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1. When Shimla Conference was concluded with failure?

2. Who negotiated with cabinet mission (1946) on behalf of AINC? Maulana A.K Azad
3. When Abu ala Maududi was awarded death punishment ..?.... May 1953
4. Bogra Formula was presented to the NA in Pakistan on. Nov7, 1953
5. When was the 17th amendment bill ratified by the President Dec. 31, 2003
6. When was the LG System inaugurated by Gen. Musharraf Aug 14,2001
7. When was gas (natural) discovered at Sui Baluchistan? 1952
8. Who recalled Muhammad Bin Qasim from Sind? Caliph Suleiman
9. Who was formal teacher of Syed Ahmed Barelvi? Shah Abdul Aziz
10. The designation of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in M.A.O school was Secretary, Managing Committee
11. The Muslim leader who left politics after annulment of Bengal Partition was. Nawab Salimullah Khan
12. 1st Session of AIML held in Karachi
13. The 1 leader of opposition in N.A of Pakistan was ..
H.S Suharwardy (July 1955 to Sept 1956)
14. The first leader of opposition in the first N.A in 1962 was Sardar Bahadur Khan (1962-1964)
15. The interim constitution of Pak was based on Govt. of India Act 1935 & Indian Independence Act of 1947
16. Pakistan Resolution was supported by: Qazi M. Essa from Baluchistan, Sir Abdullah Haroon from Sind,
Maulana Zafar Ali Khan from Punjab & Ch. Khaleeq-u-Zaman from UP.
17. UK Parliament passed Govt. of India Act 1935on the recommendation of Joint Select Committee
18. The 1st translation was carried out by Salman, the Persian, in Persian language who translated Surat-i-Al-
Fatiha in Persian Language. The 2nd known translation of Holy Quran was in Greek Language.
