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m e t r o at l a n ta y m c a

Pre-School Program
Play. Volunteer. Donate. Join for the impact.
Pre School
The YMCA is committed to providing quality
childcare programs. Our pre-school programs
Where else but the Y…
can you find:
are guided by the National Association for the
Education of Young Children standards. Some * commitment to character development
of our goals are: * commitment to the highest standards

* To help children develop to their fullest * clean, safe and secure environment
* nurturing environment
* To support and strengthen the family unit
* experienced staff
* To deliver child care in a caring, safe and
positive environment

“A place to go, a chance

to grow for children.”
m e t r o at l a n ta y m c a

Child Care
YMCA childcare programs are built on the concepts
of family, child, community, and accessibility.

Family. YMCA child care is family-centered care,

which means parents must be included in the care
process. The goal of YMCA child care is to support
and assist the parent, to strengthen parent-child
relationships, and to increase the importance of the
family unit.

Values Child. Many children spend a significant amount

The YMCA provides experiences to develop of their childhood in YMCA childcare programs.
and nurture positive self-esteem in an inclusive Fortunately, these programs provide caring role
environment. One of the goals of the pre-school models and age-appropriate experiences that nurture
program is character development. The YMCA children’s growth, encourage positive behavior, and
develops character by teaching and demonstrating help them develop a strong sense of right and wrong.
values. We use positive adult role models to
Child care, more than almost any other program,
teach the four basic values of Caring, Honesty,
Respect, and Responsibility. offers great potential for the achievement of the
YMCA mission and objectives in the lives of the
children and families served by the YMCA.
Education Enhancement
The YMCA creates and maintains an environment
Community. The YMCA assesses the needs of
that promotes learning. Academic excellence is
valued and encouraged. Activities are designed its community and responds with programs to
to teach and challenge. High expectations are the meet those needs, helping to make the community
norm for any endeavor undertaken. a healthier, safer, and better place to live. Each
YMCA designs and delivers its childcare programs
Health & Wellness according to the specific needs of families in the
The YMCA provides opportunities to pursue neighborhood it serves.
health and fitness activities while promoting good
health habits. Structured and scheduled organized Accessibility. The YMCA believes safety and
athletic activities promote positive self-esteem care are birthrights of all children and it is the
and the appreciation for teamwork. responsibility of parents to provide their children with
full-time care from birth through adolescence. Quality
child care must be available to all who need it, not
just those who can afford it.
Georgia Pre-K Program
Ages 4-5 years
The purpose of the Georgia Pre-Kindergarten Program
is to provide a full day (6.5 hours of instructional
services), five days per week, 36 weeks (180 days) per
year of appropriate educational/instructional services
for four- and five-year old children. Each class is led by
a certified teacher. Georgia Pre-K Program goals are to
provide an appropriate pre-school education program
emphasizing growth in language and literacy, math and

science concepts, art and music, physical development,
and social concepts. Enrollment is based on a first
come, first serve basis. Students must meet the age
requirements to participate in this program.

Traditional Child Care Head Start Programs
YMCA pre-school programs offer year-round care, Ages 3-5 years
Monday through Friday for infants/toddlers and Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood program
pre-school children. Our program is offered through with an overall goal to develop the social competence
the implementation of the “Creative Curriculum.” in children. Head Start programs are guided by a set of
This theme based curriculum has a philosophy that Program Performance Standards. These standards and
believes children learn best by doing. The curriculum policies specify that Head Start programs must deliver
exposes learning opportunities in the areas of a wide range of services to ensure comprehensive care
Art/Writing, Language Development, Reading, including health, education, parent involvement, and
Math, Music n’ Movement, Science and Discovery, social services.
Physical, Cooking and Computer Programs.
Summer Day Camp
Teen Parent Program Ages 4-7 years
Through a collaboration with the DeKalb County YMCA summer day camp programs will give you peace
School System, we provide child care at select sites to of MIND while you are at work. We will challenge your
children of teenage parents from 11 area schools who child’s BODY, and promote a happy SPIRIT. This
commit to return to school. These teenage parents, program will assure the learning, fun and character-
referred by the DeKalb County Schools, the DeKalb building experienced during the school year continues
County Teenage Pregnancy Task Force and DeKalb into the summer months. The activities are designed to
Family and Children Services, will be required keep your child’s mind and body active while nurturing
to maintain at least a “C” average in their school the YMCA’s core values: CARING, HONESTY,
program and meet other requirements to participate. RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY.
YMCA Promise Statement
For Pre-School
The promise of the Metro Atlanta YMCA Pre-school Program
is to provide quality child care for all children to develop
intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically in a safe
environment. Family and community involvement is strongly
encouraged to support program goals. Reasonable fees are
provided to accommodate the entire community.

Partner With Youth Campaign

Our Partner With Youth annual giving campaign supports the
mission of our YMCA. The message is clear. GET INVOLVED.
GIVE BACK. GROW TOGETHER. By making a contribution, you
will help children, adults and families develop the abilities
to fulfill their needs. The success of our programs relies on
charitable contributions from friends like you. Call to see
how you can be a part of this giving campaign today.

Pre-school Program Locations

ymca academies of south dekalb (naeyc accredited)
2575-A Snapfinger Rd. * Decatur, GA 30034 * 770-987-4666
2924 Evans Mill Rd. * Lithonia, GA 30058 * 770-484-1625

andrew & Walter young family ymca (southwesT

Pre-school (naeyc accredited)
2220 Campbellton Rd. * Atlanta, GA 30311 * 404-523-9622

College HeightS Early Learning Center

917 South McDonough Street * Decatur, GA 30030

Centennial Place Family YMCA (naeyc accredited)

555 Luckie St. * Atlanta, GA 30313 * 404-724-9622

YMCA/Early Childhood Development Co., LLC

Head Start Program (naeyc accredited)
100 Edgewood Ave., NE * Suite 1230 * Atlanta, GA 30303