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DyStar Letter for Information on Product Compositions (CAS-nos.)

DyStar as a global chemical industry enterprise with a worldwide presence is committed to the principles of
sustainability and Responsible Care and as a founding member of the ETAD DyStar committed to the ETAD
Code of Conduct. We are committed to the highest possible levels of safety and to sustained environmental
We have a very comprehensive product range, backed up by more than 150 years experience of textile dyes.
This detailed knowledge of chemical processes and their ecological and toxicological implications for our products
is one of DyStar's strengths.
Based on this commitment we understand the Material Safety Data Sheets as part of our products. Thereby we
inform our customers, sales partners and distributors on the safe handling, storage, transport, use, and disposal
of DyStar products. The evaluation of hazards to health and environment begins during the product planning and
development stages and continues through commercialization.
Our Material Safety Data Sheets are filed in accordance to the legal requirements in force.
Please understand that the chemical structures of single ingredients as well as the compositions of our products
(including the CAS-nos of the ingredients) are part of our most important know-how. These product details have
to be treated as confidential business information and only have to be disclosed to third parties when an
ingredient is classified as hazardous chemical and is contained in declarable quantities. For these hazardous
chemicals we are obliged to provide explicitly a unique identifier (e.g. the CAS-no) in chapter 3 of the respective

All products are supplied subject to DyStar standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

With best regards

DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH

Dr. Dietmar Fiedel

Global Product Safety & Ecology

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