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Career Path and Professional Development Plan: Certified Emergency Nurse

Abeer Manea 10138483

University of Calgary in Qatar

Nursing 501

Janet Brownlee

October, 15, 2017


Career Path

A satisfying career is the key to a fulfilled life, as it enables the individual to develop a

holistic well-being. I am one of the people who have been undecided regarding my future career

after graduating from high school. My perspective of a noble profession was more than learning

a set of numbers and skills to act in a particular way. Rather than that, I was looking for a

profession that enables me to act autonomously. In addition, I have always been interested and

when it comes to be a part in healthcare. It begun when my high school academic counselor

provided us with orientations from different universities around the country. A presenter from

university of Calgary gave a thorough and mindful speech about nursing; I realized how nursing

is known as an influential and rewarding profession. As the oldest of six girls and one boy, I was

taught responsibility and accountability from an early age. My parents depended on me in

teaching and taking care of my sisters and I always run the house while they are away. After

graduation, I compared what nurses qualities were and what my personal life capabilities would

prove me in nursing, I found that they were almost similar.

As a nursing student who will be graduating soon, my passion and dream job is to be an

emergency certified nurse (CEN) for pediatrics in Sidra Medical and Research Center (SMRC)

within five years after graduation. My unique interests which would help me to get where I want

to be are playing puzzles, swimming, computing, playing basketball, and reading. I love being

involved in activities in order to learn. A Hands-on educational method for learning is an

effective and engaging strategy I always use to directly observe and understand better. To

improve my learning skills, competencies, and quality of work; I include different types of

learning styles such as visual, verbal, logical, and social. I usually avoid solitary or which is

known as an intrapersonal style as learning or work method because for me to follow this style it

requires me to spend so much time in order to complete a task. Before being certified emergency

nurse with specialization I would like to work as a registered nurse (RN) in pediatrics medical

surgical ward in order to gain knowledge and experience. As stated in BCEN (2017) to be CEN

with specialization in pediatrics you need to have Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN),

pass NCLEX-RN or promateric examination to earn the license as RN, to have Advance Life

Support (ALS) certificate, a minimum of two years of experience in the emergency department

as RN, and finally to be CEN you should pass an exam provided by the Board of Certification

for Emergency Nursing (BCEN). In terms of preparedness to earn that position, I am still a

nursing student and will be graduation on May 2018 with BSN degree. From that point I will

start working forward for CEN position.

According to Howard and Papa (2012), ER nurses must be clear-headed and think

coherently and logically with a variety of patient attitudes including those who yell, scream, and

curse. So basically ER nurses must not take those actions and behaviors personally. ER nurses

should always be thinking on their feet and most importantly thinking fast (Fitzpatrick, Campo,

& Gacki-smith, 2014). Quick adaptation to changes is another quality of ER nurses because the

patient condition may change very quickly, or in some cases where there is an accident with a lot

of injuries (Ciurzynsk & Serwtnyk, 2015). As stated by Wyatt and Harrison (2010) ER nurses

may start their shift easygoing but within minutes it may turn into total chaos. The ER nurse

should be calm under pressure; they are always confronting life-threatening situations that

require well self-controlled measures. Therefore, should be able to act fast and be involved in a

multi-disciplinary team in order to manage patients conditions in a short time period.

Additionally, ER nurses should be able to perform multi-tasking skills because he/she will be

taking care of several critical cases, assisting physicians, and monitoring new cases.

SWOT Analysis

Quick adaptation Tied to one High need for Taking care of
to changes. hospital system. ER nurses in my sisters every
Excellent verbal Poor emotional SMRC day from 1600
and No: 2
written management. The hospital to 2000 oclock.
communication Shy with male need Arabic and Part time job as
skills. patients English Math and
Critical thinker Cannot act speakers. English teacher
Able to prioritize autonomously in Hamad for primary
tasks based on new International school students
conditions. environments. Training Center
Passionate about I have no provide courses
career. experience in ER. to earn ALS
Excellent team I do not have ALS
player. I do not have
license as RN.

Professional Development Plan

Long-term goal:

To work as a CER in SMRC by the end of September 2023.

Or to work as CER in Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) by the end of September


First Year of Practice

In my first year of practice, I would be transitioning from a nursing student to RN.

Therefore, my goal focuses on ensuring a successful transition which will allow me get

comfortable with the ward and routine tasks as well as increasing my competencies level by

considering my mentorship pieces of advice. This include critically appraise and apply culturally

competent safe care for all patients.


