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The FN 15

a 12-inch

FNN 15 Tactical
shhown with a
Buurris MTAC
scoope and a
FasstFire III sight.

The carbine
PLUS comes with
Magpul's MOE

M NOCK pistol grip and
MOE SL buttstock.


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Lightweight .308 ARs in
configurations for any
shooting need.

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THE TRUTH Publisher

Stanley R. Harris

Executive Publisher

Virginia Commander

Group Publisher
Shirley Steffen
How the Information Age Associate Publisher
has changed police training. Karin Levine
DoD photo

BY DAVID BAHDE Managing Editor

Linas Cernauskas

Assistant Editor
Keeping secrets in this century is increasingly difcultjust ask the NSA, CIA or Greg Lickenbrock
any government organization living in the black ops world. Given this reality, it is interesting how
Editorial Assistant
some police trainers remain convinced that their training is a secret that provides an edge against
Richard Ortega
the bad guys. Guarding these black arts as national secrets would be laughable were it not for
the danger it poses to ofcers who must live in the real world. They must survive reality, not a Art Director
James Allocca
video game. The police training community must open its eyes.
The phrase black arts came to my attention over 40 years ago, at the beginning of my Cover Design
martial arts training. It was mostly a gimmick that sold classes. Every black belt with a studio Socrates Gomez
held back some super-secret death-dealing technique only special people could learnif they Contributors
kept paying their dues long enough. Those few making it that far usually found these secret Jorge Amselle, Massad Ayoob, David Bahde,
arts rather anti-climactic. Sure, reputable teachers make sure practitioners have the mental and Todd Burgreen, Kevin R. Davis, Rob Garrett,
moral strength to use lethal techniques properly before passing them on, but the techniques Richard Johnson, Andy Massimilian,
have been around for a thousand years or more. So these secrets became running myths, Fred Mastison, Dave Norman, Jay Pinsky
D.K. Pridgen, Sean Utley
tongue-and-cheek jokes among most of usincluding those masters who reportedly pos-
sessed these secret skills. Relegated mostly to the fantasy world of movies and video games, Director Digital and Mobile Publishing Kim Shay
most true practitioners simply chuckle. So encountering this same mythology in the police world Circulation Director Tim Hannon
was a bit surprising. Having already trained in several martial arts for 15-plus years before
Social Media Director Claudia Bircu
becoming an ofcer, I just shook my head and laughed.
Advertising Representative Leticia Henry
Unfortunately, little has changed today. Recently, a fellow trainer touted the need to protect
the black arts from the general public. Why, because it gives ofcers an edge? It took every Advertising Production Manager Heila Nir
ounce of self-control to not break into laughter. Ive attended a lot of training courses over the Advertising Coordinator Danielle Connard
years, and most of the teachers within secret military or LE circles learned the techniques from
Harris Publications, Inc.
a civilian. Going as far back as the 1970s, much of the knife training came from Asian martial Harris Tactical Group
arts of one form or another. Walter Nishioka, the founder of the International Karate League, 1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010
brought in current Asian masters to teach to our military in the 1950s, so this is not new. Any Phone: 212-807-7100; Fax: 212-463-9958
police trainer who believes what they are teaching should be a secret, unavailable to the public, General Information:
is living in a fantasy world. Not only are these skills available to the public, including those we
must ght, but they probably started there. Retail/Dealer Sales:
For subscriptions, single copies,
back issues or gift orders,
Not So Special please call 800-866-2886 or
Convincing a line ofcer the hand-to-hand ghting technique or rearms training they learn visit
provides some edge over the general public, including bad guys, is downright lethal. It just makes
TO THE READERS: Be advised that there may be products
them more surprised when their adversary is better trained, more practiced and more willing to represented in this magazine as to which sale, possession or
interstate transportation thereof may be restricted, prohibited or
apply this secret training. People today can learn more watching YouTube than many agencies subject to special licensing requirements. Prospective purchas-
receive in actual training. Several agencies have adopted MMA-style training, something anyone ers should consult the local law enforcement authorities in their
areas. All of the information in this magazine is based upon the
can acquire, and unlike ofcers, non-LE personnel can train every day. The idea that training in personal experience of individuals who may be using specific
tools, products, equipment and components under particular
a particular eld four times a year provides you some edge is patently ridiculous. Telling ofcers conditions and circumstances, some or all of which may not be
that not everyone has access to their training is a lieand it sets LEOs up for failure. What we reported in the particular article and which this magazine has
not otherwise verified. Nothing herein is intended to constitute
teach is not a secret or special. And you arent some 16th century samurai incarnate. You are a a manual for the use of any product or the carrying out of
any procedure or process. This magazine and its officers and
trainer, so do your job and train your ofcers. employees accept no responsibility for any liability, injuries or
damages arising out of any persons attempt to rely upon any
A lot of rearms training programs around the country are run by black ops types who information contained herein.
make money passing on their elite skills. Their classes are populated by civilians, often with no
background check or vetting other than a valid credit card. And, unlike most ofcers, they have 2975) is published six times per year by Harris Publications,
the best equipment money can by. The same is true for both unarmed and edged-weapons Inc., 1115 Broadway, New York, New York 10010. Single
copy price: $5.99 in U.S.A.; $6.99 in Canada. Submissions of
training. Seminars occur daily, and most are open to the public. The reality is simple: Ofcers manuscripts, illustrations and/or photographs must be accom-
panied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The publisher
remain behind the curve, not in front of it, and nothing we do is secret. Leave the shadow world assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. Copyright
2016 by Harris Publications, Inc. All rights reserved under
and enter this one; the advent of the internet and social media has made training free to anyone International and Pan American Copyright Conventions.
with a computer. Theres no need for a secret instructor in black pajamas. Leave the black arts Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of
the publisher is strictly prohibited. Printed in U.S.A.
where they belongin movies and TV shows. Stick to reality. Itll save an ofcers life!




June/July 2016 /// Volume 28 Number 4 ///

300 BLK


18 TACTICAL BLACKOUT By Todd Burgreen 4 Guest Editorial

FNs newest AR harnesses the power and versatility the truth about training
of the 300 Blackout!
8 First Responder
26 YHMS GOLDEN TICKET By D.K. Pridgen disparity of forcefour case reports
Hot-rod looks and sub-MOA performance
meet Yankee Hill Machines Model 57 Specter XL! 14 Optics
Nightforces ATACR scopes
Capture the power of the 300 BLK with Daniel Defenses DDM4 300S. 46 Basic Training
facing todays threats
The fast-targeting G34 Gen4 MOS is ready to lay down the law! 54 Less Lethal
Monadnock impact weapons
56 TANK-TOUGH 5.56mm By Fred Mastison
Del-Tons Echo 316M may have an entry-level price, 62 Duty Gear
but itll ght above its class any day. BlackHawks EPOCH holster

74 FOSTECH ORIGIN-12 By David Bahde 70 Gunghting

Modular 12 gauge offers semi-auto speed, shooting through glass
AK reliability and next-gen ergonomics.
86 New Products
80 BUILD YOUR OWN SNIPER RIFLE By Jay Pinsky new guns and gear that caught our eye
Start with a Savage Arms action and end up with
a powerhouse ri 88 First Aid
lifesaving SWAT-Tourniquets
90 Police Stories
ambulance ambush

96 Classied Ads
products and
services of interest

FN 15 Tactical 3




By Dave Norman

DISPARITY OF FORCE mean your life


It is commonly believed that its holster and shot the merciless aggres- justied Hubbard shooting his attacker
deadly force cant be used on sor twice in the chest, killing him. The was a position of disadvantage. The
assailant turned out to be a 26-year-old man delivering the blows was in a posi-
an ostensibly unarmed man. off-duty reghter with a blood-alcohol tion of advantage that allowed him to
Reality shows otherwise. Take content of 0.21 percent. continue potentially fatal strikes to the
Case One for example, which hap- Within two months, a grand jury head of his victim, who could stop him in
pened in December of 2013. Ofcer cleared Ofcer Hubbard in the shooting. no other way.
Donald Hubbard, 42, of the Kansas City, The beating he had sustained was so In Warren on Homicide, the classic
Missouri, Police Department was the rst severe that he was still scheduled to un- text some attorneys call the Bible of
to respond to a scene where an enraged dergo reconstructive surgery at that time. deadly-force law, we nd other elements
passenger had beaten a taxi driver that can constitute disparity of force.
bloody. After a foot chase, the suspect EVENING THE ODDS A signicant disparity in size and/or
turned on the ofcer and, in the course of What made this shooting and oth- strength is one. So is a known or obvious
a violent hand-to-hand struggle, gained ers like it justiable is a principle called high level of skill in unarmed combat that
the upper hand. The assailant pinned disparity of force, which recognizes favors the opponent, the genesis of the
the ofcer to the pavement and began situations in which the assailant may not old shibboleth of a professional ghter
a mixed martial arts-type ground and have a weapon per se, but his physical or black belt registering his hands as
pound, breaking several bones in the of- advantage over the defender is so great deadly weapons. A male attacking a
cers head and face. Unable to stop the that if the violent assault continues, the female has long been recognized as
attack by other means, Ofcer Hubbard victim is likely to be killed or crippled. In another disparity of force. The same can
managed to get his service pistol out of Case One, the element of disparity that be true when the able-bodied attack the


Because theyre
these officers have
found themselves
in a disparity-of-
rce situation.
Jeff Rose photo

physically handicapped, even if the

handicap has been inicted during the
course of the assault in question.
A common disparity-of-force
element is the force of numbers.
Consider Case Two, which occurred
in Kentucky. In the course of a routine
arrest evolving from a trafc stop,
Trooper Roy Boleyn was violently at-
tacked by two men. They got him down
and began stomping him. Boleyn drew
his sidearm and opened re from the

It is commonly believed

that deadly force cant

be used on an ostensibly
unarmed man. Reality
ground, killing both. The shooting was ruled
justiable. Boleyn would go on to become Here you can
see the obvious
the hero of the Glomawr Hollow incident, differences
in whichambushed, down and paralyzed between two
from a cop-killers rie bullet Boleyn once potential
again red from the ground, stopping the opponents,
rampaging murderer cold. but size and
A responding ofcer may have to use arent the only
deadly force to protect a third-party victim elements that
of a disparity-of-force assault. In Case can factor into

Oleg Volk photo

Three, Miami-Dade Police Ofcer Jose a disparity
of force.
Ramirez was the rst to respond to the
scene in the notorious bath salts zombie
case in Miami. He found the naked assail- among much of the public that the LEO can red. However, a hostile media blitz left
ant literally eating the face of his victim, a never use deadly force against an un- much of America thinking the defendant
homeless man. It took ve pistol shots to armed man. When it happens, we should got away with murdering an unarmed
stop the attack, which left the victim blind not be surprised that some elements of a teen. This mentality will face any cop
and horribly disguredthe assailant had public uneducated in deadly-force law might forced to do the same thing.
gouged-out both of his eyes. The attacker, become outraged. In mid-2013, the nation It is imperative that any working police
supercharged on drugs, turned out to have watched the aftermath of Case Four in ofcer be able to articulately explain his or
a long history of extreme violence. The Florida, the trial of private citizen George her understanding of the disparity-of-force
death of the assailant at the hands of the Zimmerman in the shooting death of principle. Law enforcement instructors and
ofcer was a clear-cut justied homicide. 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. A jury correctly supervisors will have to reinforce that on the
found Zimmerman not guilty on classic witness stand, whether in front of a grand or
IN THE AFTERMATH disparity-of-force grounds: His assailant petit jury. Finally, department spokespersons
Both entertainment media and news was banging Zimmermans head into the may have to explain it to the community in
media have created a simplistic belief sidewalk when the single, fatal shot was the aftermath of the incident.



New sound suppressors hitting the market
The Illusion 9 was designed
to be low enough to allow for
for pistols and rifles. BY ANDY MASSIMILIAN the use of factory-height sights
(exception being the Beretta
92/M9 series). This unit is also
Some people still envision sound suppressors as those little black tubes user serviceable. IIt is con-
secret agents install on guns in movies. But suppressors, silencers, cans structed with a stainless blast
whatever you want to call themare legal to own and hunt with in most states bafe and seven aluminum
after obtaining the proper pa- conical bafes wrapped in a
perwork. And the benets of 6061 aluminum tube with a
hardcoat anodized nish. ItJ4
suppressors are many: less
3* is 7.88 inches long, 1.25
hearing damage, less angry
inches in diameter, weighs 10.4
neighbors, less inching from

Ichiro Nagata photo

ounces and has a rated sound
recoil. So read on to see reduction of 33 dB dry and 38
what new suppressors are dB wet. (advanced-armament.
hitting the market for 2016. com; 770-925-9988)


SRD762TI-QD This year SureFire offers a modular ver-
The SRD762Ti-QD sion of the very successful Ryder 9 Ti that
is a Grade 5 titanium was introduced in 2015. The SF Ryder 9M
sound suppressor using allows 9mm pistol and carbine shooters
a Fast-Attach muzzle to use a full-length or short version of the
device for mounting suppressor when needs dictate a different
the silencer to the rie. length or desired sound reduction. The
The rear mount has Ryder 9M is 7.9 inches long and weighs 11
wrench ats to torque ounces, while unscrewing the end module
ER SILENT-SR the silencer to the brings the length and weight down to 5.9
h suppressor muzzle brake. There is inches and 8.5 ounces. At only 1.25 inches
for a secondary retention wide, no special high-prole sights are
rimres in .22LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR. latch that is depressed needed on the host pistol. The Ryder 9M
The Silent-SR is made with a titanium to remove the silencer uses a titanium tube and end caps coated
tube and an aluminum rear cap while the from the mount. The in grey, black or Flat Dark Earth Cerakote.
bafes, mount and end cap are stainless SRD762Ti-QD is rated Inside, there are ve heat-treated stain-
steel. The Silent-SR uses six tightly tted, for use up to .300 Win- less steel bafes and one spacer that are
snap-together bafes that keep lead and chester Magnum, and it numbered and notched for correct and
carbon away from the tube to make disas- comes with a Taper-Lok quick reassembly after cleaning. The unit
sembly easy without fouling cementing muzzle brake with 5/8x24 y y
the parts together. The Silent-SR is 1.063 threads, matching the that easily removes and reinstalls the
inches in diameter, 5.37 inches long and vast majority of modern bafes as a single-stacked
weighs 6.3 ounces. It is rated for full-auto sporting ries in .308 unit. (;
in .22 LR and has a stated sound reduc- Winchester/7.62mm NATO on the market 800-828-8809)
tion of up to 40 decibels. ( today. Other muzzle devices are also
available. (; 603-610-3000)


Gemtechs new Tracker
suppressor is designed
for hunters who want
oounces) and reasonably LIBERTY
DEAD AIR priced suppressor. Its COSMIC
SILENCERS GHOST-M MSRP of $599 makes it Libertys versatile new Cosmic
Dead Air Silencers new Ghost-M pistol Gemtechs lowest-priced suppressor is a great choice for a rst-time
suppressor offers lots of versatility because centerre suppressor. suppressor buyer who wants to buy only
it can handle .22 LR, 9mm, .40 S&W, The Tracker can be one suppressor and use it
.45 ACP, 10mm and subsonic 300 BLK used on .300 Win Mag fferent rearms. The Cosmic can be used
cartridges and can be converted between ries with 24-inch or on pistols up to .454 Casull and ries up to
two congurations: short ((6.2 inches)) longer barrels, or .308 5.56mm. Notably, the list of pistol calibers
and long (8.75 inches). The Ghost-M ccan and .223 Rem ries with that can be used includes the 10mm and
also hand (
andle full-auto re (semi-autoo in 16-inch or longer barrels. several magnums, including the .44 Mag
300 BLK), andd you
yo can quickly chahange its It can also be used on and .400 CorBon. To handle these high
length by unscrewingg the
th forward
f rd section other .30-caliber and pressures, the Cosmic uses a stain-
and replacing the end cap. The bafes in lower-caliber rearms. less steel monocore and a titanium tube
the forward section and main body stay in- The 1.6-inch-diameter, nished in Cerakote, and it can be disas-
tact, making reassembly just as quick. The 7.9-inch-long tube is sembled by the user for cleaning. It is rated
Ghost-M is made with a titanium tube and made of aluminum while for moderate full-auto re in pistol calibers.
17-4 stainless steel bafes and end caps. the 5/8x24 thread mount The Cosmic is 8 inches long, 1.38 inches
Its weight varies from 9.6 to 12 ounces. is titanium. (gemtech. in diameter and weighs only 9.5 ounces.
(; 877-892-7544) com; 208-939-7222) (; 706-661-6911)


Troy has added the 5.56 The newest Wilson Combat suppressor RO
Quick Attach M7 Suppres- is the WCR-22, which is a durable rimre YHM) makes
sor to its existing suppres- suppressor that can handle full-auto .22 achine gun
sor line. The M7 can be LR and .22 WMR calibers. Its made with a 6, the compa-
purchased in short or long 7075-T6 aluminum monocore, a stainless Nitro modular
congurations and are con- steel thread mount and a titanium tube. It be used on
structed of 17-4 stainless has a 1-inch diameter, a length of 6 inches ers from
steel for durability and cor- and a weight of only 4.2 ounces. This sup- ra Mag.
rosion resistance. The M7 pressor comes with a wrench to remove the able for
QA Suppressor kits come core for cleaning and a nylon belt pouch. changing
with a three-prong ash Five colors of Wilsons own Armor-Tuff sound
suppressor with mount nish are available. Applying Armor-Tuff is n also
that easily installs onto the a multi-step process with a resulting nish hread
threaded barrel of the host that Wilson has tested and believes offers e from
weapon. The 5.56mm M7 superior performance to other thermally , this
has a 1.5-inch diameter, nishes in several areas, including
cured nis ssor
while the long and short abrasion, corrosion resistance and lub y o
congurations are 7.75 (;
inches/19.3 ounces and 800-955-4856)
6.13 inches/16.2 ounces, 19 ounces, is
respectively. The sound measures 7.38
reduction ratings for the inches long and
long and short versions are has a Cerakote
34 to 36 decibels and 32 to nish. (;
34 decibels, respectively. 877-892-6533)


Making first-round hits with an AR out to 860 meters with a 4-16x scope!


