Goeritz - Guide
Arquine 2017 ISBN 9786077784951 Acqn 25856
Hb 12x17cm 192pp 102ills 82col £21.50

Painter and sculptor Mathias Goeritz (1915-90) studied arts and crafts, art history and philosophy
in interwar Berlin before arriving in Guadalajara in 1949, after stints in Spain and North Africa. It
was in Mexico, at the founding of his El Eco Experimental Museum in Mexico City, that Goeritz
put forward his principle of "emotional architecture," which would become a driving force of his
subsequent work and an important concept in the development of modern art in postwar Latin
America-a theory of architecture, objects and spaces that would stir the emotions rather than
resting on bland functionalism and austere aestheticism. Goeritz Guide, the first guide to
Goeritz's work, explores Goeritz's art through an itinerary of 41 of his public works in Mexico,
including monumental sculptures, stained glass windows and murals in Guadalajara,
Cuernavaca, Monterrey, Toluca, Acapulco, Merida and three zones of Mexico City.

Louise Bourgeois and Peter Zumthor - Steilneset Memorial
Forlaget Press 2017 ISBN 9788232800957 Acqn 26312
Hb 17x23cm 160pp 75col ills £38.50

This book documents a unique collaboration between the artist Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010)
and the architect Peter Zumthor (born 1973). The Steilneset Memorial, opened in 2011, is a
monument in Vardo, Norway, commemorating the 17th-century trial and execution of 91 women
for witchcraft.

The brainchild of the National Tourist Routes project in Norway (a government-sponsored
initiative which aims to attract visitors to remote but exceptionally beautiful locations), the
Steilneset Memorial started out as a modest monument to honour the victims of the witchcraft
trials, to be built on the site where the burnings originally took place. But the project, which would
be Bourgeois' last major work, grew in the hands of Zumthor and Bourgeois into two distinct,
haunting structures.

Proof - Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein, Robert Longo
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 2017 ISBN 9788090671409 Acqn 27272
Hb 26x29cm 256pp 100ills 20col £42.95

Featuring works by Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein and Robert Longo, Proof offers insight into
the singularity of vision through which artists can reflect the social, cultural and political
complexities of their times. Spanning eras and continents, each of these artists witnessed the
turbulent transition from one century to another, experiencing the seismic impacts of revolution,
civil rights movements and war. While Goya served church and king, Eisenstein the state, and
Longo emerged during the rise of the contemporary art market-the dominant benefactors of each
period-they all rose to prominence through developing nuanced practices that challenged
expectations. With commissioned essays by journalist, activist and author Chris Hedges, artist
Vadim Zakharov, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation Artistic Director Nancy
Spector, and Garage Chief Curator Kate Fowle, plus an interview with Longo, this book is
published to accompany the exhibition of the same name.

Santiago Ydanez - El Corazon Manda
CAC Malaga 2017 ISBN 9788494619038 Acqn 27826
Hb 23x29cm 156pp col ills £57.50

The work of Santiago Ydanez is transgressive in three senses: form, language, and thought. This
catalogue presents a selection of his work that speaks to his intense manner of acrylic painting
and the expressive, often large-scale works he produces, with recurring motifs of faces, animals,
art historical references, female nudes, dismemberment, and taxidermy. With a clear fascination
for eroticism and the Baroque, Ydanez blends all of these aspects to create a symbiosis between
secular spirituality, visceral humanity, and animal nature. Also included are his reinsertions of
paintings into objects like cutlery cases, jewellery boxes, and other things picked up at flea

Riding Modern Art
Editions B42 2017 ISBN 9782917855874 Acqn 28052
Pb 22x30cm 152pp ills £27

This volume brings together a collection of 50 black-and-white photographs of people
skateboarding on sculptures in public spaces. Through his study of the process of appropriation
and reuse of these works of art in the public realm - challenging skateboarders to test their limits
with new manoeuvres and tricks - artist Raphael Zarka shifts the approach to a work of art in a
way that underlines the dynamism of modern urban sculpture. The idea of movement in these
often abstract and geometric pieces is made visible by the skateboarders, translated into pure
physics and raw energy. With works by Picasso, Oteiza, Volten, and more. With intentionally
blank pages for the artists who did not want to have their work featured.

