Loose Associations vol 3 Issue 3
Photographers' Gallery 2017 no ISBN Acqn 28012
Pb 13x18cm 96pp 42ills 38col £10

Loose Associations is The Photographers’ Gallery's printed journal, offering a diverse set of
reflections on photography and image culture. Loosely inspired by the gallery’s exhibition
programme, LA includes essays both written and visual, artist pages, images, interviews, fiction
and philosophy from a wide range of contributors. This issue's contributions are related to the
exhibitions Wim Wenders: Instant Stories and 4 Saints in 3 Acts: A Snapshot of the American

With contributions by Wim Wenders, Daniel Blight, Ruby Wroe, Peter Buse, Adam Brown, Anna
Dannemann, Alex Ross, Wallace Cheatham, Andrew Frierson, Harris Elliot.

Martien Mulder - The City Beautiful
Martien Mulder 2017 ISBN 9780692772119 Acqn 27542
Hb 16x23cm 80pp 60col ills £47

After India won its independence in 1947, Le Corbusier was asked to design the city of
Chandigarh. What he created, realising his modernist vision, became known as "The City
Beautiful". While wandering through this brutalist utopia, Martien Mulder found a story in the raw
concrete and the artful details that make up the city. Her photographs are soulful impressions of
Chandigarh's modernist form, and a delicately abstract interpretation of the architect's
masterpiece. This book is her ode to Le Corbusier's core belief that "architecture is the skilful,
correct, and magnificent play of volumes assembled in light."

Danielle Van Zadelhoff - Relatos Del Alma
CAC Malaga 2017 ISBN 9788494619045 Acqn 27829
Pb 22x25cm 128pp col ills £36.50

This book is published with an exhibition of more than 50 photographs by Danielle van Zadelhoff
at CAC Malaga, the Dutch artist's first show in Spain. The themes of her photographic works
denote an intentional existentialism, reflected in her painterly use of chiaroscuro to convey the
textures of each subject's skin and gaze. At once simple and deeply complex, surprising and
intensely stark, Van Zadelhoff's portraits convey her fascination with the human psyche, using
models to interpret innate questions of temptation, vulnerability, doubt, and faith as a pretext for
self-exploration. It shows how the role and situation of women in today's society is one of her
main interests.

Michael Dalton - The Great Falls
Peperoni Books 2017 ISBN 9783941249165 Acqn 27981
Hb 24x29cm 120pp 54col ills £45

Hailing from New Jersey, photographer Michael Dalton naturally treats the subjects of his first
book with a sense of familiarity and reverence. His images from the faded industrial city of
Paterson, with its picturesque waterfall and run-down neighbourhoods, include landscapes,
cityscapes, and portraits of couples, all representative of the pride and resilience found in
communities that have been forced to adapt. The series is both a personal record and a social
document which explores common American themes of perseverance, reclamation, and escape,
with a focus on archetypes found within cities of the north-eastern United States and the evolving
function of cities like Paterson.

Takashi Homma - Various Shaped Hoses
Lim Art 2017 no ISBN Acqn 27312
Pb 14x16cm 48pp 18col ills £33.50

Photographer Takashi Homma began producing a series of books as an homage to Edward
Ruscha in 2014, with each publication taking a new form through its changing subject matter.
While the technique is an imitation of Ruscha's 1964 book 'Various Small Fires', this fifth
instalment in the series attempts its own adaptation of the original by focusing on a theme not
examined by Ruscha. Thus we are presented with all manner of hoses, but mostly garden hoses,
looping and snaking randomly as they were abandoned after the last use. Also, as the title
suggests, one of the hoses is actually a snake.

Malick Sidibe - Mali Twist
Editions Xavier Barral 2017 ISBN 9782365111522 Acqn 27865
Hb 20x27cm 308pp 280ills 80col £47.95

Malick Sidibe was able to capture the vitality of Bamako's youth and impose his unique style as
shown in this exceptional collection of B&W photographs, including many previously unpublished
images. The book is structured around his major themes: studio portraits, party photographs and
lesser-known images of the youth outdoor. The series are punctuated by the authors' texts,
testimonies of personalities who accompanied the artist from the neighbourhoods of Bamako to
the world's greatest museums.

