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(Aka Ninja Girls and My schoolgirl cant be so Meng! [info])

Version (October 21st, 2017)

October 20th: Updated the gallery, more new girls.
Previous: Team recommendation chart is ready! Reddit thread here.
Kratos will return! To consume all your diamonds real money! Again!
Current Events:
October 20th: Halloween!
Halloween item crafting list
And heres a concise rundown of the event

Aquas skin (with skill): Elf of Flower - Lucky Wheel

Revolvers skin (with skill): Beach Shooter - 15k
Nani (SX) - 13k
Karatines skin: Chinese Girl - 3k

Are they worth getting?

Aquas skin is not really that good for PvP, its better for facing a solo boss or
someone whos using mostly one kind of damage (physical/magical).
Revs skin isnt a huge boost, so 15k is too pricey.
Nani from what I hear is actually pretty good, but again, a steep price. Basically
double the cost of the average SX vendor pull.
Karatines skin is a normal one thats available in the skin shop on the Taiwan
version. Were probably getting the shop soon ourselves, since its shown up as a
glitch for a number of people. That means its in the code already.

And yes, you want Wandy. A lot of people are able to get her to 5 star with alts,
so it might be a bit hard to compete. Please dont spam gimme gifts in the chat like everyone
else plzkthxbai.
September: Michael vs. Lucifer? The Battle of the heavens rages on!

Well, in Taiwan anyways XP. Here in GXB/NG-Land it'll take a while for the battle to
spill over into our backyards. So far people are saying Lucy is better than Michael. They
both start out at 1 star, so itll be weird to see how it plays out.
(I just love sprites)

Hideyoshi awakened and Yuan Huan

Selene awakened and the new kimono girl Lady Mi

Phoenixs skin and Guo

Lady Gan awakened.

Jump down to previous events

Table of Contents:
1. Terms
2. FAQ
3. Beginner Info
4. Tips and Tricks
5. How to play on PC
6. Champion Mode
7. Club Event (aka Guild Boss)
8. Infinity Mode (now labeled Voyage)
9. Fantasy Mode
10. Past Events (guides and showcase)
11. Other Resources
12. Misc. Info
13. Pets (unfinished)
14. Girls Analysis (unfinished)

Main Updates:
September: Redid the gallery again. Google Photos is a pain to work with. Gallery here,
if you want to browse, (Oct 20th) or better yet, download a Zip here (Sep 12th).
August: Team recommendations chart is up! This is what most people ask for, so I say
give em what they want! >>
Check out Oscar Lee on Youtube for some videos of the girls from the Taiwan version.
(Btw, I made small updates or corrections to the guide every few days)

This document is best viewed on a PC, using Chrome or Opera. Also, uncheck the Print
Layout (View > Print Layout) to make it less spacious. You can also go to File >
Download As .PDF to save a copy offline. But its really slow to start the download.

To leave a comment (on PC), click on some text or highlight it, then point to the right
edge (where white meets grey) and look for an icon to appear. Click on that. Comments
and suggestions are most welcome! (Oh, and dont worry if you accidentally edit
something, I can fix it).

Here's a short link to the guide if you want to share: (caps dont affect it)
AoE - Area of Effect (an attack that hits multiple targets)
AP - Attack Power. An estimate of your teams overall power, (basically level+skill levels)
Awk - Awakening
BG - Battle Girl
CC - Crowd Control (interrupting, stunning, silencing, etc)
DOT - Damage Over Time (poisons). Also a multi-part item you use for crafting.
Example: you need 5 Volleyball dots to craft the actual Volleyball.
DPS - Originally Damage Per Second: A general term from other games for how much
damage you do. Often used in place of DD/Damage Dealer. Example: Lavia is a DPS.
Pandaria did 12,000 DPS.
F2P - Free To Play. People that havent spent any money on the game at all.
Meta - The current state of the games balance. Like which types of teams can beat
everything else. Will be different for each server, depending on who is available.
NG - Ninja Girls, another english version of the game. Run by less greedy developers.
Better in almost every way. [link]
P2W - Pay To Win. Real money gives you a large advantage in this game.
PvP - Player vs. Player. Anything on auto mode.
PvE - Player vs. Enemy (like Campaign or Champion).
Sustained Damage - The game's term for Damage Over Time/poisons.
Tank - Front girl who soaks up damage
TF - Top Floor
Ult. - Ultimate, aka burst skill, the only one you control
VIP - Paid features or bonuses in the game
(Slang) Whale - A big spender in an otherwise free game. Originally from casinos.
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7 FAQ: (featured)
Who is this guide for?
Well, other guides are for people who have paid several
hundred dollars and have SX girls, or who are at level 90-100
and played long enough to get every girl to 5 star. But I don't
think they really need a guide. I made mine for actual new
players. Normal people. And for those who might want to learn
about all the girls instead of just copy other players.

Is Girl X or Y any good?

I made a team recommendation chart since everyone seems to want advice on who to level up,
Also, heres a ranking list (and a smaller version I havent updated yet much, but its a bit easier
to read on a phone). Apologies, spreadsheets dont look very good on a phone vs. a PC.

Which team is the best?

Use Wildtress until level 80 or so, then switch her out for Sisha, and then use Leona after 90.
Dps and CC will be up to you, because one group counters another. Itll vary, and each server
will have a meta of which teams are used the most and thus need a specific counter.
Recommendations will depend greatly on level. Some are only good until 50, some only after

How many tanks/DPS/healers should I use?

Tanks dont do much damage, their entire purpose is to protect those behind them. Youll
probably need more than 1 to survive the onslaught. Consider though that frontal attacks often
hit the whole front row, so more than 2 is a waste. Theyll all get hit. Team composition is very
dynamic, replacing one girl can completely change the outcome of a battle. Youll see it
frequently in Champion mode because you can restart as many times as you want.

How do you awaken girls?

At level 90 there is a quest for many of the girls. Awakening gives them a new appearance and
a new skill, which can make them significantly stronger than before. To find out who can be
awakened, drag past their 4th skill. If you see a 5th, they can be awakened.

Should I use a magic or physical team?

You want one of each, since this game is about countering more than anything else.

Where did Yuris Mushrooms go?

The event was confirmed to be a one time thing by the GMs, like for new players. It
wont start over.

Are the starting girls any good?

Up until about level 40 or 50, yes, plenty good. They all become strong again after awakening.
Which girls are the best?
Wildtress and Sisha are totally unbalanced. The rest come down to recommendations, or are
situationally best. Level is a huge factor--those who are good at the start of the game may be
weak after level 50. After you get Wildtress, heres a quick rundown of who else you want:


1. Leona (for 5 star, level 90/awakening)

2. Sisha (Fantasy Shop)
3. Ninja (Top Floor Exchange)
4. Aegis (Fantasy Shop)


1. Nurse (1 on 1 Exchange)
2. Scythe (farmable: chapter 1/7)
3. Joan is easy to get. And even some people ranked #1 on Top Floor use her.


1. Rhea (Now in the medium vendor)

2. Caitlyn (Choose The Girl You Want event packs for $10)
3. Blowie (Champion Exchange)
4. Boxer (farmable: chapter 6/9)
5. Cynthia (farmable: chapter 5/9)

Other good choices:

1. Dracula (Top Floor Exchange) [good til level 80]

2. Succuba (Top Floor Exchange)
3. Muppet (Champion Exchange)
4. Amazon (farmable: chapter 4/5)
5. Annie (farmable: chapter 5/7) [good til level 60/70]

How do I get SX girls?

By spending $200 (real money) to get to VIP9. Then a new vendor opens up. Its 388
diamonds per draw, no 10x discount or free ones. It generally takes 5-10k diamonds to
actually get a girl. Also, every few months, theres an event where VIP5 people can spend
4,888 diamonds to get some of the older SX girls but only in other versions of the game. GXB
devs pulled an asshat move and removed it from ours.
(NEW) Who are the best SX girls?
Matters of opinion of course, but here are the various discussions:
reddit - what_are_the_best_girls_in_the_sx_to_wait_for/
reddit - sx_tier_list/

How to get a specific SX girl?

