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The first day seminar was considered a fruitful one. The facilitators discussed their assigned topic
very well. Mrs. Gilma C. Porley the Principal I of Solo Elem. School was the first speaker discussed to us
the topic about Meeting of Hearts and Mind. She imparted the important things needed by the teacher
as participants to become successful the training is, the different expectation from the facilitators and
the participants.

The second speaker was Mr. Antonio M. Ilagan our very able Public Schools District Supervisor . The
insights gained from him were the different Dep ED Memorandum and Orders how important it is and
served as our guide in our teaching. He also tackled the duties and responsibilities of a Filipino teachers .
I have clear understanding about the topic disseminated by him.

Mrs. Antonette Dipasupil the Principal I of Mainaga San Francisco Calamias Elem. School was the
third speaker. From her assigned topic I learned the 4 As which is Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, and
Application which is very important in teaching in different learning areas. I learned also the different
activities which are suited in our daily lesson and also the skills to be develop to our pupils.

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I learned from Mrs. Doris B. Panopio the first speaker and at the same time our District
Mathematics Coordinator the following:

Different Strategies and Approaches in Teaching Mathematics

Ten Creative Ways to Teach Mathematics

This strategies and different approaches help me a lot when I will teach Mathematics this
coming school year.

The second speaker was Mr. Antonio M. Ilagan our Public Schools District Supervisor. From the
topic discussed to us I learned the following:

Personal Characteristics should the school head and the teacher possess
Personal Attributes of Good Teacher
Different Technical Assistance : A Call of Duty
Qualities of a Leader
Leadership Through Evaluation

He discussed all these topics clearly and comprehensively. This is a great help to everybody to
become a better mentor and leader to our pupils.

Mrs. Jenny Vi Dimaano the Principal I of Gasang Elem. School was the last speaker. I learned
from her topics some additional approaches and strategies use in teaching Araling Panlipunan and also
the major graphic organizers that can be used in any part of the lesson. Through these learning can
easily take place.

The last part of the day seminar was the demonstration teaching. Mrs.Geselle Manalo executed
very well. The objective was specific. There was congruency from objective down to evaluation. Mrs.
Liberty Dipasupil an AP demonstrator did well. The execution of her lesson was very clear so that the
pupils understand the lesson. She had an active participation of pupils in her class.

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