Elian Somers - One And Another State Of Yellow (incl. C-print)
Fw 2017 ISBN 9789490119508 Acqn 27896
Hb 24x34cm 40pp col ills £51

'One and Another State of Yellow (2013-2016)' studies the interplay between architecture and
urban planning, ideologies, and psychological warfare around two landscapes of 'war' in the US:
1) the urban military experiment El Paso-Juarez at the United States-Mexico border; and 2)
Washington, DC as the US war and control apparatus. El Paso is an American city that borders
directly on Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. In 2010 Juarez was listed as the deadliest city in the world. At
the same time El Paso was listed as the safest city in the US. The work questions the ways in
which architecture and urban planning are strategically employed to threaten or stimulate fear, or
even to deceive an audience or enemy.

Nobuyoshi Araki - Sentimental Journey 1971-2017
He He 2017 ISBN 9784908062186 Acqn 27897
Hb 25x18cm 288pp 350ills 50col £41

Published with an exhibition at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, this profoundly poignant
collection of photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki focuses on a single theme from his vast oeuvre: his
wife Yoko. As Araki himself has said, "It's thanks to Yoko that I became a photographer". From
their first encounter in 1968 until her premature death from ovarian cancer in 1990, Yoko was his
most important subject and muse. The book explores Araki's relationship with the woman he
most treasured, beginning with his record of their honeymoon, and continuing with numerous
photos in which she is the subject, as well as many others from after her passing that give a
strong sense of her presence.

Stephan Keppel - Flat Finish (New York)
Fw 2017 ISBN 9789490119553 Acqn 27914
Pb 21x30cm 400pp col ills £45

Dutch visual artist Stephan Keppel's ongoing research on public space and urban structures
continues with an exploration of the known and unknown structures and surfaces of New York
City. By assembling a subjective databank of images and reproductions of architectural
references and urban forms, he strips the city of its cliched myth and gives a new perspective on
the metropolis, wherein his own photographs combine with re-photographed archival material and
other found footage. Printed using special high-pigmented inks, the book also questions its own
(re-)production, becoming part of Keppel's endless loop of recycled images, works, and

Daido Moriyama - Record 34
Akio Nagasawa 2017 no ISBN Acqn27950
Pb 21x28cm 80pp 60ills £33

For this instalment of Daido Moriyama's 'Record' series, the photographer focuses on the city of
Chichibu in Japan's Saitama Prefecture, a place which has traditionally depended on silkworms
and limestone as economic staples. Driven by a desire to escape the daily routine of
crisscrossing Tokyo and its environs while taking snapshots, something which threatened to
make him lose sight of his own mental stance in the chaos of the streets, Moriyama ventured to
this enclave in the mountains in search of a less bewildering subject. There he snaps rail yards,
eating establishments, temples, quiet backstreets, and car parks, even wandering into the city's
green outskirts.

Tsar Fedorsky - The Light Under The Door
Peperoni Books 2017 ISBN 9783941249158 Acqn 27980
Hb 23x29cm 104pp 46ills 1col £42

Based in Massachusetts, photographer Tsar Fedorsky produces work that is contemplative in
nature, quietly disarming and confronting the viewer with the same doubts she herself explores.
She describes this book as wanting "to create a photo narrative about a woman who dreams of a
larger life," one who "yearns to experience the broader world. But at times she feels lonely and
isolated, and seeks comfort in art, literature, and in her imagination." The black-and-white images
of domestic scenes and empty winter landscapes describe hope, longing, and disappointment,
raising questions of personal fulfilment as Fedorsky reflects on the choices she's made in her
own life.

Susanne Huth – Sortiment
Revolver Publishing 2017 ISBN 9783957633927 Acqn 27882
Pb 24x31cm 24pp 24col ills £15.95

Cropping, details, fraction, the main features of the photographs of Susanne Huth’s new series
‘Sortiment’ present a fragmented perception of public space in Berlin Mitte. Through close-ups,
she draws attention to elements of the city which we, when striding across it, only register as
elusive and ephemeral. Huth juxtaposes two different groups of motifs: first, details of the window
displays of fashionable boutiques; second, the blown-up graphic structures of youth counter-
culture stickers. Depending on the area of focus, however, she approaches her objects in
different ways: on luxury articles, the camera gaze remains a distant perspective, which, through
the reflections in the glass, simultaneously makes visible parts of the exterior space.