Heres a list on Reddit of where the SX girls were released/obtained.The SX vendor hot spot
however is random: facebook post

Where do I get a girl if the game doesnt say where?

Mostly from monthly events, for example:

Monthly login: (2017) Medium Vendor hot spot: (>May 2017)

Vanees: October Robin
Nono: August Kitty
Nasha: July Meimi
Elloi: June Sasuke
Athena: May Sailor
Shamoke: April Elloi
Sailor: March Shamoke
Robin: February Nono
Kitty: January Lisa
Meimi: December 2016 Vanees?

Recharge ($10): (2017) 2017 events: (SX)

Edward: October 7th Nani, Wandy: Halloween
Handana: September Sophia and Cayla: (September)
Yasuna: August 16th Ruby: Mystic Puzzle (August)
Dolly: August 3rd Susan, Kaylee, Roselle, Matador, Beary:
Omega: July 20th Lucky Wheel-Solar (July)
Exorcist: July 8th Octagirl: Beach Fun (July)
Nancy: June 21st Sakura: her event (July)
Nikita: June 12th Ashely and Liz: Midsummer Chest
Calista: late May? Jade: Treasure Hunt (June) {+Springy and
Marynari: May Xmas Elf rare drops}
Rhea: April Max and Medusa: Lucky Wheel (May)
Fangirl: early April (?) Sasuke: Kite Festival prize
Matador: March (?) 2016:
Roselle: February 14th Wraith, Selene, Yuri, Liah: Thanksgiving
Octagirl, Samurai: Halloween 2016

Checking where the others came from. Comments appreciated.

Daily Recharge event packs ($3): (>May 2017)

Nun & Harley are also in the Medium Vendor.

New Choose Girl You Want event packs ($10): (>June

Caitlyn (very worth getting)
Matador, Dolly, Ruby, Nikita.
Ada. Exorcist, Magician and Rhea are now available in the Medium
Luna scrolls can be obtained from Social > Exchange > Random Scroll (costs 100). The
drop rate is immensely low however (1/50 in my attempts). Unlike the Taiwan version.
Shes a normal 1 star girl you get from events and the Small Vendor.

Silvia: Aug 27, 2016 link

Priestess, Beary: Sep 15, 2016

Why do some people talk about events I dont have in my Activity tab?
Each server can have their own events.

Which pets should I get?

Tudu and Bunny before anyone else. Most of the others have very limited use. I personally like
using Ricika though. (Fran got nerfed in August 2017, so its not for certain that shes worth
getting anymore).

Can you buy more than one Monthly Pack?

My buddy Commander (server 90) pointed out that if you buy two it just adds 30 more days.

(NEW) Can I recharge 100 diamonds 3 times to get 300 for an event?
Nope. I bit the bullet to test it. Even if you dont leave the payments page it still only says 100
when you complete the 3 payments. I got my 300 diamonds, but only one payment registers at
a time. Unless it says cumulative recharge like it did in the Halloween event page.

(NEW) What are the 10k Liquid/Powder or 100 Magic Energy items?
Theyre used for the Workshop (level 85).

Who should I get from the starter packs? (20, 30, 40 and 50)

Tennese, Lily and Rosie from 20-40. The rest are rather lacking. As for the 50 pack, Cynthia is
only good til 70 (unless her awakening changes things). Wild Girl is best at early game and for
Guild Bosses only, Scythe however gets better and better *after* 50.

How does Workshop.. uh, work?

Im learning about it too. I created a spreadsheet for the 5 levels of the Recycle Bin. Basically
you want to upgrade the Cabinet, since its required for the other upgrades. Cabinet > Recycle
Bin > Admin is the order I believe.

Start working in the Work Place (now under Training) for Magic Liquid, youll probably need at
least twice as much Liquid as Powder. Theres also a new 4th place to work for Binders. Then
begin your efforts recycling and upgrading. Dont recycle all your stuff though, since the crit
(double reward) rate goes up a lot with the upgrades. It looks in like the rest of the Workshop is
just lengthy waits for giving your girls more stats via the Bookshelf and Cabinet, and you can
slowly create gear and pet gear via the Cabin and Workbench.

When does the Arena open? It always says Not yet released
June, August and October so far. Its open for 45 days, then the season ends.
How do you get skins?
Very rarely from events, and theyre usually very expensive. (For example I spent 10k
diamonds on my alt trying to get Leonas xmas skin and got nothing due to RNG). Also, if you
hit the little armor button above the stars on a girls page, you can see the name of skins as
well as the gear she needs for the next two promotions. The Taiwan version has a skin shop
that opens at level 40. We're probably getting it soon too. But watch the greedy devs set the
price at 5k instead of 3k.

Why arent my girls gaining exp anymore?

An easy thing to overlook, your academy level determines the max level your girls can be.

How do you add people to your friendslist?

Social > Add Friends and then type in their name exactly into the search (good luck with special
characters!) Then check the server number too. It also shows your own ID code there, which
people can use to add you. This is different from the referral code. Your ID looks like 9047116
for server 90 (first two numbers are the same as your server).

What are referral/invite codes?

Im sure youve seen people spamming or begging you to use them. The code only benefits the
other person, not you. Dont help any of the spammers. The best use is for you and a friend to
both exchange codes. That way you get a bonus from them, and they get a bonus from you.
Basically if you buy a lot of diamonds, they get some. The code need to be used before you
reach level 50. It can only be used once, so don't listen to spammers who promise rewards for
using theirs. It's a flat out lie.

What is a Guild War? How do you join them?

Since its a bit hidden underneath menus, I made a quick video to demonstrate. Registration
begins on Sundays, guild leaders and vice leaders can register by going to Guild > Guild War >
Schedule > Sign Up. Then Monday after reset is when you can set up your teams and join.

What is the GM FAQ feature?

Pretty simple actually. Tap the GM tab and type a keyword. The bot (automated reply) will
send a list of related topics. For example awakening or pet. Then tap the green links. (heh,
green Link).

What does intimacy/affection do?

Increases a girls stats. At 300 (Match) you get +1%, 800 (Lover) its +3%. The next level
requires 2000 affection and a 3,000 diamond item (Engagment Ring) to get +5%. You can raise
it daily via the Visit option (if the heart in the status screen is red you can tap it visit her). To play
the Touch mini game, tap and hold on her forehead. At endgame, girls you got engaged to can
boost their stats even more.

Do dialogue choices matter?

In my tests you gain 2 affection for choosing the right one, and 0 if you dont. So no real penalty,
but the choice is permanent. So youre stuck with that bit of text. As for gifts, avoid them. You
can gain up to 20 affection per day for free in less than 2 minutes instead of wasting diamonds.

Gotta catch em all?

Sorry, cant be done. Aside from the story mode which you complete only once and then raid,
everything is PvP. And a girl is either able to compete or not. Very few can. Balance is ignored
on purpose, to keep you trying to get the best ones or just pay your way to win. So most of the
monthly girls for example ($10) will never be used and the money wasted. Whats worse, is the
game puts a drastic limit on gear around level 70, so youre forced to use only a few
girls anyways. Nothing can be done about the limit.

Who is the Traveller/Mysterious Merchant?

If you have a 5 star girl (other than Zhi Yao) and around 5-10 extra scrolls, then spend a
lot of stamina (CS people say around 300-400) theres a chance of him appearing. He
trades 5 of your scrolls for 1 of his. Theyre random, but this is one of the only places to get
Caitlyn scrolls. Note: If you use alts you can also get Cait scrolls from the first chapter of the
game since the update in July 2017 and trade them via the Tea Party.

(NEW) Pay2Win guild wars?

