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BP 17 02 07 13


This endorsement modifies insurance provided under the following:


Section I – Property is amended as follows: C. Paragraph E.8. Vacancy Property Loss Condition
A. Paragraph A.1.b. Business Personal Property is is replaced by the following:
replaced by the following: 8. Vacancy
b. Business Personal Property located in or on a. Description Of Terms
the buildings or structures at the described (1) As used in this Vacancy Condition, the
premises or in the open (or in a vehicle) term building and the term vacant have
within 100 feet of the buildings or structures the meanings set forth in (1)(a) and
or within 100 feet of the premises described (1)(b) below:
in the Declarations, whichever distance is
greater, including: (a) When this policy is issued to a
tenant, and with respect to that
(1) Property you own that is used in your tenant's interest in Covered Property,
business; building means the unit or suite
(2) Property of others that is in your care, rented or leased to the tenant. Such
custody or control except as otherwise building is vacant when it does not
provided in Loss Payment Property Loss contain enough business personal
Condition E.5.d.(3)(b); property to conduct customary
(3) Fixtures, improvements and alterations operations.
making up part of the building and (b) When this policy is issued to the
owned by you; and owner of a building, building means
(4) Leased personal property which you the entire building. Such building is
have a contractual responsibility to vacant unless 31% or more of its
insure, unless otherwise provided for total square footage is:
under Paragraph A.b.(2). (i) Rented to a lessee or sublessee
B. The following is added to Paragraph A.2. and used by the lessee or
Property Not Covered: sublessee to conduct its
customary operations; and/or
k. Any of the following types of property
contained within a unit, regardless of (ii) Used by the building owner to
ownership, if your Condominium conduct customary business
Association Agreement requires the operations.
Association to insure it: (2) Buildings under construction or
(1) Fixtures, improvements and alterations renovation are not considered vacant.
that are a part of the building; and
(2) Appliances, such as those used for
refrigerating, ventilating, cooking,
dishwashing, laundering, security or

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b. Vacancy Provisions (c) Building glass breakage;
If the building where loss or damage occurs (d) Water damage;
has been vacant for more than 60 (e) Theft; or
consecutive days before that loss or
damage occurs: (f) Attempted theft.
(1) We will not pay for any loss or damage (2) With respect to Covered Causes of Loss
caused by any of the following even if other than those listed in b.(1)(a)
they are Covered Causes of Loss: through b.(1)(f) above, we will reduce
the amount we would otherwise pay for
(a) Vandalism; the loss or damage by 15%.
(b) Sprinkler leakage, unless you have
protected the system against

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