19. Total Number of Vitamins are there. 012
20. Vitamins that are FAT Soluble are.. A, D, E & K
21. Vitamin B-Complex is imperative for promoting. Healthy Nervous System
22. Vitamin C is also called. Ascorbic Acid
23. Vitamin essential for healthy bones, teeth, gums, blood vessels & helps in wounds healing Vitamin C
24. Citrus Fruits, Strawberry, Guava, Peppers, Tomato, Broccoli & Spinach are rich sources of Vitamin C
25. How many times a day the hour & minutes arm of a clock are at right angle? 48 times
26. Sweden Parliament Riksdag
27. Afghan Parliament Shura
28. Australian Parliament.. Federal Parliament
29. Parliament of Bangladesh. Jatiya Sangshad
30. Parliament of Egypt.. Peoples Assembly
31. French Parliament. National Assembly
32. Parliament of Iran. Majlis
33. Parliament of Iraq.... National Assembly
34. Parliament of Japan.. Diet
35. Parliament of Nepal. National Panchayat
36. Parliament of Norway... Storting
37. Parliament of Libya.. General Peoples Congress
38. Parliament of Poland Sejm
39. Parliament of Turkey.... Grand National Assembly
40. Parliament of Syria.. Peoples Council
41. Brunei Parliament ... Majlis-i-Meshaurat
42. Parliament of Canada is called.. Parliament
43. Parliament of Denmark Folketing
44. Germany Parliament is called Bundesrat
45. India. Parliament
46. Parliament of Israel. Knesset
47. The Parliament of Libya.. Grand Peoples Congress
48. Parliament of Russia is called. Duma
49. Parliament having largest number of females.. Denmark
50. General Assembly of UNO is called Parliament of the World
51. Which country awards the Noble Prizes.. Sweden
52. Parliament having largest number of members is NPC of China.. 3000 Member
53. Noble Prize is awarded in 6-fields.. Physics, Chemistry, Medicines, Economics ,Literature & Peace
54. Nobel Prize is awarded on.. December 10, every year
55. 1st Asian who received the Nobel Prize in 1913 is. R.N Tagore
56. The 1 woman received Nobel Prize twice (Phy+Chem) Madam Curie
57. Nobel Prize in Economics.. Started in 1969
58. Einstein was given Nobel Prize for. General Theory of Relativity
59. All kinds of Nobel prizes, Peace, are distributed annually at.. Stockholm
60. After USA, 2 most Nobel Prizes got by which state... United Kingdom
61. The first Muslim laureate is.. Anwar Sadat
62. The Muslim state acquired maximum Noble Prizes.. Egypt
63. The 1 Egyptian Muslim who got Nobel Prize in Literature..
Najeeb Mehfuz
64. The largest country by area. Russia
65. The River having largest volume of water.. River Amazon
66. The smallest country of the world the.. Vatican City
67. The metal found the most abundant on Earth Crust Oxygen
68. The largest gold producer China
69. The largest producer of Sugarcane. Brazil
70. The largest newsprint producer Canada
71. The largest producer of Silk.. Japan
72. The largest Muslim state producing Uranium Kazakistan
73. Largest sugar producer. India
74. The largest Hockey Stadium.. National Hockey Stadium Lahore
75. The most famous waterfall in the world.. Niagra Falls
76. The deepest lake of the world. Baikal
77. The fastest growing plant. Eucalyptus
78. The largest producer of wool Australia
79. The largest source of world energy. Coal
80. The largest amount of copper producer.. Chile
81. The largest oil producer in the world.. USA (According to 2015)
82. The largest producer of tobacco.. China
83. The leading producer of rubber in the world. Thailand
84. The oldest anthem of the world Japan
85. The largest producer of Uranium Canada
86. The largest known animal Blue Whale
87. The deepest sea of the world Caribbean Sea
88. The highest plateau of the world. Tibet (Pamir)
89. The 1st right to vote to the women was given by. Newzealand
90. The state having the highest population growth rate is. Bangladesh
91. The worlds 1st Stock Exchange.. . Hamburg
92. The worlds largest nuclear power station is in . Canada
93. The largest men-made canal. The Panama Canal
94. The country having the largest foreign reserve exchange Japan