As of August 2017, yep. With diamonds no less.

How do I counter Alice, Caitlyn or others?

See these threads: Alice / Caitlyn. And a few more here.

How do you make use of Phancy?

See here.

What are the songs that play in the background?

Main BG: Yui Makino - Fuwa Fuwa:
A decent AMV with the song here:
Main battle theme: Shukuteki (Rozen Maiden OST):
1 on 1 theme: Fight to the Sorrow (Sky Girls OST):


How do you get Jelly?

TL;DR: Get an alt to 51, take it offline for 7 days, accept Recall mission and summon 20 girls.

Create a character on any server, get them to level 51. Use only the starter girls, do not
summon anyone else. Dont touch the vendors or events that give girls. Dont spend
diamonds. Collect 2 and 3 star girl scrolls. At 51, take everyone off your friendslist but
your main account who gets the scrolls. Then take the alt offline for 7 days. Accept the
Recall mission and then have the alt spam the vendors. Collect 20 girls on your alt and sigh a
relief that its finally over. (Oh! My buddy was right. If you start the alt on a brand new server it's
easy to score diamonds for getting a high top floor rank before it gets crowded. Very worth
doing since it's a free 3-9k diamonds). To get more scrolls, like for 5 star, the Recall mission
cant be repeated. So you need to have an alt recall another alt and trade via the Tea Party. x_x

Should I pay money/become VIP for this game?

The simplest way to put it is this: Wait until youre level 70. The game changes around then
and drastically changes again at 80. If you dont run out of things to do at 80 then yeah, go
for it.
The $5 monthly pack is a great way to get diamonds--3,600 a month for the cost of 500.
Remember though, they want you to go Pay2Win, and many people do fork over hundreds of
dollars. So consider who youll be competing with if you do spend money. Can you afford a
bare minimum of $200? For one game? They can. These are the kind of people who spend
80 dollars on a cosmetic change.

Succuba or Dracula?
Ah, the eternal rivalry! Succuba is defensive, Draccy is offensive. After Awakening Succuba
becomes quite strong. Draccy falls off around 80. Draccy is far more useful than Succuba in my
experience, but (ironically) more short-lived.

Sisha or Aegis?
Sisha is a powerhouse. At any level. But just try her at level 70+ and youll be amazed. Aegis is
great after 90 from what I hear. But in my experience shes kinda useless before then. See also:
Sisha vs. Ninja.

(NEW) Club Event says Im Not in the event list? Why cant I participate?
See here.

The game is lagging or having graphical glitches, why?

The chat will make it lag before long. It just needs a restart. If you find that Daily Tasks or other
things arent being updated, clear the games cache from the Application Manager. Dont clear
the game data, just the cache. May take two tries to get the game to update properly if youre
having issues with items or levels.

How do you beat Floor 35 of Sky Tower?

Good question. Most people get stuck there. Heres what Ive heard or would try:
Tanks: Wildtress (try to borrow a 5 star) to block the Slow effect. Her shields will be neutralized
by Capt. Sun, but at least you avoid the Slow. Sisha (30k+ damage via counters), Draccy (16k
damage, decent chance to survive).
Healers: Scythe and/or Nurse. Together you can survive longer, but then you lack DPS.
Support: Tennese is pretty much required since you will lag too far behind without her.
DPS: Physical comps are often suggested, Gambler and Amazon for example.
Good luck! And please share how you won if you get past it. Lots of people want to know. I
couldnt figure out a way to beat it around level 70, I didnt have the time so I eventually over
leveled and beat it. Sorry. It was just too much of a time drain to try and do it at a low level. The
battle is just flat out unfair. Im gonna leave it at that.

Help! I have too many coins! What do I spend them on?

Small Juices when you need them. You need millions of coins a day after 90 though. So
money is rather chaotic in this game.

Who are THE strongest girls?

God tier: Nobu, Hexa, Diva, Wraith, Werewolf. The other top tiers, Cpt. Sun, Phoenix and
Javelin trail behind a bit in comparison.

Is it possible to reach level 42 to get Cynthia from the newbie event?

You probably need VIP3 at least, and have to buy and spend the extra stamina from day 1.
Free2Play players cant do it. Me and a friend have tested it fairly well, and hes even more
thorough than me.

What are candies used for now?

As of June 2017 they are now used in the Workshop (level 85).

What unlocks at the later levels?

At level 55 you finally get to raid Voyage missions. And a 3rd Workplace. Then its: Infinity: lv
55. Arena: 60. Fantasy: lv 65. Sky City: 80. Workshop: lv 85. Remember that you'll basically be
5 levels too low for new modes you first unlock them. They're probably balanced around SX

OMG, Sky City.

inorite. Purple pets are needed to stand a chance.

How long does it take to get to level 90?

About 5 months. Even the faster players will get walled behind Valhalla mode (which lifts the
level cap past 90), so you dont need to rush that much. To put it in more definite terms, good
players spend 4000 stamina a week. Top players spend 5000+.

Can you transfer to a new server?

Nope. Creating a new character means starting from scratch, no coins, items or VIP.
Supposedly on the Taiwan version you can transfer if youre VIP10. Dunno if theres a fee or
not though.

(NEW) How does the new student/classroom feature work?

It looks like you need a student that is level 10 to get all the rewards. I cant say for sure, but
thats the word on the street right now. Level 10 is practically impossible without an alt But
well see. Ill edit this if new information appears.

Who is Bendy?

A level 100 shiny Snorlax. He appears in the wild frequently, but no ones caught him yet. He
keeps fleeing. Weve tried using a Wailord on him too, without success. Perhaps if we could
figure out his favorite waifu to challenge him with, we could catch him off guard.
Beginner Info:
Heres a rundown of each section for the things you should

#1: Above all else, get Wildtress first (Champion Exchange).

#2: Tap on things! Tap and hold too, the game has many
tooltips to help explain features.

When you unlock a new mode youll usually be 5 levels

too low to handle it. Dont worry if its too difficult at first.
Dont exchange diamonds for coins. Soon enough coins
will rain from the sky while diamonds are rare and cost
real money.
Dont be afraid to use your first set of exp juices.
Eventually youll get about a hundred Small Juices a
day. Use a bunch on Aqua (or Redeyes for Ninja Girls), as tanks need the most
HP/defense. And her stuns need to be high level to be effective.

There are extra items to the right (drag left to see them) in most shops. Beware there are
many rip off items though.
Dont spend any currencies other than coins on gear, unless that's all the shop sells.
Dont buy (farmable) scrolls for 40 diamonds. If you are VIP2 (only $3) you can reset an
Elite mission for only 20 diamonds. Thats 2 scrolls or possibly more for the same price.
Youll unlock the the other currencies and shops as you level up.
Dont buy affection/intimacy items for diamonds. You can build intimacy for free instead.
The 200 diamond item for example is worth about 2 minutes of playing mini games over
2 days. No joke.
Almost all of the gear is worth buying every day, every time the main store restocks.
Youll need a ton for enchantments, and coins are pretty easy to come by.
Never use the sell option in your Bag unless you have 999 of an item. The only items
you dont need for other things are automatically offered to sell when you visit the shop
(like Manga).

(Updated) Your first Medium Juice draw used to almost always be a 3 star girl.
Nowadays Im getting 1s as well :|
Dont buy single Medium Juices. The ten packs give 2-3 girls on average, which is
basically the only way to outright buy battle girls. If youre going to spend diamonds, the
ten pack is the place (aside from events).

With the tiny text flying by so quickly you might miss that each kill gives you 300 MP. At
1000 MP your ult. is ready.
You can rapidly tap the arrows to navigate through chapters faster.
Find yourself stuck on a level? It's probably Bidenty or Lily. Stunning suddenly becomes
necessary when they show up. Watch that particular girl closely to see when she uses
her ult. Most girls give a noticeable shout to let you know when to stun.
Yes, they are stronger than your girls at the same level. Demonstration.
Your stamina goes down by 1 if you lose or quit. It still counts as exp though. You lose 2
in Elite missions or later chapters that cost over 10.