Even some urban environments scenario, the latest fast-action reticles same dots but moves the ranging brack-
mounted in medium-power optics may ets back to the horizontal line. I wanted
may require a patrol ofcer to deal be incredibly useful. to try this reticle out for myself, and Buck
with shots beyond 100 meters. Early fast-action reticles were taken Doyles Follow Through Consulting offers
It may be a street, a ball eld or a from the hunting world and altered to a Scoped Carbine class that focuses on
mall parking lot. Add terrorists to the work in combat. Horus reticles like the using TReMoR reticles to engage 12-
mix, and its even more likely. In rural H58 and H59 were less cluttered and inch targets out to 860 meters. You learn
environments, longer engagement more useful than hunting versions. to control your breathing and buck the
distances are the norm, especially Ranging brackets in the H59 allow you wind to make accurate shots.
for park rangers, wildlife ofcers and to range, hold and hit threats as far away So, I needed a good optic for this
Border Patrol agents. When a threat as 600 meters. Measurements below the class. Nightforce answered the called
arises, these personnel will have little centerline allow for wind holds. with its Advanced Tactical Rie-
time to calculate the range to the threat, Horus newer TReMoR reticles scope (ATACR). The company offers
convert the math, turn knobs on a enhance your speed while maintaining 4-16x42mm and 5-25x56mm
scope and engageall actions typical accuracy. With the TReMoR2, you can models with a range
of previous doctrine. And at longer range and engage without ever leaving of reticles, and I or-
distances, red-dot sights dont pro- the reticles vertical stadia line. You esti- dered the former
vide the ability to identify the threat let mate the wind and then hold for it using with a TReMoR3
alone determine the range. Given this calibrated dots. The TReMoR3 uses the reticle mounted

Nightforces Advanced Tactical Riflescope

(ATACR) line offers quick adjustments,
crystal-clear glass and plenty of power
to help you make first-round hits.


in the rst focal plane. This scopes
size and magnication make it per-
fectly suited to an AR.

Nightforces ATACR scopes use
multi-coated ED glass for excellent
light-gathering capabilities and a crys-
tal-clear picture. Etched into the rst
focal plane, the TReMoR3 reticle is pre-
cise at any power. My test 4-16x42mm
scope offered 0.1-mil adjustments with
12 mils per revolution and 26 total mils
available. The elevation knob uti-
lizes Nightforces low-prole ZeroHold
feature and has large, easy-to-read
numbers. Windage can be adjusted
across 18 mils (nine in each direction)
via a capped adjustment knob. Parallax
is adjusted on the left side.
The scope has a 42mm objective
with a 34mm tube diameter. The eye-
piece features enhanced engraving, an
integrated Power Throw Lever (PTL)
and an XtremeSpeed thread for mak-
ing a fast diopter adjustment. Finally,
the scope came with Tenebraex ip
covers to protect both lenses.
My carbine for the course
was a custom Seekins Preci-

Photo courtesy Nightforce JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 15

sion build with a LaRue Tactical 18-inch SPECIFICATIONS
barrel and MBT-2S two-stage trigger
installed. For ammo, I used Black Hills NIGHTFORCE ATACR 4 -16x42mm
77-grain TMK rounds, which are similar to OBJECTIVE: 42mm MAGNIFICATION: 4-16X TUBE DIAMETER: 34mm
those used by designated marksmen in
OA LENGTH: 12.6 inches WEIGHT: 30 ounces EYE RELIEF: 3.35-3.54 inches
the military. I mounted the scope on top of
the rie in a Nightforce Unimount to keep EXIT PUPIL: 10.3mm at 4X; 2.7mm at 16X FIELD OF VIEW: 26.9 feet at 4X; 6.9 feet at 16X
things lightweight yet rock solid. Installa- ADJUSTMENTS: 0.10 mils per click RETICLE: TReMoR3 MSRP: N/A
tion and zeroing was simple and straight-
Photo courtesy Nightforce
forward. Set for proper eye relief, I leveled
the scope using a plum line at 50 yards.
The Unimount adds 20 MOA of elevation,
allowing the scope to reach way beyond
the range of the 5.56mm NATO.
Setting the scopes ZeroHold is pretty
simple. Zero as usual and then remove the the TReMoR3 reticle to range a 12-inch holds are best low or high on the target.
top cap. Carefully loosen the four Phillips- target at 381 meters. It was easy to range, Once trued to your gun and ammunition,
head screws using the provided driver one hold and pull the trigger to hit the steel. the reticle remains accurate at most rang-
full turn. Turn the ZeroHold plate clockwise Repeating this a few times provided the es, as I conrmed by ranging 12-inch steel
until it stops and tighten the screws. Rein- chance to conrm the reticles wind dots. from 300 to 500 meters. Place the target in
stall the cap on zero, tightening the turret After a few more conrming shots, we the correct brackets, halve the number in
screws. Press the button and you can go moved to the truing range for shots out to the bottom, hold those mils on the target
down a few clicks if needed. 760 meters with our 5.56mms. and press the trigger. Read the wind, and
Using Black Hills 77-grain TMK ammu- as it increases, add dots as needed.
SCOPED CARBINE CLASS nition, my rie trued at 6.8 mils, shooting As mentioned, the Scoped Carbine
Now it was time for the Scoped Car- quite at. This tells you whether your rie class requires using your scopes reticle to
bine class. After zeroing the scope, I used is slow or fast, determining whether your range and engage (Please turn to page 95)



Cutting weight, not corners, the DDM4V11 SLW tips the scales at just over
six pounds without any compromise in materials, construction, or features.
Built around a Cold Hammer Forged, 14.5, Lightweight profile barrel, the
V11 SLW has an extended flash suppressor, which is pinned and welded
to reach the NFA-required, 16 minimum barrel length. The mid-length
gas system provides smooth and reliable cycling under any conditions and
reduces both perceived recoil and wear on moving parts.

A free-floating SLiM Rail 12.0 handguard offers incredible weight savings

as well as superior cooling, ergonomics, and modularity while maintaining
the strength and durability expected from Daniel Defense.

Visit for more information,

and see the new DDM4V11SLW at your local
Daniel Defense dealer.


By Todd Burgreen Photos by Sean Utley

Lately, much attention seems to be on improving the AR

platform via cartridge enhancement. The 300 Blackout is
emerging as one of the most successful alternative AR
chamberings. Reports from our ongoing war against
terror have re-exposed the 5.56mms poor
performance in putting an adver-
sary down quickly with
minimal rounds supersonic and sub-
red. sonic factory loadings. This
is where the 300 Blackout comes into play.
While The 300 Blackout (7.62x35mm) was introduced by Ad-
the basic vanced Armament Corporation (AAC) in cooperation with
AR-15/M16 Remington Defense in response to the U.S. special operations
design is hard to community. The goal was to create a .30-caliber projectile for
improve upon when it comes a standard AR platform using existing 5.56mm magazines,
to reliably launching bullets downrange without reducing any magazine capacity or reliability. Another
accurately, many lament the 5.56mm. Though the notable characteristic of the 300 Blackout is its compatibil-
7.62mm NATO/ .308 AR has been around for quite some ity with the standard 5.56mm AR-15 bolt, thus only a barrel
its increased size and weight can be drawbacks to many. change is necessary to switch calibers.
liber expansion that ts Currently, typical 115- and 125-grain 300 Blackout am-
munition matches the ballistics of the AKs 7.62x39mm and
the increasing use of sound suppressors and it becomes ap- eclipses the 5.56mm in terms of ballistics a
and terminal punch.
parent that users needed one chambering available in both At 300 meters, the 300 Blackout has approximately 17-percent


FN has poured decades of
AR building experience
and a ton of upgradesinto
the FN 15 Tactical. Shown
with a Burris MTAC scope
and FastFire III sight.

more energy than the upper receiver is

7.62x39mm. From a 9-inch bar- a attop design
rel, the 300 Blackout has the same en- with a Picatinny
ergy at the muzzle as the 5.56mm from a 14.5-inch- rail for sights and
barreled M4and surpasses it as ranges extend. One optics. Magpuls
interesting twist with this cartridge is that subsonic 300 ip-up MBUS front
Blackout loadings are optimized to work with sound and rear sights are
suppressors, offering even more versatility to its users. included for the top
Well, FN
Well FN, a company that has made the M16/M4 rail. The 16-inch
rail 16-inch, match-grade
match-grade, cold-hammer-
series of weapons for the U.S.
S military for years, has forged, chrome-lined, free-oating barrel has
decided to harness the 300 Blackout and take its a 1-in-7-inch twist rate and comes equipped
vision of the AR-platform rie another step forward with a SureFire ProComp 762 muzzle brake.
wi h iits new FN 15 T
with i l.
Tactical. The rie also uses a carbine-length gas sys-
tem with a low-prole gas block that weighs
O C R signicantly less than standard gas blocks.
Even though
g FN has been making
g AR-pattern ries Another weight-saving feature is the 12-inch
for decades now here in the United States, the compa- Midwest Industries LWM handguard, which has
ny only recently began offering
ff ARs to civilians as part M-LOK slots along the top, sides and bottom
off its FN 15 series, and the FN 15 Tactical is the latest for accessories. A short top rail at the front
variant to hit the market. It combines several of todays most serves as a front sight base. The lightening cuts help re-
popular AR-platform features and enhancements with FNs duce weight and aid in barrel cooling, yet there is still plenty of
unparalleled weapons manufacturing experience. room for mounting a foregrip, a bipod, lights and lasers, etc.
The FN 15 Tacticals upper and lower receivers are forged The lower receiver sports standard AR controls as well as
from 7075-T6 aluminum that is then hardcoat anodized. The Magpuls ergonomic, streamlined MOE SL buttstock and MOE JUNE/JULY 20

pistol grip. The stock

can be adjusted to
six different length-of-
pull positions, bringing
the rie from 33.7 to 37
inches in overall length. The trigger-
guard is also enlarged for use with
gloves. All of this adds up to a rie
that weighs only 6.6 pounds unloaded,
making the FN 15 Tactical one of the
lighter ARs available on the market.
To test the FN 15 Tacticals capa-
bilities, I added a Steiner M5Xi Military
1-5x24mm scope with an illuminated
reticle. The M5Xi is designed for both in-
stinctive close-range/low-magnication
situations, yet it still allows shooters to

The lower sports standard AR controls

and an ergonomic Mapgul MOE grip.

engage targets with greater precision

at longer ranges thanks to its 5X mag-
nication. With this scope attached, the
FN 15 Tactical is able to handle diverse
shooting scenariosclose range or
distant engagementsas the mission
dictates with equal aplomb. The Steiner
M5Xi is ideal for AR-platform ries, as
it can serve much like a reex sight
when dialed down to 1X and using the
illuminated Rapid Dot reticle, which is
calibrated for the 5.56mm.

For ammunition, I chose Hornadys
supersonic 110-grain V-MAX load, Sig
Sauers Elite Performance 125- and
220-grain Sierra MatchKing rounds, Fed-


The FN 15
Tactical is
designed to
offer total 300
BLK reliability in a
package similar in
size to a 5.56mm AR.

eral American Eagles

220-grain subsonic OTM
ammo and Black Hills
125-grain OTM ammo. The 220-grain
loads are subsonic in nature. cals 16-inch barrel while the subsonic consistenttheyd favor certain loads
My rst task on the range was to re- 220-grain loads averaged 1,005 fps. greatly over others. But that was not the
cord the ammunitions velocity data. The The FN 15 Tacticals accuracy from the case with the FN 15 Tactical. None of the
supersonic loads clocked between 2,210 bench was a pleasant surprise. Other 300 ammo tested, whether supersonic or sub-
and 2,395 fps from the FN 15 Tacti- Blackout ries Ive tested were less than sonic, produced a group greater than 1.5

inches on average at 10 00 even when ring wit

yards, ring three 5-ro
round Magpuls sor attached. Not
groups. This kind of
o accu-- sleek MOE out rie on the
SL buttstock
considering can be adjusted characteristi
magnied optic to six different a carbine
versatile Steiner length-of-pull of a pi
on the rie. positions. tage
l magazines lik
engaging Next I decided to with s
d steel tar- concentrate on using still
quickly the FN 15 Tactical is
moved on from stand-and-deliver drillsrills to in training scenarios
ent, involving team tac-
tics and patrolling
rie contact through FNs goal with the FN 15 Tactical was
cially with the SureF Echo Valley T
360-degree and Jung
allowed the FN
s of potent
iring f
positions while working around range ve- cals features are intended for maximizing
hicles showed why a lightweight AR cham- your effectiveness during a ght or pro-
The barrel is equipped with an effective bered in 300 Blackout can be so effective. ducing more realistic training on the range.
SureFire ProComp 762 muzzle brake. Interestingly, the 220-grain subson- Of course, the key component of a
ic loads had no issue cycling the rie, ghting rie is reliability. No matter how


Si nc
ce 188977, FN
FN rea earmrm
ms ha ave
v borrne the DNA A of lege
le gend
r m Johnhn Br
B own
owninging to o th
he brav
ra e sold
errs who
whoo def
e end
en d ouo r
freedom. Tod oday,
od ay, th
the e same
samem heheart
rt,, soul, and genenius
us g
us goo iin
o FN
our NS-9
9, a polym
po ym mer- r fra
med, strikerr-red
med r 9m mm feat
ur ng
uri g
d xtr
us co
olss a
ols an
nd a gr
grip angle pro
grip p vid ding
n uun
ma che
c d
nattural poin
ointt of aim.
oin m In ncluludes
d th
de t reee 177-ro
- und d magazga
ne s.
ee th
e full
full li
e of FNS N ha h ndg
u at



The test rifle handled well and ran

flawlessly with all of the 300 BLK ammo.

The lightweight LWM handguard offers

several M-LOK slots for accessories.

accurate or powerful a rie is, if it does

not work 100 percent of the time, it is a
liability. To that end, the FN 15 Tactical
ran awlessly during testing. Its obvi-
ous that this rie is intended for seri-
ous practitioners who plan on using it
for patrolling, training or self-defense,
and I cannot recommend it more highly.
Make sure you check it out. For more
information, visit or call



exclusive 99-gra n bullet delivers best

in caliber
ber exp
ex ansion, outperforming
0 Auto*. Consistent terminal per
ore stopping power.

* Based on bullet and crush cavity diameters versus competition; tested with a Ruger LCP
in 380 Auto with a 2.75-inch barrel fired into 10 percent ballistics gelatin at 10 feet.

Hot-rod looks and sub-MOA performance
meet Yankee Hill Machines Model 57 Specter XL!
By D.K. Pridgen Photos by Alex Landeen

Like the venerable 1911, an AR In the world of self-defense and law

is basically the same design enforcement, the critical factors for weapons
no matter whose name is on it. are reliability and accuracy. A serious weapon
Buttstock, forend, upper and lower receivers, must work awlessly every time or its of lim-
barrelyou get the idea. However, like 1911s, ited use. When lives are on the line, there is
not all ARs are built alike. The design of the no time for anything but awless functioning.
parts and their assembly into a completed Gun-knowledgeable LEOs Im acquainted
AR is what counts. Just slapping AR parts with want to squeeze every bit of accuracy
together and having it function for a while to from their carbines and ries without sacricing
shoot and hit targets is not that difcult. reliabilitya trait shared with most non-com-



YHMs 5.56mm Model 57 Specter XL packs

several top-notch upgrades into a durable, billet-
crafted, Burnt Bronze package ready for duty. JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 27


The SLR-Slant handguard features fluted

side and bottom panels that end in short
Picatinny rail sections for accessories.

missioned shooters. Few AR buyers,

including law enforcement ofcers, will
accept the militarys bare minimum for
accuracy (5 inches at 100 yards). Of
course, when you can have a truly func-
tional, accurate weapon that also looks
good while doing itwell, thats just icing
on the cake. This brings us to the Model
57 from Yankee Hill Machine, or YHM.
Based in Florence, Massachusetts,
and family owned for three generations,
YHM traces its AR-15/M16 roots to the
mid-1960s, when the company was con-
tracted to work in the M16 arena. YHM
slowly evolved to produce more and
more AR parts, including those used in
other companies builds (which contin-
ues today to a lesser degree) as well as
suppressorsall a testament to YHMs
manufacturing quality. YHM makes it own
scope rings, ash suppressors, muzzle
brakes, rail pieces, foregrips, enhanced
replacement parts and sights, to name a
few. About three decades after creating
its rst military products, YHM began of-
fering complete ARs built using an abun-
dance of YHM parts.
Today, billet-crafted receivers are
considered the zenith of AR design and
construction, and YHM didnt fall behind,
introducing its own billet-receiver-based
Model 57 carbines a few years ago. Now
the companys latest variant is the Model
57 Specter XL, which I recently got my
hands on for testing.