95. The oldest written language is.. Chinese
96. The 1st PM of England was.. Sir Robert Walpole
97. The most densely populated country of the world is. Monaco
98. The deepest ocean in the world is.. Pacific Ocean
99. The country having largest regular armed forces is China
100. The largest oil consumer in the world USA
101. The largest electricity producer in the world.. USA
102. The richest country in the world is. Switzerland
103. The largest Bank of the world Deutsche Bank
104. The most spoken language in the world Chinese
105. The oldest written language.. Chinese
106. The leader of opposition in Senate. Chudry Aitizaz Ihsan
107. The acting Speaker of NA in Pak Murtaza Javed Abbasi
108. The current Auditor General of Pakistan Rana Asad Amin
109. The current Special Representative of US for Pak & Afghanistan Richard Olson
110. Pakistans ambassador to Afghanistan Syed Ibrar Hussain
111. The speaker of Punjab Assembly. Rana Muhammad Iqbal
112. The current speaker of Sind Assembly. Agha Siraj Durani
113. The current Chairman of FBR.. Tariq Bajwa
114. The oldest University in Pakistan. The Punjab University
115. The current Queen of UK Queen Elizabeth II
116. The party in power in UK is Conservative Party
117. The party in power in USA is.. Democratic Party
118. The headquarter of iphone Cupertino (California- USA)
119. The parent country of Samsung.. South Korea
120. Nokia belongs to. Finland
121. Light reaches from Sun to the Earth in. 08 Minutes- 20 Seconds
122. The largest and heaviest external organ in human body. Liver
123. The largest general organ in body is Skin
124. The fastest ODI Century Maker (31 balls against WI).. AB De Villier of SA
125. 2016 Olympic Games will take place in (5th August 21st August).. Rio De Janeiro-Brazil
126. 2022 Football world cup will take place in Qatar
127. Pakistani High Commissioner to India.. Salman Abdul Basit
128. Establishment of UNO 24 Oct, 1945
129. Quaid-i-Azam join Muslim League in. 1913
130. Pakistan became member of UNO. 30 Sept, 1947
131. Jaundice is a disease of Liver
132. European Union established in 1957
133. Total members of European Union. 28 (Crotia the last one joint in 2013)
134. Non-member of European Union.. Norway
135. Number of members of Arab League.. 22
136. The Headquarter of Arab League is in.. Tunisia
137. Who suggested the name United Nations. Roosevelt
138. The founder of Red Cross is. Jean Henri Durant (1864)
139. South Sudan added to UNO raising the members to.. 193 (July 14, 2011)
140. News Agency of Russia Interfax
141. The writer of the Hudibya . Hazrat Ali (RA)
142. The title of Hazrat Shoaib (AS) is Khateeb-ul-Ambya
143. OIC has official languages 03 ( Arabic, English, French)
144. Stains of rust from iron can be removed by using Oxalic Acid
145. Cooking gas is a mixture of Oxygen + Methane
146. When NaCl is added to water, its boiling point. Increases
147. The gas which does not pollute the air is Nitrogen Dioxide
148. The chemical name of Baking Soda is.. Sodium Bicarbonate
149. Milk lacks which nutrient.. Iron
150. Chemical used for ripening of fruits is Ethylene
151. The energy emitted from sun is supposed to be due to the. Nuclear Fusion
152. Substances having nuclei with less number are.. Radioactive
153. The boiling point of water is high because of.. hydrogen bonds among water molecule
154. Sea water is converted into fresh water by the phenomenon of . Reverse Osmosis
155. Smoke is an example of. Solid depressed in Gas
156. Milk is preserved by few drops of Formaldehyde Solution
157. Fluorocarbons are effective scavenger for ozone due to.. Photolytic decomposition of O3 into Cl & O2
158. Chemically Soap is Salt
159. Carbonated Drinks are examples of . Gas in Water
160. Smoke is a solution of. Solid in Gas
161. Fog is an example of Liquid in Gas
162. The acid present in sour milk is Formic Acid
163. The purest form of carbon is Diamond
164. The different colors in diamond are due to. Impurities