Anoek Steketee - State Of Being - Documenting Statelessness
Rijksmuseum 2017 ISBN 9789462084148 Acqn 27794
Pb 17x23cm 124pp £28

The Rijksmuseum has organized the exhibition ‘Document Nederland' annually since 1975. A
Dutch photographer is asked to focus on a current social topic. In 2017 Anoek Steketee was
commissioned to portray the theme ‘stateless’. Steketee went looking for stateless people in the
Netherlands: people without nationalities, without passports, who legally do not exist but live in
the Netherlands nevertheless. To create this book, Steketee portrayed people that were de facto
or recognized as stateless, as well as scenes, places, and documents. She worked together with
journalists Eefje Blankevoort and Arnold van Bruggen and designers Kummer&Herrman. This
photo document includes interviews and texts and presents a probing portrait of life in limbo.

Daisuke Yokota – Outskirts
Alauda Publishing 2017 ISBN 9789082396638 Acqn 27957
Pb 23x31cm 92pp ills £51

A hallucinatory night walk in the outskirts of Tokyo, where sleepy suburbia emerges as
dreamscape. Could this be the backdrop for a nocturnal crime scene, or a tale of irretrievable
loss? For the photo essay 'Outskirts', Daisuke Yokota shot his haunting images on colour film
before inverting the colours and changing them to a monochrome palette. The camera staggers
around, resulting in a stream of images of trees, parked cars, and forlorn buildings. Yokota
unpretentiously traverses the boundaries between the digital and the analogue, overdeveloping
film, re-photographing images, and distorting them with heat, dust, or acid. Yokota's dynamic
process is permeated by the spectral qualities of the medium.

Alternative Moons
Eriskay Connection 2017 ISBN 9789492051370 Acqn 27978
Pb 21x30cm 72pp col ills £28

The moon has been a source of inspiration and imagination throughout human history. Laden
with mythological and superstitious narratives, it has also been a source of speculative science
fiction and surprisingly real facts. The first collaborative artists' book by Nadine Schlieper and
Robert Pufleb offers a fantastical journey through a fictitious conceptualisation of the moon. With
more than 40 photographic close-ups of what are actually pancakes, this series of "cosmic
landscapes" invites new discoveries and revelations. Join the space trip and witness fantastical
images of mysterious, cratered moons from an unknown galaxy, all while a dawning reality
creeps into perception.

Michael Wolf - Hong Kong Storage
Peperoni Books 2017 ISBN 9783941249103 Acqn 27979
Hb 16x21cm 80pp col ills £33.75

Hong Kong's back alleys have long been Michael Wolf's laboratory for the exploration of
behaviours, creativity and inventiveness of the city dwellers that are reflected in the amazing
variety of random arrangements. In this book bags, brooms, pots, shoes, plants are held in the
wall by pipes; chairs dangle on wire ropes or are stacked to Babylonian towers; vegetables hang
together with gloves, umbrellas and tools on the leash; belongings are artfully laced on handcarts
like Araki's bondage models. 'Hong Kong Storage' is the last of a total of 9 volumes in which
Michael Wolf examines the diverse aspects of street life in Hong Kong.

Bec Parsons - Coney Island
Perimeter Editions 2017 ISBN 9780995358652 Acqn 27982
Pb 20x26cm 130pp 60col ills £45

Bec Parsons is a favourite of the Australian fashion industry, and her images appear in many
fashion publications. Her style is widely recognised as stripped down and unfussed, leaving
elegantly raw images which focus solely on the subject. Reducing things to their most basic and
timeless elements seems to be her modus operandi, and this series, which takes a single model,
Julia Nobis, and New York's Coney Island as its subject and backdrop, is no exception. The
familiar boardwalks and looping rollercoasters are shown as empty places devoid of the expected
buzz of activity, yet the special attention Parsons gives to the blossoming cherry trees hints at a
change of season.

Veronika Spierenburg Oya-ishi - Oya Stone
Art Paper Editions 2017 ISBN 9789490800727 Acqn 28100
Pb 21x28cm 184pp col ills £39

Photography has become an obsession in Japan where only a few unspoiled spots can be found.
For three months, Veronika Spierenburg moved from Japan's south to its north. From this,
Spierenburg created an artist's book which shows the richness of textures, artifacts, traditional as
well as modern architecture in an idiosyncratic mood. The photographs shed light on how
Japanese culture manifests itself in its craftsmanship. The buildings of famous architects such as
Kenzo Tange, Togo Murano, Tadao Ando, Kazuo Shinohara and Kisho Kurokawa are presented
in the book along with folk architecture.