The rst thing youll notice about my
test Model 57 Specter XL is the Burnt
Bronze Cerakote nish on the hand-
guard and receivers. The Burnt Bronze
color is very eye-catching, and Cerakote
is known for its exceptional durability.


This is a great way to protect the exte- Magpuls CTR ceivers ma
rior surfaces of the rie. Of course, matte s
stock can be several lig
black versions are also available. djusted to out. The
x different
This direct-impingement rie features ngth-of-pull marked
upper and lower receivers that are CAD/ posttions to merge
CAM machined from a billet of 7075-T6 arious full-le
aluminum with a noticeably distinctive . free
style. The angular upper and lower re- SL

gas system, which
i actual
is actually what gives the rie its Specter
XL moniker. Specter Model 57s feature
shorter, 9.5-inch-long handguards. Of
course, the extra 3 inches of the Specter
XL setup provides even more space for
a forward grip.
While the sides of the SLR-Slant
handguard feature long, uted panels, JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 29


4-inch Picatinny rails are included near The Melonited

the muzzle on both sides along with 16-inch barrel
a longer 4.5-inch bottom rail. Quick- features
detach (QD) sling sockets are located
fluting as
just ahead of these rails. well as
The 16-inch, 4140 steel, 1-in-7-inch- YHMs
twist barrel features ball-cut uting, M4 Slant
feed ramps and a 5.56mm NATO cham- muzzle
ber (300 BLK and 6.8 SPC versions are
also available). The barrel is also capped Y
with YHMs Slant compensator/muzzle sights. Offering six
brake, so named because its forward d visible brightness
angle matches that of the handguard. settings and two
The mil-spec bolt carrier group is s night-vision settings,
coated with Melonite for enhanced d the 4.1-ounce Trijicon
strength and lubricity. The upper also o MRO is only 2.6 inches
- long. The battery should
ck last for ve years. Essential-
Deploy Sights (QDS). These 6061-T6 T6 ly, the MRO offers a good eld
aircraft-grade aluminum sights fold at of view whilel being quick
qu to acquire and d
and really zing upright, locking into posi- exceptionally durable. What else l e could
tion, at the push of a button. you want in a red-dot sight?
The Model 57 Specter XLs lower Slings are a necessity for any seri-
receiver features standard controls, ous-duty long gun. Throwing it on a table
but the enlarged and ared magazine or the ground because your hands are
well has exterior relief cuts that reduce busy seems a little less than classy. So,
weight and can also serve as nger I added a VTAC sling using the QD con-
grooves if you prefer to hold an AR in nection points on the SLR-Slant hand-
this position. YHMs large EZ Pull take- guard and Magpul CTR stock.
down pins hold the receivers together, My nal accessories were a Stream-
and within the enlarged, integral trigger- light ProTac HLa little heavier than
guard is an upgraded drop-in, two-stage some weapon-mounted lights, but the
trigger that, on my test rie, was set at extra lumens seem worth itand a Har-
approximately 6 pounds. ris bipod. I also used a Leupold tactical
For furniture, the rie uses Mag- scope for shooting groups.
puls MOE+ pistol grip and six-position- The bipod and some sandbags held
adjustable CTR buttstock. YHM also everything rock steady while I slammed
ships the rie with two 30-round Magpul bullets through paper in nice, small
PMAGs. The black accessories, parts groups over and over. The result of the
and sights contrast nicely with the Burnt bench work and my time on the ground
Bronze Cerakote nish. proves that the YHM Model 57 Specter
XL lives up to the companys accuracy
ROUNDS DOWNRANGE reputation. The upgraded two-stage trig-
To see what kind of accuracy I could ger that YHM added to the Model 57
get from the Model 57 Specter XL,
I added Trijicons MRO (Miniature
Rie Optic) to the attop upper re-
ceiver. This new, parallax-free sight
is waterproof to 30 meters and
includes three varied-height Pica-
tinny rail mounting blocks, ensur-
ing proper co-witnessing with the

The lower receiver has an enlarged

triggerguard, contrasting black
controls and a Magpul MOE+ grip.







75-grain 223 Rem. Gold Dot bullet

Outstanding FBI Protocol T PROF E SS
performance through auto glass

Bonded construction

Accurate in short and long barrels


Gold Dot Duty Rifle already sets the standard for real-world performance, and weve raised the bar even further with a
new 75-grain 223 Rem. load. The heavier bullet provides the same consistent terminal performance of other Gold Dot
Duty Rifle loads, with unprecedented weight retention and penetration through auto glass and other barriers. The load
produces increased accuracy from a bonded bullet when fired through both short and long barrels.


Non-corrosive, Se Nickel-plat Gold Dot technology

non-mercuric pro h, brass case virtually eliminates
p opttimum velocities, and oth
for smooth core/jacket separation
ig the functioning
funct and produces a uniform
conditions. d. and durability. jacket for great accuracy.

Visit us at for more information

and set up a wound ballistic workshop today.

The long SLR-

Slant handguard
makes it easy to
get a far-forward
hold on the rifle.

was a nice im-

provement over
mil-spec units. I
credit it with some
of the accuracy.
After removing the bipod and replac-
ing the Leupold scope with the Trijicon
MRO, I proceeded to the fun activities
handling and functioning exercises. Al-
though the Gen 2 PMAGs that came with
the rie functioned perfectly as expected,
I tossed every magazine I had on hand
into the mix and there was no change in
reliability. The rie just kept running.
Trijicons MRO was excellent to work
with from 7 to 50 yards. It even allowed
me to stretch out and ring steel at 100
yards. The 2-MOA red dot and 25mm ob-
jective made the MRO and the YHM Mod-
el 57 Specter XL a quick-handling setup.
The Model 57 Specter XL was out-
standing to work with, rising to every oc-
casion. The extended SLR-Slant hand-
guard certainly allows the user to extend
their support arm when using the thumb-
over-bore grip. Shooting fast or slow, the
Model 57 Specter XL made it easy to
place hits right where I wanted them,
shot after shotexactly what is needed
for a duty rie.


YHMs Model 57 Specter XL would
make an excellent, versatile carbine for
law enforcement work. Combined with the
Trijicon MRO, it can provide ample accu-
racy to stretch out and take longer-range
shots while remaining exible enough for
closer confrontations. In close, this car-
bine is handy, quick and reliable.
The Burnt Bronze Cerakote is de-
nitely a good-looking nish thats also
non-reective to minimize revealing a
users position. Indeed, the Model 57
Specter XL is a truly functional, accurate
weapon that also looks good while doing
it, as I mentioned earlier. Try as I might, I
could not nd a single thing I would want
to change on this rie. That certainly says
something! For more information, visit or call 877-892-6533.



2015 Magpul Industries Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Magpul holds a Trademark on all of its product names and logos. The following products are trademarks of Magpul Industries Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries: Magpul, MOE & M-LOK.

Hogues ingenious new

As a police ofcer, wading for retention levels. These are essen- ARS Stage 2 duty holster, which has
tially the same levels we see in todays d for all divisions of law
through crowds can be one of holsters. Even with the levels clearly SWAT.
the most stressful things you do. dened, there are some companies that The Hogue ARS Stage 2 is a Level II
The crowd is full of unknowns, so it is go above and beyond when it comes to retention holster that includes the compa-
important to stay vigilant and protect holsters for our defenders in blue. Hogue nys patented Automatic Retention System
your weapon at all costs. Retention-style is one such company. (ARS). When the handgun is holstered,
holsters have become the gold standard it locks into place, providing an extra
in law enforcement. HOGUES NEW HERO level of security over standard open-top,
In the late 1960s, a design revolu- Hogue has long been known as for friction-style holsters. A simple straight
tion began to take place. After several making top-notch gun grips. The compa- draw is possible when disengaging the
ofcers had their weapons taken during ny has been around for almost 50 years, ARS with your thumb while obtaining a
a surprise rear attack, companies began and its name is synonymous with quality. natural shooting grip. The holster also
to look at ways to add retention devices. Along with its premium line of grips, has an automatic-release rotating hood
From straps to break mechanisms, Hogue also has a holster line among g for greater protection against gun grabs.
the developments spurred new designs. other offerings. The
e The holster operates by depressing
One man behind this development hat recently a lever directly on the body side of the
was retired FBI Agent Bill Rogers. The caught my
m holster. Driving this lever down not
owner of Rogers Holster Company, eye was only springs the hood forward, but
he established testing and guidelines the Hogue e it also releases the handgun from

The belt attachment

slot allows the holster
The belt attachment to sit properly without
is designed so any slop or play.
users can adjust
the holsters cant.

A lever on the left

side disengages the
holsters Automatic
Retention System.


its internal locking mechanism. While
the hood can be ipped up and down
without using the lever, the handgun
cannot be drawn unless the button is
rmly depressed. The holster is well
made, and the release mechanism is
smooth and clean in operation.
The belt attachment points include
adjustable pins to allow ofcers to
perfectly t the holster to their duty
belt. This feature is crucial, as it helps
the holster t the belt correctly. Without
a good t, the holster will have a
tendency to move on the draw. Move-
ment can cost seconds, and that time
could be lethal. The holster is also an
offset design, which provides a more
comfortable t. Along those same
lines, the belt mount has the ability to

the Hogue ARS

Stage 2 duty holster
has been designed for all
divisions of law enforcement,
from patrol to SWAT.

be adjusted to three optional positions.
It can be oriented with a slight forward
cant, strait up or with a slight rearward
cant. Only a few companies would take
the time to ensure such a good t.

Drawing from the holster was
smooth and clean. With the holster
mounted rmly on my belt, there was
very little play and it released the gun

The rotating hood

releases automatically
when the ARS lever

on command. With practice, drawing from
this holster became very fast. Great care
StrongSuit is a company that focuses on
has been paid to even small details like
making gloves and gloves alone, a rarity in
the holsters edges. Sharp edges on any
the marketplace. Of its many offerings, the com-
piece of duty gear have a tendency to bite
panys Q-Series Enforcer TAC gloves truly stand out.
into ofcers who then retire said gear to a
StrongSuit partnered with Top Shot nalist and
closet or locker. This holster was comfort-
professional rearms instructor Gary Quesenberryy

The holster also has an

automatic-release rotating
to design these gloves for shooters. Their most
unique feature is that they have form-tted,
pre-curved ngers for better t and performan nce.
hood for greater protection radi-
tional gloves. The gloves are also designeddwwith a
against gun grabs.
breathable fabric on the backs to help keep your hand
cool. A couple additional and ingenious features are a
able and proved to be a good balance of
t and function during testing. terry cloth sweat wipe on the thumb area and the use of Nu-
Demonstrating its awareness of the law hscreen devices
enforcement community, Hogue offers the without removing your gloves. Anyone who has spent a considerable amount
ARS Stage 2 with either a smooth or basket- of time in gloves can absolutely appreciate this feature!
weave nish. At this time, Hogue makes In any hands-on profession, it is essential to protect your hands. They are the most
the holster for Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig important tools we have. Daily bumps, knicks and cuts take their toll. This is especially
Sauer and CZ pistols. Its a serious piece true for law enforcement and military personnel. A solid pair of gloves offers you that
of gear for serious work. If you are looking rst line of defense in protecting your hands. Many hands have been covered with
for a new holster for your duty weapon, gloves that were deemed good enough because we lacked a real option. StrongSuit
you would be well served by checking has changed that and now provides us with great gloves that not only t well, but also
out Hogue. For more information, visit wont break the bank. (; 864-252-7786) Fred Mastison or call 800-438-4747.





In 1990, a Navy SEAL was navigating a mineeld when his pack failed. As his gear tumbled to the ground,
he vowed if he made it out alive he would make gear the right way. Today, this obsession with quality
applies to everything we do. We are constantly researching, rening and perfecting every detail to
provide gear that will not let you down. Because we are not just making stuff. We are honoring a vow.



Harness the power

of the 300 BLK
with Daniel Defenses
new DDM4 300S.
By David Bahde

for Daniel
MK18 but in
300 Blackout?
Say hello to the
DDM4 300S.


theyre easy to store in But the laws of physics are difcult to
lockers and police overcome. They are pretty loud when
cruisers. Of course, each unsuppressed and sometimes unreli-
manufacturer had a different able suppressed. If the ries are prop-
take, but from the very begin- erly suppressed and running well, youll
ning, most SBRs had 10- to still notice a ton of excess gas. Watch
11-inch barrels and carbine-length an entry team clear a shoothouse with
gas systems. Some early versions suppressed SBRs and you would think
were marginally reliable at best. Their they were using black powder. This can
ballistics were acceptable, but they also be distracting and pose a health risk.
offered substantial muzzle blastIm Piston-driven ries help, but they are
has widely adopted talking debris-lled reballs. Sure, that costly, heavier and have their own set
the AR platform for primary makes for great photo opportunities, but of issues. Ofcers really needed a rie
patrol ries. Anything else these SBRs could be really dangerous designed from the beginning for a
is an anomaly. If an agency during an operation, especially without short barrel, and this is where the 300
chooses to assign or allow hearing protection. Thankfully, much Blackout comes in.
ries, it will probably be an AR of that has changed as SBRs become The 300 BLK was designed from the
chambered in 5.56mm NATO. more and more popular. ground up to be run in a barrel as short
Other chamberings are issued on oc- as 7 inches. A pistol-length gas system
casion, but its rare. There are lots of THE KEY TO can keep short-barreled, 300 BLK ARs
reasons whysome practical, others SHORT BARRELS soft shooting and reliable. There also
political, many logistical. Although the Short-barreled ARs in 5.56mm NATO isnt much excess gas when using a
5.56mm NATO is anything perfect
hing but perfect, have beneted from bettter ammunition, suppressor and these ARs tend to run
in most cases. improved m
muzzle devices b
better mms in this congura-
than 5.56m
ents fall well and incre
eased reliabil- tion. Properly loa
h is well within ity. Years
rs of tuning and m
mimics stics of the 7.62x39mm
the ballis
al range of the tinke
ering have made with vastly impro
5.56mm NATO. This fac
ct, coupled these ries Given realisti
with substantial improv
vements better 300 BLK is an ex
nd than option of running
gives users the o
ammunition design, ha
as ever. supersonic or su
resulted in another norrm dented versatility is
in the law enforcementt why the
world: shorter barrels. to gain
- severall 300 BLK ries now,
ments want short-
barreled ries (SBRs) During testing,
for entry teams, even with Sure
sound sup
patrol ofcers. SBRs Silenc
S cerCo Omega (shown).
/JUULLY 2016
201166 GUUNNS &

and theyve mostly worked well with 9- DDM4 300S looks to bring that battle-
or 16-inch barrels. But Daniel Defenses proven heritage to the 300 BLK.
new 10.3-inch-barreled DDM4 300S The DDM4 300S starts with up-
might just be my favorite. pe
machined from 7075-T6 aluminum. The
Daniel Defense has been l , cold-hammer-forged barrel with Dan-
producing some of the most ie
i l Defenses Strength-to-Weight (S2W)
trusted ARs for years. Take pr
a poll of professionals and tw
wist rate. Coated in a salt-bath-nitride
Daniel Defense will cer- n
tainly be in the top-three (H
rankings for direct impinge- Fi
ment ARs designed for duty ann A2-style ash suppressor installed.
use. Daniel Defense builds The pistol-length gas system is chan-
simple, reliable ries ready ne
neled through a pinned, low-prole gas
to face todays threats. The blo
companys MK18 remains It drives an M16-prole, chrome-lined bolt
one of the most popular carrier group that has been MP tested
10.5-inch-barreled 5.56mm an
ARs on the market to- re
day, and the new 9--inch DDM4 Rail, a quad-rail handguard
wiith quick-detach (QD) sling sockets at
the front and rear on both sides. The
f Santoprene, a soft, heat-resistant
material that keep your hands cool and
Daniel Defenses llocked in place. A handy Daniel Defense
stock and pistol ve
grip feature Soft The lower receiver features traditional
Touch overmolding AR
for more comfort.
an single-sided safety, and an enlarged
ttriggerguard. The six-position buffer
t be supports a Daniel Defense col-
deesign with Soft Touch overmolding.
The Daniel Defense pistol grip is more


Capacity Durability Accuracy
Up to 17 round ush magazine The Px4 Storm has red up to Unique rotary barrel dissipates
and extended round magazines an amazing 150,000 rounds recoil in a radial direction, reducing
available at without any parts breakage. felt recoil and muzzle rise.