165. Ozone is present in Troposphere and Stratosphere
166. When electricity is passed through Neon, it glows. Red
167. Enzymes are.. Biological Catalysts
168. The gas used in cigarette lighter is.. Butane
169. LPG consists of. Butane & Propane
170. Compound used for silvering of mirror is . Silver Nitrate
171. Solder is an alloy of. Tin & Lead
172. The 1 synthetic fiber made by man was. Nylon
173. Volume of blood in human body.. 5-6 liter
174. Blood does not coagulate inside the body due to the presence of Heparin
175. The bone in leg Tibia
176. The strongest muscle in human body Thigh Muscle
177. Universal blood donor.. . O
178. Heightened emotion is caused by . Adrenal Gland
179. The shortest bone in human body .. Stapes
180. Wisdom teeth grows at the age . 34-40 years
181. Blood consists of. Plasma (60%)Corpuscles (40%)
182. Mother milk lacks . Vitamin C & Iron
183. During sleep, a mans B.P. fluctuates
184. Ready source available for athletes is . Carbohydrates
185. Short-sightedness is due to . Elongation of Eyeball
186. Number of muscles in human body is approximately 700
187. The organ which worn out destroyed RBCs in the body is. Spleen
188. Saliva helps in digestion of Starch
189. The gland popularly known as Adams apple. Thyroid
190. Life of RBCs is .. 120 days
191. Convex lens is used for the correction of. Long Sightedness
192. The largest living bird is Ostrich
193. Bone to-bone is connected by Ligaments
194. Normal body temperature is. 98.60F
195. Number of bones in Human Skull 30
196. Food is stored in onion in the form of .. Cellulose
197. Plants which bear no fruits but produce seeds are Cycas
198. During photosynthesis, green plants build up.. Carbohydrates
199. Ginger is an example of Rhizome
200. Bamboo is a . Grass
201. Photosynthesis takes place faster in .. Red Light
202. Potato is a modified form of .. Stem
203. Deficiency of iron in human body causes .. Anemia
204. Red color of tomato is due to .. Karotionoid
205. The yellow color of urine is due to the presence of . Urochrome
206. Ageing in human beings is caused by disappearance of. Thymus Glands
207. Leucocytes (WBCs) are produced in .. Lymph
208. Hemophilia is because absence of .. Clothing
209. Anemia is because of deficiency of .. Iron, Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid
210. The amount of water in mammalian blood is 94%
211. Oxygen is carried by Platelets
212. Instrument used for measuring humidity is called. Hygrometer
213. The weather phenomenon takes place in which layer of atmosphere? Troposphere
214. Equator passes through.. Malaysia
215. Airplanes fly in.of atmosphere Troposphere
216. The age of earth is.. 04.6 billions years
217. The continent having the least rainfall is. Africa
218. The country known as the Land of Midnight Sun is Norway
219. The largest country in Arabian Peninsula is Saudi Arabia
220. The Earth rotates on its axis from West to East
221. The Earths total surface covered by forests is. 15%
222. Panama Canal links .. North America with S. America
223. The metal which is not only radioactive but also magnetic is Thorium
224. The ore of Iron which contains 90% iron and is smokeless is. Anthracite
225. The heat and light from sun reaches the earth through the process of.. Radiation
226. The length of Suez Canal is. 170 Kilometer
227. The coal and petroleum are found in Sedimentary Rocks
228. Black Forests are found in.. USA
229. Panama Canal is under the control of .. USA
230. Color-blind person cannot distinguish between. Red & Green color
231. In eye, color vision is affected by the presence of.. Rods
232. The measurement unit of Heat is .. Calories
233. The organism which respires but has no blood is .. Hydra
234. The basic character of living organism is . Reproduction
235. The colors of flowers are due to Anthocyanins
236. The smallest plant on the earth is . Algae
237. \Party that won Nov. 2015 elections in Turkey.. Justice & Development Party(AKP)
