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Its artistic name is "The International Sonia Morales" was born in the district of Musho

Province of Yungay department of Ancash- Per. His first studies realized them in its native land, soon to be transferred to Lima
and to continue his secondary studies; Because at an early age he comes to stand out among his composers of studies either in
singing and recitation; After completing his secondary studies he entered an important institution where he graduated
professionally. In a short time she is invited to participate in a contest; By a character who at that time was very popular in
Peruvian folklore. " Chato Grados "with whom he later formed" LAS CHICAS MAANERAS ", in the years 1994, 1995 and 1996
where thanks to his talent and his sympathy comes to stand out as the most sensual voice of the group; In a short time it becomes
known in the artistic environment, as a result of this popularity the different media of communication is television, radio, written
press, etc. They invite you to participate in the different programs of shows.

While enjoying the sympathy and popularity of Peru, he signs a contract with the company of shows "Andina Producciones". With
whom he toured internationally in the cities of Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando, Washinton, New York, New Yersy, etc .;
Becoming thus the ambassador of the Peruvian music "Huayno" for what it transmitted our roots, our culture, mainly our MUSICA
of PERU. Upon learning all this event, a major Peruvian DISCOGRAPHIC house and promoter of shows "Prodisar" signs a contract to
later record 3 important productions with 12 songs each; And little by little it comes to give more real and elegance to the
Peruvian folklore, imposing its own style and quality.

Thanks to his artistic talent and friendliness; Especially his unmistakable voice, on June 22, 2002 he receives an important prize as
the "DISCO DE ORO" for two of his songs from the moment "Basta Corazn and El Celular" with which they beat sales records; Was
awarded by the discogrfico house "Prodisar" in an event organized in its honor; And as if that were not enough, on September
29, 2002, she is again awarded the highest prize given to an artist, where she receives the award with the "DISCO DE GOLD" as the
revelation of Peruvian folklore. The International SONIA MORALES; He participates continuously in the different programs of the
Peruvian television, as well as in the different radio stations where he has his own programs to be able to be closer to his public
that day after day follows (Radio Inca, Radio Union, etc).

The last production I did for another important Discogrfica house "Dani Producciones" that went on sale the first fortnight of the
month of November "3rd Concert". This new production is vitiendo the records of sales and is conquering many hearts with the

Thanks to the public who like the songs of Sonia Morales is growing day by day with great humility and simplicity is conquering
more hearts with their romantic themes and at the same time jaraneras. In November 2002, at the request of the Peruvian colony
in Europe, he made a successful international tour in the different cities of Italy (Milan, Rome, Torino), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona),
France (Paris). Being thus the first artist of the Peruvian folklor in the genre with Arpa; Being surprised by the great call that it had.
That is why She every day tries hard to do things professionally because she loves her audience and works humbly and thanks God
and all who like her music, thanks to them came to know the different cities of Peru and Foreign.

In this year 2003, she is awarded as the artist of the moment and is awarded by Danny Productions as the best singer of the year
and decorated with the GOLD Disc for the themes "Tomar para Olvidarte y Perdoname", this took place on June 22 Of the 2003 in
the local Huayllabamba co many guests of the Tv. Colleagues Artists, the press, etc. And with the participation of thousands of

SONIA MORALES tells us excited Thank you very much to all Peruvians that you will not disappoint them because for them you are
reaching a very important place of your professional career and you want to share with your public all the prizes that they