Home Reassembled - On Art, Destruction And Belonging
Jap Sam 2017 ISBN 9789490322854 Acqn 27975
Pb 13x19cm 104pp col ills £17.25

Home Reassembled comments on the many dimensions of the Mobile Home(less) project. The
starting point for the book's texts are different interpretations of Finnish sculptor Anssi Pulkkinen's
new contemporary artwork that deals with homelessness, Street View (Reassembled).
Pulkkinen's challenging and topical installation composed of the ruins of a Syrian Home is the
thread that draws the book's different and diverse texts together thematically.

The team of authors include experts from the fields of contemporary art, architecture and Middle
Eastern research. The texts in essay format offer unexpected perspectives on Pulkkinen's
artwork, and by way of which to some of our time's most critical concerns. The publication, for
example, reflects on war and the loss of home, reality and its representation, the relationship
between private and public space as well as the value creation process.

Dan Graham - Two-Way Mirror Cylinder Inside Cube and a Video Salon
DIA Center For The Arts 2017 ISBN 9780944521830 Acqn 26971
DVD 10x19cm £22.95+VAT

This video and publication are based on Dan Graham's (born 1942) Rooftop Urban Park Project,
which opened as an extended exhibition at Dia Center for the Arts in 1991. Re-released as a
DVD and packaged with the original 1992 publication, this title includes an essay by the artist and
a 20-minute video.

Max Yeh - Stolen Oranges
Kaya Press 2017 ISBN 9781885030504 Acqn 27003
Pb 15x20cm 184pp £17.25

In locations ranging from the archives of Imperial China to a rare book shop in Mexico City, a
Chinese American historian discovers six anonymous documents in Spanish and Chinese, and
constructs them into a years-long correspondence between the Chinese Emperor Wanli and
Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. Utilizing his vast historical knowledge and linguistic
abilities, the historian draws connections across the disparate geography of the 17th century. As
in his acclaimed previous novel, The Beginning of the East, Max Yeh remaps literary conventions,
sending ripples through the idea of historical fiction in the vein of Jorge Luis Borges and Italo

Anelise Chen - So Many Olympic Exertions
Kaya Press 2017 ISBN 9781885030351 Acqn 27001
Pb 13x18cm 200pp 12ills £15.50

Blending elements of memoir and sports writing, Anelise Chen’s debut novel is an experimental
work that perhaps most resembles what the ancient Greeks called hyponemata, or “notes to the
self,” in the form of observations, reminders and self-exhortations. Taken together, these notes
constitute a personal handbook on “how to live”––or perhaps more urgently “why to live,” a
question the narrator, graduate student Athena Chen, desperately needs answering. When Chen
hears news that her brilliant friend from college has committed suicide, she is thrown into a fugue
of fear and doubt. Through anecdotes and close readings of moments in the sometimes
harrowing world of sports, the novel questions the validity of our current narratives of success.

Hiroshige - Rain, Snow, Night. Unraveling The Appeal Of Woodblock Print Landscapes
Seigensha Art Publishing 2017 ISBN 9784861526107 Acqn 27744
Pb 21x15cm 212pp 150ills 140col £23.75
Text in Japanese

Utagawa Hiroshige was a master artist in the ukiyo-e tradition who was active towards the end of
the Edo period in Japan. His varied landscapes, which allowed people to enjoy the sensation of
travelling without leaving home, include landscapes as seen from important routes of the time and
pictures of famous places. Not simply pictorial, the landscapes combine a variety of elements
such as season, climate, and time of day. This book presents 150 works selected from the private
collection of ukiyo-e housed in Kameyama, one of the stations on the Tokaido road. Together
these nostalgic, unspoiled landscapes, masterfully rendered by Hiroshige, bring old Japan to life.

Kyosai Shunga - Sex And Laughter
Seigensha Art Publishing 2017 ISBN 9784861525896 Acqn 27747
Pb 20x20cm 228pp 350col ills £29.95

Erotic art known as 'shunga', which emerged during the Edo period as part the ukiyo-e movement
in Japan, was produced by almost all ukiyo-e artists at some point in their careers. Kawanabe
Kyosai, who was active in the second half of the 19th century, mastered a vast range of subject
matter and styles, and also produced an extensive corpus of explicit 'shunga'. The depiction of
sex, the most basic of human activities, was naturally an opportunity for him to give free rein to
his extraordinary wit and imaginative humour. This book offers an in-depth look at these artworks,
their cultural context, and history, revealing Kyosai's prolific production as part of the culmination
of the genre.