The Chat system is just that, a chatroom. Its live only, meaning if you send a message
and a guild member isnt online he wont see it later when he logs in. The messages get
stored on your device, but arent stored on the server to share with other people. Thats
why the World Channel is so dead :(
The chat will disconnect you after 4-5 minutes if you dont touch the screen, even if its
left on. Leaving it on the Cross Server chat seems to keep it active though. But, this will
quickly cause the game to lag and need a restart.
If the chat doesnt refresh, try switching back and forth between Private Message and
Guild/World Chat.
Tap on a persons name to send them a private message.

You can use the Send Gift option for free 10 times a day. Get some friends!
When you add friends is says confirmation and that just means you can enter a
message there to go along with the request. Like: hello, its me, the guy from the moon!

If you find your guild isnt earning any more points for the ranking system its probably
because its maxed out. Spend some points on the Club Events.

About the bonus message that says you can get Zhi Yao, a 5 star, for your first
recharge, keep in mind she isnt really 5 stars. Shes good for the early game, but stops
being useful mid game (level 50+). This is a mere 2-3 weeks into the game.
The 120 monthly pack only gives 250 points towards the VIP privilege (rank).

See the Champion section, but just remember that you can pause, quit and redo a battle
with no penalty.

Sky Tower:
Use the Quick Clear option every day. Theres no downside to it.
Some floors have a massive spike in difficulty, its not just you ;)
Sometimes the Daily Task will show complete before you actually pick up your rewards.
Double check!

Voyage: Magic/Physical Test (previous labeled Quiz)

You can buy the extra attempt from rank 2 onwards. The payout there is higher than
anywhere else. Eventually though youll be better off if you hoard diamonds instead.

Voyage: Rania, Aladrins, Milerra (previous labeled Challenge)

Starting at rank 3 the drops are worth doing all 5 missions each day. Youll need lots and
lots of those PADs, and the other items are good for Enchantments.
Those Ms, As and Rs on the bottom right of the girls cards/pictures are for which
Challenge mode they can do. You can also sort (filter) in the menu.

Unlike gear, Enchantments are temporary. The stats on gear become permanently
added to the girl when you promote her. The bonuses from Enhancements however
disappear and you get about half of what you spent back.
The game runs at like 1/3rd the frame rate here, so expect lag.
You only need to enchant one single item a day for the bonus. I recommend Toy
Items to keep instead of enchanting (you'll need them later):

Cell Bouquet
Jewelry Bell Volleyball
Leather Shoes Sister's Boots
Sling Bag Magic Cane
Compass Chest Strap
Straightedge Leather Fan
Sexy Stocking Steel Rod
Queen's Whip Hatsune Cane

(Time Zones):
The daily reset time is 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT
Server times will probably confuse you. Its GMT+8 (Taiwan). Events are shown in local
time for the most part, but stores and stamina are server time.

For reference:
12:00 - 14:00 Lunch
9pm - 11pm PST 12am - 2am EST 5am - 7am GMT?
18:00 - 20:00 Dinner
3am - 5am PST 6am - 8am EST 11am - 1pm GMT?
21:00 - 00:00 Breakfast
6am - 9am PST 9am - 12pm EST 2pm - 5pm GMT?

(For Ninja Girls, reset seems to be at 3am PST, and stamina times are 10am, 4pm, 7pm PST).
Tips and Tricks:
You can get around the censors by using a capital letter. Many
words dont need to be censored, like goodnight will show up as
good**ht or assassin becomes ****in. So change it to goodNight
and AssAssin (heh).

The games data folder (via a rooted emulator/device) has a lot of images in their original
resolution. Check out the thread where it was first explained.
DOTs and crowd control effects (like stuns) dont work if the opponent has a shield. They
need to do damage to apply the effect. This is important in Infinity.
Sell your extra Raid Tickets if youre a VIP. Trying to go over 999 makes Wildtress angry
Pets can actually lower your damage. Because the games clock runs even while
animations are going, useless skills (like pet damage) are sometimes enough to make or
break a battle. Like against the Nine-Tail Fox.
The drop rate for scrolls in Elite missions is indeed , but youre nearly guaranteed to
get one by the last attempt. Ive recorded hundreds of tries, but sorting out and posting
the data would take forever. So just take my word for it, if that's okay.
Silence only stops magical attacks (most ultimates). But pure physicals like Revolver
and Boxer can still give ya a beating.
So far every girl Ive tested builds up an ult. in 10 to 12 attacks. Or 8 attacks plus a kill.
So MP generation isnt based on power or level.
Strength contributes to defense and HP, so enchant those gears first and foremost for
Stamina has a limit. You cant add more if youre already over 500. But you can use
mass amounts of food all at once below 500 to get around this.

Top Sale and Limited Time Sell appear to be similar to the Travellers shop. I
frequently get them to appear if I spend over 100 stamina at once. 200 is more likely.
You can reset certain shops for cheap (unlike the main shop which is 50 diamonds,
argh). 10 points of currency is usually very worth it, and you can do it twice a day before
it goes up to 50.

Top Floor:
Most of the low level players you see are CPUs. You can tell by looking at their names,
like AliceMargaret (they have no space in between) and they have girl icons, despite
being low level.
The reset time for Top Floor is 8 hours before daily reset, as far as I recall.

You can get a bunch of the Medium Juice scrolls (like Meimi, Kitty and Sailor) for
essentially free by using alts. Heres a guide: link
The Medium Juice hot spot will give you ONE scroll pictured to the left of it for 288
diamonds. You dont get it on the free days. The ten pack does give you ten though.
Work Place:
The payout is largely determined by the number of girls, more so than their level or gear.
Which makes sense, more girls = more need for juices. The different places you can
work though appears to be based mainly on Chapter progress and partially on academy
Example of how the number of juices is calculated: adding a level 1 girl gives 21 juices.
Adding a level 71 instead gives only 24. Levels/AP do affect it, but not very much, gear
has the biggest impact, but again not by a lot.
The scroll option is worthless. In GXB all you get is ones you can farm with elite
missions, as well as a single scroll at a time of ones from the Champion Exchange. Its
vastly too slow to get scrolls this way
Always work for coins instead of juices. At level 85 you can start working for the
Workshops currency (Magic Liquid/Powder) instead of coins.

1 on 1:
Ill tell you a big secret Dont use your best team as #1, its a trap. Save your best for 2
and 3.
Once you have a score over 2000 all your teams will be hidden from view. Changed now
so only the higher rank players can hide their teams.

(NEW) Alts (alternate accounts/characters):

There are many things you can do with alts, like painfully slow trading via the Tea Party,
or for Jelly. Heres how you can level them up quickly at least.

Use Nox or an emulator/app with a macro option. Run the first chapter over and over with a
looping macro to spend stamina. This can get your alt to level 25 in a few hours with hardly any
work. Heres a video to demonstrate where to click to run a macro effectively:`

For brand new alts, chapter 2 is actually better, since you have less areas on the map to get in
the way of your clicks. If I make a video to demonstrate Ill put it here too.

By level 20 or Green+1, Lightin can actually one-shot the entire first mission by herself. It
speeds up your runs a bit. Also, bring a pet along for free exp when spamming :)

Got some of your own tips to add? Leave a comment!

