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Module #2

My two Analytical Moves:

Move #1: Suspend Judgment

o This is a picture of a college professor who is teaching a class. Behind him shows
an overflow of information and notes. Now as I look at the picture, Im thinking
to myself Wow that looks very complicated and confusing. But if I were a
student inside his lecture hall listening to his lecture, I would probably be able to
understand what he is talking about as well as what he is writing. You see, I made
a judgement about the picture and what the picture portrays without even
analyzing and fully understanding the message behind it.
o What I find most interesting about this picture is the overflow of information the
professor has written. This picture shows that the professor cares about his work,
his lesson, and the learning of his students. He cares enough to where hell write
as much information as possible in order for the students to fully understand the
topic/ subject.

Move #2: Define Significant Parts and How They are Related

o This is a video of the destruction that Hurricane Harvey brought to the people of
Texas. As I watched the video, I took into consideration the different parts about
the video. What I mean by that is that I took one subject of the video such as the
destruction the Hurricane brought and divided it with anther subject from the
video such as the peoples reaction/ thoughts.
o The main elements of the video include the destruction that Hurricane Harvey
brought to south east Texas and the peoples reaction and/ emotions about the
destruction. It goes in detail about the homes and buildings that were damaged.
The people talk about what their house used to look like, where stuff was before
the hurricane swept through.
o The connection between the people and the destruction of the buildings, homes,
etc. is that the destruction of the buildings/ infrastructures effects the people who
operate on these buildings. What I mean by that is that if a grocery store was
destroyed, how would the people of the town get their food and water?
o Its a cause and effect situation. Hurricane Harveys strong winds and powerful
waters caused destruction to many homes and buildings. As a result, the people
are effected by the horrible destruction.