Long-term goal: By the end of 2019, I would be able to perform Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

nursing care for 7 patients within an eight hours shift in Sidra hospital specifically pediatrics

medical surgical unit.

Action Plan

I would discuss my concerns with my preceptors such as learning hospital policies and


Schedule a day per week to sit with my preceptor to discuss areas that need improvement.

Then writing short-term goals within a time limit of two to three weeks to be accomplished.

This will enable me to gain confidence.

I apply what I have learned in theory classes and clinical practices.

Increase the workload gradually. For example, during the first month I would take care of

three patients and then month by month I will add one more patient up to till six or seven


Request from my preceptor other colleagues feedbacks; if they noticed any inappropriate in

order to avoid it in future.

Working on my abilities to prioritize patients according to their medical status.

I will earn my ALS certificate from Hamad International Training Center.

Second Year of Practice

During the second year of being RN, my focus will be on moving to work in the

emergency department (ED) as RN.

Long-term goal: On 2020, I will be working on pediatrics ED in Sidra hospital till 2021.

Action Plan:

I will ask to shadow one of the highly experienced assigned nurses in ED for a certain period

of time approximately four weeks.

I will buy the CEN book to be familiar with the pediatric ER cases as well as prepare myself

for the exam to be certified as ER nurse.

Working on my abilities to sustain prolonged physical and mental effort by joining sport

clubs; to avoid burnouts and collapse.

Reflect on my personal practice and detect weakness and work to improve.

Contact Dr. Mohammed Al-Amari who is an ER doctor in Al-Emadi hospital with

approximately 15 years of experience in ED about key elements in being successful in ED.

Learning from other colleagues and previous ER nurses through social media.

Third Year of Practice

I will continue to work in ED as RN. I will focus on research skills and strategies so my

practice as an ER nurse would be updated and evidence based.

Long-term goal: By the end of 2022 I will complete two years of experience in ER as RN

with publishing two research about biomedical informatics with SMRC and funded by Qatar

National Research Fund (QNRF).

Action Plan

Contact with Dr. AbdulSattar Al-Taie (Executive Director) or Dr. Abdulnasser Al-Ansari

(Deputy Executive Director) at QNRF to be involved in research that aims to improve human


Renew my ALS certificate and apply for additional certificate, which is Pediatric Advance

Life Support (PALS).


Attend minimal of 10 conferences or workshops regarding my specialization to enhance my

learning and meet people who are interested in the same curriculum.

Fourth Year of Practice

During my fourth year of practice, I will apply for certified emergency nurse exam which

is provided by BCEN in the United States of America.

Long-term goal: On September 2022, I will be traveling to USA to do the exam and by the

end of September I will attain CEN certification.

Action Plan:

Apply a sabbatical leave letter to Sidra in order to leave and attain my CEN.

Utilize the study guide provided by BCEN to get prepared for the exam.

Utilize online resources for better preparation.

Communicate with individuals who have CEN certification in order to have a thorough

vision about the exam.

Fifth Year of Practice

During my fifth year of practice, I will be having PCEN certification. Having this

certificate goes beyond basic RN licensure and indicates that I have extensive experience and

knowledge related to pediatrics emergency nursing care.

Long-term goal: I will be working at Sidra hospital as CEN for one year and by the end of 2023

I will apply for Master of Science in Nursing and earn the degree by 2025.

Action Plan:

Provide high quality and holistic care for pediatric patients.

Apply for my Master degree in Qatar University and University of Calgary in Qatar and

choose one to accomplish my goal.


Continue education and attending conferences untill I get the admission to the university.

Share my experience and professional plan with others to help them guide their career.


Utilize Strengths Address weakness

Reflections are helpful to keep on Use online resources and courses to better
going assessment of my own
improve emotional management skills.
strengths and transform experience to
Explore literature about different types of
learning goals and issues.
Setting goals is another way of systems in Qatar such as Cerner.
addressing and utilizing strengths in a
To overcome shyness practice with male family
way that will help me improving.
member in order to gain confidence.
Using Dual-coding theory by
integrating of visual and imagery Take advantage of being nursing student and
information to represent and prioritize
communicate with male students to accomplish
task as ER nurse.
simple tasks.
Working in groups and schedule
weekly meeting to focus on strengths To control emotions, writing my feelings and
and utilizing them to guide our
situation in a paper will guide me to write point
about how I can act differently.
Taking notes and writing
motivational quotes to keep me


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