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Riverdale Police Department

Lieutenant Casey Warren

4580 S. Weber River Drive
Riverdale, Utah 84405
Phone: 801-394-6616

Press Release: Missing Persons

PIO: Lieutenant Casey Warren

Date: 11-28-2017
Missing- Josh Stinger 41 YOA

Missing- Gabby Stinger 2 YOA

UPDATE- Josh Stinger and Gabby Stinger have been located and our safe. Las Vegas Metro Police
Department worked with family of the Stingers that traveled to Las Vegas to assist in locating him. Josh
and Gabby have been reunited with family members and they will be traveling back to Utah in the near
future. Police havent identified a motive for Josh leaving to Vegas but detectives will be speaking with
Josh when he returns. At this point the father and daughter are safe and secure with family. Thank you
to the public and media for putting this information out in an effort to locate the two safely. More
information may be provided as it is obtained at a later date.

UPDATE- Josh Stinger and his daughter Gabby Stinger were reported to be seen in Las Vegas Nevada on
the strip. Riverdale PD is working with Las Vegas Metro Police Department to locate them. Please
continue to be on the look out for them in Utah because they could return to the Utah area.

Josh Stinger was involved in a minor traffic accident in Riverdale on the morning of 11-28-2017. Joshs
daughter Gabby Stinger was a passenger in the vehicle. Josh told family he was returning home to his
house with Gabby. Josh hasnt returned home nor is he communicating with family or friends. Josh and
Gabby both have medical conditions that are concerning and require ongoing attention. They were last
seen driving in a blue Dodge Durango, Utah license plate 904MYR in Las Vegas. The vehicles passenger
side head light is broken and there is damage on the passenger side of the vehicle. If you see them or
the vehicle please contact Riverdale Police Department so officers can respond and check their welfare.
Please call 801-629-8221.