How to play on PC:
The game looks pretty nice in 1080p

(Imagine how good it could look at MAXimum resolution)

There are a few different emulators. Bluestacks demands money or installing garbage apps. Ive
had success with Nox:

Theres one important thing you need to take care of before you can use the emulator
effectively. Enable whats called Virtualization on your computer. This little program can check
if its available and/or already enabled on your computer:

To enable it you have to be super careful not to mess anything else up because you turn it
on/off in the BIOS of your computer. Most people dont even know what the BIOS is.
Virtualization by itself is harmless and just needs to be turned on, nothing more. Nox does the
Each computer is different in how you access the BIOS, but when you turn it on youll probably
see a little bit of text saying F11 for BIOS, or F8 for Settings, something like that. You have only
a few seconds to press it, so youll probably have to restart a few times if you dont get it right
away. See if you can find the key you need to press, then start pressing it about once or twice a
second as soon as your computer turns on.

When you see the BIOS screen (blue with white text on it) dont change ANYTHING other
than Virtualization. You cant say for sure where in the settings it will be, BIOS will vary
between computers, but its probably under Processor or Advanced. If you see it, switch it on
and start up Windows like normal. Nothing else has changed, and Nox will now be several times
faster. My computer is from 2012 and it runs mostly smooth at 60 FPS (oops, I mean 30, since
thats the cap) so nearly any computer should be able to run the game well.

Good luck!
Oh, two things you might find useful about Nox. Dont use the built-in screenshot
function. Its buggy (tries to rewrite every file in the directory). FastStone Capture is a
good free program for quick screenshots.
Second, you can sort of pause the emulator by hitting the Recent Apps button (Page Up
key). Use this before minimizing. These will help you avoid unnecessary wear and tear
on your system. Cause dead drives suck. (No offense to Zombia and Wraith :p)

Champion Mode:

You can restart battles without any penalty. A life saver!

Use the first few battles to build up MP of your other girls. Have stuns and heals ready.
Youll likely need a team to sacrifice later.
Later enemy teams will start with higher and higher MP. By the last battle theyll have full
MP right off the bat. These are the ones you use your sacrificial team against, so they
use up their specials.
A timeout is basically a draw, which counts as a loss for both sides. This means you
move on but lose the girls used in that battle.
The teams you go up against are taken directly from Top Floor. Have fun fighting
yourself :)
Borrow an SX girl if you can. They last for the whole Champion mode.
Javelin, Alice and Werewolf utterly break the game. They can win the whole mode for you.
Sapphire and Revolver are good, Wu Kong and Phoenix are so so for this particular mode.
Though Nix is great for killing off those deadly SX teams at the end.
Non-SX girls to borrow:
Wildtress: To keep your HP full each round.
Scythe: Heals every team member.
Cynthia: Her special mauls the enemy team and refills very quickly.
Blowie: Silences enemies, which helps a lot since they cant fight back. Fast MP refill too.
Muppet: Has a strong opener that hits everyone, and a quickly refilling special that locks the
entire back row.
Draccy, Caitlyn, Rhea, Flash: They all have good AoE damage so you can finish the battle
before you lose HP.
If you dont have many girls to choose from, Lavia, Jynx, Joan and Lightin will be a
decent start. Do bring Tennese though. She rocks in all modes and really helps here.

The Mystic Chest gives out 2 and 3 star girls pretty regularly. Out of 73 chests I
opened I got Angel and Androi 3 times each, Blowie and Karatine twice, Boxer and
Haxie once. Totally worth the 50 diamonds. And its likely the only way youre gonna
get Luna, but drop the rate is probably 1/200.

Club Event (aka Guild

Remember that these events are much harder than normal. Add 5 or 10 on top of the
level you were when you opened that chapter and youll survive much better. And
borrow an SX girl once youre sure you got the hang of the boss battles. Woot for
inflated scores!
The timer is king here. Keep in mind that you can fire off multiple specials at once so the
clock wont keep running down while the animations are taking turns. In Auto mode they
tend to wait for each other, wasting precious time.

Chapter 7: Exquisite Fanny

E. Fanny will frequently blast away all the MP of whoever is closest. Put Joan,
Rosie or Shamoke up front, since they dont need full MP to do their thing.
Shes easy to stun and interrupt but her MP killer seems to go off too quickly
to prevent it. Middle and back rows need to be protected by at least one tank
who will absorb the MP blast.

Chapter 8: Bunnygirl Gambler

Her special is deadly, it will likely kill a few members. Bring physical attackers,
as they have the best defense. Nurse can help balance your HP rather than
focusing on single heals, but Joan works too. Her physical shields *might* be
enough to survive the special. You probably don't need a tank. Especially if you
can have one front row and no middles, thus preventing her cards from
bouncing to the back row.
Chapter 9: Smartie No Pants
Borrow Psychic if you can, since she turns Smartie around so her
attacks miss. Dodging is important, so use/borrow the pet Ricika. You
can dodge while petrified, huzzah! Her attack is probably calculated as
one single move, meaning if it misses one person it usually misses

Nurse+Scythe helps for the massive incoming damage to your whole

team. Lin .AI can stay alive well because of all the dodging. Ive seen
Smartie use her special 4 times and she drains your MP so stunning
doesnt seem possible. Spammity spam spam! You can silence her
with Fanny, but that doesnt stop her attacks once they start.
Interrupters like Boxer, Gambler and Lily are the only thing that seems
to help. She sometimes doesnt freeze the back rows, so maybe we

can take advantage of that somehow?

Chapter 10: Devilish Cat Annie

Thankfully not as bad as the previous ones. Nurse will solve
all your woes. If you can, use Scythe instead for the large
boost in DPS. She seems strong against magic damage, so
bring physicals attackers again.

Dont use anyone with low HP (Saint, Elina), since Annie

targets them with her special.

Chapter 11: Angel of Grace

She has a few minor gimmicks and one thing to watch out
for. She blasts the tank or a random person down to near
dead in one shot. So as long as they can heal a bit they
should be fine. Which means Scythe may be enough to
heal, instead of Nurse. Her special doesn't hit very hard, you
might not even need ricky. She can also drain MP via
Banish and apply blind but neither is a big deal. Bidenty and
Scythe make a pretty good front row here.
Chapter 12: Lady in Red
Seems tricky, since she spams her attacks like theres no tomorrow.
But! Bring Sisha and Nurse and no middle rows. Voila. So far I
havent found a better setup. I dont know how to stop her back row
stuns though. Maybe interrupters? Or try Bunnys ultimate?

(Now labeled under Voyage)

I uploaded videos to demonstrate how to win, because Youtube only seems to have
level 90+ players :\

Nine-Tail Fox:
Damage is irrelevant here, you simply need to hold out long
enough til he kills himself.

Bring Wildtress to survive the opener, as many healers as you

can, and self-healers like Draccy and Succuba. If youre timing
out instead of winning, turn off auto. Pets and ults. eat up time
while the animation is going. Ive beaten him with Succuba
on her own, so more damage doesnt help.

Difficulty 1: ~39,000 HP
Difficulty 2: ~45,000 HP

Borrow Athena, her poison can solo Cupid. Cynthia does great
damage. Rhea, Marynari and Nagia help a little bit. Flash and
Lavia provide a very tiny amount of damage. (Still checking
Chevalir and Dr. Hua).

Bring Wildtress to survive the opener, and to stun it around the

1 minute mark, then finally around 20 seconds. Watch for the
purple swirls to see when hes going to fire again. Scythe can stun it too. Succubas spell
resistance buff comes in handy for surviving the opener.

Pets: Ricky has the spell resistance buff. Ross may help with DOT damage, but unconfirmed.
Monkey King:
He lives or dies based entirely on how many physical hits you do.
Damage is irrelevant. Bring multi hitters like Boxer, Pandaria, Shamoke
and healers. Gamblers MP charges too slow in my opinion. Wildtress
shields will help you survive his first breath attack at least.

Charge MP and heal until you have 2 specials or more, if you can
survive that long. His second breath will likely kill you. Once your MP is
ready, wait for him to start recharging his HP then fire right as it starts.
The timing is tricky. You want to drain his white health bar completely
and then land one more hit before his HP is full again. By the higher
ranks (6+) you likely cant do it without SX girls.

