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1-Complete with a suitable word:

My friend's name _____________ Peter. Peter is _________Amsterdam, in

Holland. ______ is Dutch. He is married and __________ two children.
_________wife, Jane, is American. _______ is from Boston in The United
States.__________family is still in Boston, but _______ now works and lives with
Peter in Milan. They speak English, Dutch, German and Italian! _______ children are
pupils at a local primary school. The children ________ to school with other children
from all over the world. Flora, their __________, has friends from France,
Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. Hans, _______ son, goes to school with students
from South Africa, Portugal, Spain and Canada. Of course, ___________ many
children from Italy. Imagine, French, Swiss, Austrian, Swedish, South African,
American, Italian, Spanish and Canadian children all learning together in Italy!


Hello!________ name is Ana. I ______ eight years old and I am _______ the USA.
Im going to introduce _______to my lovely family. It is quite big and _______ are
very happy.
______ mothers name is Laura and my ________is Peter. My mother _______
blond hair and she _______very tender. My father is tall and slim and _______ is a
funny person.
My parents have got three ________. Theres my brother Tim, my baby brother
David and _______. Tim _______ a sweet boy who loves playing and being with me all
the time. _______is only three years old so he attends the kindergarten.
________younger brother, David, is a seven-month baby but he is full of personality.
He likes being at my fathers lap and he never disposes of Eddy, ________ bunny.
My father ________ a sister. _______ name is Olivia and she is my ______. My
mother has got two ________. Their names are Richard and William and they are my
I have also got my grandparents and my cousins Jacob, Kevin and Chloe.
________have got a pet called Pirate, he is _________ favourite dog!
I love my family and my pet.
3-Complete with a suitable word:

Sophie is eleven ________ old and she __________ in Brighton, England.

She usually ________up at a quarter to eight, she _______a shower, _______
dressed and then she _________her teeth. After that, she goes downstairs and
______ breakfast. For breakfast she usually has milk, toast and orange juice. Then
she brushes her teeth again because she likes _______ white and healthy!
Then she grabs her school bag and ________ to the bus stop to catch the school
bus. Classes start at half past eight and _______ at half past four. She usually has
_______ at the school canteen with her schoolmates at about 12 oclock. ________
best friend is Amy and Sophie always sits _______ to her at lunch.
After school ________ returns home and _______her homework. She ______ a
very hard-working pupil and she never misses a school task! After homework, she
usually _________ to music and ___________television a bit.
At half past seven it is time for dinner. Then she usually ________ a book or chats
with her parents for a while.
Finally, she _______ to bed at about ten oclock, but before that she brushes
______ teeth. Sophie is a happy little girl!


________ names Sheila, I ______ nine years old and I am _____ London, the
capital of England. I live with my _______ (my father died when I was eleven
months) in a quiet little house in Hampstead Heath. ___________ only one bedroom
in my house, so I share it with my mother. I love _______very much, we are best
My house is small _______very cozy. _____ is brownish with brown windows and
black roof.
Upstairs there is the bedroom, a corridor and the bathroom. In the bedroom we
have a big bed, two bedside tables with table lamps on them. ______ also have an
armchair, a big fluffy rug on the floor and a picture on the wall. In the bathroom
___________ a bath, a washbasin, the toilet, a mirror above the washbasin and a rug
on the floor.
Downstairs there is a living room, a kitchen and the hall. On the hall we _________
the stairs and some paintings on the wall. There is no dining room and so we eat our
meals in the kitchen. The kitchen is quite large. It __________a table in the centre,
two chairs, a fridge, a cooker, a big white cupboard where we keep our plates and
glasses, a washing machine and a dishwasher. There is also an attic in my house where
I _______my laptop and it is there that I practice some dance moves.
I love _______ house!
5- Complete:

My School

I ______ Mr. Morgan. Im thirty years old _______Im a History teacher at St.
Pauls Secondary School. I _____________ in Pretoria, in South Africa.
I have a very busy life. I usually ___________ up at seven oclock. I prepare my
_____________ and after I go to school_____________ bus. School starts at
____________school is very big and old. ______________ two floors. On the first
floor ______________ ten classrooms, two Art rooms, two Music rooms, four
toilets and the School office is on the right of the main door. On the second floor
______________ more ten classrooms and four toilets. The library is
______________ the Headmasters Office and the Staffroom. The Coffee bar is
_________to the Computer room. ________ also an Auditorium.
The Gymnasium _________ in the second building.
Classes finish ________ three oclock and then I _______ back home. I have a cup
of tea and prepare my lessons. Sometimes I _______ football with my friends
before dinner. I always h______dinner with______ family at 8 oclock. After I help
with the dishes and ________ TV. I always read before I _______to bed.