On going Discussion: Reactions from Different Sectors: The Religious Perspective

Religion is involved in the discussion on population and development The Philippine scene Reactions

 Roman Catholic

o no relation between population growth rates and economic condition oPopulation development is “anti –life” & “abortionist” oArtificial contraception is “intrinsically evil” oProcreative and unitive purposes of marriage inseparable But… Philippine Roman Catholicism – divided over popdev issues - different from other RC countries

oAteneo vs UST oFreedom of conscience vs dogma – Humanae Vitae not infallible

oMan –free, thinking, volitional being oProcreative and unitive purposes of marriage could be separate oPopulation growth rates and economic development interrelated oRH methods that are legal, safe and moral are acceptable – natural or artificial oHuman welfare and the family are paramount

Iglesia ni Cristo
oUpholds balance between pop & development as faithful stewardship oResponsible parenthood includes control of family size to insure quality of life oFavors informed & free RH choice oContraception (artificial or natural) oSound family planning program promotes justice and well-being

oFamily – basic social unit – requires responsible parenthood and health oKoran teaches birth spacing – at least 2 years interval oFP and RH programs should be non- coercive, responsible and informed oSafe and legal methods of FP are acceptable

Growing positive, FBO efforts at promoting human welfare & popdev Cairo declaration by Arab States religious leaders (December 2004) in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic Tripoli Declaration of Arab States Women religious leaders supporting the Cairo Declaration (May 2006)

Local FBO efforts at interfaith cooperation - April 2-3, 2009 – nationwide includes ethnic spirituality based groups -October 27-28,2010-Mindanao Crafting a consensus bill- by Management Ass’n of the Phil, Makati Business Club, Bishop Businessmen’s Conference, and PCPD •Sensitivity to the poor •Going beyond population issues to poverty, population & development

•Concern for all Filipinos not just Roman Catholics

“Insofar as a religion serves the virtues of humanity, insofar as its teachings on faith and morals, its rites and institutions support human beings in their human identity and allows them to gain a meaningful and fruitful existence , it is a true and good religion…insofar as it hinders human beings in their identity, meaningfulness, and valuableness..and fails to achieve a meaningful and fruitful existence, it is false and bad religion.” - Hans Kung, famous Roman Catholic theologian

Presented by:

Bishop Rodrigo D. Tano Chairperson – Interfaith Partnership For the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood, Inc.

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