Undoing Art
Quodlibet 2017 ISBN 9788822900722 Acqn 27828
Pb 12x19cm 96pp 11ills £12.50

What do Stephane Mallarme, Antonin Artaud, Meret Oppenheim, Asger Jorn, Yoko Ono, Tom
Phillips, and Martin Arnold have in common? Whereas a wealth of critics have diagnosed
contemporary art's preoccupations with madness, depression, and self-abuse, as well as its
tendency to cultivate an (anti-)aesthetics of the negative, the excremental, and the abject, much
less attention has been paid to how modern artists and publics have thrived on the destruction,
disfiguration, and obliteration of work by the artists and/or by that of others. This book recounts
the history of "undoing" art in a positive mode, rescued from popular narratives of the decline and
death of the avant-garde.

The Emancipated Museum
Jap Sam 2017 ISBN 9789076936499 Acqn 27974
Hb 13x19cm 88pp £13.25

In 'The emancipated museum' the art historian and researcher Steven ten Thije engages in a
personal inquiry into the importance of art museums in a society that is becoming ever more
fragmented. In spite of the unprecedented success of museums in attracting masses of visitors,
the future of the museum is uncertain. Museums may appear calm and self-assured to outsiders,
but not even this noble showcase of art is immune to the cracks in society. The tensions between
high and low, newcomer and native, rich and poor insidiously worm their way into the museum
foundations like concrete decay. Society is adrift and the museum has to follow in its wake.

Ellsworth Kelly - Last Paintings
Matthew Marks 2017 ISBN 9781944929077 Acqn 27672
Hb 26x26cm 64pp 38ills 22col £34.25

These final paintings, made in the months leading up to his death in December 2015, further
develop the non-compositional strategies he pioneered in the late 1940s and pursued throughout
his life, including monochrome paintings, shaped canvases and joined panels.

Matthijs Maris
Rijksmuseum 2017 ISBN 9789462083813 Acqn 27804
Hb 24x31cm col ills £45

Matthijs Maris initially acquired fame as a painter in the style of the The Hague School, just like
his famous brothers Jacob and Willem. However, over the years he abandoned this realistic
palette for more introverted and symbolic themes and started portraying dreamy children, young
people on the verge of adulthood, fairytale figures, and mythical landscapes using an increasingly
smudged painting technique. This publication tells the striking story of the painter Matthijs Maris
(1839- 1917). With over 75 paintings, drawings, etchings and pieces of applied art the
Rijksmuseum, partly thanks to a unique loan agreement with The Burrell Collection in Glasgow,
provides a broad overview of this unjustly forgotten artist.

Matthijs Maris At Work
Rijksmuseum 2017 ISBN 9789462083820 Acqn 27797
Hb 24x31cm col ills £33.75

This publication allows us to look over the shoulder of Matthijs Maris (1839-1917) as he paints his
pictures. This self-opinionated artist spent his entire career in search of a painting method that
would steer clear of actual reality, but never talked much about this method. Fifteen key works
have been subjected to extensive scientific study and sources have been researched. For the first
time, it is possible to answer questions about the structure of his paintings and the way he
combined different materials. The book also reveals what the artist did to achieve the detachment
he sought both in his work and in his personal life.

Marcel Dzama - Drawing On A Revolution
La Casa Encendida 2017 ISBN 9788469756270 Acqn 28021
Hb 17x24cm 204pp col ills £24

Marcel Dzama is a prolific artist who works in multiple disciplines, including sculpture,
watercolour, ink, collage, and film. His art depicts anachronistic, fanciful, and subversive worlds
that contain human figures, animals, and mythical hybrid creatures. Using a visual language
strongly influenced by fables and masquerades, his complex narratives transport the viewer into
an enigmatic world of life and death, calm and violence, where irony, ridicule, and sexual themes
disguise allusions to contemporary social and political issues. This catalogue of drawings,
dioramas, and other works is published on the occasion of an exhibition of Dzama's work at La
Casa Encendida in Madrid.

Anna Bella Geiger - Physical And Human Geography
La Casa Encendida 2017 ISBN 9788469757383 Acqn 28024
Hb 21x29cm 224pp col ills £29

Multi-disciplinary artist Anna Bella Geiger has earned a reputation as one of the most committed
creators of the Brazilian conceptual art scene. A dominant and recurring theme in her work is the
idea of physical and human geography and the representation of maps. This catalogue for an
eponymous exhibition brings together approximately 100 works by Geiger, ranging from videos,
collages, and photographs, to artist's books and installations, and also includes an interview with
the artist. As a whole, her body of work invites us to question identity and national culture,
colonial policies, cultural stereotypes, and the exclusions and discourses imposed by hegemonic