238. The party in opposition in Turkish Parliament is.. Republican People Party
239. AKP Party won .. 316 seats out of 550
240. The state which abandoned One-Child Policy in Nov 2015. China
241. Islands disputed among China, Philippine & Vietnam in South China Sea. are Spartly and Parcels
242. The president elected as a result of 2015 election in Tanzania is John Magufuli
243. US president appointed who to fight the Islamic State (IS) . Brett Mc Gruk
244. Pakistan and Russia signed to build 1100-Km North-South Gas pipeline from Lahore to Karachi
245. US extended stay of troops in Afghanistan (5500) till 2017
246. New PM of Canada.. Justin Trudeau (23rd PM)
247. Party in power in Canada Liberal Party
248. Russian Nuclear Scientist & human rights activists.. Andrei Sakharov
249. Book written by The last Days of Quaid-i-Azam.. Colnel Elahi Bakhsh
250. Political Scandal b/w Sweden & India during 1980s-1990s. Bofors Scandal
251. Actual name of F-16.. Fighting Falcon
252. Headquarter of Asian Development Bank is in Manila
253. Pakistan left CENTO in 1979
254. Constitution of European Union is not ratified by France
255. The largest agency of FATA by area is South Waziristan Agency
256. SAARC Human Resource Development Center is located at Islamabad
257. Under vision 2025, WAPDA will construct SATPARA Dam on Indus River in Northern Areas
258. PETRONAS Tower is located in Kuala Lumpur
259. OIC has a total members 57
260. The district having lowest population density is Kharan
261. Asian Development Bank established in 1966
262. The founder of Hammas Sheikh Ahmad Yasin
263. After Pushtuns, the 2nd largest ethnic group in Afghanistan is Tajiks
264. The largest country of African Continent is Sudan
265. The power generation capacity of Diamer Bhasha Dam is 4500 MW
266. The largest opium producer province in Afghanistan is Helmand.
267. The oldest international Human Rights Organization is..Anti-Slavery International Organization
268. Baglihar Dam constructed in district Doda
269. Kishanganga dam constructed in district Baramula
270. One US barrel is equal to 159 liters
271. The Aid to Pakistan Consortium meets every year at.. Paris
272. The term of office of Judge of ICJ is .. 09 years
273. Channel Tunnel connects . England & France
274. Strait of Malacca is main shipping channel between . Indian Ocean and North Pacific Ocean
275. The largest island in Indian Ocean is.. Madagascar
276. India joined UNO in. 1955
277. A hole is made in a brass plate and is heated. The size of the hole first increases and then decreases
278. Magnetic Field of electric current was discovered by .. Faraday
279. Yellow Stone National Park is in . USA
280. Equator passes through .. African Continent
281. Days and Nights are equal throughout the globe when the sun is . above the Equator
282. The gas used in refrigerator is. Ammonia
283. Aspirin is the common name used for. Acetyl Salicylic Acid
284. When a man circles around the earth in a satellite, then his mass remain constant and weight becomes Zero
285. The weight of an object at poles is greater than at equator. It is because Gravitational Pull is more at polls
286. Gobar Gas contains mainly .. Methane
287. Water in an open pool remains cool even in hot summer because water absorbs heat less rapidly than
Atmosphere does
288. A balanced fertilizer for plants is Compost
289. Decrease of WBCs in blood results in decrease in.. Antibodies
290. Less dew forms on cloudy nights because in cloudy nights, the radiation takes place very slowly
291. Liberty, Equality & Fraternity aspirations were derived from French Revolution
292. At the time of partition of India, PM of UK was.. Clement Attlee
293. The French Supremacy in India came to an end with the battle of.. Wandiwash
294. Supersonic jets tend to cause destruction of.. Ozone Layer
295. During Aurangzeb reign, who were not included in govt.. Marhatta
296. The person who introduced Civil Services in India was Lord Cornwallis
297. During processing and cooking, the part of food which destroys most is Vitamins
298. When iron rusts, its weight increases
299. The star which is called evening star is Venus
300. To an astronaut in the spacecraft, the color of sky appears to be.. Black
301. A growing child needs more. Proteins
302. Plant having the highest photosynthetic activity is Sugarcane
303. Co-existence of Private & Public Sectors means the Mixed Economy
304. When a ship enters from River into a Sea, its portion under water will Decreases
305. The purest form of water is obtained from Heavy Rain
306. The common ore of Aluminum is. Bauxite
307. The greatest landmark of personal liberty is Habeas Corpus
308. Gerontology is the study of. processing of ageing
309. Among orthodox caliphs, shortest tenure reign was of.. Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)- (June 632- August 634)
310. Among orthodox caliphs, longest tenure reign was of. Hazrat Usman (RA) (Nov.644 June 656)
311. Pakistan launched 1 Satellite (Badr-1) on 16 July 1990
312. Isotopes are atoms of same element having different number of .. Neutrons
313. Melting & boiling point of ionic compounds is High
314. The most abundant element on the Earth Crust is Oxygen
315. The 2 most abundant element on the earth crust is Silicon
316. The 2 largest gas reservoirs in Pakistan are at Mari Filed (District Ghotki, Sindh)
317. The crescent and star on Pakistan flag symbolizes Progress & Light
318. The design of Pakistan flag was adopted on 11 August 1947
319. The worlds 1 female Prime Minister was
Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike
320. The 1 female President of a state is
Maria Estate Pew (Argentina)