Angry Rooster:
It appears he cant be stunned but he CAN be interrupted. Boxer is good
at it. Physical comps work well. Scythe is really effective. Her ult. will do a
lot of damage even if his HP are still high. Interrupt his eye beams and
youll keep your front lines alive much longer.

Single Puppy:
Even level 80+ people havent been able to beat him yet. Word on the net is
you need Luna to win. Apparently Zhi together with everyone else whos
recommended can beat a few stages, but good luck. My bud Commander
pointed out Ada is good for Puppy. Give her a try.

Burst damage is required to win. Joans shield can block the spoon
whack. The DOT it applies is extremely powerful, so blocking it will keep
you alive. Scythe is probably your best bet of winning, since Tang will start
to refill her HP faster and faster each time. Lavia, Androi, Jinx, Blowie,
theyre all good, but you need that last powerful hit from Scythe to win in

Usually at 1:05--or after the first sleep if youre lucky--have Joan shield you. If not, the DOT will
probably kill you. Then charge MP until you have 3 or more magic burst specials. Wait until after
she sleeps, then fire them all one by one, starting with Blowie to give her time to get more hits.
Then have Scythe (or Nagia?) use her ultimate last to finish Tang off. Timing is rough since
Tang will start to sleep mode in mere seconds of being attacked. Good luck.
In progress

Fantasy mode opens at 11am GMT+8 (8am PST), closes at 10pm (7am PST) ?

Fantasy (Maid) Assassin:

Stuns non-STR girls longer, skipping about one extra move compared to other types. This
isn't a huge factor though. My back rows still did more damage than everyone else.

Joan is a good healer for the ally Ninja. She gains stacks on every 100k damage. So if you're
not hitting the 300k mark you probably don't need to break her shields. Assassin seems to
only do physical damage so Joans special is fairly useful. If her heals cant keep up bring
Nurse or Scythe. Use Bobo as your pet.

She will probably stun lock your main tank, so a defensive one/healer may be an option since
they wont spend much time attacking.
Fantasy Wu Kong:
Damage done to clones doesn't count for the ranking
score. Only damage to the boss herself. Assassins ult. is
key to keep them together.
Lin .AI is likely the only tank that has a chance of surviving
Wu at entry levels. You can also bring Saint. When Wus
clones die it powers her up.

Wu's ult. basically hits only the front row, so back rows
may do best her behind Lin AI. I tried it though and for
some reason she just slaughtered Lin. Other times she
managed to survive until the end, so I'm still stumped.

Sisha and Sapphire (SX) are fairly good here. Theres not a lot you can do to take out her
clones fast enough though.

Fantasy Fortune:
In progress
Lin Ai seems to be the best tank. She stayed at full HP most
of the time due to all the dodging. Maybe borrow Revolver
for the accuracy boost? Litana at a meager level 57 survived
without an issue. Physical defense is the way to go. Bring
Bobo or Ricika.
Fantasy Angel:
Kills off girls who are a different type, so you need to
use all one kind, like STR for example.
[STR] Dracula has a good chance of surviving this
[STR] Joan is handy for healing and when cloned
they do very little damage.
[STR] Assassin's ult helps keep them all together so
your attacks aren't divided.
[STR] Shamoke and Rosie are good to bring.

INT gives you access to healers, but less tanks. AGI

is good for SX players or high levels as they have
self-healing. Hitting the clones doesnt affect your
damage/score, so Assassin is really helpful if youre
not at a high level.

People recommend to bring Haro to lower the damage from spell crits.
Fantasy Zombia:
In progress
She hits everyone, and very hard. Her weakness is accuracy. Use
blinders to help survive. Litana, Angel and Jinx have blinding
moves, (checking who else). Dodgers may survive well here, like
Amazon and Cynthia. Worth a shot.

Scythe's AoE heal works wonder. Your tank may get locked down
for most of the battle, so a defensive rather than offensive one may
work. I found Chainsaw survived well. Borrow Revolver if you can,
Jav will probably just get killed off.

Ricika is very useful for the extra dodge rate, but his special didnt seem to block her
lockdown move. Dunny why. Bobo/Ricky for the defense boost if nothing else.

Fantasy Kitty:
Pretty straightforward. If Scythe's heals aren't enough add in Nurse and you should be okay. I
can't seem to find her weakness. Magical or physical, defense or offense they all seem to be
about the same, so maybe she's a balanced tank. I recall her big hits being magical before
though, so if you need a boost in spell resistance take Ricky or Succuba.

She tends to lock down your main tank, so Sisha is probably your best bet. Ada did good
damage against Kitty, even at level 70. Not sure why. Dont use cloners like Wu Kong, they
turn into killer kitties Jav will probably get locked down too, so only bring her if no one else
can push over 150k.
Fantasy Muppet:
In progress

The big problem here is that darn ultimate. Its taken me until
near level 90 for my Nurse to be able to survive it finally. Having
just one back row means Nurse might be able to heal herself
through it, but at lower levels Muppet seems to always kill off
one row after another without me being able to stop it. Wu Kong
did the best damage in my runs, but I cant say who else to
bring. Shes tough.

(NEW) Oracle/Fantasy Priestess:

In progress

Hi-tech Lady/Fantasy Ada:

In progress
Havent figured out how to prevent her insta-death
hit yet. She did 49,000 damage to 5 star level 80
Succuba, 65k to Sisha, and a whopping 171k to
Scythe. Very big ouchies.

People are saying Fantasy Ada can be interrupted

with Bunny or Boxer, but I havent been able to
stop her ultimate with it. Does it work for you guys?
Perhaps its just a matter of timing or levels?


Guides and showcase

Shortcuts (under construction)

Treasure Hunt
Lucky Wheels
Scratch Cards
Beach Fun
Recharge Girls and Skins
Sprite Spotlight

(!) VIP5 SX girl event: March, June , September (2017). So every few months. Save up those
diamonds! Next might be winter. Note: The event seems to happen MUCH more frequently on
the Taiwan version. Ive seen it three times between July to September.

May Lucky Wheel: Max/Medusa seems to take people between 3-5k diamonds to get.
Some went 10k and didnt get them though. RNG. I got Max on my 8th roll, wheee!
(reuploaded June 6th to show Max in battle at the end!)

New Choose Girl You Want Pack: Now with 23% more newness!

Heres the new, new pack.

If youre gonna spend money, get Caitlyn. Shes exclusive and awesome at the same
time. As for the rest, Ruby, Dolly, and Nikita are not available in stores, but word on the
street is only Dolly is worth ponying up some cash for.
Rhea is awesome too, but shes available in the medium vendor. Ada is pretty good Id
say, but not worth cash since she seems to best for early game or maxed out, and 5
star is very hard to achieve in our version.

Still working on the Ninja Girls version of the pack. I cant say whos exclusive since I
havent opened all the shops there yet, sorry. But Caitlyn still applies. Everyone else is
less awesome.
Mighty Overlord: The legend arrives!

Hope youre loaded She needs to be awakened to be decent, and 5 stars to

compete. Soyour wallet is gonna be hurtin more than your opponents for a while.
Those 10 free Kratos scrolls are untradeable.

Save your diamonds! I shall guide you through Kratos Adventure. Or well, Protagonist-
kuns Nostalgic Adventure is more like it. Expect to spend about 1000-2000 diamonds
to get to the end, not including team setup. If RNG screws your team selection over
well, such is RNG Life. And you thought Thug Life was hard.
Super Brief Courageous Walkthrough:










YELL AT THE HOT CHICK. ya, that always works...

COMPLEX (Nathan likes complex guys ;);)





SUMMONERS (vs. Cpt. Sun. So, uh, yeah. Choose something else)

Sometimes you can pick another choice without getting a game over, or the opponents
you face are determined by your selection (like Assassins or Summoners).
Shirosai started a document about it. Click on the ones with a tiny black mark on the top
right corner to see who youll go up against.