For information on our pistols visit

DDM4 300S

Installing a Law Tactical Folding Stock

Adapter made the gun even more compact.

vertical than traditional A2-style designs

for better handling and control in close
quarters, and it also sports matching
Soft Touch overmolding for comfort. The
DDM4 300S ships in a hard case with
one 30-round Magpul Gen 3 PMAG.

While Daniel Defense offers the DDM4
300S as a complete rie, I tested an up-
per on a registered SBR lower with a Hi-
perre trigger and a Battle Arms Devel-
opment ambidextrous safety. I installed a
Daniel Defense stock on a Primary Weap-
ons Systems buffer tube tted with a Law
Tactical Gen 3-M Folding Stock Adapter.
For accuracy testing, I added a Bur-
ris 1-5x24mm XTR II scope in a Bur-
ris PEPR (Proper Eye Position Ready)
mount. For close-quarters work, I used
a Trijicon MRO in a solid AXTS mount. I
also added Daniel Defenses xed front
sight and folding rear sight.
But I wasnt done there. For true CQB
capabilities, I added a SureFire Scout light
in a LaRue Tactical side mount along with
SureFires SOCOM300 SPS sound sup-
pressor (installed with a SureFire Warcomp
ash suppressor) and SilencerCos Ome-
ga .30-caliber suppressor (threaded di-
rectly to the barrel). I got to test the rie in
these various congurations on my home
range and at Gunsite Academy.

I tested the DDM4 300S accuracy
under three different conditions, all us-
ing the Burris XTR II scope. Limiting
subsonic ammo to 25-yard targets, the
Gorilla 220-grain OTMs and Daniel
Defense 220-grain Scenars produced
almost identical 10-shot groups mea-
suring just over an inch. Nothing at this
range grouped outside of 1.25 inches,
with most groups at or under an inch.







No Select, clean-burning Nic Gold Dot technology

non p h, bras virtually eliminates core/
prim o d for sm jacket separations and
igniti th funct produces a very uniform
conditions. consistency you need. and durability. jacket for great accuracy.

Visit us at for more information

and set up a wound ballistic workshop today.

Moving back to 50 yards, DoubleTaps ammunition, with mostly square range

110-grain Tactical load using a Barnes and movement drills. Here I used the
TTSX bullet produced the best ve-shot SilencerCo Omega, which was handy
group of 0.55 inches. At 100 yards, the and 100-percent reliable. After a day on
DoubleTap rounds clustered into a 0.75- Gunsites North Range and The Scram-
inch group. Everything else was around bler, the DDM4 300S really grew on me.
an inch. With the DDM4 300S producing There is just something about using a The DDM4 300S long top rail makes it
little to no recoil, it was just plain easy to 10.3-inch-barreled AR. The barrel/forend easy to add backup sights and optics like
be accurate, even at the limits of the 300 is long enough for a solid hold, yet its still Trijicons new, fast-targeting MRO.
BLK cartridge. In fact, it was easy to tag short enough to be incredibly handy on
steel targets at 300 yards with Gemtechs obstacles. The Law Tactical Folding Stock
125-grain ammo. Adapter made it easy to t the rie in my most consistent in operation of all the
Next I swapped out the Burris scope Mystery Ranch 3-Day Assault Pack for subsonic loads. After adding the Omega
for the Trijicon MRO, which I zeroed at covert transportation. suppressor, the recoil was light and there
50 yards using the DoubleTap 110-grain wasnt much excess gas.
TTSX ammo, before taking the entire rig MORE THOUGHTS The DDM4 300s more than lives up to
to Gunsite for some more testing. This An advantage of the DDM4 300S 10.3- Daniel Defenses reputation for reliability
DoubleTap load would be my preferred inch barrel is its ability to run pretty much and accuracy. Its an incredibly versatile
duty round, as the 110-grain TTSX is soft anything unsuppressed. Using a standard package. If you are in the market for a solid
shooting, accurate and maintains solid carbine buffer, I could go back and forth be- SBR in a proven barrel length and a prom-
velocity out of the 10.3-inch barrel. tween most subsonic loads and any of the ising caliber, make sure you check out the
A media event at Gunsite provided supersonic ammunition. With an H-buffer, it DDM4 300S. You wont be disappointed.
an opportunity to spend the day run- ran every 220-grain subsonic load. In fact, For more information, visit danieldefense.
ning the DDM4 300S using subsonic Daniel Defenses 220-grain load was the com or call 866-554-4867.


The same crisp trigger group easily converts into over 40 congurations
of caliber, color and size to suit any shooters every need.


Alex Landeen photo

Better training options
events required to pass the qualica-
tion course. Time is minimal, and a
true grasp of the fundamentals is not
possible in the time allowed. Its learn
to amp up your responses!

this issue. The Supreme Court of the United
Its a tough time to be a cop. small parts of the overall academy training States laid the foundation for the use of
At the local, state and federal curriculum. How can it be done? Keeping force with Tennessee v. Garner and Graham
in mind that budgets for most agencies v. Connor. While Garner covers the use of
levels, this type of violence across the country have been slashed, deadly force to apprehend eeing felons, in
against law enforcement hasnt and money for everything from bullets to Graham v. Connor SCOTUS applies the ob-
been seen since the 1970s. training staff reduced, can it be done? The jective reasonableness test to non-deadly
Ambushes against ofcers have esca- answer is yes, and heres how. force and offers more guidance as to how
lated, such as the recent incident in which force is to be judged and factors that may
Deputy Darren Goforth of the Harris BETTER TRAINING be considered. For over four years, I taught
County, Texas, Sheriffs Ofce was shot to If I were to tell you that training is the new rearms instructors their business
death as he refueled his patrol car. Deputy answer for a law enforcement ofcer to win for my state academy. Giving hypotheti-
Goforth was shot for no other reason than an armed encounter, you might think Im cal scenarios for the use of deadly force,
the uniform he was wearing. stating the obvious. But far too many basic I was ummoxed by the number of cops
So how do you prepare newly hired academy or in-service training programs are who didnt know the laws concerning use of
ofcers for this level of violence? In the not trainingtheyre activities based force. Having taught ofcer-involved shoot-
relatively short period of time of a basic around passing qualications. ing inves-
police academy, how do you develop In every basic academy, it is
their skills, attributes and abilities to the true that a cadet will not be
point where they can dominate and certied or graduate if they tigations,
win a violent encounter? Espe- do not pass their I can also state
cially considering that ofcer safety, basic re- that far too many
rearms and subject control are only chiefs and other police
agency brass dont
know the law, either.

SWAT teams are

generally successful
because of repeated
realistic training on a
Sean Utley photo regular basissomething
that can benefit all LEOs.
W W W. E O T E C H I N C . C O M An Company 2015, L-3 EOTech THERMAL IMAGER
This decit seriously impacts ofcer
decision-making. Quite frankly, if you dont
know when you can shoot, your physical
ability to get rounds on target is moot. Far too
many ofcers are killed each year because
they never drew their rearms. If we examine
the last 10 years of ofcers killed summaries
by the FBI, and we exclude ofcers killed in
ambushes (those who never had a chance or
were unaware of their assailant), we see that
60 percent of the ofcers killed did not use or
attempt to use their own rearm. I believe that
this results from a lack of decision-making con-
dence based on poor or non-existent training.

The next stop on our training circle: We
must introduce rearms skills that work under
stress. Overly complicated movements based
on ne motor skills will fall apart under stress.
We can see how hands tremble and shake
and how even the most simple movements
can be fumbled just under the time constraints
of qualication shoots. Learning to properly

matching the threat

stimulus to the ofcers
response is vital to the
development of modern
rearms training.
run the gun is the goal here, as developed
by a cadre of instructors who understand mo-
tor performance and learning. Instructors must
properly instruct and demonstrate the skills
being taught while understanding how adults
learn as well as the differences between
static, uid and dynamic training in open and
closed environments. They must also know
that blocked trainingstanding on a static
line and doing the same skill over and over
does not prepare a young ofcer the way that
random training does.
Sufcient time and repetition must be
allowed to develop the skills. Repetition is the
mother of all skills, and enough must be given
to develop what motor-learning scientists call
motor programs. This does not mean that all
of the training must be live re. Indeed, dry re
is an integral part of a training program. The
fundamentals of marksmanshipplatform,
grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger
management, follow through and recovery
can be learned prior to ever ring a shot.
New training devices can assist in this
regard. A safe non-gun training device
like the SIRT (Please turn to page 92)


Short Takeup Trigger
with Positive Reset

BUILT TO PERFORM Recoil-Reducing Barrel Cam, Low Mass Slide,
Low Center of Gravity and Low Bore Axis

Performance Tested for Sustained
+P Ammunition Use

Genuine Novak LoMount Carry

Three-Dot Sights

Modular Wrap-Around Grip System for

Adjusting Palm Swell and Trigger Reach

Anything Else Would Be Un-American.

Safe, Easy Takedown with No Tools

or Trigger Pull Required
Designed with the latest U.S. Military standards in mind, the Ruger American Pistol is built

to perform in the harshest conditions. A true American innovation, this pistol was developed
through a rigorous Voice of the Customer process where numerous law enforcement and
military trainers, rearms experts, distributors and retailers provided input, feedback and
testing in the determination of the form, function and features of this rearm. The resultant
new pistol is a revolutionary platform for Ruger, one that utilizes the combination of a recoil- Ambidextrous Slide Stop and Magazine
Release Allow Actuation with Either Hand
reducing barrel cam (which is designed to better spread recoil energy over time) with a low mass
slide, low center of gravity and a low bore axis to provide an unparalleled shooting experience. 2016 Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. 012616


For those in law enforcement, the tactical ly operated is essential to every law enforcement of-
team is whom we call when we are in trouble. r who goes into harms way. These three qualities have
Whether it is called SWAT, SRT, ERT or any number of de Glock a legend in American law enforcement. While
s, these are the ofcers who handle the high- tacttical teams have long favored the Glock 17, in recent
s. These
T range from high- yea
ars teams have taken a hard look at the Glock 34. The
s, hostage rescues, G34 is based on a G17 frame but has an extended slide
otection or special and barrel. This makes the G34 ideal for tactical use
ch as the Boston where the longer barrel and slide provide a longer sight
orr the Super radius, reduced recoil and improved accuracy. The
all of these duties G34 features a 5.31-inch barrel as compared to
am members to
ng gun. In those The G34 Gen4 MOS is
perfect for tactical
e teams rely teams because of its
istols to accom- light recoil, natural
handling and
ssion. optics-ready slide.
g a duty weapon
By Rob Garrett

the 4.48-inch
barrel found
on the G17. The G34
Gen4 weighs in at 25.95 ounces unloaded, which is
only 0.89 ounces more than the G17 Gen4, and in-
corporates all of the Gen4 features, including Glocks
Modular Backstrap System.

As is often the case, the tactical community adopts
equipment developed for the competitive market.
Such is the case with pistol-mounted reex sights, The G34
which are more intuitive and faster than traditional Gen4 MOS
sights. The only alignment that is necessary is for the the latest
shooter to place the red dot on the intended target. evolution
This single-plane focus is parallax-free, making it of Glock
pistols with a
easier for the shooter to index the target while keep- slide that can
ing both eyes open. In turn, the shooter has improved readily accept
a number
speed and situational awareness with less tunnel of popular
vision. Its also easier to transition between targets. miniature
reflex sights
This progression has been made possible because for faster
of the advancements made in miniature reex sights. targeting and
favorite mini reex sights is the family of Tri- precision
jij co
n RM
R si
g ts
ghts. Th
e RM
R, or Ru
d Miniatu
ure downra
dow nrange


Reex, is available in a battery-powered

LED version or a dual-illuminated version
that combines battery power with tritium.
At 1.73 inches in length and weighing a
mere 1.2 ounces, the RMR is ideal for
law enforcement duty.
Glock recently introduced four Mod-
ular Optic System (MOS) pistols, in-

cluding the Glock 34 Gen4 G in MOS OS dard Glock sights

g at the front and rear,
Conguration, which is similar to a G G34 but it can also be e upgraded with high-
ts slide has been
Gen4, but the rear of its prole suppres essor sights.
machined to accept mo ountingg plates act
I a tactical
In situation, an optic-equipped
for a number of miniature rer ex sights,
g pi tol can provide a distinct advantage.
To test the pistol, the author added a including those from Docter er, Leupold, Having
H shot a number of optic-equipped
Trijicon RMR and a SureFire X300 Ultra. Trijicon, C-More and EOTech. The T G34 pistols, I can attest to the improved speed,
Gen4 MOS comes equipped with ith stan- accuracy and situational awareness. How-
ever, to realize the ad- The G34 Ge
vantages of an RMR- features a 5
barrel while
equipped G34 Gen4 standard G1
MOS requires dedi-
cated training. In order
to nd the dot, the
shooters grip, drawstroke and ring not attemp
must be adapted to the sight. This There
is accomplished by repetitive pre- concerns
sentations to rene the movement ped pistol
and lockout point. Shooters also happens i
nd that the red dot tends to wobble simple an
more than the traditional front sight. shooter re
The shooter must also learn to trust iron sights
the natural wobble of the dot, much sights ar
like a high-power rie competitor These sig
does. Once this is learned, shooters through t
are usually amazed at the shots that for a pro
are possible. Regular hits on a steel picture.
cern is w
the norm, something most ofcers would lens of the optic becomes obstructed by
mud, snow or other foreign materials?
This is a valid concern and should be
addressed during training. Drills should
include shooting with iron sights and an
obstructed optic.
The introduction of the G34 Gen4
MOS is indicative of Glocks condence
in both the G34 Gen4 and modern min-
iature reex sights. I predict that, in the
future, readers will see more law enforce-
ment tactical teams using pistols with op-
tics. That being the case, the G34 Gen4
in MOS Conguration and the other MOS
The G34 Gen4 MOS retains all of Glocks
proven features, including the smooth, models will be at the head of the line. For
easy-to-learn Safe Action trigger. more information, visit or call

With a reflex sight installed on the G34 Gen4 MOS, shooters can routinely make shots
at distances much farther than they could with typical iron-sighted pistols. JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 53


After more than 50 years, Monadnock continues
to drive innovation in the field of batons.

New companies pop up all the At the end of the baton shaft,
time, offering some new whiz- Monadnock uses a hard plastic tip
called the Power Safety Tip. Accord-
bang tool that is supposed to ing to the company, the tip gives
revolutionize law enforcement but the baton a weight-forward balance
somehow falls short on the street. while eliminating any sharp metal
There are certain companies, however, edges. The standard baton length
that are stalwarts in the industry, brands is 22 inches. A black, electroless-
that cops can trust with their lives. One of nickel nish offers corrosion resis-
those companies is Monadnock. tance on the metal shafts.
The name Monadnock has been The grip area is signicantly
associated with impact weapons for longer than other expandable
decades. Monadnock has been serving batons. The entire grip portion is
the law enforcement community with covered in a foam sleeve. A new
high-quality straight batons, side-handle wedge-shaped end cap on the
batons and expandable batons for longer AutoLock II helps the ofcer
than most of todays police ofcers retain the baton when in use.
have been alive. In fact, the company Monadnock offers a specially
introduced its rst thermoplastic impact designed holster for its AutoLock
weapon more than 50 years ago. batons called the Front Draw
Where some companies would be Holder. The F
comfortable maintaining the status quo, rotates 360 d
Monadnock continues to introduce innova- the patrol of
tive tools to the law enforcement market. baton for the
Recently, Monadnock introduced a pair of tom of the Fro
new batons, the AutoLock II and the Ultra- open, al
lite, to enhance the companys already reho
impressive lineup of impact weapons. Monadnocks AutoLock II (above)
and Ultralite (far right) batons
expand quickly and lock solidly
AUTOLOCK II into their full-length states. U
The AutoLock II baton is an evolution of B
the original AutoLock baton that has seen
police service for many years. Like its pre- in the center of the
t to
decessor, the AutoLock II uses a cam and end cap releasess theh pa
ball bearing system to positively lock the d the of- th
baton open. Because friction is not needed push the ba- t
to lock the shaft pieces out, an ofcer can button is large f
simply pull on the end to open the baton. activate, but n
Collapsing the baton does not require de beyond
banging it on concrete. Rather, a button d cap. st

54 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT JUNE/JULY 2016 Photos courtesy Monadnock
and blocking. Ultralite batons are avail-
able in both 21- and 26-inch lengths.
Ofcers can also choose a standard
end cap or a wedge end cap similar to
the one found on the AutoLock II.
As the name suggests, light weight
is one of the strengths of this model.
Depending on the end caps chosen,
an ofcer can have a 21-inch baton as
light as 10.9 ounces or a 26-inch baton
weighing less than 13.2 ounces. Accord-
ing to Monadnock, these weights are
35-percent lighter than the companys
standard line of friction-lock batons.
Ultralite baton handles are carbon-
graphite reinforced and have a clear n-
ish. While neither foam or rubber grips
are available on these batons, the nish
has a slight tacky feel to it that helps
keep the weapon rmly in the hand

Just the ability to jab a

suspect in extremely close
quarters can mean the difference
between a routine arrest and a
knockdown, drag-out ght.

during use. Also, the handle is tapered,
which gives it a good t in the hand.
Like other friction-lock batons, the
ofcer must sharply ick open the baton
to ensure the shafts lock out. Closing
the baton requires that the ofcer strike
the tip on concrete or another hard
surface to break the friction locks. The
Ultralite uses a standard steel tip. The
metal surfaces have a black chrome
nish for corrosion resistance.