321. The Arab country which 1st time appointed a female cabinet minister is. Kuwait
322. A worker who works when his fellow workers are on strike is called. Scab
323. The prophet who was re-lived after 100 years was. Hazrat Uzair (AS)
324. The 1 Printing Press in India was set up in. Goa
325. The father of Geometry. Euclid
326. The country that 1 used stamp.. UK (1840)
327. Charlie Chaplin belongs to.. UK
328. Meningitis is a disease of. Brain
329. Iron present in the blood in the form of. Compound
330. Substance that helps in the digestion of milk is Rennin
331. Atom Bomb invented by. J. Robert Openhiemer
332. Pendulum was discovered by.. Galileo
333. Herpetology is the study of. Reptiles
334. Acid used in car batteries is. Sulphuric Acid
335. National Flower of China is . Narcissus
336. World Environment Day.. 5th June
337. Country famous for Samba Dance... Brazil
338. Temperature of warm blooded animals remains Constant
339. Ceylon became Sri Lanka in May 1972
340. Amritsar is called the City of.. Golden Temple
341. The founder of modern Germany is. Bismarck
342. The father of Indian Nuclear program is.. Homi Bhabha
343. Dog belongs to family of. Wolf & Jackal
344. The principal export of Jamaica is. Sugar
345. Olympic Games were started by .. Greek
346. Hamayun died at the age of .. .. 48 years
347. The founder of Sikh Religion was. Guru Nank
348. The founder of Agra City was. Sikandar Lodhi
349. The old name of Agra was .. Akbarabad
350. Mahmud Ghaznavi was the son of.. Subagtagin
351. 1 president of India was Dr. Rajendra Parsad
352. Red fort in Delhi was built by .. Shah Jahan
353. U.F.O stands for.. . Unidentified Flying Objects
354. Planets that revolve clockwise around the sun are... Uranus and Venus
355. Crab has . Pairs of legs. Five Pairs
356. The person who used prism for splitting light into five colors.. Sir Issac Newton
357. The study of Sound is called. Acoustics
358. The owl can rotate its head by. 180o on either side
359. Solid Carbon Dioxide is called.. Dry ice
360. Butterfly has.. 6-legs
361. The 2nd largest planet after .. Jupiter is Saturn
362. A star fish has usually 5- arms
363. The hottest planet is Venus
364. The smallest flowering plant is. Worfia
365. Current Attorney General of Pakistan is. Salman Aslam Butt
366. Current Governor of GB is. Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan
367. Current CM of GB is. Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman
368. Current president of AJK is Sardar Muhammad Yaqoub Khan
369. Current PM of AJK is . Chudry Abdul Majeed
370. The first mosque built by Muslims Quba Mosque
371. Musalimma Kizzab was killed at the Battle of Yamama by Wahshi Ibn-i-Harb
372. The tenure of Rashindin Caliphate was.. 30 yrs (June 632 AD- to- July 661AD)
373. Baghdad was founded by. Khalifa Mansur
374. Under which Caliph, Sindh was invaded Caliph Al-Walid-I
375. Before Lord Mountbatten, the Governor General of India was Lord Wavell
376. Elections for 1 constituent assembly took place in ..
377. State Bank of Pakistan was inaugurated by Quaid-i-Azam on. July 1, 1948
378. Rohtas Fort was built on order of Sher Shah Suri by.. Theodor Mal
379. The river that originates from Germany is River Dunabay
380. The national emblem of Spain is. Eagle
381. Total length of River Indus is 3200 Kilometer
382. Lake Saiful Malook- Alphine/Glacial Lake is in Kaghan Valley
383. The worlds longest straits are . Malacca (805km)
384. Pacific & Atlantic Oceans are connected by . Panama Canal
385. The Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea are connected through. Suez Canal
386. The current GST Rate in Pakistan is.. 17%
387. Theory of Evolution is given by . Charles Darwin
388. Total Districts in KPK are . 26 & 986 Union Councils
389. Total Districts in Punjab are . 36 & Tehsil/Towns are 127
390. The largest museum in Pakistan is the Lahore Museum