At the end you can challenge people with Tickets to get more money needed for Kratos.
Or you can gamble trying to get Sisha and Capt. Suns awesome/OP skins with skills, or
Sun herself.

Try and hit me if you can, Im wide open!

Bring it on, were more
than ready >:D

My team that got me to the end with only 2 (or maybe it was 3?) retries: Chevalir,
Anna, Rhea, Amazon and Sailor. Phoenix blew me up real good but I won the second
time thanks to RNGesus. Wolfy McBitesalot almost got me later too. Never give up!
Unless your wallet is empty that is.

Update August 21st: After going through it again on my alts it seems I was REALLY
lucky the first time with my team. I barely lost any rounds. Since then Ive been losing
every second battle with my other teams. RNG sucks major donkey noodles.

Point of order: To actually GET Kratos you need to BUY a large amount of
tickets. So saving your diamonds like everyone suggested was a waste. 2 hours
into the event though some whale on server 108 already got her.

Thar she blowswads of cash!

Treasure Hunt (guide):

Youre going to need 100 magnifiers or more, so start by buying that

many. It will save you 144 diamonds. Skip binoculars, since you dont
get a bulk discount and they do the same thing (20 per square).

As soon as you find the portal go up unless its floor 4 or 6. Floor 4

has Jade, Floor 6 usually has a daily girl (scrolls), Springy or Xmas Elf
from what weve seen so far. I got a full Springy from floor 9 actually. So
it is a bit random.

Floor 9 has the skin. Its usually but not always on the last tile on the
last floor. If youre down to the last tile, buy a meteor so you can get a
second skin to sell for the 888 diamonds.

The portal appears to be rigged. I frequently found it on the last tile, or

near last. And then other times its on the same tile where the previous
portal was. So always try the same one again.

Expect to spend about 2-3k diamonds to complete it.

Beach Fun:
Drag from one octopus to another to link them. 1s will generally link up
to a max of 10, which is better than 3 blues. Diagonals are your friend. I
can put up a video later but the game is pretty straightforward.

Only use the 3x attack if you get a 12 or higher since the diamond cost
goes up rather high. Try to hold out for a 15 though. Expect to spend
400-700 diamonds to complete it. Once you exit it's 75 diamonds to get
back in. Don't know if your progress is saved but it probably is. The
game does reset each day though.

Rewards: 17 Octagirl scrolls, so 5 full runs to get her. ~10 Pet Essence
Packs, which give 2x Haro/Fran/Bunny/Dodo in about equal
proportions. The Caitlyn skin is super rare from the looks of it.
Mystic Puzzle:

Pretty straightforward. Another rip off event. Heres a handy tip though: winning at Top Floor
isnt the only way to get the pieces for defeating players in VS. Ya gotta pick on them poor
newbies in 1on1 as well. I havent found anything else that counts yet. Like practice in Arena
mode or friendly PvP. Neither counts. Winning 100 times would be real tough/wallet killing.

And yes, the Gashapon is RNG. Youll either get those charms or not :| Money drain after
money drain. These events are proof that the devs for this version are excessively greedy. Say
no by not supporting it. They need to know its over the top. Theres greed and then theres this.
August 3rd Recharge girl: Dolly!
So, my rival finally shows

Who, me?? I just got here...

July 28th - Lucky Wheel: Fencer skin

August monthly login girl: Nono!

I really like my new cosplay ^_^ Not bad, but your old hair color was better.


I got the skin on an alt, sadly not my main account that has Fencer. But that was with
the low, low price of 5 luck. So it doesnt necessarily need 25-35 like usual. But thats
about how much it usually takes for people to get it.
Sakura War: (Frame is from chapter 10, special portrait from chapter 20)
Quinie and Blowie get a 50% boost, so use them. Alice is recommended as
well. Difficulty appears to be based off your level, so its different for
everyone. Some say the last chapters are very hard though. 19 is a killer
everyone says. Check out Reddit for a bit of discussion at least on who to

Sakura Sightsee: (Sakura scrolls)

You can get Fangirl, Aegis, Caitlyn, Jade, Ada, Elloi, Sasuke, Athena,
Nikita, and Exorcist scrolls from baking, usually 2 at a time. Cookies only
seem to give Sakura scrolls.

Dessert Bar:
Rice: Basically 1/4 for normal raids, 1/10 for elite.
Bean-paste: Buy 100 small juices from the vendor, get 0-4 as a reward. After buying
and drinking 1,000s of juices (fo realz) Id say its probably one paste per 2 million
coins spent.
Sakura: Id say its 1/3 chests from Champion will give a sakura. Or 4-5 per complete
run on average.

Get all 3 ingredients to make cookies. I made 10 and got 18 scrolls. Easy battles,
probably level 50. Sakura herself showed up 3 times. This means to get Sakura to even
3 stars would cost 70 million coins. Which is fine for older servers, but not anyone new.

If you couldnt complete the story I found one playthrough at least on Youtube. Its
rather colorful to say the least. But hey, better than missing the fun of Quinie always
wondering why everyone has to fight :)

July Scratch Card:

According to this thread the results are not random. If you get the same card and reveal
them in the same order you will get the same result.

Skill Skins? (Skillins)

You bet. Some of them now come with skills attached. By the way, the Taiwan version
has a skin shop that opens at level 40 (sells them for 3k each). So we may get that too
someday. I mean, everyones been asking for it non-stop.
Lucky Wheel-Solar:

Roselle, Beary and Matador are about 5,000 diamonds worth. Susan and Kaylee are
close to 10,000 diamonds. People say Matador is decent, but probably not 5k worth.
Beary is usually not recommended either. Dunno about Roselle.

Susan, Kaylee, Omega:

Current word on the street is: Susan is a hard counter to physical comps. Aka she kills
your team like Sisha does if you throw Javelin at her. Kaylee is just all around good.
And since nobody is talking about Omega she might be better to pass on.
July 8th, recharge girl: Exorcist
July monthly login girl: Nasha!

Hammer wielders unite! Nasha is supposedly good with sustain groups, no word yet on

Who says Haxie is the only Queen of Surf??

Heh, ur a dance funny dancer.

Whos that Battlemon!!

June 29th: Valhalla mode opened! (on server 90) It all started with a mysterious mail:
Forget save the whales, save our affinity!

Heh, whales . But yeah! Now were all guessing who valkyrie number 2 could be. Oh! And we
gotta battle Scythe. Lets hope youre level 85 or higher. She hits everyone quite hard. I had to
bring Nurse and Scythe to stay alive. Defeating her bat allies is tough since they spawn too fast
for any normal-ish player to beat. Even SX girls at level 84/Purple+4 werent enough. If you can
borrow Phoenix or Alice, they seem to work best. Revolver helps a little, whereas Wu Kong and
Sapphire didnt do enough. Comments on who else to borrow would be appreciated.
The rest of the valkyries are actually a lot easier.
June 21st - Lucky Wheel event:

Literally gambling with real money. Each extra spin costs $3. 1/3 chance means an average of
30+ spins to get 10 tokens. 30 x $3 = $90 per skin. 90 dollars. Thats almost two brand new full
console games.

Haxie: Queen of Surf

Swimsuit Maidam Blowie: Fury of Storm

Thanks Bendy for the Maidam skin!

June 21st new girls and skins:
New SX girls: Ashely and Liz
$10 recharge girl Nancy
Archies Stadium Star skin

June 23rd is Trap Day, in honor of Greg!

Everyone change your portrait to Nagia!
May 2017 Lucky Wheel skins:

Javelin - Spine Assassin skin Leona - Xmas Messenger skin

May 2017 Lucky Wheel new battle girls:

Max (Javelins teacher o_o) Medusa (aka Moedusa :)


September: Just for fun, heres Handana and some new sprites from the Taiwan version.
Lilys skin, Revolvers summer skin, Rosie and Haxie awakened. Yes, that is Rosie.
And then theres our new doctor girl, dont know her english name yet (but I got her on an alt,
woot for super luck on the first try!)
Himotos school swimsuit skin:

Expectation > Reality!