For many cops, Monadnock is
known for the PR-24. The PR-24 is a
straight baton that adds a handle at one
end that is at 90 degrees from the main
baton shaft. This side handle gives the
ofcer a multitude of additional strike
and control options when encountering
a violent suspect. Additionally, the PR-
24 offers superior blocking techniques
when compared to a straight baton.
Older PR-24 batons were xed,
single-piece units. The modern PR-24
baton maintains the same general
shape but uses an expandable main
shaft. Unlike (Please turn to page 94) JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 55


As the
sea of black ries
seems to grow, so too do
their prices. A $2,000 AR-
platform rie was in the
minority several years
ago, but today they are
common. Another
growing market is in
ries built simply to be
pushed out the door
in an attempt to gain
access to a big mar-
ket. There are some
companies, however,
that have worked
to build a rie at
a good price
while still main-
When it comes to solid, reliable ARs, taining quality.
its hard to beat the Del-Ton Echo 316M, The leader of
which comes ready for duty at only $822.
Shown with an Aimpoint CompM4s sight. that group
is Del-Ton.

/ Y 2016
20 6
Del-Tons Echo 316M
may have an entry-level price,
but itll fight above its class any day.
By Fred Mastison Photos by Robert Jones

Based high-pressure (HP) and magnetic- that is adjustable for elevation as well
in Elizabeth- particle (MP) tested to ensure durabil- as a Samson ip-up rear sight. The
town, North ity and conformity. The bolt carrier is attop upper is ready for optics, but
Carolina, Del-Ton originally supplied made of phosphated 8620 steel with a iron sights are always a great idea for
quality rie kits, parts and accessories. chrome-lined interior, and the gas key backup targeting.
Today, the company offers a wide array is properly staked and sealed. The lower receiver features
of American-made ries that come The upper is equipped with a 16- standard AR controls and furniture,
with a lifetime warranty. Known for inch, chrome-moly-vanadium barrel including a service-grade trigger, an
quality work, Del-Ton has continued to with a 5.56mm NATO chamber, which A2-style pistol grip and a ve-position-
establish a strong reputation with its provides solid accuracy while working collapsible stock, which makes it easy
innovation and vision. well with a variety of 5.56mm NATO to adjust the rie to t a variety of
One of the newest ries in Del- and .223 Remington bullets. The bar- shooters. The rie also comes with a
Tons extensive lineup is the Echo rels 1-in-8-inch twist rate is enough to lock and a 30-round Magpul PMAG.
316M rie. And though it is an afford- stabilize heavier 75-grain rounds, for Now, while some of the nomencla-
able rie, it is still built to Del-Tons example, while still allowing shoot- ture on ries can sound like spec sheet
exacting standards. ers to accurately run less expensive from a spaceship, it is important. You
55-grain ball ammunition. The barrel might begin to wonder if the quantum
ECHO SPECS extension also has M4 feed ramps for ux capacitor in your new rie is tuned
Right off the bat, I should men- exceptional feeding and reliability. correctly. What you can take from the
tion that the rie I received for testing Surrounding the barrel and carbine- materials used by Del-Ton in the Echo
had a great t and nish. The upper length gas system is a traditional 316M is that the company is serious
and lower receivers are forged from polymer handguard with a single heat about striking a balance between func-
aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum, shield. Held in place with a delta ring, tion and cost. Are there better materi-
which offers superb strength while this handguard is comfortable and als to build guns from? Well, certainly,
remaining lightweight. The receivers provides a positive grip with no harsh but the downside is cost, and youre
are hardcoat anodized, then dry-lm edges or angles. still left with the ultimate question of
lubed for improved functioning and As you would expect from a mid- just how much better those materials
corrosion resistance. The bolt is made level rie, the gun comes with an actually are. For the average shooter
from Carpenter 158 steel before being F-marked A2-style front sight post looking for an mid-level gun, Del-Ton

The Echo 316M comes with a

collapsible stock, a flattop rail
for optics and a 16-inch barrel
with a 1-in-8-inch twist rate to
accomodate a variety of ammo.

has cho- entic as possible, we would

sen these wait approximately 15 min-
materials utes between groups to al-
wisely. The Echo low the barrel to cool down
316M is designed for and in turn give us a more
a very long service life. consistent comparison. One
other specic thing we did
TEST DRIVE ed, it would was to use general off-the-
The only thing more make long shelf ammunition. While
enjoyable than getting a new days on the match-grade ammunition
rie is taking it out to the range for a range or in train- would ld have
h probably
b bl
test drive. The Del-Ton Echo 316M is a ing more enjoy- given us better groups,
little extra exciting because of the na- able. This, com- this rie was design-
ture of the gun and what it means for bined with its com- ed with budgets in
new shooters. There is a denite turning pact size of just mind.
mi The average
d Th g
of the tide in gun ownership in the United over 32 inches collapsed, made it shooter will not be
States, and the availability of an afford- a very comfortable carry rie. An in- searching the In-
able, reliable rie is a plus for every pro- spection of the rie showed great build ternet
e e for the e
ponent of the Second
S Amendment. So,
S quality, with virtually no play between latest in match-
we loaded our magazines, pack d ourr
gazines packed the upper and lower receiver. This was grade 5.56mm ammu-
kits and headed to the range. ially pleasing, as a well-tted upper nition, but rather what is on sale.
We decided to stick with the theme of and lower are critical for accuracy and The rie ran awlessly as we sent
the rie and run it with iron sights. Con- reliability. I have come across guns at our groups downrange. We used a rear
trary to what some may believe, iron twice the price that did not manage such bag and a sand sock for stability to get
sights can be exceptionally accurate a good t. In fact, the entire gun was as-
in the right hands. While they seem to sembled very well.
be morphing into an anachronism, iron After zeroing the rie at 100 yards, we
g p y g p
Good optics are a denite
improvement, but they al-
ways have the potential to
fail due to a dead battery
or technical issues.
My rst impression of
t e rie was as that
a it is
s a
lightweight and easy-to-
handle shooter. Weighing
less than 6.6 pounds unload-

Del-Ton equips the

Echo 316M with an
A2-style front sight The Echo 316Ms lower features
and a rail-mounted standard AR controls, making it easy
flip-up rear sight. for users to transition to this 5.56mm.
every last bit of accuracy out of the rie. A
few things experienced during the group
shooting are worth mentioning. The trig-
ger on the Echo 316M is a standard
mil-spec unitno air or special modi-
cations. Even with that, it broke at a con-
sistent 7 pounds with a clean feel and re-
set. Overall, the rie performed very well effects on our ability to shoot groups. The Courses that have students moving an
in the group category, and I am certain gun offered standard 5.56mm recoil with shooting are much more common, so
it would do even better with optics and minimal muzzle movement. was time to put the Echo 316M though
match ammo. The lightweight nature of As gun technology has evolved over paces in a class. The timing was perfe
the gun also proved to have no negative the years, so has the nature of training. as I received the rie just before tea JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 59


Its lightweight and small prole made for

quick and easy maneuvering. Getting from
Point A to Point B was noticeably faster
with the lightweight rie. While not a true
test of ultimate reliability, the 500 rounds I
ran through the rie that day did so with-
out an issue or hiccup. Fed from Mag-
pul magazines, the gun never stopped
running, even with a variety of ammo
run through it. At the end of a long and
dusty day, the Echo 316M was lthy but
unfazed by my attempts to test its limits.
Del-Ton has succeeded in building
a great rie at a great price. In fact, the
company has outdone itself in the per-
formance this bargain gun provides. The
ing a one-day carbine refresher course. The Del-Ton Echo 316M has a great feel, is well bal-
To make sure the results were controlled, Echo 316M anced and runs well. Throw respectable
I would use the rie as my demo gun. I 5.56mm rifle accuracy into the mix and you have a
ran the rie though every drill that I asked proved to be an great rie on your hands. Whether this is
accurate and
students to run with the expectation that your rst or 50th rie, you will not be dis-
consistent rifle
my accuracy and speed would be good. at the range appointed in what you get for your money
From shooting behind barricades to tack- with various in this gem. For more information, visit
ling multiple targets, the rie ran very well. ammunition. or call 910-645-2172.
Hartland, WI U.S.A. / Fax: 262-367-0989 / Toll Free: 1-877-BRAVO CO / 1-877-272-8626


The holster will t on any standard
d belt and includes a drop-leg rig for
ensures ofcer safety by keeping the gun
e until the ofcer intentionally draws
This light-bearing rig offers total security th
yet fast access when you need it! an
reholster their weapon. Primary engage-
ment is automatic, but the EPOCHs hood
must be manually closed after the weapon
It doesnt matter if is reholstered.
you are a hunter, The EPOCH holsters design places
a police officer or the auto-lock release in such a way that
a service member, ofcers can secure a full, rm and proper
grip when drawing with proper thumb and
you depend on your
trigger nger alignment. This is aided by
gear and equipment the index nger indent along the side of
and expect it to serve the holster. The thumb-activation system
you no matter what. releases both retention systems with a
This is especially true when single push for a clean and fast draw.
your life is on the line, some- The drop-leg rig features a comfort-
thing the folks at BlackHawk able thigh platform and a Y-harness
understand all too well. Indeed, system to evenly distribute the pistols
the company was started by a weight and maintain the holsters proper
former Navy SEAL who found orientation. The quick-release swivel buck-
himself in deep trouble when his les also improve comfort during movement
pack failed, spilling its contents and allow for very fast and easy mounting
all over a mine eld he was or dismounting of the unit. The leg wraps
navigating. Vowing to never feature a rubberized surface that keep
allow that to happen again, he the holster rmly on the leg and prevent
made sure that a commitment to it from moving around. Finally, the Black-
the highest quality is at the core Hawk EPOCH drop-leg rig has several
of everything BlackHawk makes, accessory mounting points for spare
and the companys duty holsters magazines or knife pouches.
are no exception.
Bearing Tactical Holster from It should be noted that the retention
BlackHawk combines the maxi- systems on duty holsters like the EPOCH
mum level of weapon retention with are subjected to strenuous testing, and
the ability to carry a gun-mounted tac- even using just one of the two retention
tical light. The advantages of having systems must be able to survive hundreds
a weapon-mounted light have made of pounds of force. Indeed, I know of at
these units increasingly popular with least one ofcer who was lifted off the
many departments, but having to attach ground and thrown by a suspect grabbing
and detach the light every time defeats onto his gun and trying to disarm him, but
the benet, so a proper light holster is the primary retention system on the holster
necessary. The EPOCH holster will ac- held. For more information, visit blackhawk.
commodate most popular weapon lights. com or call 800-379-1732.


THE 300 BLACKOUT was designed to put a reliable, heavy-hitting subsonic cartridge
into an AR-pattern rie without changing any design component aside from the barrels bore diameter.
Advanced Armament Corporations engineers managed to put a .30-caliber bullet into, essentially, a
wider-necked 5.56mm NATO cartridge, then tweaked two loads to take the bullet in opposite directions:
as a subsonic round for suppressed guns that will outperform suppressed 9mm loads, and as a super-
sonic round that will perform more or less like the 7.62x39mm round.
The subsonic load turned out to be perfectly suited to bolt-action guns as well, and has even found a
home in break-action options from CVA. The difference between running a suppressor on a bolt-action
rie versus a semi-auto are considerable to the user and anyone immediately around them. Without the
sound of the bolt carrier group operating and the noise associated with venting high-pressure gases
into the receiver, suppressed bolt-action ries are noticeably quieter than semi-autos, which can be a
factor for some tactical professionals and in certain hunting and survival applications.
So with an eye toward what else is out there beyond the AR-pattern ries we see everywhere, lets
ake a look at

Currently the only 300 Blackout pistol that isnt an AR, the CVA S
action pistol that comes factory-threaded for a suppressor. Paired with the
ranges with such a pistol, the Scout V2 Pistol can ll some very specialized niches. It
or alongside your tactical rie in a eld bag. The uted barrel cuts down on weight, the
and the hammer has an extension for easy cocking regardless of scope size and p

CALIBER: 300 Blackout BARREL: 11.5 inches OA LENGTH: 15 inches
ches WEIGHT:
WEIG : 3.7
7 pounds (empty) GRIP: Synthetic
SIGHTS: None ACTION: Break FINISH: Matte black, brushed stainless CAPACITY: 1 MSRP: $469


FIREPOWER Suppressor-ready
bolt- and break-action rifles
for covert counterstrikes!
By Dave Norman


The stainless hardware and synthetic stock recommend CVAs Scout V2 as a durable, all-weather,
utility or specialized rieand being chambered in 300 Blackout with a threaded barrel makes it even more versatile. The Scout
V2 Ries simple controls are a comfort when gross motor skills fail, the accuracy of this straightforward design means repeatable
hits at tactical ranges, and the included scope mount gets you range-ready right out of the box. The Monte Carlo stock is also lon-
ger than that of other break-action ries, promoting comfort and a repeatable cheekweld for accuracy. (; 770-449-4687)

CALIBER: 300 Blackout BARREL: 16.5 inches OA LENGTH: 32 inches WEIGHT: 5.8 pounds (empty) STOCK: Synthetic
SIGHTS: None ACTION: Break FINISH: Stainless, black or Xtra green CAPACITY: 1 MSRP: $469


Integral Arms starts with a Remington 700 SPS

Tactical and replaces the 16.5-inch barrel with a 24-inch, integrally
suppressed barrel. That makes it one of the longest barrels youre going to nd
in a 300 Blackout, but theres no suppressor hanging off the muzzlethe barrel is the
suppressor. The Guardians 4+1 capacity and Hogue stock are familiar from the SPS line. The performance,
though, is something truly extraordinarya suppressor that meets and exceeds the sound suppression ratings of add-on
ssors and with subsonic ammunition, the Guardian is quieter than many pellet guns. (; 985-240-2226)

CALIBER: 300 Blackout BARREL: 24 inches OA LENGTH: 44.5 inches WEIGHT: 7 pounds (empty)
STOCK: Hogue synthetic SIGHTS: None ACTION: Bolt FINISH: Black, ghillie green CAPACITY: 4+1 MSRP: $2,499 JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 65


CALIBER: 300 Blackout
BARREL: 16.5 inches OA LENGTH: 36 inches
WEIGHT: 7.5 pounds (empty)
STOCK: Hogue synthetic SIGHTS: None
ACTION: Bolt FINISH: Black, ghillie green
CAPACITY: 4+1 MSRP: $750

AAC 762-SD
The all-Inconel bafe stack on this full-
length suppressor is designed to stand
up to the pressures of full-power 7.62mm
NATO ammunition, with its service life
extending when you use 300 Blackout
ammo with its lower pressures (especial-
ly the subsonic rounds). The 9-inch body
on this suppressor provides outstanding
sound signature reduction in just about
the largest suppressor that makes sense
on a bolt-action gun. (advanced-; 770-925-9988)

Calibers: 5.56mm, 6.5, 6.8 SPC,
7.62mm, 300 Blackout, 7.62x39mm
OA Length: 9 inches
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Weight: 23 ounces Finish: Cerakote
Sound Reduction: 30 decibels
MSRP: $699



The Model 700 action and tactical-length barrel that combine to form the heart of
this designated marksmans rie rest in a high-end stock: a ghillie-green-colored
Hogue stock with pillar bedding for the barrel (to promote accuracy) and soft touch
OverMolding for promoting a comfortable hold and all-weather grip on the rie. The
X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger is a high-end feature that can be set for eld or target
use. The 16.5-inch barrel is hammer forged and given a 1-in-7-inch twist rate to
provide optimal accuracy with 300 Blackout loads. (; 800-243-9700)

Finding the right rie is only half the battle. To get the most from the
300 Blackouts subsonic capabilities, you need a reliable sound sup-
pressor. This allows you to protect you and your teammates hearing
without giving away your position. Suppressors also go a long way
toward not spooking the neighbors. Without further ado, here are
some cutting-edge suppressors to pair with your 300 Blackout rie.