391. The last wife of Holy Prophet was. Hazrat Maimuna Bint-i-Hurait
392. A land tax imposed on all Non-Muslims as well as Muslims is called Kharaj
393. Jacobabad and Sibi are connected to Quetta through Bolan Pass
394. The total length of Khyber Pass is. 56 Kilometers
395. The largest desert in Pakistan is .. Thar Desert (called friendly desert)
396. Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakar took shelter in . Cave of Thoar
397. Who built Al-Aqsa Mosque? . Hazrat Suleiman (AS)
398. The 1 Muslim among slaves was Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris
399. The Holy Prophet delivered farewell sermon in Arafat on. 10th Zilhaj
400. The Nikkah of Hazrat Muhammad & Hazrat Khadija was recited by. Abu Talib
401. Kargil War occurred in. May-July 1999
402. Hazrat Usman was martyred on Friday
403. The age of Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) at his death was 61 years (573-634 AD)
404. The age of Hazrat Umar (RA) at his death was.. 63 years (581-644 AD)
405. The age of Hazrat Usman (RA) at his death was.. 79 years (577-656 AD)
406. The age of Hazrat Ali at his death was . 61 years (599-661 AD)
407. Nawaz Sharif established Ehtisab Cell in 1998
408. Quota restrictions were removed by . Z.A Bhutto
409. The nickname of Nangaparbat is Killer Mountain
410. The name Nangaparbat means... Naked Mountains
411. The 1 Muslim who was appointed as Hakam was Hazrat Saad Bin Maaz
412. The pact of Madina was signed between.. Muslims and Jews
413. The 1 biography of the life of the Holy Prophet was written by Ibn-i-Hasham
414. The commander of Muslims in the battle of Qadsya was Hazrat Saad Ibn I Abi Waqas
415. Abu Obadiah Bin Jarrah was the conqueror of. Yarmuk
416. The most important organ of UNO is . Security Council
417. The last Hindu Ruler of India is. Pritvi Raaj Chohan (Rai Pithora)
418. The provinces of Afghanistan bordering with Pakistan are Khost, Paktika, Kabal, Qandahar & Helmand
419. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a unification of . Seven Sheikhdoms
420. Gandhi switched off non-cooperation movement in .. February 1922
421. Masjid-i-Aqsa (Baitul Muqadas) is in the old city of .. Jerusalem
422. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) is also known as . Jad-dul-Ambya
423. Hazrat Umer (RA) appointed as custodian of Bait-ul-Mal.. Abdullah bin Masud
424. Had-e-Qazaf (False Accusation) is to be punished with.. 80 Lashes
425. Imam-e-Dar-ul-Hijrat was a title of.. Imam Malik
426. The seal affixed on letters by Prophet (SAW) was in the Custody of. Hazrat Khuzaifa (RA)
427. Hazrat Umar titled River Nile as.. Syed-ul-Anhaar
428. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave the key of Bait Ullah permanently to Hazrat Usman bin Talha
429. Batha Valley is situated in. . Makkah
430. The book of Hadees having 40-Ahadees is called... Arbain
431. Fidak Garden was bestowed to the Holy Prophet as a.. Fay
432. Ashab-us-Sabt means. . Jews
433. Doab between Ravi and Chenab is called . Rechna Doab
434. Rawal Dam is constructed on River Korang
435. National anthem of Pakistan was approved in.. August 1954
436. Pirpur Report was prepared by. Raja Syed Mehdi
437. Chudry Khaleeq-u-Zaman wrote ... The Path to Pakistan
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438. Camp David Accord 1978 was between.. Egypt & Israil
439. Total number of Rivers in KPK are;. 08
440. Total number of Rivers in Baluchistan are; 07
441. The 1 Vice President of Pakistan was;.. Noor-ul-Amin (Dec 1971-Aug 1973)
442. The 1 Chief Executive of Pakistan was; Pervaiz Musharraf (Oct 1999Jan 2003)
443. The 1 Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan was; General Frank Meservey
444. The 1 Chief of Staff of Pakistan was;.. General Tikka Khan
445. The 1 Chief Justice of Pakistan was;. Justice Mian Abdul Rashid
446. The 1 Chairman of Senate of Pakistan was.
Mr. Habibullah (1973-to-1977)
