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My Belief Matrix

Classroom Management Differentiation Assessment

Disciplinary rules Each child learns differently Keep it formal and informal
/behavior/reward system and this needs to be Always have a purpose,
Effective transitions embraced whether for student
Look at classroom Give each student an improvement or for
management project opportunity to succeed and effectiveness of teaching
Provide brain breaks and display their knowledge Incorporate into all parts of
other times throughout the Encourage students, giving the day, making it a natural
day to allow children to be them confidence to learn part of learning
children new knowledge Make assessments
Verbal and non-verbal Each child has a different appropriate for students
Consistency with routines, approach to reaching their
but flexibility as well ultimate goals
Maintain expectations

Classroom Community Expectations Lifelong Learning

Mutual respect between and Set them high but within Both for students and self
amongst teachers and reach I want to learn from the
students Hold myself to the same students as they learn from
Accepting of diverse student expectations that I hold my me
body students to Purposeful lessons and
Set expectations and make Consistency for all students, activities, make it
them known make no exceptions for meaningful and memorable
Create a safe learning expectations Foster learning and growth,
community where mistakes Remind students of them not memorization
are welcome Create love of writing and

Content Cooperation Passion

Meet the standards of the Work cooperatively with Teacher always needs
state and district students and teachers passion for teaching and
Implement them in Willing to receive feedback students
meaningful ways that result from other teachers and Make an effort to transfer
in memorable lessons students the passion for learning to
Have pedagogical Be open to advice, criticism, the students
principles/skills and ideas from others During tough times,
Anything taught needs to be Positive relationships with remember the passion for
applicable to real life all parties involved, the students and for
situations, know the value including teachers, parents, education to remind
Focus on what the students students, and administration yourself why you are doing
need to know this