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Online Students Registration System

For Debre Tabor University

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With the advent of Information Technology in the last decade, the
major focus has shifted from manual systems to computerized
systems. Various systems viz. railway reservation, hospital
management etc. involving manual work have been automated
efficiently. Student course registration process in higher institutes
involve filling registration forms manually, getting it signed by
respective subject teachers, and then getting the documents
acknowledged from the concerned Advisors, University Deans
respectively. Finally the registration forms are submitted to the
Registrar office. As is evident, this process is very laborious and
time consuming. This project proposes an Online Student Course
Registration System to simplify the current manual procedure. It
provides a less time consuming process for viewing, adding, editing
and deleting the marks of the students. It also provides facilities like
online registration and profile creation of students thus reducing
paperwork and automating the record generation process in an
educational institution like Debre Tabor University

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1.Introduction and Background
This is a project proposal to develop an Online Student Course
Registration System for easily managing the students registration
process in Debre Tabor University.
In the current system all the activities are done manually. Currently
student submits hardcopy of filled registration forms to the
registrar, office staff enters all data into excel file and similarly
instructors submit hardcopy of students grade to the register, then
the registrar officers have to enter the details of the student and
the marks manually. It is very time consuming and costly.
This project aims at reducing this workload involved in the
registration procedure for the students and the registrar office. The
current manual system faces different challenges as to maintaining
data of each student manually. Hard copy registers are maintained
currently to verify student details.
From students point of view, they have to fill the forms manually
and then get them verified from concerned officials, which is a very
time consuming process.
This project proposes An Online Student Course Registration System
to simplify the current manual procedure. Some universities in our
country are using the online course registration system like the
Addis Ababa University Institute of Technology, Mekele Institute of
Technology etc.
With the requirement of registration process for every semester, it
becomes all the more important to simplify a process which is
highly repetitive. Implementing this project can help the University
in managing the resources efficiently. The automated process will
lead to time saving and eradication of common errors.
What is Online Students Course Registration System
The Online student course registration system allows students,
through internet, to register, drop, or add courses within the
registration period and the advisor to do advising for the students
by approving/rejecting requested courses by the student or
recommending some others and submitting students grade online
to the registrar authorities.

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The System also allows the registrar authorities to edit and find out
the personal details of a student, it also facilitate keeping and
maintaining all the records of students. So all the information about
a student will be available in a few seconds.
Online Students course Registration system is a software that
enable online submission of student application, Student
Registration, online submission of student grade, profile creation of
students, viewing, adding, editing and deleting the marks of the
students, maintain the records of students easily.
The System will allow student to fill the form online, system has
inbuilt validation system to validate the entered data.
The system will store all the details of the students including their
background information, educational qualifications, personal details
and all the information related to their resume.
The Proposed online student course registration system will
eliminate all the error prone manual works and increase the speed
of whole process.

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2.Problem statements

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3.1 General Objective
To develop an Online Course Registration system with a front-end web interface
and a back-end database for Debre Tabor university.An example of the system
would be the Mekele Universitys online course Registration system.

3.2 Specific objective

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4. Goals/Benefits and values

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Major Resource Requirements and Cost Breakdown

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6. Task Breakdown and Budget Allocation

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7. Budget Summary

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8. Tentative project schedule

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9. References

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