447. The P.M of UK at the outbreak of WW-II was. Chamberlain
448. The term Billion is used to denote; One Hundred Cror
449. The Kurds are ethnically; Non-Arab Muslims
450. One liter of water is equaling to; 0.90kg
451. The 1st Indian who become Governor of an Indian State Lord Sinha
452. The oldest era is Buddhist era
453. Hippocratic Oath is taken by physicians in Medical Sciences
454. Among the Seven wonders, which one is located in Italy? Leaning Tower
455. Malik Kafur was the General of Emperor Hamayun
456. The Governor General of India who was impeached Lord Warren Hasting
457. Chenab Formula to resolve Kashmir dispute was given by Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan
458. Usuri river is disputed between China & Russia
459. Six Points are related to Sheikh Mujeeb. Five Points are related to. Muhammad Khan Janejo
460. There are three countries having unwritten constitutions UK, Israil, New Zealand
461. The 1 Civil War among the Muslims was
st The battle of Jaml
462. The state geographically known as Land of Thunder Bolt is Bhutan
463. The Holy Quran in Sub-continent was 1 translated in language
st Sindhi
464. The president of USA at the time of creation of Pakistan was.. Henry S. Truman
465. Quaid-i-Azam joint ML at the efforts of.. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
466. The number of National Parks in Pakistan are.. 07
467. As Governor General, Quaid got salary in Rupees 01 Rupee
468. The metal which is not only radioactive but also magnetic is. Thorium
469. The 1st Newspaper of Urdu Language was.. Jam-e-Jahan Numa
470. The river known as the Father of Water is.. Amazon River
471. The river known as Father of Rivers is Indus River
472. The total number of landlocked states in the world is.. 043
473. The largest fort in Pak (Rani Kot) is located in.. Hyderabad.
474. At the time of partition, number of radio stations in Pak were. 03
475. The 1 Radio Station of Pakistan was at.
st Karachi
476. The length of Great Wall of China is.. 2400km
477. The national symbol of Russia is. Bear
478. Atiq was the title of ;.. Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
479. Which book is called Umm-ul-Sahehain?...... Mauta of Imam Malik
480. The US president who got all electoral votes was. George Washington

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481. Kitchen Cabinet is related to which US President?................... Andrew Jackson
482. The country having the longest coastal line is Canada
483. The highest capital of a state is. La Paz (Bolivian Capital)
484. The largest monarchy of the world is of. Japan
485. Which country has Revolving Monarch system?.................... Malaysia
486. The country with highest per capita income is.. Luxembourg
487. The 1 democratic country in the world is..
st UK
488. The Queen or King of UK must be Protestant by faith
489. In Pakistan, divisional system was abolished on 14th Aug. 2001
490. The largest district, by area, in Punjab is. Bahawalpur
491. The largest districts of Pakistan by area.. Khuzdar (Baluchistan)
492. The number of districts in Baluchistan are 32
493. Total number of districts in KPK province are. 26
494. Total number of districts in Sindh province... 24
495. There are a total of ..districts in AJK... 10
496. The number of districts in Federal Capital are 01
497. Which river is called the Nile of Pakistan.. Indus River
498. Rechna Doab is located between rivers.. Ravi & Chenab
499. Chaj Doab is located between rivers. Chenab & Jhelum
500. Bari Doab is located between rivers. Bias & Ravi River
501. Sindh Sager Doab is located between.. Indus & Jhelum
502. Total number of rivers in Pakistan are.. 24
503. The largest desert in Pakistan (No.8 in world) is Thar Desert (Sindh)
504. The mountainous range which is called the roof of the world is Pamir Plateau
505. Which mountainous range separates Pakistan from China?................ Karakoram Ranges
506. Which mountainous range separates Pakistan from Afghanistan?...... Hindukush
507. Pakistan is situated in of Subcontinent West
508. The length of Pak-Afghan border is.. Durand Line (2252Km)
509. The length of Pak-India border is Radcliff Line (1610Km)
510. The length of Pak-Iran international border is 805 Kilometer
511. The total length of Pak-China border is 595 Kilometer
512. The total coastline of Pakistan is .. 1046 Kilometer
513. How much area of Pakistan is covered by forests?........ 5%
514. The lowest point in Pakistan is Indian Ocean
515. The highest point in Pakistan is . K-2
516. Poona Pact (September 1932) was aim to. Grant Separate Electorate
517. The country having maximum international borders is.. China (with 16-states)
518. The most recent state which joined United States is. Hawaii
519. The country that imposed ban on sale of all types of tobacco is.. Singapore
520. The hottest place of the world is Azizya (Libya)
521. The fastest animal in the world is. Cheetah
522. The Muslim country having lowest population is.. Maldives
523. The animal that sleeps 20 hours out of 24 hours is.. Lion

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524. The 1st female Muslim president of UN General Assembly was Haya Rashid Al-Khalifa (Bahrain)
525. Barack Obama of USA belongs to which state of US. Illinois
526. Treads are made on shoe soles in order to increase its.. Elasticity
527. The old name of Quetta is.. Shal Kot
528. The worlds oldest capital is .. Damascus
529. During Earthquake, how many types of energy is released?..... 3 types
530. The country without constitution is Israil
531. Mohenjo-Daro is located in district Larkana
532. The part of Pakistan which is called the City of Saints is.. Multan
533. The founder of Pakistan National Movement was. Ch. Rehmat Ali
534. The largest producer of electricity in the Muslim World is.. Uzbekistan
535. The lowest town in the world is The Israeli Settlement of Ein Bokek
536. FIA was established under . FIA Act 1974
537. FIA was established on.. 13 January 1975
538. The Motto statement of FIA is... Accuracy & Honesty ()
539. The number of LEAs in Pakistan (Federal) are 11
540. The Agency before FIA was Pakistan Special Police Establishment (Established in 1942)
541. The numbers of major units in FIA are. Ten (10)
542. The ten units of FIA are; CTW, Crime Wing, National Central Bearue (Interpol), Immig. Wing, Tech.
Wing, Legal Branch, Anti-Human Trafficking, Admin. Eco Crimes Wing, Complaint center.
543. Japan is called the land of rising sun because the rays of the sun get reflected from the water of the seas and
Make the sunrise beautiful in Japan.
544. When one sperm fertilizes the ovum and zygote divides into two separate cells developing independently, the
Result is the born of identical twins.

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