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The present work has been made under one of the most recent lines of investigation of the
environmental psychology, the psychology of the sustainable behaviours. General ecological
behaviours. Altruism, the Afinity todo Diversity and how they influence on the psychological
wellness. A correlational descriprive study was made with a Sample of 160 both sexs people.
Men 82 Women 78 un anlisis aged rate between 21 and 78 years old. The self-administered
questionnaire used, was integrated by Antes ad hoc questionaire elaborated to evaluate social
demographic and economic data, Kaiser Ecological General Behaviour Scale 1993 adapted in
Argentine by Rodrguez y Garca Quiroga 2014, Altruist Actions Scale Corral et al 2009 adapted
in Argentine by Rodrguez 2015, Ryf Psychology Wellness Scale Daz et al 2006 adapted in San
Luis, Argentina, by Sebastianelli, Rodrguez y Garca Quiroga 2012. The obtained results show
that the Psychological wellness is directly associated with the involved into topics referred to:
Care and preservation of natural and social resources (such as giving away clothes, recycling
and avoid exhausting them); being collaborative and friendly with surrounders. They are
people who enjoy desinsteresting aid to their partners (helping a social feeders, geriatrics, and
schools, blood sonora, etc). They consider that everybody has the same rights to express their
opinions, emotions, and likes (they have fun on the differentes scenenaries about phisics,
natural and social environment) what could be perceived with the mentioned behaviours. It's a
better domain of the surrondings, of themselves and in this way develops social habilities to
get in contact with other people what would influence in a positive when experience a greater
Psychological Wellness in human beings.