September 2nd: From a casual stroll to HOLY #$%@ RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

Saika has invaded the Taiwan version already! We're next!

<<Ninja Girls only>>

September 22nd: Recharge girl Okita!
Is she worth the ten bux? Shes definitely powerful at early game when I tried her on the
Taiwan version. Very much like a physical version of Lavia. Strong opener, single target
special (though its weak). Very good AoE damage. She did by far the highest DPS of a
basic team below level 50. I didnt have Cynthia to compare her to at the time though.

As for end game I cant say. But chances are if a girl is good at the start shes no good
later. So only recharge for her if youre new and want a decent boost. But
experienced/high level players should probably not worry about her.

Ask around though just in case. I dont know everything about every girl just yet, haha.

September 21st: Premium Festival Gift Pack

Word on the street is candy loli Sophia is mega strong, while sleepy loli Cayla is pretty

And for all you non-whales , if youre low on girls and want them for half price,
definitely spend on those 588 packs! It is indeed half the average price of the medium
vendor. So dont miss the chance to fill out your collection. You even have a decent
chance at Caitlyn. Since they screwed everyone below VIP9 over, the basic packs are
the only thing worth getting from the event. Skip the gear packs, theyre worthless.

And please dont recharge to get to VIP9. It will just help the game go downhill faster.
The devs on GXB have been excessively greedy lately. More and more. This is just a
game. Games should be enjoyable, not havens for greed and fighting. The other
versions are run by much less greedy people apparently.

If you want to see this event done right check out who I drew from the packs. They pay
out immensely well on the Taiwan version. Highlighted in purple are rare and
uncommon girls. Almost 2/3 are rares. That means only 1 out of 3 are normals. On GXB
ALL of them are normal ones you get from shops or the vendor, outside of Caitlyn.

The Taiwan version has given me nearly every single recharge girl for free. We pay 10
dollars for each of them. The difference in balance is huge. The Taiwan version is much
more rewarding overall. They also host this event probably every 45 days. Ive seen it 3
times myself since I started there in July.

As a simpler alternative, Ninja Girls is in english and HAS the VIP5 chest. If you haven't played
GXB for too long, I can highly recommend switching to Ninja Girls instead. New servers open
every two weeks (sometimes every week?) so that's the best time to jump in. I can also write up
a guide later on how to easily score 5-10k diamonds by rushing for the first two days when one
opens. I did it twice in the past few weeks. Once for free, and one time by spending a single
dollar only.
Upcoming Mei Ying.
Monthly skin: Teh Reimu Dr. Huas skin - Divine Doctor.

Lets go for a summer stroll!

(Just for fun, Lightin skin, Phancy skin, Librarian awakened

Nono , Edward , Aquaris skin )
Dia and Joans summer skin. And Yasuna, but you already know her, cause she didnt
take long to make it to GxB for once.

Love is over :(
Aka Yuris Mushrooms is a one time event.
Other Resources:
GXB Facebook: (always current, news, updates)

Taiwan ver. Facebook: (pretty pictures of things we cant have yet!)

/u/AlchyTimesThrees guide
Shirosais [Very] In-Depth Guide

Reddit: (active, now with bonus mod included!)

GXB Global Community (/Chat Group):

Oscar Lee on Youtube: Some nice videos of the girls from the Taiwan version.

Original Reddit post about the cards taken from the games data folder

Attack flow chart (rotations)
EXP chart
Kaelwryns chart for awakening items
Battle Position List

Out of date sites:

Official website:
2016 WIP guide:
Unofficial Wiki:

You have reached the end!

Unfinished sections:
Girls Analysis

In progress


Better than youd think. Once he get his second skill its a free power boost for mages and
healers. At high levels he actually hits for some real damage. And his MP boost is fairly useful.


A very strong attacker. Only available from events? Overall Bunny is still preferable though.

Fran can disable Wildtress shields, or Tenneses blitzing ability. Used to be quite OP then she
got nerfed. Now you hardly see her anymore.


Supposedly Casper will boost magic damage even more than Ross, but I can't personally
confirm this.


Havent found any use for him yet. Though everyone says hes good for Fantasy Angel. Spell
crits are rather rare in my experience so they're not worth worrying about.


From what I hear Kulo needs to be purple to be useful.


Quite handy, she reduces incoming damage right from the get go. Raises physical defense for
the entire party soon after. Very worth raising/leveling her skills. Awakened Bobo is popular for
end game players.

Very handy for the guild boss Smartie. The dodge rate increase is actually noticeable, unlike in
other games. His shield is my favorite ability, as it blocks CC skills. Overall he doesnt reduce
damage that much via dodging, so Bobo is still better vs. physical teams.


I still say youre a rabbit.

Ricky is the magic defense equivalent of Bobo. Not much to say since youll get him eventually
and he comes in handy when you know who youre up against. Nice and straightforward.


Even the power of cuteness cant save her, its really a shame. She will freeze enemies a
couple of times per battle, but what it comes down to is basically 5 extra seconds. Thats it. It
just doesnt compare to several hundred points of spell power from Ross for example. And hes
given to you for free.


Aside from Fran Tudu, you want Bunny. He will increase your scores in the Club Events by quite
a lot. He boosts the damage done by physical attacks, like Ross does for magical ones. And his
ult is very powerful when he reaches high levels/gear.

Not enough info yet.


Not worth the cost of getting from events?


Still testing, but Dodo actually healed me a noticeable amount, so maybe his heals/shields are
useful. Dem eyebrows tho.


Since we all got him for free and he removes debuffs, everyone uses him now. Bye bye Fran,
hello Tudu -_-


Finally coming our way. He looks to be pretty good too

Shirosai created a more in-depth guide to pets here.

Girls Analysis:
In progress

Few people can stop me! I can hold my own really well and hit harder than
most of the ones who hide behind me!

Very high dps for a tank.
Special refills rapidly, and self-heals a bit.
VERY high defense.

Absolutely no magic damage at all.
Not much of a team player, no support/crowd control
No burst damage so she doesnt help much in PvP.

Report Card:

DPS Endurance PvP

B+ A+ C+
Campaign Champion Guild Boss
B+ C C+
Early Mid Late
A B- ?
Career Choice: Campaign Tank
Final Grade:

Misc Info:

This game has several names/versions?

You betcha. Look up the developer on the Play Store and youll see he says they made a
different version for each region, under different names. Dunno why they needed new names,
but alrighty!

Taiwan version:

Ninja Girls

(August 2017) Did some of the other versions shut down?

Yep, Girls Arena, Sexy Academy and one in another language have all closed off :(

Where did you get those sprites/images from if they arent in the games data folders?
While there are a bunch of pre-rendered sprites well call them in the games bust folder, for
the rest I made screenshots and used Photoshop to cut them out. I can make a tutorial if
anyone is interested.

Who are you?

A person on teh intarwebz! Im sure youve seen some of them before!

Credits and thanks to my guild members, Kyu, Bman, Harem King (s93), and
Commander (s90) and CS chat people. Lotsa helpful ones out there!

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via electronic or physical media is allowed if the document
remains in its original, unaltered form.
Halt! These are under construction!

(Stuff of the Unfinished



Card/Skin Gallery (will link here)

Sprite gallery (will link here)

Pet Gallery?
Maximum resolution!
(click for full image)

And this isnt even my final form! ( back to PC play)

Uploading some high res sprites I found

Who should I get from the shops?
Who should I 5 star?

Nurse, Ninja, Sisha, Blowie, Succuba, Elvis, Angel.

Only max out Wildtress if youre well below level 80.

Ninja Girls vs. Girls X Battle vs. Taiwan version