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Suggestions for Christmas baskets (bags


1. Large candy cane

2. Christmas ornament

3. Candles

4. Chocolate/candy

5. Mug (could be Christmas or not-sometimes you can get them with a
scripture verse on them as well)
6. Small booklet (supplied)
The Case for Christmas
The Cradle Cross and the Crown
A Love Worth Giving

7. One Christmas tract (supplied).
8. Other items at your discretion.

o We have often included items such as Christmas paper plates, napkins and
cups, dish towels, picture frames, small cookbooks, decorative
lotions/soaps, placemats, etc.
o A lot of these items can be found at the Dollar Store, Pipers or similar.
o If you keep your receipts you can be reimbursed for the cost of the items
you buy.
o There are 50 bags altogether. Consider filling two if possible😊.
o Please try to remove the price tags, if at all possible. Some of the Dollar
Store items have the price printed on the actual package. Sometimes these
can be cut off or if not, marked out with a permanent black marker.
o Calendars have already been distributed in this area.
o One Christmas booklet and one Christmas tract are already in each bag. No
need to add more.
o Please add a tag saying something like, ‘From the folks at the Smith Ave
Gospel Hall, Merry Christmas’! Or something similar😊 It’s important that
people know where they are coming from and the location of the hall.
o The green bags already have a tag attached for you to fill out. Only the red
& black bags need a tag added.
o Don’t worry if your bag does not look ‘pretty enough’. We will pretty it up
before it’s distributed.
o Please have your filled bag back to the hall no later than Dec 10, 2017 for
distribution the following week.