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Hernndez Ziga "El ignorante afirma; el sabio duda y reflexiona"

IEE/ ITTG Aristteles

Taller de investigacin 2

Tarea 1

1:- Extended smart meters-based remote detection method for illegal electricity

Byambasuren Bat-Erdene1, Bumjoo Lee2, Min-Young Kim3, Tae Hong Ahn4,

Donghan Kim1

2:- Multi-Agent Based Hierarchical Hybrid Control for Smart Microgrid

Chun-Xia Dou and Bin Liu

3:- Circuit-Model-Based Analysis of a Wireless Energy-Transfer System via Coupled

Magnetic Resonances

Sanghoon Cheon, Yong-Hae Kim, Seung-Youl Kang, Myung Lae Lee, Jong-Moo
Lee, and Taehyoung Zyung

4:- Automotive Electric Propulsion Systems With Reduced or No Permanent

Magnets: An Overview

Ion Boldea, Fellow, IEEE, Lucian N. Tutelea, Member, IEEE, Leila Parsa, Senior
Member, IEEE, and David Dorrell, Senior Member, IEEE

5:- Diagnosis of Rotor and Stator Asymmetries in Wound-Rotor Induction Machines

Under Nonstationary Operation Through the Instantaneous Frequency

Francisco Vedreo-Santos, Martn Riera-Guasp, Senior Member, IEEE, Humberto

Henao, Senior Member, IEEE, Manuel Pineda-Snchez, Member, IEEE, and Rubn
Puche-Panadero, Member, IEEE
6:- Hardware and Control Implementation of Electric Springs for Stabilizing Future
Smart Grid With Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources

Chi Kwan Lee, Member, IEEE, Balarko Chaudhuri, Senior Member, IEEE, and Shu
Yuen Hui, Fellow, IEEE.

7:- Application of UPFC to Enhancing Oscillatory Response of Series-Compensated

Wind Farm Integrations

Sajjad Golshannavaz, Farrokh Aminifar, Member, IEEE, and Daryoush Nazarpour

8:- Probabilistic Forecasts of Wind Power Generation Accounting for Geographically

Dispersed Information

Julija Tastu, Pierre Pinson, Senior Member, IEEE, Pierre-Julien Trombe, and Henrik

9:- A Method for Evaluating Volt-VAR Optimization Field Demonstrations

K. P. Schneider, Senior Member, IEEE, and T. F. Weaver, Member, IEEE

10:-Long Term Probabilistic LoadForecasting and Normalization With Hourly


Tao Hong, Jason Wilson, Member, IEEE, and Jingrui Xie, Associate Member, IEEE

11:- Multimedia communications over cognitive radio networks for smart grid

Honggang wang, university of massachusetts Dartmouth yi qian, university of

nebraska-lincoln hamid sharif, university of nebraska-lincoln.

2:- Que es una Smart Grid?

Las Smart Grids son bsicamente redes de distribucin elctrica combinadas con
modernas tecnologas de informacin, que proporcionan datos tanto a las empresas
distribuidoras de electricidad como a los consumidores, lo que es ventajoso para
ambas partes.