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Project Checklist for ISO 9001:2015 Implementation

Commented [AG1]: See this article: 6 key benefits of ISO
Implementation phases Tasks Done 9001:
Obtain management Research which benefits of ISO 9001:2015 would be applicable
support to your company. Commented [AG2]: See this article: How to get
management buy-in before ISO 9001 implementation:
Present the benefits to the management and get their management-buy-iso-9001/
Commented [AG3]: See this white paper: Implementing
ISO 9001 with a consultant vs. DIY approach:
Get formal approval for the project.

Establish your project Decide whether you are going to use consultants or you will be Commented [AG4]: See ISO 9001 Toolkits Product tour:
using documentation templates.

Purchase the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Commented [AG5]: See this information: ISO 9001: What
is it, how does it work and why use it?
Educate your project team.
Commented [AG6]: See this helpful Project Plan for ISO
Write the project plan, including the definition of the project 9001:2015 implementation:
manager, project team, project sponsor, required resources,
and milestones. download/project-plan-for-iso-9001-implementation-ms-
Define which stakeholders need to be informed about each Commented [AG7]: See this article: How to identify the
step in the project. context of the organization:
Organize kick-off meeting. 90012015/
Commented [AG8]: See this article: How to identify the
context of the organization:
Identify requirements Determine the context of the organization. to-identify-the-context-of-the-organization-in-iso-
Identify interested parties.
Commented [AG9]: See this article: How to include
statutory and regulatory requirements in your QMS: ...
Identify the requirements of interested parties.
Commented [AG10]: See this article: How to address
risks and opportunities in ISO 9001:
Identify applicable legal requirements.
Identify Risks and Opportunities of the QMS.
Commented [AG11]: See this article: How to determine
the scope of the QMS according to ISO 9001:2015:
Define the scope, Write the QMS Scope Document.
Commented [AG12]: See this article: How to write a good
management quality policy:
commitment, and Write the Quality Policy.
responsibilities -good-quality-policy/
Decide on the Quality Objectives. Commented [AG13]: See this article: How to write good
quality objectives
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to-write-good-quality-objectives/ ...

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Commented [AG14]: See this article: Checklist of

Define processes and Identify all processes and procedures necessary for the QMS. Mandatory Documentation Required by ISO 9001:2015
Write the procedure for Document Control. download/checklist-of-mandatory-documentation-required-

Write the procedure for Internal Audit. Commented [AG15]: See this article: How to structure
Quality Management System documentation:
Write the procedure for Monitoring of Customer Satisfaction.

Write the procedure for corrective action. Commented [AG16]: See this article: 13 steps for ISO
9001 Internal Auditing using ISO 19001:

Implement processes, Implement all the processes, procedures, and controls defined Commented [AG17]: See this article: Analysis of
measuring and monitoring requirements in ISO 9001:2015:
procedures, and for the QMS.
controls -elements-handling-customer-satisfaction-iso-9001/
Maintain records of implementation.
Commented [AG18]: See this article: How to proceed
once a QMS corrective action is defined:
Perform training and Perform training for all employees who lack required skills.
awareness programs Commented [AG19]: See this book: Preparations for the
Perform awareness programs for all employees and third ISO implementation project: A plain English guide
parties that have a role in your QMS.
Commented [AG20]: See this course: ISO 9001:2015
Foundations Course
Choose a certification Obtain proposals from several certification bodies.
body foundations-course/
Select the certification body.
Commented [AG21]: See this article: How to ensure
competence and awareness in ISO 9001:2015:
Operate the QMS Maintain all the records required by your own policies and
Commented [AG22]: See this checklist: List of
questions to ask an ISO 14001 certification body:
Perform corrective actions as needed.
Make sure you monitor all your systems. certification-body
Commented [AG23]: See this book: Discover ISO
Measure if you have achieved the objectives set for your QMS. 9001:2015 Through Practical Examples ...
Commented [AG24]: See this article: Analysis and
monitoring requirements in ISO 9001:2015:
Develop the audit program.
Commented [AG25]: See this article: How to create a
checklist for an ISO 9001 internal audit for your QMS:
Perform internal audit Perform internal audit(s).
Commented [AG26]: See this online training: ISO
Write an internal audit report. 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Course: ...
Commented [AG27]: See this book: ISO internal audit: a
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plain English guide ...

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Perform corrective actions.

Perform management review. Commented [AG28]: See this article: How to make
management review more useful in the QMS:
Perform management Maintain records from management review.
review -management-review-useful-qms/
Perform corrective actions.

Ensure continual improvement. Commented [AG29]: See this article: How to use quality
control tools to improve your QMS:
Perform Stage 1 certification audit.
Commented [AG30]: See this article: How to prepare
Certification audit Perform Stage 2 certification audit. your company for the ISO 9001 certification audit
Conduct surveillance visits. audit/

Commented [AG31]: See this article: How to deal with

nonconformities in an ISO 9001 certification audit:
For all the documents needed to implement the standard, check out this ISO 9001:2015 audit/
Documentation Toolkit.
Commented [AG32]: See this article: What is an 9001
surveillance audit?

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