Designed to survive full-auto re, Designed specically for the 300
mount quickly to standard 5/8x24 Blackout round, this suppressor is
threads, user serviceable and handle relatively short and particularly
tactical rounds from 5.56mm to .300 effective with a stated sound reduction
Win Mag, this suppressor is ready to rating of 28 to 30 decibels. The sup-
mount to 300 Blackout ries or pistols pressors short length helps limit your
with a minimum barrel length of only weapons overall length for operations
7.5 inches. Designed to meet or ex- inside structures, ships and other
ceed SOCOM design standards, these conned spaces, and its relatively
distinctive suppressors are in wide light weight helps preserve a bit of
service with police and U.S. military en- the weapons natural point of aim.
tities. (; 208-939-7222) (; 208-939-7222)

Calibers: 5.56mm to .300 Win Mag Calibers: 300 Blackout
OA Length: 8.8 inches OA Length: 6.7 inches
Diameter: 1.5 inches Diameter: 1.5 inches
Weight: 15.3 ounces Weight: 14 ounces
Finish: Cerakote Finish: Cerakote
Sound Reduction: 27 decibels Sound Reduction: 28-30 decibels



Daniel Defense has entered the ammo market with its new First Choice Ammunition brand, and the
companys rst offering is a subsonic 300 Blackout load designed for target shooting as well as personal
and home defense. Each round is manufactured using durable brass cases and precision-
crafted, 220-grain Lapua Scenar-L OTM bullets.
Were passionate about the launch of our 300 Blackout am-
munition, said Cindy Daniel, Daniel Defenses Chief
Marketing Ofcer. It represents a whole new era for
our brandone where we can now ensure that the
ammunition that goes into our rearms is as high-
quality as the rearms themselves.
To ensure the highest levels of quality, each First
Choice round stamped with a DD must undergo and
pass a thorough inspection to ensure critical dimensions
that affect accuracy. The 220-grain round offers velocities of
1,036 and 1,098 fps from 10.3- and 16-inch barrels, respectively.
Daniel Defenses subsonic 220-grain 300 Blackout ammunition
is currently a
(; 866-554 48


Ruger has designed the 300 Blackout version of its American Ranch Rie to combine a factory-thread
6 1 inch barrel with a lightweight synthetic stock for a relatively compact rie with a 5+1 capacityperfect for serv
the combined advantages of sound suppression and a bolt actions accuracy potential. The bo
as that in the 5.56mm model and features a 70-degree
70-deg throw to work with just about any scope. Dual cams on the bbolts body pro-
dding system free-oats the barrel for improved accurac

STOCK: Synthetic SIGHTS: None ACTION: Bolt FINISH: Black, Flat Dark Earth CAPACITY: 5+1 MSRP: $529


Load Muzzle Velocity Energy

9mm 124 JHP 1,150 364

.223 55 FMJ 3,200 1,250
.223 77 SMK 2,750 1,293
7.62x39mm 122 FMJ 2,396 1,555
300 Blackout 125 OTM 2,200 1,343
300 Blackout 220 OTM 1,000 488
.308 168 Match HP 2,650 2,619

Bullet weight measured in grains, velocity in fps, and energy

in foot-pounds. Data courtesy of Black Hills Ammunition.



Over a year in design, specifically engineered geometry,
Reduced grip angle keeps wrist in line for improved trigger control
with no weak links. New patent pending latch reinvents
Hinged Trap Door interior storage with water resistant rubber gasket the interface with the receiver extension, providing superior strength.
Mod 0 similar to A1/A2 backstrap, Mod 1 with high rise backstrap Simple modular, snag free design utilizes only 5 parts and 1 screw
Mod 2 up to 1/4 inch wider with interchangeable backstraps/inserts 2 ambidextrous sling mounting options including QD swivel socket
Mod 3 up to 1/4 inch wider with high rise backstrap/extended insert Color matched rubber buttpad for secure shoulder placement
All Mods available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green, Wolf Gray Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green and Wolf Gray
BCMGUNFIGHTER Pistol Grips . . . . Prices start at $17.95 BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $55.95

Vertical Grip Vertical Grip - Short
Forward angle increases rigidity of the forearm, pro- Low-profile length for increased mobility
vides more natural wrist angle and decreased snag factor
Featuring an aggressive texture, and generous stor- Forward angle increases rigidity of the fore-
age volume arm, provides more natural wrist angle
Cross bolt designed to work with improvised tools Aggressive texture, generous storage volume
Reversible clamp for fastener setup on either side Made in the U.S.A. from high quality, impact
Made in the U.S.A. from high quality, impact resis- resistant polymers
tant polymers Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green
Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green and Wolf Gray
and Wolf Gray BCMGUNFIGHTER VG-S - Short, Screw Mount Version . . . . . . . $35.95
BCMGUNFIGHTER VG - Screw Mount . . . . . $39.95 BCMGUNFIGHTER VG-S-KM - Short, KeyMod Version . . . . . . . . $39.95


Low-profile length for increased mobility and decreased snag factor Kinesthetic Angled Grip
The forward angle increases the rigidity of the forearm, while providing Forward rake gives positive retention when using C-clamp method of
a more natural wrist angle handguard support, works as a rest for supported firing positions
Can be mounted in reverse angle to increase control when grabbing Slight angle without bulk adds just the right amount of strain relief to the
handguard and grip wrist without substantially increasing the girth of the handguard
Flat sides with aggressive texture give better control to the shooter Small profile, textured front and back for positive engagement
Anchor and bolt system offers a simple robust design, while maintaining Innovative patent pending attachment method allows for robust clamp-
a light-weight 1.9 ounces ing and alignment with minimal hardware and accessory size
Made in the U.S.A. from high quality, impact resistant polymers Made in the U.S.A. from high quality, impact resistant polymers
Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green and Wolf Gray Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green and Wolf Gray
BCMGUNFIGHTER VG-KM-MOD-3 - KeyMod Version . . . . . . . . . $18.95 BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG-KM - KeyMod Version . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $18.95
BCMGUNFIGHTER VG-1913-MOD-3 - Picatinny Rail Version . . $19.95 BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG-1913 - Picatinny Rail Version . . . . . . . . $19.95

All pricing is subject to change without notice. Please see our website for current pricing.

Hartland, WI U.S.A. / Toll Free: 1-877-BRAVO CO (1-877-272-8626) / Fax: 262-367-0989 /


The art and science of bullets
interacting with windshields.

The growth in the population of glass for years. The nature of their work dic- notice that it is oblong. This is because the
tates that rounds be as accurate as possible. windshield is at an angle. This angle causes
trained, skilled shooters over This same philosophy transfers over to the the top of the bullet to impact rst, thus
the past 10 years is undeniable. civilian world. If you are going to re rounds changing its ight path. As you can imagine,
At its peak, many saw rearms training through a windshield, you better know what there are a number of moving parts to this
as the new golf. But this enjoyable activity the effect will be. Lets look at shooting copper and laminated glass formula. As a
actually provides benets for participation: from a vehicle through the windshield at an general rule of thumb, though, you are en-
a more developed ability to defend yourself assailant in front of the vehicle. To set up couraged to shoot several inches low when
and your loved ones. People have learned the training scenario, well say that the car ring from inside a vehicle.
how to properly draw their weapons, clear has stalled. I say this because, like me, you If the roles are reversed and you nd
malfunctions and utilize cover. It has truly would probably just run over someone pre- yourself shooting into a vehicle through the
been a great time in the rearms world. And senting a lethal threat in front of your car. windshield, the same physics apply. This
for many, the training does not stop at the Now, if you aim at the threats center- time, however, the slope of the glass will
fundamentals. Some have chosen to go mass and re your shot, the impact will be cause the lower part of the bullet to strike
to the next level and understand the more higher than your point of aim. If you look at rst, thus causing a lower point of impact.
complicated aspects of defensive shooting. the bullet hole on the windshield you will So, you need to aim higher. The amount of
This includes shooting through glass.
The laws of physics dictate that any suf- As a general rule of thumb,
cient contact with a bullet in ight will change the angle of a windshield
that bullets trajectory. This is the case with will deflect a bullet upward
glass. Many factors go into the effects of glass or downward depending on
penetration on a bullet, but there are a few that the direction of fire, meaning
youll have to adjust your
are simple. The angle of the glass in relation to point of aim accordingly.
the shooter is the biggest factor in determining
the impact of the round on target. Other factors
then come into play, such as glass thickness
as well as the rounds size and velocity. For
the sake of brevity, we will explore one of the
most relevant and common glass barriers
shooters will face: a vehicle windshield.

Law enforcement and military personnel
have studied bullet performance through


Hartland, WI U.S.A. / Fax: 262-367-0989
Toll Free: 1-877-BRAVO CO / 1-877-272-8626
drop once again is determined by the
caliber being red, the angle of the windshield
in respect to the shooter and the distance
from which you are shooting. Snipers spend
astronomical amounts of time charting data on
specic rounds designed to be shot through
glass. This is especially true with the law
enforcement community. Their shots must be
made with surgical precision. Only through
extensive practice and data collection can you
really begin to have any sort of accurate con-
trol over just where the round will impact.

If you practice shooting through a wind-
shield, youll notice that there are usually
many holes in the target. Windshields are
made of laminated glass, which is especially
treacherous for bullets to penetrate. The
glass can sometimes tear the outer copper
jacket off of the lead core. This causes mul-
tiple impacts on the target. The downside to
this is that this round deformation can reduce
its effectiveness on an assailant. It cannot be
overstated that you should be moving and
preparing with follow-up shots on target.
Testing has demonstrated that larger-
caliber rounds exhibit the least amount of
shift when red through glass. Additionally,
their increased mass allows for a larger re-
maining core should the jacket be torn away.
This should not be considered a diminish-
ment of the 9mm round, nor an endorsement
for the .45 ACP. While they perform differently,
its not signicant enough to call the .45 ACP
a glass round. Many more factors play into
this equation as well, such as whether the
round is a hollow point or FMJ. Unless you
have a stock of windshields and a variety of
testing ammo at your disposal, we should
review the general data and make our shots
based on that. If youre shooting out of a ve-
hicle, aim slightly low. If youre shooting into a
vehicle, aim slightly high.


Shooting through glass is a dicey proposi-
tion at best. It is important to remember that
only a worst-case lethal-force issue should
drive you to it. Most importantly, though, you
need to practice the art of shooting through
glass. Seek a professional course that covers
work in and around vehicles. There is much
to learn, including things you may have never
considered. The sound of a handgun being
red from inside a car with the widows rolled
up will certainly be a memorable experience.
Only after training in these scenarios can you
truly be expected to get the job done.







It might look

like something
from a sci-fi
movie, but
the semi-
auto Fostech
Origin-12 is
realand it
works well, too.

Modular 12 gauge offers semi-auto speed,

AK reliability and next-gen ergonomics. By David Bahde

aving used shotguns i b
practice but are manageablebl with
ih rel, gas tube, gas block and handguard,
for years as a patrol and effort. Shotguns that use detachable making it easy for operators to change
SWAT ofcer, they remain box magazines can be a real game- out barrels as needed.
viable tools. Sure, like any changer, however. Most in this category Made of high-strength steel, the
rearm, shotguns have are based on the AK platform and may barrel is uted for reduced weight and
their limitationssome require some work to be duty capable. better heat dissipation. It also features
mechanical while others Properly built, they allow for fast re- standard Saiga/VEPR threads so it
are operator based. loads, better control and quick follow-up can accept several ash suppressors,
But shotguns remain an effective shots. But operators really needed a muzzle brakes or standoff devices as
means of stopping armed threats at semi-auto, AK-platform shotgun with neededeven SilencerCos Salvo 12
close range, and improvements in user-friendly controls and ergonomics, sound suppressor. And removing or in-
ammunition have made them more and Fostech Outdoors has done just stalling the barrel is easy, which makes
effective than ever before. Todays self- that with its new Origin-12. cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
defense and duty ammunition is reliable Users can adjust the gas system via a
and relatively accurate, creating tight 12-GAUGE ORIGINS ported plug, allowing you to bleed off
patterns. Even a short-barreled shotgun The Origin-12 is built from the gas as needed with heavier loads. It
(SBS) will place nine buckshot pellets ground up as an AK-style shotgun with should be noted that the Origin-12 can
inside 5 inches at 20 yards. lots of polymer to help reduce weight. only be used with 2-inch shells.
Modern shotguns, especially semi- Its also modular thanks to the design of The forend features a Picatinny
automatics, are reliable and accurate. the receiver and barrel/handguard as- top rail that lines up with the polymer
Tube-fed guns require training and sembly. This assembly includes the bar- top covers, and shorter rails on the


id s and bottom make it easy to add release, drop the bolt without coming out easy to use most sights designed
mission-critical accessories. of the pocket.
pocket. This
Th makes the Origin-12
g ARs, like the Shield SIS ((Switcha
A able
Flip-up front and rear sights are in- perfect for 3-Gun competitions. Interface Sight) I used for testing
cluded. Unlike more traditional designs, The mostly polymer magazine
youll nd a large dust cover on the well is designed to accept a variety of BARREL SWITCHES
right side that snaps open during ring magazines, including ve-, eight- and One of the best aspects of the
or when the charging handle is cycled. 10-round versions as well as 20- and Origin-12s design is how easy it is to
Snapping it closed keeps dirt and dust 30-round drums. These polymer maga- change barrels. Normally, it can be a total
out of the action. zines feature steel feed lips for rock- nightmare to convert a standard AK shot-
The Origin-12 also features ambidex- solid operation, and they slide straight gun into an SBS, especially if you want
trous controlsincluding the safety up into the mag well; they dont have the barrel to be shorter than 14 inches.
that are easy to reach with either hand. to be rocked in like AK magazines. The This would require shortening the gas
The non-reciprocating charging handle magazines also drop free easily when system and some serious tuning. With
is mounted just forward of the receiver you push the magazine release. a 10-inch barrel, you are often limited to
on the left side. The bolt release is a At the rear of the receiver, youll nd full-bore, high-brass buckshot or slugs
large paddle that is easy to reach with a Mission First Tactical (MFT) Battlelink for consistent operation. These rounds
your trigger nger, and the bolt locks Minimalist stock tted to a buffer tube work, but your shotgun will now pound
back after the last round is red. The and folding stock adapter. The stock your shoulder like a hammer. Luckily, Fos-
magazine release is located at the front folds to the left side of the receiver. techs unique design makes the process
of the triggerguard, which means you Locked into its extended position, the simple and painless, and the Origin-12s
can swap magazines and, with the bolt in-line design of the stock makes it gas system works well with lighter loads. JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 75


The non-reciprocating
charging handle,
located on the left
side, is
easy to
Also note the
forend rails.

You can order the Origin-12 as an

SBS from Fostech with a 10-inch barrel
installed or, after completing the appro-
priate NFA paperwork, simply replace
the 18.5-inch tube on your standard
Origin-12. Since my companys a Title 2
manufacturer, it was a simple matter of
lling out a form. Swapping out barrels
only takes a minute or two. Remove the
barrel pin, pull out the barrel you need
to replace and reverse the process with
the new barrel. And its done. No gun-
smith, no tting. Just makes sure it all
lines up by performing a function check
and head to the range!

Previous testing with 10-inch-barreled
AK shotguns has been both frustrating
and painful. Most of these shotguns re-
quire full-brass buckshot rated for 1,350
fps or more. And while this will work in a
duty scenario, it doesnt make for much
fun on the range. But the Origin-12 wasnt
nearly as punishing. The rst step was in-
stalling a King Armory KA-1212 brake/
breacher. Made of hardened steel, the
KA-1212 reduces ash and recoil and
can even tighten some patterns. I used
this device for most of the testing.
I tested the Origin-12 with both 18.5-
and 10-inch barrels, and I used the lat-
ter rst. With 1,150-fps training ammuni-
tion and the 10-inch barrel, the shotgun
worked better when cleaned, oiled and


pressed very tightly against my shoulder. The MF
The reliability improved when I switched c
to 1,200-fps loads. So long as I kept the
shotgun pressed tightly to my shoulder,
it ran really well. It worked like a champ out a
with Winchester AA (SC128) ammo rated simila
for 1,300 fps, which closely matches the bucks
Federal Tactical buckshot that populates a dist
many police departments. ma
No matter how quickly I pressed the
trigger, the Origin-12 never missed a
beat with Federals 9-pellet LE127 00
buckshot. This load patterned well, and I I just created one large hole.
could use it all day long without an issue. I mostly carry slugs in a spare
This is the same ammunition my Benelli magazine for engagements be-
M4 and Mossberg 955 prefer. The shot- yond 25 yards, and the Origin-12
gun also ran Hornadys 1,600-fps Criti- created a best ve-shot group with
cal Defense ammo as well. Yes, it was Federals excellent LE127 slugs
a bit more powerful, but it patterned the that measured 4.7 inches at 25
best with the short barrel, likely due to its yards. At 50 yards, my groups
Versatite wad. With the SilencerCo Salvo were under 6 inches, which is
12 attached, the shotgun even ran lower- more than adequate for duty use.
velocity rounds with much less noise. The Origin-12 is made in
With the 18.5-inch barrel, the shotgun America,
A so you dont have to
ran 1,150-fps training ammunition with- worry a

plied sights are very usable for those ac- much as an AK-style shotgun thats un-
customed to an AR. And the rails on the dergone months of gunsmithing. Tacti-
forend make it easy to add lasers for even cal shotguns arent for everyone, but for
more precision. some like me, theyre excellent. If thats
The Origin-12 really has all you need you, take a close look at the Fostech
for an entry shotgun, and it was just Origin-12. It performs just as well as it
about as reliable in testing as it gets with looks. For more, visit fostechoutdoors.
a 10-inch barrel. It also costs about as com or call 812-445-4028.

