch .. it is not the genie in a lamp question, is it?!? ;) 50K MUSIC: How can people support you promoting your music? Mattia: Please come and join us on our gigs ... spread the word ... and, almost all ... tell us what you like or not like ... we are curious people! 50K MUSIC: And last question: Please tell us one thing about you and your music everybody should know. Mattia: You have to know ... that the new songs are great!!!!

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