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PHILENIA THE LIFE AND WORKS of SARAH WENTWORTH MORTON 1759 - 1846 University of Maine Studies, Second Series, No. 20 COMMITTEE ON PUBLICATIONS ot te FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES 1.8 Sues (yy) c GD. One at er Of oanw or Eorons soe Tas Ise bins. aL TON HELIS MIR. AND MRS JOSEPH A. PENDLETON REWORD cough Saran Wentworth Morton ws the mbt motewoxihy amin tient ring possibly the entice span between Mi Ani [atacand Mire Sigourney, and erainly daring bet or ee pe whic she didnot write that he is oxo eo Sancace or a paragraph in the Hsorcs of Amin sare Sins Pendletan's ography of he, i fae, Begun 23 ers tes at the University of Daine in 1920-7. wat ae ie soppoction that Mes, Morton was autor of Feeney of Sympathy, When subeqenténestizaton deme te er he come fo he authorship were without founds aarti same tise threw added ight upon berelf and bet fal lierary seis t appeared desta ta Tees Tape of ee nfe work and her Terry sigfeance. Thy this wiistet x rage of cllaboration tht i as seme test 19 The rating conclusions asa work of jin ator he fact tat the longest sketch of Mrs, Moran rior ns Penden’ hess di nt extend Beyond he ens (ea of twa ordinary pages of print, the amour of formation wesc her which Das, peoved available 1 rae surpisi i Feakograpeict hms iu hee wn works, copecnly By Mad ond ‘is Thong, and data. gleaned from conemporary DENSPPET: ate ud pais rerrde, and from the correspondence and Tanne ober (lends and rics have enabled the weiter 19 uct her te, character, aed work, ber itercysepuaton and fe deci, with tore satifactoryfolless than has ben possible sith percnages of greater note ‘Mom ofthe source waterinl outside of her own wor ay teen gutnred ot the Hbvaies of the American Histoncal Sh tay, Hareard University, the City of Boston, the New Engin! i ‘ante Gencalogen! Soviets, and the Mavschsetts Anta \ fan Soveyy Use has alco been made ofthe University of Maine Library, the Bangor Pablic Library, the Boston Adinaene ‘he Wiliam. Clements Library atthe University of Miehnan \ fan her Hirai, To the eustodiane of al of these iatutions | {tefl adoireign nts are male, expecially to Mess Juli HL ote of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Careoe § TR I, Amero Aninarin Sect. and Rood 1 Watney, fomery Librarian of the Universtiy of Maine be ther courtesy and acommenation. ‘Thana ae ava dc to Me “Abert Matthews an to the members ofthe Ayaborp ail Morton femibe—Mes, Alice W. Panter, My. Witla C, Howl, Me 1 rad E. Apter, Mr. John V. Autor), snd Miss May G eral bling anered oreonicnce Be NSE Lite, thowgh diagrecing ast» the eonlusons rachel Jsbea smsistady kind and nerd, “To Mine Paine Ae ARE attr ae indeted for valle naire in cermin = ee Ge ghee of The Pane of Sompathy, molto Als Lows Gorasa State later Catia acters tess on Ale More Foronord 79078 : Praia oa eter om the Spry Moron te Cioper 1. _Hestage and Gib, 179 a Be esBe OT ie Hrd of Frecdom which wus whi fot Cheer a ok Beaton, 1761-178 Feca utet Beton, The hep of Be Louis T; Mister he Gaye 1. A Lady of Heamn EE Beet Lartenof the Universy of Maine tas hen owt Gots “Piri: Onan Te AORN With the numero tae free mpl (Ger TV. The American Sa alsa petra xprean uae tee ster Vs At Dorcescr: Vines of « Emily Pendleton oo LE ee oie Mien Ete Vi, The Later Yeo: i > O10, December, 1951 Conese Vt pe, A186 3 16 Bibiogaphy Index CHAPTER 1 HERITAGE AND GIRLHOOD v0 TG A gad aval forces a esa 4 University of Moine Studies 0 13 January, 172 on 726, he marviedGrirzll Eastwicke, of Post Gis pes dawchter of John and Grieve Kastwicke and goat auger of Sir John Lloyd, who after the battle of Wart Ind aie : in carrying Charles TT ty France, Grp Ba ‘ike was ern 16 Angee 1708, on the sland of Jama and ewshto Basoin le Shee ote hte Quo Mass 16 Sepeer, Ls, in er hc go Ciesles sed Grave Ahorp were the pares of eleven Sn SER tins, alto a he fay sat iy Roc i Haliheat ecru Ke (ane St tera ete Be MG ier, daring te ninaeenh centry, ees op We the Teh is dering the nineeath century, as coped rns Ge Pak“ Atrding to Me, Mur, ic woe Tae he ssn of erry elegance" She pricy ty done the shed ering the fry oo Sa, lt tryed ks Carper a ida