The bolt is crafted for optimum reliability

with 2-inch slugs and buckshot.

tions. This means you can replace the

stock if so desired. The controls were easy
to reach and activate, and every maga-
zine inserted and dropped free quickly.
Having the bolt lock back after the last
round is a boon for faster reloads.
Short-barreled shotguns are great for
tactical operations, and the Fostech Ori-
gin-12 is an excellent option. Not only is The author added a King Armory brake and a Shield SIS sight to test the guns CQB prowess.
it easy to add a reex sight, but the sup-




Bar r i er Bl i n d
P er f or mance
Urban barriers (heavy clothing, plywood, sheet metal and even auto glass*) are no match for the innovative
FlexLock bullet loaded in CriticalDuty handgun ammunition. Law enforcement and tactical professionals, as well as
law-abiding citizens, now have a truly advanced, 21st century ammunition solution that delivers the most consistent
and reliable terminal performance on the market.
2 *As dened by the FBI Protocol handgun ammunition tests.
1 FLEX TIP TECHNOLOGY Initiates consistent expansion every time while
2 INTERLOCK BAND Works to keep the bullet and core from separating formaximum
weight retention and proven terminal performance through all FBI test barriers.
3 TOUGH BULLET CORE High-antimony lead core delivers controlled expansion for
unparalleled terminal performance consistency through all FBI test barriers.
4 CANNELURED BULLET Provides a consistent crimp location to ensure no bullet
setback during feeding.



9MM LUGER 135 GR | 9MM LUGER +P 135 GR | 357 SIG 135 GR | 40 S&W 175 GR | 45 AUTO +P 220 GR 800.338.3220 | HORNADY.COM
1 A Savage Arms action
is a great foundation for any do-it-
yourself rifle assembly. 2 Savages adjustable
AccuTrigger gives gun owners a safe, reliable
trigger that can be tuned as needed. 3 This
particular build used an E.R. Shaw barrel chambered
or the .308 Norma Magnum. 4 The Hogue pillar-
bedded stock fit the Savage magnum action
perfectly. 5 A top Picatinny rail allowed the
author to install a powerful Weaver
Tactical 6-30x56mm scope to his
custom sniper rifle.

1 2

Start with a Savage Arms action and end

C hances are, Savage Arms

builds a rie just right for
you. If not, you can just
build it yourself, no lathe required.
While the technical skill and artistry it
create ries known for their reliability,
accuracy and affordable performance.
In fact, its design is so simple that it has
led to a robust aftermarket of parts that
just about any methodical Savage rie
easily. Gun owners can easily swap out
bolt faces, barrels, bolt handles, trig-
gers and, of course, stocks.
How easy? I did it and Ive had a
harder time with some Ikea builds. My
takes to build the worlds nest rearms owner can use to build, repair or modify rst Savage Arms-inspired rie build
is probably impossible to sell in a do- their guns without the need for a lathe. was both educational and enjoyable.
it-yourself kit, Savage Arms original With a modest budget, a few simple But lets get one thing crystal clear
Model 110 design from 1958, now used tools, a pragmatic mind and enough rst: As a gun writer, I have witnessed
on numerous Savage Arms centerre workbench space, a Savage rie owner many master gunsmiths craft some of
ries like the Model 10, Model 111 or today can transform his or her .204 Ru- the worlds nest ries. As such, I have
Model 116, comes close. ger coyote gun into a .308 and then into learned a few things, like what kind of
This simple, cost-effective design an elk-thumping .338 Federal. Long- skills it takes to handcraft a rie from
especially the barrel attachmenthas action cartridge fans can turn their zest scratchand that I dont have them.
served Savage Arms well in helping for shoulder-thumping power up just as But thanks to the superb manufacturing




3 4 5

up with a powerhouse rifle for long-range missions. By Jay Pinsky

of companies like Savage Arms, E.R. that uses detachable magazines and listically savvy I am in my choice of the
Shaw and Hogue, rock-solid directions a silky-smooth Savage Accu-Trigger. .308 Norma Mag for this build. It might
and top-quality tools, while I may not Packaged for a .338 Win Mag, the even impress a few saltier gun writing
be able to create a rie from a block of long-action magnum designation meant colleagues I know for me to spin you a
metal, I can certainly assemble one. it had a .540 bolt face, which is large technical yarn on how I knew things like
And that is precisely what a do-it- enough to support calibers like the the longer neck on the .308 Norma Mag
yourself Savage Arms action-type rie 7mm Rem Mag, .300 H&H Mag or even case allowed me to have more bullet
build isa precise assembly of well- the .458 Win Mag. But whats the fun in seating options over the newer .300
machined, superbly engineered parts. building a rie I can nd just about any- Win Mag, or how efcient the cartridge
The quest to build my rst rie be- where? If I was going to go through the is with the powder it burns versus the
gan with the action. Thanks to the folks trials and tribulations of learning how performance you get. But the truth is far
at the Savage Special Order Shop, to assemble this kind of rie, I gured I less macho. You see, while looking for
especially Efe Sullivan, I was able to might as well make it interesting. parts to build my rst rie, I came
get a matte blue, right-handed Savage Now, Id love to be the gun writer across a great deal on an E.R. Shaw
Arms 111FC Sporter magnum action who was able to brag about how bal- barrel chambered in .308 Norma Mag, JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 81


The author
chose a Hogue
OverMolded stock
t house the barreled
action for enhanced accuracy,
stability and ergonomics.

so I bought it and instantly became a

student and fan of this .30-caliber zinger.
The 308 Norma Mag sounds cool
because it is. Like most speed-demon
calibers both past and present, the .308
Norma Mag owes its DNA to the godfa-
ther, the .375 H&H Mag. After a more
robust .300 Weatherby Mag designed
by Roy Weatherby caught Americas those wanting more juice took the big- company, released its own avor of .30-
full thump-it-farther-than-you-can-see-it block case and fed it a small-block bul- caliber magnum in 1959 with the .308
attention in 1944, belted magnums re- let, necking it down to .30 caliber to give Norma Mag and the .358 Norma Mag.
ally caught on. In 1958, Winchester gave us the wildcat .30-338 Win Mag. Across I think the .308 Norma Mag has a few
us the magnicent .338 Win Mag, and the pond, Norma, a Swedish ammunition advantages, with the biggest one being
that it ts in a standard long action since
the case length is 64mm. For compari-
son, Americas caliber, the .30-06, is
metrically a 7.62x63mm. But the .308
Norma Mag has a few disadvantages,
like nding factory-loaded ammunition
and commercially-made ries cham-
bered for it. Come 1963, the more-
popular-than-white-bread .300 Win Mag
transformed the choice to shoot a .308
Norma Mag from genius to eclectic.
Still, it is no sad wallower. I began to
study its ballistics more closely.
To nd out more about the 308 Nor-
ma Mag, I reached out to some of the
smartest bullet folks I know at Nosler
who told me that, since the .308 Nor-
ma Mag is not a SAAMI-standardized
cartridge, its delegated primarily to the
realm of handloaders here in the U.S.
According to one Nosler ballistician,
the .308 Norma Mag is well regarded
in the hunting community. especially by
those who prefer something other than
the ubiquitous .300 Win Mag. He add-
ed that not only is the Swedish caliber a
virtually even swap in the hunters realm
as the .300 Win Mag, but it certainly has

H4831 powder drove the authors .308

Norma Magnum handloads for testing. JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 83


its own advantages for long-range shoot-

ers. The longer neck on the .308 Norma
Mag offers more seating depth options,
and with the shorter case length con-
sumes less case capacity when loaded to
the same combined overall length.

As I stated earlier, my own builds
choice in caliber was driven by the fact
that I found quite the deal on the barrel.
The E.R. Shaw tube I used for this is a
26-inch, varmint-contour, stainless bar-
rel with a 1-in-10-inch-twist rate. Id learn
how well it shot later.
Adding a barrel to a Savage Arms
action is pretty simple if you have the
right tools and follow directions well. Factory-loaded Norma and Nosler ammunition produced very tight, consistent groups.
Of the few tools youll actually need, a
lathe certainly isnt one of them. Youll
need your gun parts, a Savage barrel I did my build the easy way in that my and then set the barrel nut. In the course
action wrench, a barrel vise, an anti- action came new and without a barrel at- of writing this story, however, I assem-
seize compound, go and no-go gages, tached to it, so all I had to do was thread bled/disassembled the rie to make sure I
a torque wrench and a rubber mallet. the barrel into the action, headspace it fully understood (Please turn to page 94)


McMillan has introduced three new w GUNTEC
stocks along with a new camo USA RED
paint finish. The Game Warden HANDGUARDS
stock shares the same stream- Guntec USA, known for
lined design and A-3 vertical producing high-quality
r AR parts and acces-
Game Scout stock, but the new w sories, is now offering a
stock features a larger forend series of red products to
that accepts larger-contour
R SLIM-LINE BELT truly add a touch of flair to
barrels. The Game Hunter
OLSTER your favorite AR-platform
added a thumb
stock uses a high Monte rifle. The 15-inch Ultra
Carlo-style cheekpiece and an a Lightweight Thin KeyMod
holster earns the slim-line moniker because
A-3 vertical pistol grip. The neew Free-Floating Handguard
there is no unnecessary leather for reduced
nly With Monolithic Top Rail
weight and greater comfort. This gives you a
aftermarket stock made for (Red) features KeyMod
truly tailored holster to fit each gun. This holster
vail- slots along the sides
is intended for OWB carry, and its leather belt
g and bottom for mounting
slots can fit up to 1.75-inch-wide belts. The rig
actions. Finally, McMillans accessories as well as a
is also equipped with heavy-duty nylon stitch-
new Transition Camo paintt full-length Picatinny top
ing to help reduce any tearing or dry rotting.
finish is highly durable andd rail for sights and optics.
(; 336-879-2166)
mimics the spray patternss This handguard is easy
favored by professional to install, and several
tactical units and hunters. lightening cuts help reduce
(; 877-365-6148) weight. (;


The new Cloak Mod R SP10
OWB holster from Alien n Building on the success off the
ruly companys 7.62mm SP1 10,
cause its w offer-
er that can ing a version chambere ed for
f the
nverted into ed for
de holster. shooters by shooters, thhe SP10
Gun ow wners will offers long-range precission,
ave the abil- and bil-
R tion. The
t their
TacticalWalls has unveiled new Radio Fre-
and Seekins
quency Identification (RFID) locking models as
retention within SP3R handguard,
an optional alternative to the companys existing
minutes. A steel a 22-inch, match-
magnetic locking gun storage units. With the
rmo- grade barrel, a
new RFID models, firearms owners can access
elastomer retention membrane are 3.5-pound CMC
their guns even faster in an emergency. Opening
included. As a result, carriers will hear
ea trigger, Seekins
up the hidden compartment is as easy as swip-
and feel a satisfying snap every time ATC muzzle brake
ing the preset RFID card in front of the locking
they reholster their favorite firearm. The and a Magpul
mechanism. Each unit will come standard with
holsters durable shell is also fully swap- PRS stock. The
two key cards and one programming card used
pable with all other Alien Gear holsters. 0
to match the key to the proper unit(s). Firearms
(; 208-215-2046) will be a hit with
owners can also order additional RFID cards if
long-range shooterss.
needed. (; 540-298-8906)


W W W. E O T E C H I N C . C O M An Company 2015, L-3 EOTech E X P S 3

Lifesaving tourniquet when a serious injury requires self-care.


From some of the worst The SWAT-

Tourniquet name
events come some of the stands for Stretch,
greatest innovations. Wrap and Tuck,
The tourniquet is ages old, but it has which shows how
easy they are to
been a growing staple in the trauma apply in a crisis.
kits of law enforcement and military
personnel. Following the North Hol- greatest benets;
lywood shootout in 1997, law enforce- individuals can ef-
ment began to seriously look at ways fectively apply it in
to stop bleeding. This, combined with seconds with little
data gathered from the military that to no prior training.
essentially debunked the bad reputa- Weighing less than
tion that tourniquets had, launched a other combat tour-
suddenly growing market. Combat style niquets and a third
tourniquets have generally remained of the cost, adding
pretty much unchanged until now. Enter a SWAT-Tourniquet
the elastic SWAT-Tourniquet. it to your daily kit is
The SWAT-Tourniquet is a unique, a solid choice.
multipurpose dressing. Its name pro- tional environment are from extremity One last and important feature is
vides a description for usageStretch, bleeding. If an ofcer is shot during a that the device can also be used as
Wrap and Tuckbut also communi- raid or active-shooter incident, medical a compression bandage. If the injury
ties for whom it was developed. SWAT rst responders may not have the op- does not require a tourniquet but still
teams operate in an environment that tion of reaching them because of the requires pressure, it can be adapted
has a high incidence of penetrating continued threat. to do the job. As a exible tool, it can
trauma. Over 60 percent of prevent- The SWAT-Tourniquet allows a be applied directly over a variety of
able deaths in these opera- more rapid means to control extremity wound areas and tucked to keep the
bl di and allows application higher
bleeding pressure constant. This is an important
into the g
groin and axilla than other tour- plus when the injury requires self-care.
niquets. Its ease of appli- Lightweight, priced right and effective,
cation is one of its the SWAT-Tourniquet is a must-have
item for every law enforcement kit!

Tourniqqquets are
availabbble in a variety of
styles,, and they can also be
adapteed for use as compression
bandages if needed.


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loseI was going to

my gun, and
she was probably
going to shoot me
with it, but due to
the close confines,
I could not draw it

Big Stock photo

and use it on her.

AMBULANCE and Satan. She quickly became agitated or other nerve endings were useless. I
and tried to sit up against her leather re- was going to lose my gun, and she was
AMBUSH straints. When that did not work, she let probably going to shoot me with it, but
Affect their ability to see out a loud scream and with the strength due to the close connes, I could not
of Hercules broke her leather restraints. draw it and use it on her.
and/or breathe and you shall
Let me repeat that: She broke her leath- It was at this time that I remem-
win the day! Those words er restraints! My ambulance partner bered what the old WWI vet told me,
came to me in a smoky responded to this crisis by jumping out so I pulled back, spread my index and
American Legion hall in 1976. the side door of the ambulance, leaving middle ngers and poked her in the
I was talking with a veteran of the me alone to deal with the female, and eyes in such a way that Moe of The
trench warfare of WWI, and he offered this is where the real trouble began. Three Stooges would have been proud.
these words of wisdom to me as a way I was carrying a Smith & Wesson The technique had an instant effect, as
to deal with any future conict. Jump Model 66 in a high-ride thumb-break the woman clutched her face and rolled
ahead to 1984 and I was working patrol holster from Safariland. These holsters back on the gurney. She cried the rest
in a two-man unit, accompanied by a were quite popular at the time, as they of the way to the hospital.
reserve deputy for the evening. We were were light, did not take up much room After arriving, I explained to the
dispatched to handle a probate detail, on the belt and were easy to wear while doctor what happened and he checked
which was a fancy term for escorting sitting in a cruiser. Unfortunately, they her eyes. He told me that they were
a person to the mental hospital. We did not offer much in terms of weapon bloodshot but she would be ne. After
hooked up with a pair of attendants in a retention. The woman grabbed my being medicated, the woman did not
private ambulance for this detail, and I holstered revolver and tried to pull it even remember the incident once
decided I would ride in the ambulance free. The rst attempt failed, but this she settled down. While the technique
with the patient while my partner fol- did not stop her from trying again. I certainly was not fancy, it was very
lowed along behind. attempted all of the weapon-retention effective. After writing my report, I
About halfway to the hospital, the techniques I had been taught, but they returned to the street a bit wiser
patient, a large woman, started to hum all failed. It was obvious that she did about hand-to-hand combat, what
and then began to talk about Beelzebub not feel pain, so any strikes to the arms works and what doesnt. DS, OH


Continued from page 48

(Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) pistol

by Next Level Training replicates a Glock
17 to the point where it can be secured
in my BlackHawk SERPA holster. Ive
been using the SIRT pistol over the last
several months. Ive set up cardboard
and photorealistic targets in my ofces
and mat room with heavy emphasis on
moving while drawing and after the draw.
Ive been able to incorporate empty-hand
striking and kicking with my pistol train-
ing by working with a heavy bag. In many
cases, this type of training has heretofore
been impossible to do safely on the live-
re range. The SIRT pistol res a green
laser when the trigger is pressed. On my
model, a red laser is emitted when the trig-
ger is pressed. These two laser dots allow
the instructor to monitor muzzle move-
ment during the trigger press, which is the
#1 inhibitor to accurate re.
Another modern training option is the
use of airsoft pistols. In terms of police
training, the airsoft pistol is a compressed
gas launcher that res plastic BBs. These
pistols/launchers incorporate hop-up
technology that imparts backspin on the
BB, making it more accurate. Closely re-
sembling the pistols commonly carried by
police, airsoft pistols allow for more so-
phisticated training. For instance, a cadet
armed with an airsoft pistol can work with
another student (role-player) in simulated
encounters. The role-player may draw
a simulated cell phone, wallet, knife or
handgun. The cadet/ofcer responds to
the threat, moves as he or she draws and
delivers accurate re on target.
Because of the low cost of airsoft pis-
tols, BBs and green gas systems, a tre-
mendous amount of repetition can be
performed in simulations. This kind of
training can be safely accomplished as
long as safety gear such as eye, throat
and groin protection are worn. This con-
cept of matching the threat stimulus to the
ofcers response is vital to the develop-
ment of modern rearms training.