The Adventures Of Willem De Ridder
Cultclub Edition 2017 ISBN 9789081245883 Acqn 28025
Pb 21x26cm 74pp 82ills 42col £28

Promoter of avant-garde theatre, Fluxus agent, founder of an art mail order house, publisher of
taboo-breaking magazines, producer of controversial Radio Art programmes, and much more,
Willem de Ridder has led a storied life. It seems that the moment he became successful with
whatever he was doing, he would abandon it entirely to embark on some other project. In
producing this biography, Harry Ruhe and Jeannette Dekeukeleire went back to the source - De
Ridder's old house in his hometown - and sifted through dozens of folders, clippings, dusty boxes,
and attic treasures. The result is a book full of pictures, where texts should be interpreted as
extensive captions.

The Natural Flow Of Things
La Casa Encendida 2017 ISBN 9788461749690 Acqn 28026
Hb 21x29cm col ills £33.75

This catalogue is published in conjunction with a group exhibition at La Casa Encendida in Madrid
and reflects on the forms of nature and the use of natural elements or materials as part of the
work of art, as well as on creation in relation to form and colour, craftsmanship, and a return to
origins. A text based on the French critic and artist Yvon Taillandier's conversations with Joan
Miro provides a thematic link between works by fifteen artists of various nationalities and
generations. At the exhibition's core is a wish to engage the audience in dialogue through nature.
Featuring works by Irene Grau, herman de vries, Francis Alys, Adolfo Schlosser, Karin Ruggaber,
and more.

Tracey Emin - The Memory Of your Touch
Xavier Hufkens 2017 ISBN 9789491245190 Acqn 28107
Hb 21x29cm 116pp 78col ills £39

British contemporary artist Tracey Emin planned and created the exhibition 'The Memory of Your
Touch' after the passing of her mother in autumn 2016. Her new art is full of grief, mourning, and
the longing for the touch of someone now absent. Emin is known for her autobiographical and
confessional artwork, and she often uses the human figure to express emotion. The body she
draws, paints, and models is her own, and the nude is at the heart of her acute engagement with
the history of art - whether ecstatic, sensual, hungry, triumphant, agonised, or broken by grief.
Rich with abstract, emotive expressions, this exhibition catalogue revolves around touch and

Herve Fischer And Sociological Art
Manuella Editions 2017 ISBN 9782917217863 Acqn 27835
Hb 17x24cm 144pp 100ills 50col £28.75

Edited by Sophie Duplaix and published with an exhibition she curated at Centre Pompidou, this
book introduces works of profound originality and critical power by Herve Fischer, artist and
essential founder of sociological art. Since the outset of the 1970s, his role in the elaboration of
scrupulous, inventive thinking has influenced many. The exhibition covers periods from the 1970s
until the mid-'80s, and from the late '90s until the present, and also examines the digital in a
reflection on the practices of sociological art. In his work, Fischer engages with the notion of
going beyond individual work and becoming aware of the social dimension of what an artist thinks
and feels.

Anoka Faruqee - The Visible Spectrum. Secession
Revolver Publishing 2017 ISBN 9783957633804 Acqn 27878
Pb 21x30cm 124pp 54col ills £26

One of her central aims is to create a tension between atmospheric impressions of light and
illusion and the material nature of colour and paint. Translations between the theoretical and
tangible, between the virtual and physical, are central to her work. These would be very different
paintings if there were no excess, no errata, or no corruption. These interruptions read
simultaneously as painterly gesture, material accident, and electro-magnetic corruption, crucially
animating her paintings. Her book _The Visible Spectrum_ emphasizes the visuality of her recent
paintings, their visual and material influences and inspirations, as well as a preoccupation with
colour. The idea of a spectrum or continuum is also a philosophical counterpoint to polarities. The
source imagery in the book is wide ranging and their connections are unexpected.

Jean-Luc Moulene – Breves
Revolver Publishing 2017 ISBN 9783957633781 Acqn 27879
Hb 27x33cm 54pp 39ills 38col £36.50

For over thirty years, in an oeuvre that is broadly diversified in both subject and mediums
employed, Jean-Luc Moulène has been exploring the nature of artistic work and what it means.
He works with a variety of different materials ranging from those that are industrially produced to
those that are organic or found and in mediums such as photography, film, painting, sculpture
and installation. His values interdisciplinary collaboration especially in relation to works that are
located at the interface between art and industrial design.

Yu-ichi Inoue – Flower
Little More 2017 ISBN 9784898154687 Acqn 28008
Hb 22x27cm 94pp 94ills £54