tae tnder King's Chaodh © hur sone nce faN® 8 £5000 "Th them wal of te 5 Latin anc ma imposing mace let tate sedis son. "The inventory of +8 Tsln being 413,600, Te is interesting to note that ee keene Se Be ae pease AOE om ms Water eae ene el mec sale ant uel Agog ba SERS of Cig in De en 8 Sent ca tec Mempatieg, °! “'SERIRConerner Joke ne a — es ceca st etd no es oe Be 1 som whe Coe a gram TR Aint ng era Rg Cay gg ange Sees In tr se c ry Sera Wertorth Moris of the yvish of the Reverend watan Wentworth te eve Feri cs sen a wn ng ome m thang ie, bcoming capa io 17 a Gorerat pu ily Tscterant — cs ey i ee Baca ro ee ‘ teade, and in pubis offices ‘She ded 1 Apel, 1741, saber 0, beads real eae Tiemerant Govern Wexeuorth parse, 2 Octo Woe ever, Bre surah at a 2 rete of fs an en aa ne prince o New Hastie cae te oa i Seon gi heer somes Seem trie eareete \| ms , 16 University of Maine Sties Tiel the hist Semen! son of John an Sarah (Hunking) Wenn = Care IS Janes 708 was gard ram The geese et Colles tthe age of ewenty and atte in business in Hos. He Ne the esi Ws one of “ity principal merchants of Boston w i Revnation, however, Apory's Pr the Revo weer Sere: Deventer 176, and wns ot ate ext frame stad no rng he ssl ary Tea Re Chane Hered 17 Occer 182 Elm 4,” he Wenn a Gr Thomas gto Bitapar ego 20 Nove 1715, dager of Hes sl fhe symone sm TT ceed a feasts Backer) Deering! “Sanel Wentworth ded 1684 Sod aati man tember, 1766, ant on marr of ees foo hinge Janes Chnch, Peet Sark tlt el Im Sorel, thei daughter, was turn 29 December, 1735. and an Cn: Char, meal IGS A, BO es mae aes Apt tk The cra fi jor 3p fiiatng clergy andi dors of the Sr einen Bente a 1S Joes oe Sarah (Weneworth) Apthorp, after ther a ame was Bret in oF persone “ah whe in 8 TT } Sacer 1767, since their chiltren born during this perad Sie caneal techni’ ACH i rere Gee we ts oe pee eee of ti at Pe ae pret Renate tt ca oe lens eae eo efor md \ 2 ‘ee of te Unie Sta \ thirteen esa Pees tro hk Tatice On Frigg wont i fe cate in ma Sher ore nel eo : fs ssn ws anna nea SS cic me cs aoe Bers Dnt ape orc ar oy Be cna a he ne ems 2 ihe extra of sa a rd wh a. Siew tah iS rer en i aon \ sot a St I8 Tyan a ee ea Bete lo " re Surah Wentworth Movion mo Hut xs coe oF the BP se a Hi wie wanes of Govern ‘Salen fmt tm the oe far Hoe oneal sta “ip eg oe ana ey ba wy atte se ae ty, aes sess ty 1775. Baths Fas james and S Tn lew ofthe ardent patriot expresed in Mrs. Moris ad of ier marge tr lng eter toa prominent youre Rei The ees of Jae Teen 78 se eh onary lender, nol sen note sat the asco sc of ra, Moon, bm Pete eine Janes Apr’ nply were very well owned. Dims The ft ae ce feporaryeancernert fom hiv egos, ever, a Binge Chap the le thee or int ‘ty 9 few reference toh cant fun te hale The le, Gi a sh s tds "Erte te ony eceasions when weber fio ta ions Haws 4 ey ene 2 thse on whe be ned pesos His eter’ (Gee Sera dS rae ee ts Athos) ares rere mang the signers 2 comic Fes ne an “de fo Content The second Aled Boston, 16 Novem, 1787. ‘This was 0 protest Earmers Weekiy Museum Weg time after her baptism 26 Ieesteeye (Rear Chaps (inys Crpal] to peroone »0 hid, Sarah, Hive only @ S07 TT Sal, is the subject of th ae me Eptcpatiny, agit Gntrecing’ a eve i tee The wen, sho oh et waking Yer ter shag, aren ape eet Astor, wae baptized 17 sb Jane Apter ab gue, 171, pron to te Coe et ate cca Hh ee Geng fran a of ferrin of are pars of Dore rae wd ore ok te in Toe DS Beamer, Kgs Neck. ere sier the Reel Noveriey 174, Te died igh years at. Roxbury, Mase: a as erred inthe fans wal ner ink’ ere ie 1808, ang LET Ay, 1763, mee {Chapel in Boston, the Reverend Dx. Sama) Parker, rst TBlleiy, se nextel er Ne dvi the funeral sewn” His sre bt ved 2 Uraitree xe ‘ages, Oe Gaughers, Grinel, he eles massed Barlow Oo, aed died unmarried in Host 28 AMEE, ; inl a ene Septem 788, Racha hatin ao father of Charles Buln, the arcices Ase Cane Win ‘ard Nathaniel Wheeotght_ Charles Word sa Joha oe ee aera may sisting tertoms wt comecions bt Bacio sal See is ri reeting Jae Ants cian eh ‘were ints coun. "The Reverend East Apion ecg Wem Gera, 38 \ Brother, was elated at Cambridge Univesty a ten PRPORTES caccene Hime Boe ar te gs aan wa Fram fe Timers ATE |