Repetition and practice develop com-
petence, and that leads to condence.
Condence helps control what can oth-
erwise be the adverse effects of stress.
A vital part of good decision making on
the street is the ability to handle ght


or ight, what scientists refer to as the
Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) re-
sponse. The SNS is not an adrenaline
dump but rather a cascading effect that is
based on the limbic system, including the
hypothalamus, hippocampus and amyg-
dala. Any threatening stimulusthink a
snake on a trailcauses the secretion of
a hormone in the brain and a subsequent
change and possibly deleterious impact
in the way we think, move, see and hear.
Training doesnt make you impervious to
the effects of stress, but it can help you
operate much more effectively.
Dynamic decision-making or confron-
tation simulation training takes the ofcer/
student off the ring line and places them
in scenarios against live role-players.
Marking cartridges such as Simunition
FX, ATK Force on Force or UTM car-
tridges can be used. Although these op-
tions are more expensive than airsoft,
the realism is well worth the price. These
inert marking cartridges re out of pistols
or carbines at about 400 fps and leave a
star-shaped paint mark on the target. As
long as role-players are outtted with pro-
tective clothing, these cartridges provide
invaluable training.
When the suspect has the ability to
shoot back, cadets pay more attention to
tactics like use of cover and dont repli-
cate some unrealistic tactic or technique
theyve gotten off TV or the movies. In
order to properly learn in this environ-
ment, videotaping the scenarios can be
extremely advantageous. And allowing the
cadet to go through several scenarios will
improve their performance and helps in-
oculate them to the adverse effects of the
SNS response.

Standing in one spot and punching
holes in non-moving or reacting targets
will help an ofcer or cadet get good at just
that. We must get off the static shooting
line and teach our people to be problem
solvers and tacticians. This can be accom-
plished with out-of-the-box thinking and
modern training tools and techniques.
Its dangerous out there, and ofcers
decisions are constantly being second-
guessed by the public, the media and the
legal system like never before. This de-
mands improvements and advancements
in the way we train our ofcers for armed
encounters. Its time to restructure police
rearms training and more properly pre-
pare our men and women in blue. Lives
hang in the balance in what has become a
very complex and violent world. JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 93

ne, pushing 168-grain Hornady match
bullets with H4381 powder to about
BUILD YOUR OWN 2,850 fps. I gently broke the new barrel MONADNOCK WEAPONS
SNIPER RIFLE in with a day at the range, cleaning the Continued from page 55
Continued from page 84 barrel between every shot for the whole
20 rounds I loaded.
After that, I took the gun completely the AutoLock or friction-lock batons, the PR-
the process. I will say that practice makes apart, cleaned it from bolt to muzzle 24 uses a pin on the side of the shaft that
perfect, though, as the second build shot and rebuilt it. I must have done a bet- locks it open. To collapse the shaft, the of-
much better than the rst one. ter job this time around because this cer pushes the pin in and then collapses it.
rie shot very well. I fed it factory-loaded Even with the expandable version of
STOCK OPTIONS Norma 180-grainers, factory-loaded No- the baton, the PR-24 is more cumbersome
With my barrel properly installed, all sler 180-grainers, handloaded Hornady to carry than the straight expandable ba-
that was left for me to do was place the 168-grain match bullets as well as Si- tons. However, the additional techniques
barreled action into a stock. For Savage ri- erras 168- and 190-grain Match BTHPs. the ofcer can use to control a suspect can
es, the choices are almost limitless, but I Maybe my rie is sentimental, because it easily justify the extra real estate on the
chose a Hogue OverMolded pillar-bedded liked the 180-grain Norma factory loads duty belt. Just the ability to jab a suspect
synthetic stock. Why pillar bedding? Pillar the best, shooting well under 1 MOA, but in extremely close quarters can mean the
bedding utilizes aluminum bosses embed- everything I fed it shot much better than difference between a routine arrest and a
ded in the stock insert at the critical action- I ever thought a gun I assembled myself knockdown, drag-out ght.
mounting bolt locations, said Hogues Bill could. The credit for the ries perfor-
Crook. These aluminum pillar beds guar- mance lies more in the quality manufac- AUTOLOCK PATROL KIT
antee an accurate, rock-solid action t that turing of todays rearms parts than in my Monadnock also offers a kit that will ap-
will not shoot loose. Aluminum conforms assembly skills, thats for sure. peal to both individual ofcers and agen-
to the rie action, making it superior, even If you ever wanted to build your own cies. The AutoLock Patrol Kit is a single
to a steel pillar bed. centerre rie but dont have a lathe, I rec- package that includes the original 22-inch
Crooks words proved true throughout ommend going the Savage Arms route. AutoLock baton, a Front Draw Holder and
my build. The t and nish on the stock In fact, one interesting way to get started an installed Hindi Baton Cap. The batons
was perfect for the magnum rie build. might be to canvass your local gun shop in the kit can be had with either a foam or
The grippy texture sits well with me, and and nd a used and even abused Savage rubber Super Grip, and are all equipped
the ried action bolted up snugly. With the rie you can proudly restore and improve with the Power Safety Tip.
rie married to its stock, I added a Pica- with a new barrel, trigger, stock and re- The Hindi Baton Cap is a popular re-
tinny rail to the top of the Savage 111FC ally just about anything else you are moti- placement end cap that looks like an over-
action to allow me the most exibility in vated to replace. You sized half-sphere. The overlapping edge
my choice of optics. I used a Weaver Tac- CONTACT: certainly dont need of the Hindi Baton Cap helps the user re-
tical 6-30x56mm scope. E.R. Shaw to go exotic with your tain the baton during use. Also, due to the caliber choice like I shape of the cap, if the baton is dropped,
RANGE TIME did, but you can, and it will roll in a circlenot in a straight line
The rst time I built the .308 Norma Hogue if you dont like it, you away from the ofcer.
Mag rie, I was re-forming my brass can always change
from .338 Win Mag cases worked through it. After all, even an FULL SPECTRUM
Savage Arms Monadnock offers many additional im-
a set of full-length resizing dies for the everyday .270 Win
.308 Norma Mag until I was able to nd 800-370-0708 becomes extraordi- pact weapons, including those designed
head-stamped .308 Norma brass and nary when you know for detectives, riot control teams and water-
factory-loaded ammunition from Nosler you built it with your borne ofcers. The company also offers sev-
and Norma. Until then, the rie worked 800-379-1732 own hands. eral accessories, including a baton cap that
can be used to break windows and a 6-inch
less-lethal tool called the Persuader. Not for-
getting the companys roots, Monadnock still
offers traditional xed, straight batons.
Monadnock offers a variety of instructor-
level courses for less-lethal weapons, in-
cluding classes for the PR-24 side-handle
baton and expandable batons. The courses
are taught around the country, and the costs
vary based upon the class being taught.
The company also offers a variety of train-
ing products, including training bags, batons
The iconic Savage barrel nut
and protective practice suits. All Monadnock
barrel design gives DIY gun
builders an easy and accurate batons come with a limited lifetime guaran-
way to customize their rifles. tee. For more information, visit
or call 800-347-1200.



Continued from page 16

targets out to 860 meters. The shooting

ranges designed around targets at 300
meters or closer duplicate real battleeld
conditions. Once dialed in, you shoot from WEB DIRECTORY
barricades after running between place-
ments, and there is always wind. And AERO PRECISION HORNADY SIG SAUER
those wind dots really helped for this por-
tion of the course. Range, nd your hold,
estimate the wind and pick a dot. Watch INSTITUTE
your splash (or a miss), adjust and hit.
Second-shot hits were pretty common, LEWIS MACHINE SMITH & WESSON
even in stiff winds. Once I got accus- & TOOL
tomed to the ATACR scope, it was fast
very fast at times. Where more precision BERETTA SPARTAN BLADES LUCID OPTICS
was required, the reticle offers usual mil
measurements, so it really does it all. BLACKHAWK! SPEER LE
Nightforce has done an excellent job
on this scope. The glass is bright and MCMILLAN
clear while the numbers on the adjust- STEINER
able knobs are large, bright and easy to
read. The adjustments are tactile with an COMP-TAC STEYR ARMS
absolute return to zero. The adjustments
also subtended correctly, and the reticle MOSSBERG
was precise no matter the power setting. STOCKYS
The TReMoR3 reticle was a good choice
for me. Initially the dots looked busy, but PRODUCTS TACTICAL LIFE
No matter which reticle you DESANTIS MTR CUSTOM
is an excellent scope. DOUBLESTAR
after a little time behind the scope, I saw
how fast and easy it was to use the reticle. DRD TACTICAL TRIJICON
By the end of the second day of training, NIC INDUSTRIES
I was ranging, holding and getting rst- ELITE SURVIVAL
round hits on steel from 300 to 700 meters TRUGLO
regularly. For those accustomed to the H59
reticle but looking for a bit more speed with EOTECH VZ GRIPS
fast wind holds, the TReMoR3 is the ticket. PANTEAO
But, of course, there is no magic here. You PRODUCTIONS
need to true your rie and ammunition to WALTHER ARMS
get repeatable hits. After you do that, this
scope/reticle combo is very consistent. FN WILSON COMBAT
No matter which reticle you use, the
4-16x42mm ATACR is an excellent scope. GTUL
In fact, its the best Nightforce scope I WINDHAM WEAPONRY
have ever used. This is a high-quality PRESENT ARMS
optic, and its design is incredibly use- YANKEE HILL
ful, especially in this power range. I will MACHINE
denitely be using this scope more often,
on many different platforms, to great ef-
fect and with considerable enjoyment! For HKS SPEEDLOADERS SCCY CONSUMER PRODUCTS
more information, visit nightforceoptics.
com or call 208-476-9814. JUNE/JULY 2016 GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT 95


KeyMod is the tactical
KeyMod is here!
industrys new modular standard!
Trijicon AccuPoint TR24G
BCM Diamondhead

1-4x24 Riflescope $1,020.00 American
Folding Front Sight
BCM Diamondhead

Folding Rear Sight

Mount $189.95


BCM KMR-A15 KeyMod Rail

Compensator Mod 0
Handguard 15 Inch $199.95


KeyMod QD Sling Mount $17.95 BCM Low Profile

Stock $55.95 Gas Block $44.95

QD End Plate $16.95
Vertical Grip Mod 3 $18.95

BCM A2X Flash

Band 20-Pak $10.00
Grip Mod 0 $29.95 Suppressor $34.95

SOPMOD KeyMod 1-Inch
Bravo Stock Ring Light
$58.00 BCM KMR-A Mount
KeyMod Free Float For 1 diameter
Rail Handguards lights $39.95
Same as the fantastic original KMR but
Blue Force machined from aircraft aluminum! BCMGUNFIGHTER
Gear VCAS BCM 9 Inch KMR-A9 . . . . . . . . $176.95 KeyMod Modular
Sling $45.00 BCM 10 Inch KMR-A10 . . . . . . $179.95
BCM 13 Inch KMR-A13 . . . . . . $189.95
Scout Light Mount
For SureFire Scout
BCM 15 Inch KMR-A15 . . . . . . $199.95
Light $39.95
Trigger Assembly BCMGUNFIGHTER
Polished Nickel Teflon KeyMod Modular
PWS DI KeyMod Rail Handguard Light Mount
Free float rail for AR15/M4 pattern rifles. For 1913 mounted
Wilson PWS DI 12 Inch Rail . . . . . . . . $249.95 lights $39.95
Combat PWS DI 15 Inch Rail . . . . . . . . $249.95
Tactical PWS KeyMod
Trigger Polymer Bipod
$269.95 Adapter $23.95 Arisaka Inline KeyMod
Inforce Scout Mount $34.00
WML-HSP Arisaka Ring KeyMod
$119.00 1 Light Mount $44.00
Daniel Defense SLiM Rail Handguard
Slim, Light, Modular KeyMod Free Float Thorntail KeyMod Offset
Trijicon DD SLiM Rail 12.0 . . . . . . . . . . $265.00 Adaptive Light Mounts
TA31RCO-M4 DD SLiM Rail 15.0 . . . . . . . . . . $265.00 Thorntail
ACOG 4x32 Daniel Defense 1.030 Mount $70.00

$1,422.05 KeyMod Bipod Thorntail M3M6

1913 Mount $50.00
Arson Machine Company KeyMod
Aimpoint Daniel Defense Light Mounts
PRO KeyMod 1 OClock Scout M600
Patrol Rifle Optic Offset Rail Assembly Mount $48.00
$424.00 $39.00 1 Ring Mount $44.00

All pricing is subject to change without notice. Please see our website for current pricing.

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KeyMod is the tactical
KeyMod is here!
industrys new modular standard!
Midwest Industries Aimpoint Micro H-1 2 MOA Midwest Industries
Folding Front Sight $79.95 with LRP Mount $709.00 ERS BUIS $93.95
Band 20-Pak $10.00

BattleComp 1.5 $155.00 BCMGUNFIGHTER

KMSM KeyMod QD Sling
BCMGUNFIGHTER 1913 Mount $17.95
Modular Light Mount, BCMGUNFIGHTER
KeyMod $39.95 BCM KMR-A13 KeyMod Rail

Handguard 13 Inch $189.95

QD End Plate $16.95



Kinesthetic Angled Grip,
KeyMod $18.95
TangoDown ARC MK2
30 Round Mag $14.95
Stock $55.95

PWS FSC556 Tactical

Grip Mod 3 $17.95
Compensator $98.95 BCM
Polymer Trigger Guard $6.95

Comp Mod 0 - 556 Carbine
Threaded 1/2x28 for EMOD
5.56 AR15 platform Stock
Comp Mod 1 - 556
Threaded 1/2x28 for
5.56 AR15 platform
$94.95 VTAC MK2
Wide Sling
IWC KeyMod QD $44.95
Accepts heavy duty or
standard QD swivels Enhanced Lower Parts Kit BCMGUNFIGHTER
$17.00 With BCM PNT Trigger Assembly, VG MOD 3
BCM Mod 3 Grip, BCM Trigger Guard, Low-profile length
and Mil-Spec hardware kit. for increased mobility
IWC KeyMod Hand Stop BCMGUNFIGHTER ELPK, semi-auto $99.95
and decreased snag.
Made in the U.S.A.
Mount-N-Slot design $34.95
from impact resistant
polymers, available in
Black, Flat Dark Earth,
BCM Foliage Green, Wolf Gray.

KeyMod BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG VG-KM-MOD-3, KeyMod Version . . $18.95

VG-1913-MOD-3, Picatinny Version . $19.95
Picatinny Kinesthetic Angled Grip
Uses biomechanically efficient
Rail Sections forward rake, small profile Aimpoint
Mil-Std 1913 rails, Nylon
Rails available in Black, FDE, Foliage Green.
textured front and back for positive engage-
ment. Impact resistant polymers, in Black, Flat
Comp M4S
Red dot sight,
Nylon Rail, 3 Inch . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.95 Dark Earth, Foliage Green and Wolf Gray.
fully NVD
Nylon Rail, 4 Inch . . . . . . . . . . . $11.95 KAG-KM, KeyMod Version . . . . . $18.95 compatible,
Nylon Rail, 5.5 Inch . . . . . . . . . . $14.95 KAG-1913, Picatinny Rail Version . $19.95 with QRP2
Picatinny Rail Mount
Aluminum Rail, 3 Inch, Black . . $19.95
Aluminum Rail, 4 Inch, Black . . $24.95 $846.00
Aluminum Rail, 5.5 Inch, Black . $29.95 EOTech HOLOgraphic
Weapon Sights
PWS KeyMod Model 512
Picatinny Rail BCM KeyMod Rail Panel Kits $429.00
Polymer Rail, 5 Slot. . . . . . . . . . $11.95 5.5 Inch Rail Panels, in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Model 552
Aluminum Rail, 5 Slot . . . . . . . . $28.95 Foliage Green, Wolf Gray - 5-Pack . $9.95 $529.00

All pricing is subject to change without notice. Please see our website for current pricing.

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Kimber Micro .380 & Micro 9mm.
light. compact. powerful.

The Micro and Micro 9 families put

power and Kimber dependability
in a classic, compact package.
Additional .380 models join the
Micro CDP with features to meet
any need or aesthetic.

Starting at 13.4 oz., Micro

pistols feature a thumb
safety, smooth single action
trigger and are Lasergrip

The Micro CDP offers Kimber

3-dot tritium night sights,
Carry Melt treatment on
frame and slide, and front
strap checkering.

New for 2016, the Micro

Stainless 9mm takes
compact and powerful
to the next level. With 6
round or extended 7 round
magazines, Micro 9 sets the
bar for classic, compact and
elegant protection.

(888) 243-4522

2016, Kimber Mfg., Inc. All rights reserved. Information and specifications are for reference only and subject to change without notice.